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Paleolithic math & ethno-math: what is your understanding of the Ishango & Lebombo bones?

2020.10.19 04:41 Veritas_Certum Paleolithic math & ethno-math: what is your understanding of the Ishango & Lebombo bones?

I have been researching the Ishango and Lebombo bones (widely understood as paleolithic era mathematical tools dating to around 20,000 and 40,000 years ago respectively), and I'm interested in current interpretations of these artefacts. Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician (in fact I don't have any more than senior high level math), and this post is in the pursuit of my own personal research (not any kind of homework).
As I understand it, there is general agreement that the bones are tally sticks of some kind. However, a range of far more specific interpretations have also been proposed.
Ishango bone interpretations
  1. Visual astronomical cycle theory.[1] A visual representation of the movement of the planetary bodies. (edit: actually I think he means just the sun and moon) Alexander Marshack arrived at this conclusion using microscopic analysis of the bone, interpreting marks which cannot be seen by the naked eye. His view not been widely accepted.[2]
  2. Prime number theory.[3] A record of specific prime numbers in their mathematical sequence. This view has been criticized by a number of scholars, and does not seem popular.[4]
  3. Slide rule theory.[5] A mathematical tool analogous to a slide rule, for carrying out specific calculations "using the base 12 and sub-bases 3 and 4".[6]
Lebombo bone interpretations
  1. Lunar calendar theory. A record of a 28 day lunar calendar.[7] A later development of this theory proposed that the Lebombo bone was made by women, who used it to record their menstrual cycles, making women the first mathematicians.[8]
  2. Binary calendar theory. A six phase binary calendar,[9]
Pan-African & ethno-math views
Commentary within the pan-African and ethno-mathematics communities cites them as evidence of "math calculator[s]", "the existence of a very sophisticated accounting system", "advanced arithmetic operations", "sophisticated mathematical marking", and "evidence of a mastery of mathematics that is even more advanced than that discovered 12,000 years later".
  1. "These two artefacts present incontrovertible evidence that Africans could not only count, but that they also had an applicable knowledge of the number system, as shown by the prime numbers and multiples of six in the Ishango bone, and that they integrated such a number system with the solar system to keep pace with the lunar cycle."[10]
  2. "It is quite befitting that the world’s first math calculator, the Lebombo bone, as well as the second oldest math calculator, the Ishango bone, were born on African soil."[11]
  3. " As Richard Manjeiwicz asserts (2001), the Lebombo Bone bears witness to the existence of a very sophisticated accounting system which enabled humans to master time, and it is the first visible hint of the emergence of calculation in human history."[12]
  4. "They constitute the oldest evidence of the practice of advanced arithmetic operations in human history."[13]
  5. "And the Ishango Bone contains sophisticated mathematical marking that pre-date the Uruk findings by nearly 20,000 years."[14]
  6. "These findings are remarkable if we remember that this is evidence of a mastery of mathematics that is even more advanced than that discovered, 12,000 years later, in the Schmandt-Besserat’s excavations."[15]
Three questions
  1. Is my brief summary of the various interpretations of these artefacts generally accurate?
  2. Does anyone have any comments on the validity of these various interpretations, and their acceptance in anthropological and ethno-mathematical scholarship?
  3. Does anyone have any personal interpretations of their own?
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[15] Aida Sy and Tony Tinker, “Bury Pacioli in Africa: A Bookkeeper’s Reification of Accountancy,” Abacus 42.1 (2006): 109.
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2020.10.12 18:33 piabxl Cash: use it or lose it!

Is this the last decade of cash?

The corona pandemic is not helping. Belgian media is picking up the Australian news about the coronavirus found active 28 days on banknotes, without understanding that the 28 days is on the Australian polymer and paper banknotes, while Euro banknotes are made of cotton fibers on which the coronavirus gets inactive rather quick.
You are touching so much in shops, including the pay terminals everyone is touching, that cash won't add much risk.

Until this year, I used to not care, and pay everything electronically.

But in March I became the victim of an identity theft. My bank account was frozen, my bank cards and payment app blocked. Opening new bank accounts or credit cards was impossible due to being on a blacklist.

My employer could not pay my salary in cash. For most professions this is forbidden by law since 2016.

Friends lent me cash. But I discovered cash was refused at supermarkets, shops, public transport, parkings, fuel stations, hospital, physiotherapist, online webshops, Uber, Deliveroo, etc. Sometimes because of corona anxiety, but often already from before 2020.

Prepaid cards could be a nice solution. But even while they are debit cards, in Belgium they seem to be refused where credit cards are refused, since they are Visa or Mastercards cards. These are refused in many Belgium places, since merchants don't like the higher costs. Not many prepaid cards allow charging with cash. And their availability is in recent decline: this year at least the following prepaid cards stopped or are announced to stop: Carrefour prepaid Flex card, BNP and Hello. The decline might be due to new very strict EU anti-money laundering laws. The anonymous prepaid cards (and generic gift cards) are now restricted to 100 euro maximum recharge in their lifetime and 50 euro payments.

Cryptocurrencies are also in theory a nice solution. But their acceptance in Belgium is extremely limited. Thanks to Takeaway accepting bitcoin, I could order delivery from many local snack restaurants.
But I discovered that bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, while having an "anonymous" reputation, are actually only pseudonymous and extremely open and transparent: for every transaction the origin address, destination address, amount and timestamp are recorded for eternity in a public ledger for everyone open to consult. When I buy something, the merchant can see how many coins I have in my wallet address. Buying, spending or selling coins are activities that can get your name connected to your addresses. Developers try to solve this privacy issue, but I'm afraid the war on anonymity (related to the war on cash) will crush that before cryptocurrency payments become popular.

So, my identity theft experience has awakened me: sharing your personal details in so many places caries a lot of danger. Think about it: while the law became more strict, there are still many (online) shops and restaurants taking knowledge of your credit card number, expiry date, CCV and your name. That's still enough information to do fraudulent payments in many places.

The cashless society is a surveillance society, with every payment traced. And it creates a lot of dependencies: electricity, internet, and permission by the banking and payment system. Once you are on a blacklist, even if you did nothing wrong, but somebody pretended to be you and did fraudulent payments, you are screwed for at least months.

So, now that I'm finally off the blacklist, I opened several bank accounts. That will not help for all issues, but still: having only 1 bank is really dangerous.

And from now on I pay everything possible with cash. Not just to keep my personal details safe, but also to keep the cash usage statistics high. Did you notice that the financial sector is regulary reporting the cash withdrawals decline? They report both the total amount withdrawn and the number of withdrawals.

I learned that the bank and payment processors are fighting a war on cash and they are actively lobbying the government for a reduction of the cash payment limit to 50 euro. Yes, an insane fifty euro! The banks are lazy about cash and want to impose negative rent without risking a bankrun. No cash is no bankrun. The payment processors just love the percentage they get from every payment.

Currently the acceptance of euro banknotes and coins for debts is compulsory by European law. But many merchants violated the law and we had at least one Belgian minister ignoring the enforcement. See e.g. this article from 2019:
The law has exceptions, e.g. for security reasons such as a pandemic. After the pandemic I will try to report all cash refusing merchants.
Merchants that refuse to accept cash payments can be reported at or But I guess it is better to wait until after the pandemic.

We need to defend the right to use cash. And a crucial action to avoid the end of cash is to keep using it as much as possible.

Every time you pay with a bank card or app, you contribute to a cashless future where:
Use cash or lose it!
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2020.10.02 12:37 supacoowacky Vier is Removing De Mol Belgie Episodes From Their Website on October 15th!

Hey guys, the resident Canadian WIDM fan here.
My buddy and co-host u/mjharmstone happened to be on the official Vier TV network site which has the rights to all of De Mol Belgie episodes, and saw they are removing all of the episodes on October 15th. We don't know exactly why or if they plan on making them accessible at a later date, but if you want to binge on De Mol Belgie, these next two weeks might be your last chance to do it for a while.
I'll resume my lurking tendencies now.
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2020.07.27 13:22 adopt27JJul What Should Christian Da-ting Look Like ?

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L'Indro newspaper logo
Finally! For the first time in Italy a national online newspaper has published an article denouncing Jehovah's Witnesses.
The newspaper L' Indro and its journalists revealed the dangers that children face in this cult.
The title is shocking:
"Jehovah's Witnesses: a paradise (on earth) for pedophiles"
We will may see here in Italy hope for the victims.
What is happening in Italy is unique . The idea of create awareness among the components of Italian Government now is real. Just some infos behind the scene. This morning a series of question was sent to the Italian Gov. specifically to Family and social Minister Elena Bonetti. These journalists are great. We need help. This is a little flame, we would like to ask help to anybody are willing to help the hundred o thousand of victims of religious and other institutions here in Italy. Thanks

Corrado Palazzi

Here the english translation (i ask forgiveness for mistakes)


In the world there is an ongoing ' ethical evolution of society , a ' quantum-moral ' leap. It concerns the future , hope, protection of wonder, humanity's most precious resource: children . A propulsive push to this process took place in Australia.THE AUSTRALIAN ROYAL COMMISSIONEverything explodes November 8th 2012 . The chief inspector of the New South Wales Police, Peter Fox , writes a letter , published by the ' Newcastle Herald ', entitled ' Don't plug your ears about abuse, Mr. Premier '. ( In less than no time, after four days , on 12 November 2012, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard , announced the establishment of the ' Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse'.The Commission investigates ways in which institutions (churches, sports clubs, schools, boy scouts, etc.) have handled cases of child sexual abuse . The work begins March 7, 2013 and will conclude in December 2017 . The official website ( shows its mammoth scale: handled over 40 thousand calls , held over 8 thousand private sessions , held 444 days of public hearings , surveyed 3,489 institutions , including conducted 30 case studies on religious organisations .Among these 30 cases related to religious organizations there are Jehovah's Witnesses . Their case is unique. It projects a sinister shadow that generates disturbing questions. The hearings showed that the Watch Tower Society (a company that is owned by the Jehovah's Witnesses) had produced 5,000 documents including 1,006 files relating to allegations of child sexual abuse reported to the elders of Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia since 1950 , for a total of 1,006 pedophiles and over 1,800 victims, an exorbitant number when compared to the small number of Australian Jehovah's Witnesses (in 1950 there were only 5 thousand and today about 68 thousand), and compared to the relationship per capita with other institutions (in the Catholic Church in Australia, for example, I am emerged 4.444). These numbers do not take into account the submerged : of all those who have not spoken and who will carry their painful secret into the grave.The Commission shows that Jehovah's Witnesses handled pedophilia cases in accordance with internal disciplinary policies and procedures based on their own interpretation of the Bible, rather than letting the law take care of them. The documents show that of the alleged perpetrators, " no one has been denounced by the organisation to the secular authorities ".A database with details of all 1,006 pedophiles found among Australian Jehovah's Witnesses is available on the Commission's official website . Among the data reported for each pedophile (gender, number of abused victims, role in the church, etc.) there is also the column ' reported to the authorities by Jehovah's Witnesses '. The answer is constantly: no .The Commission stated that "it is the practice of the Church of Jehovah's Witnesses keep information regarding the crimes of sexual abuse of minors , but not to report allegations of sexual abuse of minors to the police or other competent authorities." This even when the pedophile confesses of his own free will.The Commission noted that the ' registered office of the Watch Tower Society regularly supplied incorrect information to the elderly , on the basis of a misunderstanding of what constitutes a legal obligation to report crimes in Australia .The Commission also noted: "we do not consider the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses an organization that adequately responds to child sexual abuse ... the continued application of policies such as the rule of two witnesses in the case of child sexual abuse shows a serious lack of understanding of the nature of child sexual abuse ". The rule of the two witnesses is part of the internal policies that the Watch Tower still continues to follow. If someone is accused of pedophilia by a fellow Witness, in order for the accusation to be believed, there must be: either the confession of the pedophile or two witnesses to the crime . As if the pedophile abused the minor in the presence of others.In the Final Report , ( the Royal Commission added: "As long as the organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses will continue to [rely on a literal interpretation of the Bible and the principles of the first century to establish practices, policies and procedures] in its response to the accusations of child sexual abuse, will remain an organisation that does not adequately respond to child sexual abuse and does not protect children ".On 22 October 2018 , ' Apologize Day ' was proclaimed . Scott Morrison , Prime Minister of Australia, in a memorable address to the nation , apologizes, moved, on behalf of all Australians to all victims of pedophilia. His speech deserves to be heard again, Morrison says: «Elsewhere in this building and in Australia, there are others who are silently watching and listening to these proceedings, men and women who have never told a living soul what happened to them. To these men and women I say that these excuses are also for you. And later, when the speeches are over, we will remain silent and remember the victims who are no longer with us, many, too many, for their own hands. As a nation, we have rejected them, we have abandoned them. This will always be our shame. This excuse is for them and also for their families ".That same day, after the Prime Minister's speech , apologies from other political leaders , religious and institutions involved in the investigations of the Royal Commission follow . The leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses are not there . Not only that, to date they have not even adhered to National redress Scheme ( established by the Commission . What is alarming is precisely this policy of the Watch Tower (and affiliated companies).
THE POLICY OF SILENCE AND DENIALIn addition to the public condemnation by the Royal Australian Commission, in many other trials around the world the Watch Tower has been condemned to pay substantial compensation due to the poor management of pedophilia cases within its congregations. Let's talk about millions of dollars . In addition to appealing systematically to not pay the victims as established by the Courts, the Watch Tower has expressed in several cases that it does not even cooperate with the Justice.The case in the Netherlands is very recent where the religious society has refused to provide the required documentation following investigations into child abuse . Following this behaviour, the criminal law professor Henny Sackers , of the University of Nijmegen, stated : " It seems almost a sort of arrogant contempt for the Dutch legal order ". ( this reticence (which, we recall, is a crime) the Police broke into their Dutch national headquarters (called Branch or Betel) and a national investigation is underway which also saw the collaboration of the University of Utrecht. ( A similar investigation was started in Belgium , where, on April 25, the police carried out a raid ( on the national branch.A Royal Commission has also been started in the United Kingdom and the Jehovah's Witnesses are being investigated here , just as the same Commission is underway in New Zealand . On February 27, 2019, the Supreme Court Judge of Quebec, Chantal Corriveau , approved a $ 60 million Class Action against the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada .In the United States , other chilling details have emerged. Among the dozens of trials in which the Watch Tower Society is involved, there is one in the State of Montana where the company was ordered to pay punitive and compensatory damages totalling $ 35 million . ( Here too , Watch Tower follows a denial policy , presenting an appeal and not informing its followers of any of these causes .On the official website of Jehovah's Witnesses, there is indeed the Press Room section, with the specific subsection 'Legal Developments'. We do not find a single reference to these cases. There is no mention of the Royal Australian Commission, of New Zealand, of the United Kingdom, of US trials, of million-dollar convictions, of law enforcement inspections in Dutch and Belgian branches. The average Jehovah's Witness is kept in the dark about all this , as if nothing were happening, in perfect denial style.The answers to the hundreds of requests for clarification (written or telephone) also sent to the Italian branch by the Witnesses themselves, on why nothing is written about these specific cases, are evasive. Often they are simply a " thank you for the question, we will send you a representative to answer you " . We have dozens of these reply letters. And that's not all.
PARADISE FOR PEDOPHILES' The Atlantic ', a US magazine of cultural and political background founded in 1857, published an article ( that shook consciences on 22 March 2019 . The article reveals that the Watch Tower has what is perhaps the world's largest pedophile database . These data have been carefully collected following an internal investigation carried out in 1997 in over 10 thousand American congregations .These are data hidden from the faithful and from the authorities . Data that would contain a list of about 20,000 pedophiles who roam the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States alone , in most cases in total ignorance of the confreres. Related to the total number of active Witnesses in the United States, there are about 2 pedophiles for every 100 Witnesses , or a couple per congregation. The data is scary. But even more frightening is the internal management policy. Not surprisingly, Jehovah's Witness communities have been macabrely called ' pedophile havens ' . ( adopting the same proportion, there would be at least 4,300 pedophiles among Italian Witness congregations. About fifty for Italian province. But we do not have the data, nor do we know if an identical investigation was conducted in Italy.As mentioned, we are witnessing a cultural evolution in the defense of human rights, where the most vulnerable and defenseless creatures, those without a voice (in-infanti) are protected. Maybe it all started in 2002, when the Spotlight team of the ' Boston Globe ' brought to light the pedophilia scandals in the hierarchies of the Catholic Church.THE ROYAL COMMISSIONS IN THE COMMONWEALTH HAVE BEEN THE ENZYMEThe United States is now acting as a world locomotive : in several states in the USA the prescription for the crime of pedophilia is being extended. In the State of New York the criminal status of the restrictions on child sexual abuse has been extended to 28 years. For civil cases, against persons and institutions, the statute of limitations now extends to 55 years. The ' New York Child Victim Act ', starting from August 14, 2019 , has opened a one-year time window , during which anyone has been abused by organisations or individuals under New York State, will be able to report the abuse at competent court . The State of New York has reserved45 judges for the management of what is expected to be a real deluge of complaints . The Witnesses' world headquarters are located in New York State . On August 12, 2019 , the 8 members of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses were sued , for direct responsibilities related to policies that favoured and covered child sexual abuse.(
**WHAT ABOUT ITALY?*\*Where does Italy stand in this path? What have the multicoloured governments of these years done in favor of victims of abuse? Which commission was established to investigate in a concerted and systematic way on the management of cases of child sexual abuse by religious and non-religious institutions?What findings have been made about sects or organisations like that of Jehovah's Witnesses where the problem is compounded by mismanagement and where children are even more in danger? Just like in the rest of the world, according to the testimonies we collected (witnesses that we are committed to protecting as at risk ostracism) in Italy the leader of Jehovah's Witnesses have handled ' own ' the crimes of pedophilia consumed all ' inside the congregations without reporting them to the authorities. In some cases, their management has only provided for internal 'judicial committees'. As per instructions given to pastors,of these audiences records are kept written in the ' confidential archives ' of the congregations. In some cases, we are now trying to cancel these tests .In a recent letter sent to the elders of Australia, dated August 28 , the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Australasia orders the elders to destroy the minutes of internal judicial hearings ( and some notes from the congregation. "We ask each elder to check his personal computer, paper files and even his own meeting bag to ensure that confidential confidentiality is not kept outside the confidential archive of the congregation, " reads the letter.Is the Italian Government aware of the fact that this documentation was also produced in our country? Are you aware of how the Watch Tower has handled the pedophilia issue over the years? Are you aware of internal judicial hearings? Any minutes that are written and kept in special confidential archives?Are you aware of how this information is managed in our country? Are you aware of the fact that many fear to speak because of a moral blackmail which is the ostracism, or rather the exclusion from the social life of the only reference group and often also from the family?In Australia, a letter was enough about the ' Newcastle Herald ' to activate a response in four days. How much will you spend in Italy before seeing an institutional response? Whoever saves a life saves the whole world. We will try to turn all these questions to the Witnesses Press Office in Italy, as we will try to ask the Government. If we do not receive an answer we will publish the details of the silence.
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2019.08.04 15:52 genkli [Serious] Graag wat dating advies gehad

Ik ben M:27. Ik ben geboren en getogen in België.
Tot heden heb ik nooit een serieuze relatie gehad. In middelbaar (ASO), was ik tamelijk socially awkward, en was ook niet zo zeer geïnteresseerd in dating, ben wel voor het eerst verliefd geworden toen, puur qua subjectieve schoonheid van een meisje, ze was tamelijk "out of my league", heb het wel geprobeerd, maar is mislukt.
Tijdens Unief jaren, is mijn social skills enorm gestegen, en ben dus totaal niet verlegen en heb wel goeie confidence, kan ook zeer goed conversaties met iedereen uitvoeren, ik praat ook graag met mensen, mensen hebben ook vaak mij graag. Maar Ik heb IT gestudeerd, dus ik had meteen het nadeel dat er ampegeen meisjes waren in mij klas, en cantussen/studenten verenigingen waren ook niets voor mij. Studies waren toch wel tamelijk tijd vergend, dus was qua dating ook geen succesvolle jaren voor mij.
Ik werk ondertussen al 4 jaar als Software engineer, had tot een half jaar geleden ook een computer addiction. Sinds ik daar af ben, ben ik zeer geïnteresseerd in een serieuze relatie, maar dat gaat niet zo gemakkelijk.

Dating apps: Hierbij komt het neer op 1st impressions. Ook al wordt naar mij vaak gezegd van dat ik niet lelijk ben door mensen die ik ken, toch ben ik by no means "handsome", on top of that, ben ik kaal, vanwege genetische luck. Dus dat is al meteen een down point. Wat je nu ook zegt, uiterlijk blijft belangrijk bij daten, en ik heb vanwege mijn haarverlies dus wel degelijk pech. Gelukkig heb ik een tamelijke baard vanwege mijn Turks origine, maar gelukkig niet agressief en heb ook een witte huidskleur, dus een typische midde oosterse look heb ik nu dus ook niet. Maar het feit dat het wel te zien valt dat ik geen west Europeaanse looks heb, maakt het wel een beke moeilijker voor mij in termen van 1st impressions. Dus basically bijna alle manieren waar ik op mijn ééntje een date zoek, valt vaak neer op 1st impressions, wat het voor mij moeilijk en niet leuk maakt.

Ik leer graag mensen spontaan kennen en wil graag op die manier potentiële dates vinden, maar dat is ook niet zo gemakkelijk. Ik zou samen iets met mijn vrienden kunnen doen, maar mijn oude vrienden van mijn streek hadden zwaar slechte invloeden op mij, waardoor ik vriendschap met hun heb gestopt, anders had ik hoogstwaarschijnlijk niet eens kunnen geraken op universiteit. Dus echte vrienden die ik heb, wonen tamelijk ver af van mij, dus kan maar 1 of 2 keer per jaar afspreken, en dan gaan we gewoon onder elkaar praten, en is het niet echt het geval dat er andere mensen mee komen waarbij ik nieuwe mensen kan leren kennen.
Ik heb twee neven waarmee ik vaak samen wat deed, maar die zijn allebei recent getrouwd, en hebben het heel druk vanwege hun werk, en we kunnen dus nog amper afspreken. En je kunt misschien ook raden van dat ik niet graag ging cantussen, dat ik ook niet zozeer graag naar clubs, of cafés ga, zeker als ik op mijn eentje moet gaan.
Ik werk bij een klein privé bedrijf, waar er niet zo veel jonge mensen zijn, maar er is eigenlijk wel een heel leuk meisje, wij kunnen heel goed opschieten, zijn heel goeie vrienden, ik zou potentieel met haar kunnen daten. Maar helaas heeft zij al een serieuze relatie, en is recent verloofd, dus ik vermeid ten alle koste om haar te zien als potentiële date, het is een heel goeie vriend van mij, en ik wil haar totaal geen zorgen geven, noch het tussen ons awkward maken, wil het dus zo houden, en het lukt mij ook goed so far. Zij helpt mij zelfs als een "wingman" af en toe als we samen iets doen, maar gebeurt helaas niet vaak genoeg, nogmaals die is engaged, en heeft dus enorm veel te regelen etc.

Buitel al dit ben ik relatief recent begonnen met fitnessen, zoals je kunt voorstellen, werken als Software engineer helpt niet echt om een healthy lichaam te behouden. Dus om wat te kunnen bewegen en te vermijden dat ik dik wordt, ga ik dus fitnessen (een beetje tegen mijn zin, maar bon), ik doe dat alleen, want niemand heeft tijd die ik ken. Op fitness praat ik af en toe met mensen, ook al is iedereen daar zeer asociaal buiten mensen onder elkaar die samen komen. Maar nogmaals ik doe dat graag spontaan. Ik zag een man die capoeira deed, kende er iets van omdat ik dat graag deed als kind, en kan daarover een conversatie starten, nog een voorbeeld, zag een jonge die zeer lage body fat had en zag er geweldig uit, en had daarover weer een conversatie gestart, en kan dus zo met mensen daar af en toe praten, Maar zulke kansen met meisjes komt veel minder voor totzover en gewoon random een conversatie starten geeft meteen het idee that I'm trying to hit on her, en dan komen we alweer naar het probleem van de Dating apps.

Dees week heb ik ook verlof. Ik wil dus graag iets doen. But am a little clueless.
Kan advies ten zeerste appreciëren. Stel maar gerust vragen als jullie meer willen weten (natuurlijk met respect tot privacy).

NOTE: Heb dit in "Belgie" gepost, omdat dating habits over het algemeen kan variëren van land tot land, dus dacht dat ik heer meer gerichte advies zou kunnen krijgen, if any. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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2019.06.16 12:00 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 5 - Final

2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 5
Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Time
June 16th 5 Tongeren-Beringen 158,5 km Flat Flat 11:45/15:30 CEST
Information Race Website, Startlist via pcs, Recent Podiums
Live Trackers Sporza, Race Twitter
TV Sporza, Eurosport Player
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2019.06.15 12:55 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 4

2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 4
Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Time
June 15th 4 Seraing-Seraing 151,1 km Hilly Flat 11:45/15:30 CEST
Information Race Website, Startlist via pcs, Recent Podiums
Live Trackers Sporza, Race Twitter
TV Sporza, Eurosport Player
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2019.06.14 13:24 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 3

2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 3
Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Time
June 14th 3 Grimbergen-Grimbergen 9,2 km Flat ITT Flat 13:00/15:20 CEST
Information Race Website, Startlist via pcs, Recent Podiums, Start times: (1), (2)
Live Trackers Sporza, Race Twitter
TV Sporza, Eurosport Player
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2019.06.13 13:24 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 2

2019 Baloise Belgium Tour - Stage 2
Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Arrival
June 13th 2 Knokke-Heist-Zottegem 180.8 Km Hilly Downhill 15:41 CEST
Information Race Website, Startlist via pcs, Recent Podiums
Live Trackers Sporza, Race Twitter
TV Sporza
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2019.04.30 20:10 TerryLawton Police Raid on Belgian branch because of child sexual abuse

Within 4 weeks of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society having its Branch headquarters in Netherlands RAIDED by Police in search of secret hidden child sexual abuse documents and evidence, we now see an phenominal turn of events where the Belgian Branch has now been RAIDED on the 25th April 2019.

(Please open in google browser which shall offer you to translate)

(please note that the date of the article is contained in the hyperlink itself - this is done with every VRTNews article released online)

Now for those current JW's that are concerned about this, i want to say two things.

  1. Don't be scared and tell the other brothers and sisters not to be scared, they aren't after you or them....they are after two things;

a) The secret files on child sex abuse - HIDDEN FOR DECADES.
b) The Governing Body as the leaders who made the policies that covered it over, in bringing them to justice.

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2019.04.04 17:24 removalbot 04-04 15:24 - 'A hedgehog looking to catch a rainbow: crowdfunding for a kid's book (vlaamse versie ook)' (self.belgium) by /u/complex_pi removed from /r/belgium within 244-254min


Hi there,
I am publishing a kid's book on rainbows. It is the story of a curious hedgehog who would like to catch a rainbow and who will need some help about science. The book is aimed at 4 to 6 years olds and is published already in French. To afford the printing of an English speaking version and of a Dutch speaking version, I started a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank! The book is printed in Belgium and most support options on KissKissBankBank include the book and postage to Belgium (hence the subreddit).
It is the first time that I post on Reddit, I hope that this appropriate for belgium ! We will present the book at the [I Love Science Festival 2019]1 in Brussels and it would be super cool to have it in three languages!
Link in English: [[link]6
End date: 9 april
Ik publiceer een jeugdboek over regenbogen. Het gaat over een nieuwsgierige egel die zou graag een regenbook pakken en hij heeft hulp nodig rond wetenschap. Het book is voor 4 tot 6-jarige kinderen en bestaat al in het frans. Om te kunnen een eerste afdruk in het nederlands en het engels maken, ik heb een campagne van crowdfunding op KissKissBankBank uitgesteld. Het boek is gedaan in Belgie en meest "bijdragen" op KissKissBankBank komen met een boek en aflevering in Belgie (daarvoor de subreddit).
Het is mijn eerste post on Reddit, ik hoop dat het is geschikt voor belgium ! We zullen het boek presenteren aan de [I Love Science Festival 2019]1 in Brussel en het zou super zijn om het boek in drie talen te kunnen tonen.
Link in het nederlands: [[link]7
A hedgehog looking to catch a rainbow: crowdfunding for a kid's book (vlaamse versie ook)
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: complex_pi
1: **w*il*vescience.*rus*els/ 2: *ww.kis**i*sbank*ank.c*m/e*/pro*e**s*oscar-an*-ros*li*d-t**-*ainbow 3: w*w.i*ov*s**ssels* 4: w**.kissk*ssb*n*b*nk*com/nl/*ro*ect*/*scar*en-ro*alin*-de-re***boog 5: i*redd*it*k2*32nb*h*q*1.png 6: www.kissk***ba*kb*n**c**/en/p**jects/os*a*-and-r*salin*-*he*rainb*w]^^2 7: ww*.*issk**sb*n*ban*.com/nl/project*/osc*r-e*-*osalin*-*e*regen*o*g*^^*
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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2018.11.17 12:22 SubaruToyotaFan1986 How would I turn a photo into a 1990s, camcorder-style, VHS-quality, picture?

I have Photoshop CS6 on Mac mini 2011, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2.
This is the image I'm working on
I'm trying to emulate this sort of effect, what font is suitable for the date stamp at the bottom?.
What sort of filters would I need to make it replicate it being footage-like?
I would gladly appreciate any advice, as I've done some Google-ing but aren't sure what's the best way to do it on CS6.
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2018.02.17 05:02 kaunis [Friday, February 16 2018] Russians charged over election tampering; Belgium wins trial against Facebook for violating privacy laws; IKEA flags selling solar panels “at cost” in Australia, industry reacts; China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution




  • jackhced
    A free ride with Lyft didn't reduce the number of skipped doctor's appointments among Philly's Medicaid population, according to a study from UPenn. Further, just 85 of 288 people who answered reminder phone calls accepted the rides in the first place.
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  • unknown2895
    on Venus, you can walk fast enough to keep the sunset in the same place and watch sunset forever just by walking
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  • thesheetztweetz
    Boeing CEO: Elon Musk and SpaceX are "adding energy to the space market and we like the attention that that's generating. I think it's good for the country."
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  • arvece
    [Title Post] Belgium wins trial against Facebook for violating privacy laws
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  • mvea
    [Title Post] IKEA flags selling solar panels “at cost” in Australia, industry reacts
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  • mvea
    [Title Post] China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution - Area to be planted by the end of the year is roughly the size of Ireland
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  • goodyboomboom
    Do heavily forested regions of the world like the eastern United States experience a noticeable difference in oxygen levels/air quality during the winter months when the trees lose all of their leaves?



  • sidTHAkid
    I'm Sid Fischer, a student who was in the third room shot into by a murderer in the recent school shooting, AMA



  • aresef
    Sony once turned down a chance to buy all of Marvel's movie rights for only $25 million
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  • that_motorcycle_guy
    My Grand-Father who just turned a healthy 100 years old
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  • quince6
    A Viking sword dating back over 1,000 years ago was discovered by reindeer hunters at an elevation of 5,400 feet, atop a mountain in Southern Norway.
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  • 1Voice1Life
    Rosyanka got its name because of small droplets of sticky liquid, located on the hairs covering the leaves (from the Greek drosos - "dew"). It is these droplets that help the plant to hunt, and thus live.
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  • FillsYourNiche
    Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) fly solo during winter & migration but reconnect with their mates each breeding season. Most eagles pair off by the age of 5 and stay together until one eagle dies. 90% of birds are monogamous but Bald eagles are one of the few that do not cheat on their mates.
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2017.09.01 05:15 vickywong710 WANTED: Local family to appear in a documentary about housing in HK

Hi all, I am a freelance journalist doing some work for a Belgian production company (Warner Brothers International Production Belgie) who are doing a documentary about housing in HK.
As part of the documentary, the host would like to spend a day with a regular family in HK, ideally one that lives in a flat. An example filming scenario could be the host helps the family drop the kids off for school, they have lunch/dinner together etc.
Filming will take place from September 13-16 and the family can pick which date they want to be filmed.
The documentary is expected to be broadcast in Belgium in April 2018.
Interested parties please DM me or email [email protected].
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2017.08.22 07:15 kawaiixxx Not Monthly Pub Crawl 8/26 (Sat)

Another pub crawl! Another opportunity to get drunk and disorderly with strangers from the interwebs! How can anyone say no to that?
Doing the same old Central route again since I have dinner plan in Central:
20:00 Beer Bay at Pier 3 as usual.
21:00 Craft Brew & Co
22:00 or so. Ends at one of the possible following three locations: 65 Peel
de België
The Globe which will also serves as a Plan B if the weather doesn't work out.
As per usual, I will be wearing a Snoo and smoking a tobacco pipe (if I am outdoor where smoking is allowed), so I will be easy to spot. Interested parties please PM me your phone number so I can add you to the super secret private whatsapp group for special privileged individuals only to stay up-to-date. It is important to do so in case of last minute changes. Bring an umbrella in case of bad weather.
Meetup link
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2016.11.23 17:05 c6030315 Dylan Carlson Live Videos

Links Date Location Quality Notes
Youtube May 14, 2012 The Black Heart, London UK high 360p With Teresa Colamonaco, second set only
Youtube May 19, 2013 The Crocodile, Seattle WA low 480p Opened for Boris
Youtube June 30, 2013 Monkey Grind, Seattle WA low 480p Covered "Night Comes In" by Richard Thompson
Youtube October 12, 2013 Zaal Belgie, Hasselt BE med 480p With Rogier Small, widescreen forced in 4:3, parts
Youtube October 17, 2013 The Lexington, London UK high 480p With Rogier Small, also Teta Mona on one song, parts
Youtube March 2, 2014 The Devonshire Arms, London UK med 480p Mostly Earth songs, parts
So far all Dylan Carlson concerts have only been shot by fans (no proshot). If you find anything I haven't PLEASE message me or comment with the link.
I plan a Youtube playlist for shorteincomplete videos, a similar chart for audio only bootlegs, and all 3 also for Earth.
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2016.07.24 23:50 rolo_tony_ Student Associations options for an older student?

Hallo allemaal,
I'm a 26 year old guy from the USA looking to enter a masters program at TU Delft in 2017. Up until recently, I dated a Belgian girl for about two years; despite separating from her, I have spent the better part of those two years learning dutch and falling in love with Dutch culture (eerlijk, vind ik het veel meer interessaant dan het cultuur van Belgie - pardeon mijn slecht nederlands...) I am not tied down here in the USA, and am looking to just pick up and try something new and scary - this seems like the perfect opportunity for me.
Forgive me if this sounds really stupid, but I'd like to join a student association like the one from the television program, "Feuten". Would they look over me because I am an American or because I will be 27 in the Fall of 2017? I'd love to get the most out of my time at Delft; gaining life-long Dutch friends while earning my master's degree sounds like the chance of a lifetime.
Can anyone advise? If this is not a possibility, what are some other options for international students?
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