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2020.11.30 18:21 ICEOUTCHANNLE1 Russellwilson Celebrate His 32nd Birthday With Wife Ciara & Get a Surprise Intimate Dinner Date #Russellwilson #Ciara #Birthday #Intimare #TMZ #ICEOUTchannel #Worldstar #music #beat #icegirls #TSRDaddyDuties #PressPlay #WayneBrady #celebrate #viral #rapper #rapnews #follow Russellwilson Celebrate His 32nd Birthday With Wife Ciara & Get a Surprise Intimate Dinner Date #Russellwilson #Ciara #Birthday #Intimare #TMZ #ICEOUTchannel #Worldstar #music #beat #icegirls #TSRDaddyDuties #PressPlay #WayneBrady #celebrate #viral #rapper #rapnews #follow submitted by ICEOUTCHANNLE1 to u/ICEOUTCHANNLE1 [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 06:38 autobuzzfeedbot 28 Famous Couples I, For One, Cannot Believe Were Actually Together

  1. Madonna and Warren Beatty
  2. Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez
  3. Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes
  4. Brad Pitt and Robin Givens
  5. Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones
  6. Taraji P. Henson and Common
  7. Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper
  8. Zooey Deschanel and Jason Schwartzman
  9. Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie
  10. Zoë Kravitz and Penn Badgley
  11. Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent
  12. Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck
  13. Rashida Jones and Mark Ronson
  14. Ciara and 50 Cent
  15. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Duritz
  16. Angelina Jolie and Jenny Shimizu
  17. Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss
  18. Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman
  19. Carrie Fisher and Dan Aykroyd
  20. Diana Ross and Gene Simmons
  21. Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiat
  22. Linda Perry and Clementine Ford
  23. Drew Barrymore and David Arquette
  24. Busy Philipps and Colin Hanks
  25. Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould
  26. Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter
  27. Carly Simon and James Taylor
  28. And Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg
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2020.11.26 04:42 Gen_Mactavish Ciara Bravo & Mark McKenna Dating or nah?

Maybe this has come up in this sub before, but I just saw Mark at Ciara’s Thanksgiving dinner on Instagram story so is there a rumor or is it true that they are dating?
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2020.11.09 03:49 idkwhat-toputhere albums/awsten’s relationship timeline

hi guys! so, i’ve been listening to parx for a while now but only recently began to pay actual attention to the lyrics in regards to awsten’s life and to put the pieces together regarding the three albums, and i have a looottttt of questions. (ik this is huge please stick around i’m sorry)
so, as we know, DD is kinda mostly about his life, the band’s growth and his experience with fame, and of course about (forgive me) ciara and the beginning of their relationship, how he started to fall for her but knew that what they were doing was wrong, his (asserted) insecurities about whether she’d do the same to him, etc. and it’s pretty clear that when that album was released they were already dating, but when did they start to (date)?
then comes entertainment, and that’s where i’m confused, were they still dating or not? because so many lyrics describe the pains of a relationship, but don’t explicitly imply that they’ve broken up, or things such as the not warriors/crybaby mv where they burn the yellow car, which could be a reference to either or both DD and ciara, yet there are others that directly show that he was still with her, like TANTRUM’s last verse (ik he could still be mad at guys for trying to get with his girlfriend when they were together even after they broke up... but idk, doesn’t seem accurate) but thennn, from what i’ve seen, some singles like blonde were released october 2017, and late 2017 in general, and the whole album came out early 2018, but reading the genius’ lyrics interpretations and meaning for blonde, which once again, kind of wreaks the timeline, i found a tweet from november 2017 that made it pretty obvious she’d cheated on him, which makes me really confused; did they break up after the songs were written but before the album was released? did they get back together? i understand entertainment is not really a break up album, as FANDOM is, but i don’t get at what stage in their relationship they were in
and lastly, friendly reminder and FANDOM. i’m even more confused ugh. so, i know promotion for friendly reminder began since late 2017 or so with the name appearing in the not warriors/crybaby mv, and it was kind of scheduled for 2019 but in may or so he announced he’d deleted it and that something else was coming, and so FANDOM came about year ago, with some songs that were meant to be in FR and ended up as we have them, but does having deleted them have anything at all to do with ciara? or was it just him deciding to do something angrier or darker or just overall better?
these are pretty much all my questions, so if someone could tell me their story (them getting together while she was with someone else, her breaking up with him and getting with awsten or wtv happened, them dating, other guys trying to get with her, her cheating and him finding out, the break up, etc) and explain me which songs goes where within it, or just answer the questions, i’d be so thankful. ik that it’s his personal life, but from what i’ve seen, they did kind of handle it pretty publicly, and everybody seems to know the story, and since i don’t, i feel like i’m missing out on a lot of the meanings in the songs. also, ik it’s a lot to ask, but if anyone somehow has screenshots of the tweets he posted when they broke up or the links to them, i’d love you forever. i understand if it’s too much to ask, but i’m really curious and really confused :/
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2020.11.06 16:10 Tz_Lanthan Whats going on since few days? I’ve been getting group invitations by users from subs i don’t even participate.

Since a few days. Some ‘ciara’ keeps sending me group invitations. The group chat name is like ‘date or fuck’ . Its happened twice today. HeHis account seems to be new everytime. 3 days back it said ‘redditor’ since 11m. Same thing now. This shit used to happen in Instagram a lot.
And all the members have a fishy name pattern. All names started with ‘Ty’ like tyson, tyson, tyui34028 etc (All have 5-6 yr old reddit accounts).
Whats up with this?
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2020.11.05 16:52 letsallpoo November Rate Update: Late 80s Ladies Rate, Winners Rate II, and Charity Rate Info!

Hello all! I'm here with a little update regarding the rates that are happening this month, as well as the rate supported by last month's charity drive. While this will be likely not be the most important thing you've voted for this year, you can rest assured that nobody is going to sue to get your ballots thrown out here!

Late 80s Ladies

Due Date: November 11th. Ask the hosts yatcho and jackisboredtoday about how extensions will work for this rate.
Reveal Dates: November 13th - 15th.
Participants so far. Please PM the hosts yatcho and jackisboredtoday if you submitted scores but don't see your name here!

Winners Rate II

Due Date: November 17th, end of day. There will NOT be a formal extension period -- please get your votes into my inbox by the time I wake up the next morning.
Reveal Dates: November 27th - 29th.
Participants so far. Please PM me if you've submitted scores but don't see your name here!

Charity Rate: Southern Fried Queer Pride

A message from the host, TragicKingdom1:
We received enough song submissions to do a full-sized rate in February. Thank you to everyone who donated!
The moderators have contacted everyone who left a username on the GoFundMe to fulfill their rewards. If you were not contacted or did not leave a username, please PM TragicKingdom1 ASAP to get yourself on the list of rewards.
If you already submitted a song to the charity rate and want to change, or you're still thinking about your choice, feel free to PM TragicKingdom1 with a new selection any time before February 1st, 2021.
The songs currently included in this rate are:
I hope y'all are ready to see Carly lose to Hatsune Miku!
Also remember to do this month's rates:
2019 Hyperpop, featuring Slayyyter, 100 gecs, Dorian Electra, and Hannah Diamond
Pollen Hip Hop, featuring Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller, and Brockhampton
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2020.10.25 06:19 VexCreative Help?

I’m new to trading, and by that I mean I know nothing except for the dates things become available.
I was wondering if someone could explain to me how trading works AND if someone had Frozen with Ciara Renée that isn’t as zoomed in as the one that seems to be floating around. Any bits of info or teachings would be great and very appreciated. Thank you!!
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2020.10.16 22:33 igorhesmun THIS IS CONTINUATION OF MY FIRST STORY

Some time has passed the since the moment I left off in the last story. We got to the hospital and waited there for Thea to get proper care. My wounds were bandaged up and sutered already so I didn't have to get any care. During that night the woman in black came to us. „I was looking for you boys“ she smiled and took of her glasses. She was most likely Spanish judging by the colour of her skin. She had dark brown emotionless eyes. „What you did there was… well… unexpected. We sent a lot of hunters before and none of them returned. Honestly, we expected your fate would be same as theirs but we were terribly wrong. Great job.“ Antonio, Scott and I just looked at her for few seconds. „Thank you. It means a lot.“ said Scott. „Anyways, that's not the reason I'm here. There i san organisation called Comission. We need some new employments there.“ Three of us looked at each other. Antonio said: „Well, my life was never really that good. At least it will be interesting now.“ Scott smirked. „Same here. I'm in. What about you Vlad?“ I looked at him. Few second passed but it felt like hours. „Ah fuck it. I'm in too. What about Thea?“ I looked at the woman in black. „She needs to be cared after and we have more than capable personnel for that. I think she would want to come with you.“ I nodded. „A helicopter will come for us at 6 AM. It'll get s to an airport and there we'll board a private jet. Try being there on time. It has been and honour meeting you.“ She smiled, nodded and left us. Three of us looked at each other in confusion but we were excited in a certain way.
We didn't sleep at all and Thea didn't wake up. She still breathed and everything was fine except she was still in shock from all the wounds. We boarded the helicopter and everything went like it supposed to. We got to the airport and got on to the private jet. We travelled for few hours and we all fell asleep. I suddenly woke up and was shocked to see everyone mutilated. There was blood everywhere. I looked backwards but there was nobody there. I turned back and jumped and almost shit my pants. It was there, the creature was there. It was looking at me with that broken jaw. It's jaw started lifting and it's flesh started to connect properly again. It expression formed in to a smile but it's eyes were still pure white emotionless eyes. It jumped at me. This time I woke up for real. I was sweating. Everyone was asleep. I leaned backwards on my seat and sighed. I looked backwards to look at Thea on her bed. I walked to her and took her hand in to mine and kissed it. She opened her eyes slowly. „Vla… Vladimir?“ I smiled. „Rest. Everything is OK. We are safe now.“ She fell back asleep. It took us about an hour to get to another airport. There were 2 vans with no windows at the back. We entered one o fit while Thea went with a second one. There were 4 seats inside the van and it was surprisingly comfortable. There were water bottles there and some food. Seats faced each other with 2 being on the left and 2 on the right side. We ate the food, it was some really good sandwiches. We drunk the water too and after some time we fell unconscious.
I woke up in some room. It had a bed, a table, a closet, a cabinet and some other things. I stood up quickly and saw a door. I barged through them and entered another room. It was decorated with a rug, couch, there was a small table with a cup of coffee on a table. There was a TV stand with a large TV. There was a small kitchen and a lunch table there. On one side there was a large window over an entire wall. I walked to it and there was a balcony there. I got on to it and what I saw left me without any words. It was a huge room but instead of a normal floor there was a park; it was filled with grass, trees, a lake, a small river. You could see some people walking there, some jogging, some picnicking. It was confusing. I ran back inside and saw that there were multiple doors and all had nametags on them. Antonio, Scott, Vladimir, Thea and there were 4 without any names. There was also a small hallway with a door that looked like an enterence and an exit. I slowly walked towards it, opened it and got out. It was a hallway. There was a lot of people but there was still considerable distance between them. It was unusual. They were all dressed up as scientists or soilders and there were people in suits here and there. Everyone looked at me in confusion when passing next to me. I tried to ask people where I was but all I got was „Go put somethin on“ from one of the soilders. I realised that I wore only boxers. I ran back in and saw Antonio sitting on a couch watching somethin on a TV and eating something. „Woah, you went out half naked? That's bold!“ He laughed. „Where are we?“ I asked him. „Have you already forgotten? We accepted the job 2 days ago. This is the Comission.“ I let air leave my mouth as I fell to the ground and set on the floor. „You want some coffee?“ „Some alcohol would be much better.“ Antonio smurked. „We have that too.“ I drunk a shot of Jack Daniels that I found in the fridge in a kitchen and dressed up after that. Antonio told me that we'll need to get to a meeting few hours later and that we should preapere for a job interview. „Weren't we already accepted?“ I asked. „Well… yes, but they need to document information about us or something like that.“ Scott woke up in the meantime. He was as confused as me and paniced even more. Fortunately he saw two of us before bursting outside like I did. We talked a bit about the interview we were to attend and decided to take a shot to calm our mind.
We prepared for our interview and dressed in suits we found in our closets. We heard a knock on a door. When Scott opened the door, a guy dressed in all black walked in, he wore black sunglasses. He was about 5'7“. After him a woman entered. She wore a white dress, it was reaching her knees. She was very pale and had long brown hair. Her pupils were purple. She was about 5'4“ in heels. She greeted us all with a handshake. „It's honor to meet you. We heard only the best about your work in Sri Lanka. My name is Lily and I was tasked with showing you the way to the interviewer and showing you the facility after that.“ Before we left she turned towards the man in black. „Agent, I won't be needing your help. I belive I'll be safe.“ He nodded and left. „So, shall we begin?“ She smiled and walked out. We followed her. „This is the hallway you'll be using daily. It is one of the 37 hallways in the facility. You'll of course use most of the others too but not as much.“ She had a smile on her face but it was clearly fake. She tried to keep it a secret and honestly, it was working, although her eyes was what gave her away. We came to a crossway. „Through the hallway on your left, you'll find places for entertainment. There you will find large rooms created into parks, camping sites, beaches and many other places like those. You can also find bars, bowling areas, a cinema and many more. It is important to Comission that it's employers don't go insane due to too much work and no rest or vacation.“ She smiled widely. „Hallway on your right leads to what runs this facility. There are generators for electricity, cables, dispose rooms and some other that are classified. You should never go there, unless you were allowed.“ She said the last sentence word by word. „Was I clear?“ „Yes.“ We all answered a bit confused. „Great!“ She said loudly. Some people who were walking around looked at her but quickly turned their heads back. There still wasn't a lot of people around. There was about 35 feet distance between most of the people. „Hallway behind me is the most important hallway. It will lead you to the interviewer, the training rooms and equipment rooms. You will also be able to find a weapon maker and armourer there. It sounds unneeded and eccentric but belive me, you will need it in this job.“ She took us to the waiting room. There was a closed door on the opposite side. „Please wait here for a few moments. Your interviewer will be here soon. I will be waiting for you outside.“ Few minutes have passed when 3 men got into the room through the door. They were all in black and had sunglasses. „Antonio Mortez?“ one of them said. „That's me.“ He stood up. „Please come with me. Third room to the left.“ he motioned towards the doors with a hand he was holding a paper in. The two of them left the room. „Vladimir Sopochnik?“ „That's me, sir.“ I stood up. „Second room to the left.“ He motioned with his hand as well. I walked through the door and turned left. It was a narrow darkened hallway. I turned left and got into the second room. All the rooms were on the right side from my point of view. The room was a typical questioning room you can see in the movies. It was made of thick concrete with big metal doors. There was a thick darkened window on the opposite side od the room. A table stood in the middle and there were 2 chairs on the opposite sides of the table. There was a gu yin all black and sunglasses standing in the corner. He held a gun in his right hand and he held his right hand's wrist with his left hand.
Interview lasted about half an hour and we had a handshake when it ended. I exited the room alone an went to the waiting area. Antonio was already there and Scott came after 2 minutes. We met with the woman again and she showed us training rooms and the equipment room. Everyone had their own small room for their equipment. It was 7 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet. There were stands for guns, armour, knives and even a sword but no equipment. „You need to talk to armourers. They will make you armour and weapons you request.“ I was kind of irritated because they still didn't tell us what we will do here. „So, are you going to tell us what we are going to do here or what?“ She looked at me and smiled widely. „You are just about to find out. She took us to a small room with about 20 chairs. There were already 7 people sitting in some chairs. „Sit here. There will be a presentation about what you will be doing here. After this you are free and are allowed to do what you want. I will be at your apartment at 7 AM on Monday, 2 days from now. I will get you to your trainer. You need to be fit for this job.“ She smiled. „Wait.“ I called after her. „There was a fourth survivor of the incident.“ „Ah yes. Thea Alstrom. She can't take visitors for now but I will immediately tell you when she will be allowed to take visitors.“ „Thank you.“ „Until tomorrow.“ She left the room. Last row was almost filled already. There was only one seat left. I set on the far left in the second row. Scott sat next to me and Antonio sat next to him. „Hey. My name's Amanda.“ Said a voice behind me. „Vladimir.“ She offered me to shake hands and we did. She had really short black hair and light brown eyes. She was buff but looked kind of short. „Oooooooh, we have a commie right here.“ Amanda sighed. I looked and there was a guy basically lying in his chair. He was also buff. He had dark blonde, almost brown hair. He was tall but definetly not tall as me. (I'm 6'5“, I mentioned it in the first part) „Just ignore him, he is American.“ said Amanda. „I noticed.“ We both smiled. „What does that supose to mean?“ he got visibly angry. „Oh shut up Austin. You're so irritating.“ a female voice came from Austin's side. „Just don't talk anymore. It would be so much better for everyone.“ She was tall for a woman and really thin. She had long wavey dark black hair. She had exotic green eyes. There was something interesting about that eyes and I saw Antonio being distracted by them. „Kayla. Nice to meet you.“ she smiled. „Antonio.“ He said quickly and offered a hand shake. She smiled at him and they shaked hands. I immidietly knew he wasn't going to wash that hand for maybe few days. A larger group of 13 people entered the room followed by a older man, middle-aged woman and a middle-age very buff guy who looked like a typical American army general. One seat was empity, I belived it was for Thea. The older guy had white hair and was about 5'9“. He carried some papers under his armpit. The middle-aged woman was about 5'7“ and was a redhead. She was dressed a sa typical CEO. „OK! CALM DOWN!“ the buff guy yelled. „I DON'T WANT TO HEAR EVEN A WORD DURING THIS. AM I CLEAR?“ no one answered. „WAS I CLEAR?“ „You were sargent. Thank you.“ said the middle-aged woman. „Yes, boss. He looked angry at all of us. „We welcome you all to this facility. You all got a job that is probably the most eccentric job you could ever have. It's probably the most dangerous job in the world too. Anyways I am in charge of this place and I expect you all to call me Boss. This 2 gentleman will teach you about your job. You are expected to behave and if you even think about not listening to them, we would take care of you. Thank you. I hope you all have a great time. Sargent. Professor.“ she left the room. „LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHITS.“ yelled Sargent. „YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME AND ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS OR I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFES HELL. WAS I CLEAR?“ „Yes.“ everyone said this time. „Good. Professor, I live them to you. On Monday you will start working out. I will get you into a form better then the one you'd get in the army. You'll need it so that you could survive on the field.“ He nodded towards Professor and left. „Ok… so, call me Profesor. Everyone calls me that.“ he smiled. „I will teach you about what you need to do on the field, how you do it, why you do it and many more. Let's start with a queston: why are you here?“ We were all siting in silence. „Come on. Someone certanly has something on their mind.“ „To hunt?“ said Scott. „Great answer, but wrong. Anyone has any other idea?“ After few seconds of silence he said: „OK, your college here was tehnically right. You see, the thing is you shoul not answer questions that will reaveal something about this facility or the work we do here. That's the first and only lesson I'll give you about this facility. Now, let's ask another question. Hunt what?“ Room filled with silence again. „People. Enemies of USA.“ Austin said proudly. „Interesting answer but completly wrong. We are hunting monsters, cryptids. We don't call them like that here. We call themanomalies here.“ Past me would laugh at this but after what I experienced in that rainforest, I belive in everything. „I'll teach you about cryptids, how to hunt them, defeat them, kill them.“ The first lesson was more overall. We didn't really learn a lot. It was just a starting lesson. Before we all left, Profesor said: „Oh yeah, I forgot. Some of you already were in their apartments while other weren't but I was tasked with giving you this keycards which unlock both you apartment door from one side and your room door from another. Every card is unique and it can only unlock doors of your room.“ He started calling out our names and giving us keycards. There was a number on every single one of them. Our room was number 2,76-A, First number is the floor, second number is the number of the room and the letter is the side of the hall the room is on. The park room i mentioned previously was in the middle of all apartments. A rooms had a balcony on the park while B rooms didn't.
We got to our room and try guessing who got the same room as us. Austin, Amanda and Kayla. I guessed their heights almost perfectly, Austin was 6'2“, Amanda 5'1“ and Kayla 6'0“. There was also a ginger girl called Ciara. She had dark blue eyes which went very well with her hair. She was also about 6' tall. Immediately when I entered the apartment, I got to the bottle of Jack Daniels that we started and poured myself a shot. „Pour me one commie.“ Ausin told me. „Fuck you.“ I replied but still poured him a shot. We both laughed at that. After that i was very tired and went to sleep.
I woke up at 8 AM and went to make some coffee and I saw Ciara on the balcony. She made some coffee so there was some still left in the cattle. I poured it and got out to the balcony. „Good morning.“ „Jesus, you scared me. I wasn't expecting anyone else to wake up so early.“ I smirked. „So, how did you end up here?“ I asked her. „I learned a lot of stuff from observing one of the cryptids back in Ireland. It was a leprechaun.“ „A leprichaun? They are dangerous?“ „Yeah, they are a lot different from what people think they look like. They are about 5 feet tall but. They have small black eyes and large pointy ears. Their skin is dark grey and they have large teeth and claws. It just appeared at my house. My house was a bit further away from a small town. One night I heard it scratching at the door of my house. I tought it was a dog at first. I ignored it and it stopped. I completely forgot about it the next day.. I heard scratching in the night again, I took a knife and started walking towards the doors. Scratching suddenly stopped and I heard bushes shaking. I opened the door and tried to look around. At first I saw nothing but when I looked towards one of the bushes I saw it's eyes. It was looking at me and thought I didn't see it. I thought it was a human so I acted like I didn't see the eyes. I went back inside and took a bat i always held on a shelf near the door. I waited for scratching to start again. My plan was to quickly open the door and hit the person on the head and knock them out. I waited for about a minute but it felt like hours. The scratching started again. I inhaled, quickly opened the doors, saw a short human like body and heard a very high-pitched growl. I hit it on the head and knocked it out. I was terrified of what I saw, the thing wasn't human. I saw it was still breathing and I needed to decide. Should I kill it, let it go or lock it up in the basement with a camera and wait till the morning to go to the police? I was very far away from I chose the third option. I put up a security camera in the basement and dragged the creature there. I was awake the entire night and looked at the creature through the camera It woke up earlier in the morning, around 5. It let out that growl again and then it screamed. Fortunately it wasn't a human like scream niether was it particulary loud, but still terryfing. It started jumping all around and destroying everything it could. It relised that it wasn't able to do anything so it layed down at the floor. I had footage of it so I expected police to belive me when I show it to them. I went to the police cuz I thought they wouldn't belive me if I just called them and told them about the situation. I got to the stations and showed the footage to the 2 policeman that were there. They looked at each other with look of fear on their faces. One of them told me that it's clearly fake, I tried to tell them it wasn't and they threw me out of the station. I went back home and was furious. It took me some time to calm down and think about what happened. Then, I relised how those policeman looked at each other, they must have known about this. I went to check the camera and saw it staring into the camera. It teeth were so large it needed to keep it's mouth open. I jumped out of fear and almoast started crying. Suddenly, I could hear scratching again. I looked at the camera but the creature didn't move at all. It was from the front door. I could here scratching starting at other places all around the house. They all started to growl and it was unsettling. I expected them to burst in every second so i took the bat and prepeared to fight, One of them bursted through the window and run towards me nad others followed. I hit the first three with a bat when the fourth jumped at me and I fell to the floor. I held it by it's neck while it tried to bite me. Suddenly I heard shooting and screams of the creatures. The one on top of me was distracted so I quickly took the bat and knocked the creature off of me and bashed it's skull in with the bat. The shooting didn't stop for few seconds. I looked out the broken window and saw one of the creature running back to the forest. It stopped and screamed at me. It head bursted into pieces as bulet hit it. It's body fell to the ground lifeless. I heard the door falling to the floor and saw men armed with guns in special unifors similar to those of FBI. They had flashlights on the guns. They went from room to room shouting 'clear'. I sad a guy in a black suit enter, he wore black sunglassess. He offered me a handshake and mentioned my name. He talked to me about the situation and mentioned the Comission. He recruited me then and their and here I am. What about you?“ „Eh, I wish I had it like you.“ „What?“ „Well, you see, 18 people, including me, were bassicly forced to go on a hunt for something they didn't know anything about. It made tone of problem in one of the Sri Lankan rainforest. We went there and stayed at some villages. It was something like a demon crocodile. The creature killed more then 300 people in 5 months. I, Scott, Antonio and one other person survived but she is in critical condition right now. She is the last member of our team but because of her wounds she won't be able to go on hunts with us for a year.“ „Well, shit.“ I laughed. With time rest of the team woke up and we told each other stories of how we ended up here. Amanda and Kayla were dating and were together when they came in contact with cryptids. Two of them encountered a spider as large as a horse. Apparently, the Comission calls it Shelob, they named it by the spider from Lord of The rings for those who didn't know. Austin actually went to the army with Amanda. He was in Iraq with his unit when soemthing attacked them. It was a large creature similar to bigfoot, it was about 8 feet tall and was really strong. They shot at it but it didn't do much. Austin was the only survivor. Him and the general were the last ones to be alive. It wounded the general pretty badly and started sprinting towards Austin. The general menaged to shoot it in the head from the back at the same time Austin shot it from the front. The general died of wounds. Austin burried the bodies and tried to walk back to the base. He got there after 2 days and explained what happened. Nobody belived but the word got out somehow. Probably through letters or someone with a higher rank knew about the Comission and called them. It doesn't metter, what does metter, he was recruited and was departed here. He lived for a month in a smaller room so he already know the facility pretty well and offered to show some parts of it to us. We gladly accepted. He showed us the park a bit and some other rooms similar to it. It was relaxing. He showed us some of the bars and we had drinks there. We got to the room around 11PM and went to sleep.
The training started the next day. We found out that we were split up in hunters and scientists again and scientists didn't need to train as much as hunters. Scott and Antonio were put into scientists and so was Ciara. Ciara was a zoologist, same as Scott. The rest of us were hunters. Trainings were more to make us more skilled in fighting and hunting and to vastly improve our durability. We were trained in guns, hunting knives and hand to hand combat. We were all given opportunity to choose between multiple secondary weapons to be trained with. Most of them chose crossbows. Kayla and I were the only ones who chose other weapons. Kayla chose tomahawks while I chose a great sword. As I mentioned before every weapon is made after our request to weapons smith. He was and older bald man but has perfected every technique of making weapons. The weapons he made were made to be perfect for this job. They were neither too heavy or too light. The metal he used was some mixture of silver, iron, some special steel that only scientists in this facility know about and some other element that made it extremely efficient. It was hard to damage it and it was sharp as hell. About the silver part, yes, some European cryptids like werewolves and witches are weak to it but not in the way that you can't kill them with anything else. Anything can kill them, it's just that silver is much more effective while other metals don't damage them as much.
As I said in the beginning of this story a long time has passed since Sri Lanka. We all finished our training and were already sent on multiple missions. Before I continue anything there are 4 tiers of field operators that exist. Tier 1 are negotiators, they only interact with peaceful cryptids or cryptids that live in their own societies similar to smaller villages. Those societies sometimes come in contact with some villages so the Comission provides the village with everything they need and only thing they ask in return is that those people don't spread the word to the rest of the world. Tier 2 is infantry, they are those soilders who killed leprechaun at Ciara's house. They are usually used when there are a lot of cryptids that need to be taken care of or when something really big appears. Tier 3 are lesser hunters, those are people who are sent to eliminate or capture cryptids that aren't very powerful or aggressive towards humans. Sometimes they bring them in cages and sometimes cryptid they were supposed to get just follows them around. Tier 4 are higher hunters, we are those. Higher hunters are sent to eliminate real threats to humans, those which are capable of killing a lot of people. Most of this cryptids are extremely dangerous and could kill anyone easily but that's the training for. Sometimes we go on hunts on our own while other time cryptids are too dangerous to be hunted by a single person.
That's all I had to say this time, I plan on writing about some of the cryptids next time and then telling you some stories about my newer encounters with other cryptids.
I hope you enjoyed my story.
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2020.10.12 15:39 pepperpavlov 1989 and 2019 compared

I know lots of us have the experience of a well-meaning older person suggesting names like "Heather" or "Erica" for our little ones, without understanding why those names might be unappealing to Millennials. So with that in mind, I put together some lists.
Here are the names that appear in 2019 top 100, but not at all on the 1989 top 1000 -- that is, the modern common names that might sound the most unusual to an older person who hasn't been exposed to contemporary name trends, and the most likely to be mistaken for "unique" by a non-name nerd.
Boys Girls
Aiden Aaliyah
Asher Addison
Declan Adeline
Easton Aria
Greyson Arya
Hudson Bella
Jaxon Brooklyn
Jaxson Camila
Jayden Delilah
Kayden Eliana
Luca Ella
Mateo Ellie
Maverick Emery
The following names were in the top 100 in both years, that is, the names that both a modern name nerd/parent and an older non-name nerd might both agree are "classic."
Boys Girls
Aaron Abigail
Adam Allison
Adrian Anna
Alexander Elizabeth
Andrew Emily
Anthony Hannah
Austin Julia
Benjamin Leah
Caleb Natalie
Cameron Samantha
Charles Sarah
Christian Victoria
Below are all the names that were on the top 1000 list in 1989, but not in 2019. It's crazy how names can change so much in one generation! Names in bold were in the top 100 in 1989, which are the names likely to sound common and normal to an older non-name nerd, but dated and unappealing to a young parent or name nerd.
Boys Girls
Addison Abbey
Adolfo Abbie
Agustin Adrian
Akeem Adrianne
Alexandro Adrienne
Alphonso Aimee
Alton Aja
Andrea Alecia
Andreas Alesha
Antione Alex
Antoine Alexandrea
Anton Ali
Antony Alisa
Antwan Alisha
Antwon Alissa
Aric Allyssa
Armand Alycia
Arnold Alyse
Arron Alysha
Arsenio Alysia
Ashley Amie
Aubrey Anabel
Austen Andria
Barry Angelia
Benito Angelique
Bennie Anita
Benny Anjelica
Bernard Annette
Bernardo Annmarie
Bill Antionette
Blair Antoinette
Brad Antonia
Bradford Araceli
Bradly Arlene
Brandan Asha
Branden Ashanti
Brandin Ashely
Brandt Ashlee
Brandyn Ashleigh
Brant Ashli
Brenden Ashlie
Brendon Ashly
Brennen Ashton
Brent Asia
Brenton Audra
Bret Audriana
Brice Audrianna
Britton Beatriz
Broderick Becky
Bryon Belinda
Cale Bernadette
Camron Beth
Carey Betsy
Carlo Betty
Carlton Beverly
Cary Billie
Cassidy Blanca
Cecil Bobbi
Cedric Bobbie
Cedrick Brandee
Chad Brandi
Chadd Brandie
Chadwick Brandy
Channing Breana
Chauncey Breann
Chaz Breanna
Chester Breanne
Clarence Bree
Claude Brenda
Cleveland Brenna
Clifford Brianne
Clifton Bridgett
Clint Bridgette
Clinton Brigitte
Coby Britany
Codey Britney
Coleman Britni
Cordell Britny
Cordero Brittaney
Cornelius Brittani
Cornell Brittanie
Cortez Brittnay
Cortney Brittnee
Coty Brittney
Courtney Brittni
Craig Brittnie
Cristobal Brittny
Cristopher Brook
Dale Bryanna
Damion Candace
Dan Candice
Dana Candy
Dandre Caitlin
Daquan Caitlyn
Daren Cara
Darien Cari
Darin Carina
Darion Carissa
Darnell Carla
Daron Carley
Darrel Carlie
Darrell Carol
Darrick Carrie
Darrin Casandra
Darrius Casie
Darron Cassie
Darryl Cassondra
Daryl Cathy
Dashawn Catrina
Dave Cayla
Davin Cecily
Davon Celina
Deangelo Chandra
Dejuan Chanelle
Demarco Chantal
Demarcus Chantel
Demario Chantelle
Denis Charity
Denny Charlene
Deon Charmaine
Deonte Chasity
Dereck Chastity
Deric Chelsey
Derick Chelsi
Derik Chelsie
Deron Cherelle
Derrek Cheri
Derrell Cherie
Deshawn Cherish
Devan Cheryl
Deven Chiquita
Dewayne Christa
Dimitri Christen
Dionte Christi
Dirk Christian
Dion Christiana
Domingo Christie
Dominique Christin
Dominque Christy
Don Chrystal
Donavan Ciara
Donnell Ciera
Donnie Cierra
Donta Cindy
Dontae Claudia
Donte Cody
Duane Colleen
Duncan Connie
Dusty Constance
Dwayne Corey
Dwight Cori
Earl Corina
Earnest Corrine
Eddy Cortney
Efrain Cory
Edgardo Courtney
Edmond Cristal
Edmund Cristina
Edwardo Danica
Efren Danika
Elmer Danyelle
Elvin Dara
Elvis Darlene
Erich Darcy
Erin Dawn
Ervin Dayna
Erwin Deana
Estevan Deanna
Federico Debbie
Fidel Debra
Floyd Deidra
Francesco Deidre
Frankie Deirdre
Fred Deja
Freddie Delia
Freddy Demetria
Fredrick Dena
Galen Denise
Garret Desirae
Garrick Desiree
Garrison Destinee
Garry Devin
Gene Devon
Geoffrey Diamond
Gerard Diane
German Dianna
Glen Dina
Glenn Dolores
Gilbert Dominique
Gilberto Dominque
Gino Domonique
Gonzalo Donna
Greg Dora
Gregg Doris
Gregorio Eboni
Guadalupe Ebony
Guy Edna
Hakeem Elisha
Hans Elissa
Herbert Elizabet
Heriberto Emilie
Herman Erica
Horace Ericka
Humberto Eunice
Irvin Fabiola
Irving Felicia
Isiah Felisha
Isidro Geneva
Jackie Georgina
Jacques Geraldine
Jamaal Gina
Jamar Gillian
Jamarcus Ginger
Jamel Gladys
Jamil Glenda
Jaquan Graciela
Jaren Gretchen
Jarod Griselda
Jarred Heather
Jarrell Hilary
Jarrett Hillary
Jarrod Holli
Jarvis Hollie
Javon Irma
Jean Ivette
Jed Jackie
Jeff Jacklyn
Jerad Jaclyn
Jerald Jacquelyn
Jeramy Jaime
Jered Jaimie
Jerel Jaleesa
Jeremey Jalisa
Jeremie Jami
Jermey Jamila
Jerod Jana
Jeromy Janae
Jaron Janay
Jerrell Janel
Jerrod Janell
Jess Janessa
Jessie Janet
Jessy Janette
Jim Janice
Jimmie Janie
Jody Janine
Joesph Janna
Johnathon Jaqueline
Johnnie Jasmin
Jonathon Jayme
Jordon Jean
Jory Jeanette
Josef Jeanne
Josh Jeannette
Joshuah Jeannie
Jovan Jena
Justen Jenifer
Kadeem Jennie
Kalvin Jenny
Karl Jerica
Kasey Jerrica
Kegan Jesica
Kelby Jesse
Kelly Jessi
Kelsey Jessika
Ken Jill
Kendal Joan
Kendall Joana
Kendell Joann
Kent Joanne
Kenton Jodi
Keon Jodie
Kerry Jody
Keven Johnna
Khiry Joni
Kirby Juana
Kirk Juanita
Kolby Judy
Korey Julianne
Kory Justina
Kristofer Justine
Kurt Kacey
Kurtis Kaci
Kwame Kacie
Ladarius Kacy
Lamar Kaela
Lamont Kaila
Laron Kaitlin
Laurence Kaitlynn
Leslie Kala
Lester Kaleigh
Lloyd Kaley
Lonnie Kalyn
Loren Kandace
Luther Kandice
Lyndon Kari
Mackenzie Karin
Madison Karissa
Malcom Karli
Marion Karly
Markus Kasandra
Marlin Kasey
Marques Kasie
Marquez Kassandra
Marquise Kassie
Martell Katelin
Martez Katelynn
Marty Katharine
Micheal Katherin
Michel Katheryn
Mickey Kathrine
Mike Kathy
Mikel Kati
Milton Katlin
Mitchel Katlyn
Montrell Katrina
Morris Katy
Mychal Kaycee
Myron Kaylyn
Najee Keely
Nathanial Keisha
Neal Kelley
Nestor Kelli
Nick Kellie
Nickolas Kelsea
Nigel Kelsi
Nikko Kelsie
Norman Kenya
Octavio Keri
Osvaldo Kerri
Paris Kerry
Perry Keshia
Pete Kia
Pierre Kierra
Quinten Kiersten
Quintin Kirsten
Raheem Kiley
Rakeem Kim
Ralph Kimberlee
Ramiro Kimberley
Randal Kristen
Randall Kirstie
Randolph Kirstin
Rashaad Kortney
Rashad Kourtney
Rashawn Krista
Raymundo Kristal
Reynaldo Kristan
Rico Kristi
Rick Kristian
Rickey Kristie
Rigoberto Kristin
Roderick Kristina
Rodolfo Kristine
Robbie Krystal
Robby Kristy
Rodrick Kristyn
Rogelio Krysta
Rolando Krysten
Ron Krystin
Roosevelt Krystina
Ross Krystle
Rudolph Kyle
Rusty Laci
Ryne Lacie
Sammy Lacy
Schuyler Lakeisha
Scotty Lakesha
Shannon Lakeshia
Shaun Lakisha
Shay Laquita
Shayne Lashonda
Shea Larissa
Shelby Latasha
Sheldon Latisha
Shelton Latosha
Sherman Latonya
Sidney Latoya
Skylar Latrice
Spenser Laurie
Stacey Leandra
Stacy Leann
Stephan Leanne
Stephon Leeann
Steve Leigh
Stevie Lesley
Stewart Leticia
Stuart Lindsay
Sylvester Lisette
Tad Lissette
Taryn Liza
Ted Lizbeth
Teddy Lizeth
Terence Lizette
Terrell Lora
Terrence Loren
Theron Lorena
Timmy Loretta
Todd Lori
Tom Lorraine
Tommie Lourdes
Torrey Lyndsay
Tory Lyndsey
Tracy Lynette
Travon Lynn
Trever Lynsey
Trevon Maegan
Tylor Magan
Tyree Magen
Tyrel Mai
Tyrell Maira
Tyron Mandi
Tyrone Mandy
Ulysses Maranda
Vaughn Marcia
Vernon Marcella
Vince Margarita
Virgil Mari
Wendell Marian
Wilfredo Marianne
Willard Maribel
Willie Maricela
Willis Mariel
Zachery Marisa
Zackary Marisela
Zackery Marisol
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2020.10.08 11:00 CronoDroid Weki Meki - NEW RULES (The 4th Mini Album)

Weki Meki - NEW RULES (The 4th Mini Album)
Weki Meki - NEW RULES (The 4th Mini Album)

Album Cover
Release Date: 8th October 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
1. COOL Lee Jieun, Misung, Dally, ZNEE (Music Cube, Inc.), Lee Seuran, Lee Hyeyoom (Jam Factory) Jake K (ARTiffect), Ylva Dimberg, Jere Sarkka Jake K (ARTiffect)
2. Sweet Dreams Jo Yoongyeong, Audi Mok, Tysha Tiar RHeaT (CODE 9), Audi Mok, Tysha Tiar RHeaT (CODE 9)
3. D-DAY Hotsauce Kim Mongi, Ciara Muscat Kim Mongi
4. Just Us (우리라는 이유) Rina, Lucy, Choi Yoojung Ji Suyeon, Village real-fantasy
5. 100 FACTS (COOL English ver.) Ylva Dimberg Jake K (ARTiffect), Ylva Dimberg, Jere Sarkka Jake K (ARTiffect)
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2020.09.21 13:05 bigfathampster Dublin GAMSAT (part 2)

Hi guys,
I assume you all got that GAMSAT Reminder email this morning. What will we do? This is technically against regulations at the minute in relation to COVID, and also. people from around the country are going to be travelling to Dublin in order to sit this test. I dont know what more we can do as it seems ACER is practically ignoring all emails from concerned individuals, and the hotel is not cancelling the bookings from ACER, or any other company that has booked their meeting rooms. We are meant to limit social interactions with people, and I can't see how all of us doing this test in a conference room (even if we are stagered with dates) will prevent the spread of the virus. I know this is a worrying time, and we are so close to the testing dates, but it is not fair for people to have to travel to Dublin in order to sit this test during Level 3. I find it quite scandalous that the entrace exam into medical school in Ireland will be breaching the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of a virus. I was considering contacting Dr. Ciara Kelly (she sat the GAMSAT) on Twitter, or getting the media involved. This can all be solved by allowing to sit the test via remote proctoring, and this easy solution will prevent any worry in relation to the virus transmition.

So, I think it would be helpful if we all e-mailed ACER, and brought this to the attention of the media. What do you all think?
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2020.09.18 01:58 yungshawarma39 Video idea for shallon

lol I’m posting because I want Shallon to do a video about Russell Wilson and Ciara. And yes! I watched the ones she did. But I always used to date guys who were thuggish or had drug addictions (omg) but i really just want To meet hot nerds. I want a video about how to meet a nerd or a person with character if you don’t know how to tell if a guy is marriage material ! and how to be that yourself. Anyway I know it’s not a question just a video I want to see. Too many people want to be wife material but we are very oblivious to what’s good man material and I have dated crackheads
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2020.09.08 02:40 MermaidRiotGrrrl Books To Read While We Wait for Season Two

Hey friends, how's the hiatus treating you? Hope you are all doing well and good. I saw someone on Tumblr share some shows and movies to watch while waiting for the next season of The Owl House and I thought I'd make some book recommendations.
Most of these can be found at your local library and through the Libby app (which you need a library card to access but its very worth it I promise)
If anyone would like to add books, please feel free to.
Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova - Bi latina witch mc, although she doesn't like having magic powers
These Witches Don't Burn by Isabel Sterling - Gay coven in modern Salem does witchcraft
We Set The Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia - Two women marry the same man, fall in love with each other
The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi - Six nerds on a heist/treasure hunt in 1880s Paris
Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan - Human girls hate the Demon King but love each other (warning there is sexual assault in this book)
Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst - Just an adorable wlw story about two princesses
When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore - A whimsical story about a girl who grows flowers from her wrists and a boy who paints the moon. I recomend checking out this author's other works too, she's a really good writer.
The Dark Tide by Alicia Janiska - A woman offers herself as sacrifice to the Witch Queen and they fall in love
Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz - This one comes out on October 6th and it's like How To Train Your Dragon if the dragons went to the olympics)
Lobizona by Romina Garber - A novel rich with Argentine folklore, werewolves and witches abound!
Spellbook of The Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle - If there's one thing Moira Fowley-Doyle does well it's curses, this book has a lot of them
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab - Magicians can travel between parallel Londons
Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde - Takes place at a con and follows three different characters through the con, a nice tribute to fandom
Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins - A normal girl goes to a boarding school in Scotland and her roommate is a princess
The Princess and The Fangirl by Ashley Poston - Another book set at a con, but this time a girl switches places with an actress to solve a mystery. It's a sequel but I didn't read the first book and I could follow this one.
Radio Silence by Alice Oseman - A heartwarming story about friendship and platonic love
Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee - The daughter of two heroes falls in love with the daughter of two villains
The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco - The planet stands still, one side always facing the sun, the other always in darkness. Really good world building and I also recommend reading other works by this author because they are an excellent writer.
The Falling In Love Montage by Ciara Smith - Two girls go on dates promising they will not fall in love with one another, guess what happens

I had more but this is enough for now.
Comment any other book recs you might have!
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2020.09.03 19:36 Original1one Famous women who left LVMs and thrived (examples)

last night I was thinking about how there have been so many women who dated LVMs and how their lives would be vastly different had they never left.
the supermodel Giselle desperately wanted to marry Leonardo. She left him, married Tom Brady and has kids and been married for years.
the model Chanel Iman dated Asap Rocky, he wouldn't commit to her. she then because depressed until she met her current husband Sterling who proposed to her within a year of meeting and they now have two daughters.
the singer Cassie dated Diddy for 10 years of her life he refused to commit and triangulated her. As soon as she left him she got engaged, married and had a baby within a year.
and of course everyone knows the story of Ciara and Future.

To all of you queens who want relationships please take a look at these examples. We all think we can change LVMS but they're hopeless. Leo is still single in his 40s chasing women half his age, Future continues to get random women pregnant, Diddy is on the internet crying about another ex he mistreated and is hopping from one young woman to another, Asap Rocky is still a playboy running wild.
Take a leap of faith queens and learn from these queens. Don't settle for these creatures.
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2020.08.30 18:58 Ghost-Quartet Underrated [FRESH] Threads: August 2020 Edition

One of the highest upvoted albums of the past month is literally five years old… werk

Hello again ye few but faithful. I honestly considered making last month’s one year anniversary thread the final installment of these threads but I decided against it because I realized if I don’t overuse the word “Underrated,” who will? For those of you clicking on one of these threads for the first time, welcome, this is a monthly sub feature where users can discuss and recommend [FRESH] posts that have come out in the past month that went under the radar.
The sub has crested 200k subscribers but unfortunately these new users haven’t really been spreading the wealth around and the sub is more top heavy than ever. Big releases are bigger than ever but smaller releases continue to be pushed to the wayside. Dozens, if not hundreds of threads are submitted to the sub every month and the vast majority of them won’t receive more than a handful of upvotes and zero comments. In my opinion discovering new music and supporting smaller artists should be core values of this sub, and these threads attempt to contribute to that. Read on for instructions on how to participate!

How this thread works:

  • In the comments below, link to the [FRESH] threads posted within the last month (after August 2nd) that you feel very strongly about, with the genre in parentheses beside it (however you describe it). Also include a little blurb as well where you try to sell the song to potential listeners. They'll be edited into the post.
  • Preferably it would look something like this:
(Genre) Artist Name - Song Title: Description
(Energetic Bubblegum Pop) Anonymous Pop Girl - Bop Song: The production! The vocals! Listen to this if you want your wig snatched!
  • Feel free to talk as much as you want, if your pitch is too long I’ll edit it down and link to your comment.
  • Anything with less than 50 up votes on the [FRESH] thread in the past month is fair game! Albums, videos, and songs are all accepted. This includes songs released before this month that were only posted this month. It can be your post or someone else’s.
  • If you aren't in a position to include the link itself just the title is fine, but like, help a guy out.
  • This wasn’t an issue last month but just to be safe I’ll only be adding five links per user to the main post. Feel free to link and gush about as many as you want in the comments though!
  • If you do comment more than five and want some specifically to be up here, indicate that, if not I’ll just arbitrarily pick some.
  • Avoid submitting things just to submit things! Be your own quality control. Post the songs that stuck with you all month, the songs that you really think other people would enjoy.

Underrated Releases:


(Moody Folk Pop) Laura Viers - Turquoise Walls: Indie folk queen Laura Veirs has offered a couple of poppier tracks for her upcoming album, with Burn Too Bright taking a more rock oriented take, and Turquoise Walls taking a more mellow approach. Light but lush synths and a driving beat support Veirs' usual acoustics. It's a good track for those who might be curious for more folklore-adjacent music that lean harder on the folk side.
(Feisty House Pop) VINCINT - Hard 2 Forget: Up and coming gay pop star VINCINT delivers (in my opinion) his best song to date, a thrilling house anthem that even has some touches of deep house during the chorus. His vocals are strong and confident and the melody is super fun to listen to, it’s a really great song to just jump around and live your pop star fantasy to.
(Black Excellence Pop) Ciara ft. Ester Dean - Rooted: Ciara and Ester Dean are both massive hitmakers so naturally they’ve barely managed to scratch the underside of fifty upvotes and are this month’s autoincuded pick. Life’s funny like that. Regardless of how much attention it got this song goes hard, it’s a thumping, unapologetic track that leverages as much sound as it can get its hands on to spread its positive message.
(Wavy Funk/Soul) Omar Apollo - Stayback: This song is wavy, trippy, mind-bending… you get the picture. The vibes are strong with this one as Omar croons over some funk guitar about a love that he just can’t seem to express… although he does seem to express his bisexuality (I assume) in the video pretty well. It’s very modern and old school at the same time.


(Folk Pop) Emmy the Great - Mary: Emmy the Great is a british indie folk singer who has already released 3 albums to critical success. “Mary” is the second single off up her upcoming fourth album April / 月音 and is a really cute folk pop bop
(Chill Hip Hop Pop) CHIKA - U Should: Foolish is the man who doubts CHIKA's abilities. This gorgeous and chill ballad features every single one of CHIKA's strengths and shows a lot of promise for her future projects. Fantastic production, great vocal singing AND rapping, and a bit of an off-beat move for an up-and-coming rapper. She's showing versatility with this one and you don't want to miss it.
(Soul/Piano) Celeste - Little Runaway: UK popheads might know Celeste as the winner of this year's Sound of 2020 poll by the BBC as the number-one predicted breakthrough act of the year. I'll admit the only other song of hers that I'm familiar with is Stop This Flame (that's a really good song too if anyone hasn't heard it) from earlier this year but this one also stood out to me from the first listen. At only 11 upvotes I think it's very underrated and her vocals really shine on this song. I can't say much else because I need a few more listens to get to grips with this one but I think it's definitely worth checking out.
(Chill Electropop) Luna Shadows - The Nineties: Luna Shadows is known for the full packet (catchieness and aesthetic) and this song is no difference. Everything from the dreamy melodies, delicate vocals to the danceable rhythm is pop perfection and need to be heard by more people. Also the music video is a must watch.
(Moody Pop) Eivør - Let It Come: At her strongest, Faroese singer Eivør is fierce, furious, the raging of a wounded Mother Earth. At her sweetest she's dominant, hypnotic, the tiniest of birds warbling the loudest. Let It Come showcases her vocals in a foreboding song of change, melodies rising into distant shrieks.
(Folk) Angel Olsen - Waving Smiling: Accompanied by nothing but her guitar, Angel Olsen reflects on the bittersweetness of accepting the end of a relationship. Olsen's voice carries emotion like no other's and she has the lyrics to back it up. Lie on the naked floor and listen.
(Indie Pop) London Grammar - Baby It’s You: It’s definitely more upbeat than their older sound. London Grammar is more known for their moodier songs, but this one takes a different approach that I’m sure pop fans will love.
(E.T.'s Sister Song) ELOÏSE mp3 - Area51: The Artist Formerly Known As ELOÏSE is carving out a niche for herself, expanding into the realm of layered, pounding synthpop. Area51 starts slow, its arrangement blossoming into a hectic chorus. At a mere two and a half minutes, it wastes no time in worming its way into your head.
(Psychedelic Funk/Soul) NAO & Lianne La Havas - Woman: This one’s for the ladies… Lianne La Havas is hot off of her new album and NAO hasn’t released music in two years, but they put their differences aside to team up on this track that we honestly don’t deserve. Both of them have incredible, distinctive voices that work so well together and they’ve cooked up a great duet that allows them both to shine.
(Classic Pop) Violet Days - Still Dreaming: Violet Days, an underappreciated Swedish duo, runs on peerless songwriting and classic arrangements. Still Dreaming plays with the theme of lost love perhaps the best, with vocalist Lina expertly handling each nuance of the lyrics, particularly in the obsessive, guitar-heavy bridge.
(Heavy Synth Pop) The Aces - Kelly (Fickle Friends Remix): A really fun and groovy remix that is a wonderful marriage of the styles of The Aces and Fickle Friends. Bouncing synths are intermingled with chirpy guitars, vocal manipulations, and a great electric guitar finale. This one should be a favorite of traditional popheads and those that lean more experimental.
(Soporific Bedroom-Pop) tv room - Love You Less: A subtler kind of hyperpop, tv room drowns this song in synths and reverb and all sorts of quirky effects that give it an almost hypnotic feeling. I just feel like I’m spiraling down the rabbit hole at 3am when I listen to this, the melody is so addictive.
(Flamenco Pop) Guitarricadelafuente, Feten Feten - Limité: I've been a fan of Guitarricadelafuente for a few months now and I'm in love with his entire (quite small) discography! Together with the duo Feten Feten he released this beautiful, atmospheric song that will make you want to dance Flamenco through the streets of Valencia. The song consists of fast-paced claps, violins typical Spanish guitar sounds and a beautiful male singing voice among others. If you like Rosalía, then I think you may enjoy this song (and the other songs by Guitarricadelafuente) a lot!
(Soft Country Pop) Skott - Darling: Quirky singer-songwriter Skott has her own take on melody and lyric, and it shines through most clearly in this sweet late addition to her much-awaited debut album, Always Live For Always. Light guitar and the softest of cymbal touches cradle her sibilant pronunciation of each phrase.
(Dark Electro-Dance Pop) Annie - Dark Hearts: Of Annie's latest string of singles, Dark Hearts is easily the most bombastic one. With sharp, striking synths and a glorious key change, Annie takes no prisoners on this club ready banger. Where American Cars was more chill and brooding, Dark Hearts arrives with force from the very beginning and doesn't let up until Annie whispers her last breathy line.


(Dark Pop) Mothica - Blue Hour: A fully cohesive work, rich with lush synths, relatable lyrics, cutting-edge beats, and mature, throaty vocals. Hands Off bleeds euphoric denial; Blue Hour exults in dissociated dissonance; SPIRAL soaks in a warm pool of syrupy sound; R.I.F.P. invokes the timelessness of music-box horror.
(Adventure-Pop) Linus from the Stars - Brave Adventures: If you want pure positivity, listen to Linus from the Stars because he sounds like a Disney movie. For the past few years he’s been churning out EPs of clean pop with a twinkle in his eye and Brave Adventures is an especially cinematic entry into his canon, three really strong tracks that live up to the EP’s title.
(Pop R&B) Wolftyla - Wolf in Color: A fun, easy listening debut EP from one of the artists featured on the new K/DA song. Wolftyla has a really soothing voice and the production is excellent (there's even a track co-produced by Timbaland). Full of fun, summery, feel-good vibes.
(Party Girl R&B) Keke Palmer - Virgo Tendencies: True Jackson VP is all grown up and she’s ready for a good time. Keke uses silly voice mail interludes to string together a series of hoe bops and party girl anthems to create a (mostly) delightfully trashy experience. It’s not the deepest release of the year, but you can definitely get turnt to it.
(Indie Pop) Holly Humberstone - Falling Asleep at the Wheel: From the first time I heard the EP’s titular song, I felt a sense of familiarity. The vocal-focused production is very reminiscent of other songs we’ve heard in the 2010s, but Holly’s voice sets it apart enough for me. She adds the emotion that would’ve made the otherwise calm production boring.

Here's a (Spotify) playlist for easier access. One track has been added for albums.

Previous Threads: July (Contains links to the first 12 entries)
As always I’ve kicked us off with five selections of my own and rewritten the intro and outro of the post even though most people probably skim them anyways. Post down below!
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2020.08.24 10:12 windex-chan How to deal with my boyfriend's mom

(I'm still in school if that changes anything, I'm a 15 year old female and my boyfriend is 16, going to college after lockdown. I live in the UK where you're considered a legal adult at 16) So me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over a year. Hes the love of my life and I know he feels the same, but there's only one problem: his mother. When I first went to his place and met her, I loved her. She was so nice and even my Dad liked her. But things went downhill when my dad and her mom started a kind of friends with benefits relationship, but Dad had feelings for her and she lead him on to believe she shared these feelings. Dad was always buying her things, giving her money, paying for food deliveries she ordered when we had sleepovers at their place etc. (They're very poor because she is extremely alcoholic and spends way too much on alcohol) Then she began acting distant towards him and told him that they were basically done and "sorry for fucking with your head". Turns out she was just using him for money. He stopped going over there but still let me go there to see my bf. She will ground him for things that aren't even his fault (His pets damaging things while hes not even in the house, staying over my house an extra night when he wasn't told not to, etc) and will ground him for a whole week for these things. When I say ground I just mean not letting us see each other She always says horrible things but sugarcoats it to sound nice. One time me and my bf were in a poly relationship (I really liked this guy so my bf and him agreed to both date me but my bf decided he didnt like it and my ex agreed to leave so me and bf could be together) it was messy. I was upset because I loved my ex but I didnt blame bf for anything but he still blamed himself. We were both crying and called to cheer each other up, but I went afk at some point. When I come back I hear his mother talking to him, telling her I cheated on him and he deserves better. This made me cry and I hung up before I could hear more. She treats him horribly. A few examples are when she kicked him out in the middle of Storm Ciara, even though it was also snowing in his village and wouldn't let him back in. She was also feeding his beloved gerbil large amounts of chocolate, but luckily he found this out early and put a stop to it before the gerbil could suffer serious health issues. He tells her everything, and I mean everything. He tells her anything I say, absolutely anything that happens she knows so I cant voice this to him. He loves her but I can't blame him since as someone with an emotionally abusive mother it's hard to let go and stop loving them. I can also tell hes being manipulated. He convinced him not to go the college he wants to go to because its "too far away" and doesn't seem to want him to move out. But tonight was the last straw. I had a nightmare and he was comforting me but he was really depressed and tired so we got into a small disagreement. He went to his mom for advice and she messages me, basically saying I'm too much and if I keep going the way I am he'll leave me and told me to leave him alone, basically telling me to fuck off. Hes now asleep and I'm crying, I know it's not his fault but I'm still upset with him for seeing that and letting it happen. I messaged him a few times but no response I know his mother doesn't like me and I don't like her either. I keep making excuses not to go to his place because she never leaves the house and I don't want to be around her, especially not whilst shes drunk. I'm scared she'll try to break us up and even my Dad said she talked about "terminating our relationship" (like it's just some contract and our relationship isnt a real relationship) I love him so much but if that means dealing with her I don't know what to do. When we're older he wants us to live with his mom instead of getting our own place but I do not want this. I pretend to like her for him but don't know how much more of her I can take
Update: so I just wanted to add this. I talked to him about the message his mom sent me and he seems completely ok with it. All he said is that shes not going to apologise for it. I know shes his mom but that doesn't mean he should be ok with her insulting his girlfriend. I wouldn't be ok with my Dad doing that to him and it kind of hurts hes completely alright with her doing it to me
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2020.08.12 14:48 BIPOC_in_STEM Science Discussion Series: We are experts and researchers who study the challenges that face Black, Indigenous, and people of color in STEM. Let’s discuss!

Science Discussion Series: We are experts and researchers who study the challenges that face Black, Indigenous, and people of color in STEM. Let’s discuss!
Hello Reddit! Science has a diversity problem. From 2002 to 2017, around 50,000 people earned Ph.D.s each year, but the percentage of Black PhDs graduating increased from just 5.1% to 5.4%. This is concerning for a number of reasons. A large body of research shows that diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) improves the outcomes of the scientific enterprise. Further, the lack of diversity is damaging to the public when it comes to trust in science, willingness to listen to expert scientific suggestions, and patient health. For example, research shows that African American patients receive better care and are more likely to agree to invasive interventions if they have a doctor that looks like them. However, since 2000, the number of Black students in medical schools has only grown by 1%. Currently, only 6.9% of medical students are Black and they only make up 7.3% of medical school applications. Additionally, studies show that Black medical students, faculty, and doctors face significant discrimination, which leads them to leave the profession. Other studies have shown discrimination against Black scientists across multiple scientific fields when it comes to funding, Black academics face bias when presenting at professional settings, BIPOC faculty receive worse student evaluations, and they experience racism even in non-academic fields like tech. So even increases in Black students majoring in STEM fields do not resolve all of the issues.
Join us for an open dialogue about the reasons for the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in STEM, the impacts that has, and potential ways to improve the representation in STEM for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).
As mentioned in a previous announcement post, the moderators of /science have worked in collaboration with the moderators of /blackpeopletwitter and /blackladies to create this series of discussion panels focused on race in America. These panels will be led by subject area specialists including scientists, researchers, and policy professionals so that we can engage with multiple expert perspectives on those important topics. A list of the panels, guests, and dates can be found here. As mentioned in a previous announcement post, the moderators of /science have worked in collaboration with the moderators of /blackpeopletwitter and /blackladies to create this series of discussion panels focused on race in America. These panels will be led by subject area specialists including scientists, researchers, and policy professionals so that we can engage with multiple expert perspectives on those important topics. A list of the panels, guests, and dates can be found here.
Our guests will be on throughout the day chatting with you under this account u/BIPOC_in_STEM. With us today are:
Ciara Sivels: I am a nuclear engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where I work on a variety of projects using radiation detection and modeling. I obtained my nuclear engineering degrees from MIT and University of Michigan. I was the first black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan. I am an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador where the goal is to highlight a variety of STEM fields and show girls the different career pathways they can pursue and how STEM impacts their lives every day.
Yasmiyn Irizarry: I am a sociologist in the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. My work uses critical methodologies and large-scale data to challenge conventional racial logics and deficit narratives in quantitative research on BIPOC. My current study examines the prevalence and impact of racialized tracking on the STEM experiences and trajectories of Black youth. I also teach critical statistics courses that show students how to wield numbers in the service of racial justice and liberation. Catch me on Twitter and don’t forget to #CiteBlackWomen!
Anne-Marie Núñez: As a Professor of Educational Studies at Ohio State University, my scholarship and initiatives have focused on advancing racial equity in STEM (especially the less diverse fields of geoscience and computer science) at Minority-Serving and other institutions. One example explores the application of the lens of intersectionality to transform geosciences. You can follow me on Twitter @AM_NunezPhD and my website
Tia Madkins: I am an assistant professor in the College of Education and a faculty research affiliate with the Population Research Center and the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at The University of Texas at Austin. My research focuses on issues of equity in PK-12 STEAM education and supporting teachers to transform STEAM classrooms for minoritized students. My current projects focus on sociopolitical consciousness, fostering inclusive STEAM classrooms (including a project with Dr. Irizarry!), and STEAM teachers' recognition of #BlackGirlMagic. Follow me on Twitter (@ProfTiaMadkins) to learn more about equity in STEM and other STEMinists, check out my curated list of resources to better understand #BLM, and remember to #CiteBlackWomen!
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2020.08.12 02:16 angelicmari02 I know something that could ruin a relationship

F 18 here (: For the past month or so, my two bestfriends have been dating and I genuinely like them together. Lately, let’s call them Anna and Ciara, Anna have been acting a bit strange around Ciara. A few days ago, we were all in a discord call with friends and Ciara went to go have a shower. It became quiet because it was quite late so I was like asleep. I woke up to hear Anna say “man, I want to hold Leia’s hand” randomly. Quick back story, Leia is Anna’s ex girlfriend. And I was quite confused since Ciara hates Leia with a passion since Anna and Leia cuddled without Ciara knowing. Not once or twice, on multiple occasions they have met up and cuddled. I stayed quiet and I clicked off the call to go be utterly confused. A few days passed and Ciara doesn’t know that Anna said it, and it hurts that Anna said that without hesitation. I know that things are better off not said like this but when it comes to wanting to hold hands with your ex girlfriend is weird. I mean, Anna and Leia both cheated on their old partners to be with eachother and they felt no remorse for doing so. I just don’t want to see Ciara hurt by someone who she loves and have Anna constantly secretly going over to Leia’s house to cuddle. The only reason why Ciara knew about the whole cuddling is because Anna’s snap map location was on and Leia posted a pic of her cuddling Anna and one of Leia’s friends sent it to Ciara. I just don’t know what to do and it’s making me feel guilty knowing that Anna wants to be back in Leia’s arms again despite her and Leia being taken.
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2020.08.03 07:07 tiny_doughnut AFLW Sign and Trade: Master Post

Hi everyone!
Going to keep an eye on incoming signings and list changes as we go along, don’t hesitate to post any articles that you see and give me a poke if I haven’t updated!
Hope you’re all staying safe and well, and we’ll be back at Ikon Park for season 2021 soon 🍩❤️
Points worth remembering for this trade period:
Day 1 Wrap Day 2 Wrap Day 3 Wrap Day 4 Wrap Day 5 Wrap Day 6 Wrap Day 7 Wrap Day 8 Wrap

Adelaide Crows:

Signed: ✅ - Najwa Allen, 1yr - Sarah Allen, until 2021 - Chelsea Biddell, 1yr - Hannah Button, 1yr - Ailish Considine, 1yr - Dayna Cox, 1yr - Angela Foley, until 2021 - Renee Forth, 1yr - Nikki Gore, 1yr - Caitlin Gould, 1yr - Anne Hatchard, until 2021 - Eloise Jones, until 2021 - Ebony Marinoff, until 2021 - Montana McKinnon, 1yr - Rhiannon Metcalfe, 1yr - Justine Mules, 1yr - Hannah Munyard, 1yr? - Maddi Newman, 1yr - Erin Phillips, 1yr - Danielle Ponter, 1yr - Marijana Rajcic, until 2021 - Chelsea Randall, until 2021 - Chloe Scheer, until 2021 - Jess Sedunary, 1yr? - Stevie-Lee Thompson, until 2021 - Deni Varnhagen, until 2021 - Lisa Whiteley, 1yr?
Movements: 🔄
Delisted: ✴️ - Nicole Campbell (delisted) - Courtney Cramey (retired) - Jess Foley (retired) - Courtney Gum (retired) - Sophie Li (retired) - Maisie Nankivell, (step away/Suncorp Super Netball) - Jaimi Tabb (delisted) - Ruth Wallace (step away)

Brisbane Lions:

Signed: ✅ - Ally Anderson, until 2022 - Lauren Arnell, 1yr - Emily Bates, until 2022 - Greta Bodey, 2yrs - Shannon Campbell, 2yrs - Gabby Collingwood, 1yr - Sophie Conway, until 2021 - Dakota Davidson, 2yrs - Belle Dawes, 2yrs - Jade Ellenger, 1yr - Nat Grider, 2yrs - Tahlia Hickie, 2yrs - Courtney Hodder, 1yr (Rookie) - Jesse Keeffe, 1yr - Breanna Koenen, 2yrs - Rheanne Lugg, 2yrs - Kate Lutkins, until 2022 - Maria Moloney, 2yrs - Orla O’Dwyer, 1yr (Rookie) - Lily Postlethwaite, 2yrs - Selina Priest, 1yr - Taylor Smith, 1yr - Cathy Svarc, 2yrs - Jesse Wardlaw, 2yrs - Sharni Webb, 1yr - Jess Wuetschner, until 2022 - Jordan Zanchetta, 1yr - Emma Zielke, 1yr
Movements: 🔄
Delisted: ✴️ - Arianna Clarke (released/stepping away) - Hannah Hillman (delisted) - Brianna McFarlane (delisted)

Carlton Blues:

Signed: ✅ - Lauren Brazzale, 1yr - Alison Downie, 1yr - Jess Edwards, 1yr - Grace Egan, until 2022 - Georgia Gee, until 2022 - Serena Gibbs, 2yrs - Maddy Guerin, 2yrs - Charlotte Hammans, 1yr - Kerryn Harrington, until 2022 - Courtney Jones, 1yr - Mua Laloifi, 2yrs - Katie Loynes, 1yr - Lucy McEvoy, until 2022 - Breann Moody, 2yrs - Elise O’Dea, 2yrs - Natalie Plane, 2yrs - Maddy Prespakis, until 2022 - Brooke Vernon, 2yrs - Brooke Walker, 1yr - Charlotte Wilson, 2yrs
Movements: 🔄 - Sarah Hosking to Richmond - Jayde Van Dyk to St Kilda - Chloe Dalton to Inactive List for 2021, has signed with the club for 2022
Delistings: ✴️ - Joanne Doonan (delisted) - Emerson Woods (delisted) - Katie Harrison (delisted) - Sharnie Whiting (delisted)

Collingwood Magpies:

Signed: ✅ - Sophie Alexander, 1yr - Jordyn Allen, until 2021 - Britt Bonnici, 1yr - Ash Brazill, until 2021 - Lauren Butler, 1yr? - Mikala Cann, 1yr? - Sophie Casey, 1yr - Steph Chiocci, 1yr? - Bri Davey, 1yr - Abbey Green, 1yr - Jaimee Lambert, 1yr - Sharni Layton, 1yr - Stacey Livingstone, 1yr - Jordan Membrey, 1yr - Chloe Molloy, until 2021 - Aliesha Newman, 1yr - Ebony O’Dea, 1yr - Alana Porter, 1yr? - Imogen Purcell, 1yr, Category B Rookie - Sarah Rowe, 1yr - Ruby Schleicher, until 2021 - Aishling Sheridan, 1yr - Maddie Shevlin, until 2021 - Kristy Stratton, 1yr
Movements: 🔄 - Sarah Dargan to Richmond - Sarah D’Arcy to Richmond - Katie Lynch to Western Bulldogs
Delistings: ✴️ - Kaila Bentvelzen (step away) - Georgia Gourlay (delisted) - Emma Grant (retired) - Eliza Hynes (retired) - Machaelia Roberts (retirement)

Fremantle Dockers:

Signed: ✅ - Ebony Antonio, until 2022 - Kara Antonio, until 2022 - Kiara Bowers, until 2022 - Tayla Brealand, until 2021 - Steph Cain, until 2021 - Janelle Cuthbertson, 1yr - Sabreena Duffy, until 2021 - Evie Gooch, 1yr - Katie Jayne Grieve, 1yr - Gemma Houghton, until 2021 - Leah Mascall, 1yr - Ann McMahon, 1yr - Hayley Miller, 2yrs - Emma O’Driscoll, 1yr - Gabby O’Sullivan, until 2022 - Laura Pugh, 1yr - Roxy Roux, 2yrs - Matilda Sergeant, until 2021 - Philipa Seth, until 2021 - Ashley Sharp, until 2021 - Ange Stannett, until 2021 - Jasmine Stewart, 1yr - Mim Strom, 2yrs - Tarnee Tester, 1yr, free agent signing - Aine Tighe, 1yr - Jess Trend, 1yr - Bianca Webb, 1yr - Alex Williams, 1yr
Movements: 🔄 - Tayla Bresland to West Coast Eagles
Delisted: ✴️ - Mia-Rae Clifford (delisted) - Sarah Garstone (delisted) - Lindal Rhode (delisted - Kate Flood (personal reasons)

Geelong Cats:

Signed: ✅ - Maddie Boyd, 1yr - Millie Brown, 2yrs - Rene Caris, 1yr - Georgia Clarke, 1yr - Rocky Cranston, 1yr - Julia Crockett-Gills, 2yrs - Kate Darby, 1yr - Renee Garing, 1yr - Nicole Garner, 1yr - Rebecca Goring, 1yr - Danielle Higgins, 2yrs - Jordan Ivey, 1yr - Maddy Keryk, 2yrs - Madisen Maguire, 1yr - Amy McDonald, 2yrs - Meghan McDonald, 2yrs - Maddy McMahon, 1yr - Phoebe McWilliams, 1yr - Nina Morrison, 2yrs - Aasta O’Connor, 1yr - Olivia Purcell, 1yr - Georgie Rankin, 1yr - Mia Skinner, 1yr - Denby Taylor, 1yr - Sophie Van De Heuvel, 2yrs - Rebecca Webster, 2yrs
Movements: 🔄
Delisted: ✴️ - Cassie Blakeway (delisted) - Melissa Hickey (retired) - Anna Teague (retired) - Gemma Wright (delisted)

Gold Coast Suns:

Signed: ✅ - Lauren Ahrens, 1yr? - Alison Drennan, 1yr - Hannah Dunn, 1yr? - Tiarna Ernst, 1yr? - Cheyenne Hammond, 1yr? - Ellie Hampson, 1yr? - Dee Heslop, 1yr? - Kalinda Howarth, 1yr? - Paige Parker, until 2021 - Brittany Perry, 1yr? - Jade Pregelj, 1yr? - Molly Ritson, 1yr? - Jamie Stanton, 1yr? - Kate Surman, 1yr? - Serene Watson, 1yr? - Jacqui Yorston, 1yr?
Movements: 🔄 - Charlotte Hammans to Carlton - Taylor Smith to Brisbane
Delisted: ✴️ - Georgia Breward, (delisted) - Lexi Hamilton, (delisted) - Maddy Roberts, (delisted) - Tayla Thorn, (delisted) - Kitara Whap-Farrar, (delisted)

GWS Giants:

Signed: ✅ - Jessica Allan, 1yr - Nicola Barr, 1yr - Rebecca Beeson, 2yr - Elle Bennetts, 1yr - Yvonne Bonner, 1yr - Jess Dal Pos, 1yr - Taylah Davies, 1yr - Alicia Eva, 2yr - Georgia Garnett, 1yr - Emily Goodsir, 1yr - Sarah Halvorsen, 1yr - Tanya Hetherington, 1yr - Jodie Hicks, 1yr - Annalyse Lister, 1yr - Tait Mackrill, 2yr - Erin McKinnon, 1yr - Alyce Parker, 2yr - Rebecca Privitelli, 2yr - Pepa Randall, 2yr - Aimee Schmidt, 1yr - Katherine Smith, 2yrs - Cora Staunton, 1yr - Lisa Steane, 1yr - Louise Stephenson, 2yr - Britt Tully, 1yr - Haneen Zreika, 1yr
Movements: 🔄 - Lisa Whiteley to Adelaide Crows
Delisted: ✴️ - Ellie Brush (retired to focus on Matildas/Olympic opportunity - Ingrid Nielsen (retired) - Maggie Gorham (retired)

Melbourne Demons:

Signed: ✅ - Libby Birch, 2yrs - Gabby Colvin, 1yr - Tegan Cunningham, until 2021 - Meg Downie, until 2021 - Chantel Emonson, 2yrs - Maddi Gay, 2yrs - Sinead Goldrick, 1yr - Tyla Hanks, 2yrs - Shelley Heath, 2yrs - Kate Hore, 2yrs - Sarah Lampard, until 2021 - Lauren Magee, 1yr - Niamh McEvoy, 1yr - Lily Mithen, 2yrs - Jackie Parry, 1yr - Karen Paxman, 1yr - Daisy Pearce, 1yr - Lauren Pearce, until 2021 - Krstel Petrevski, 1yr - Shelley Scott, 1yr - Casey Sherriff, 2yrs - Shae Sloane, 1yr - Breanna Tarrant, 1yr - Eden Zanker, 2yrs
Movements: 🔄 - Harriet Cordner to Richmond - Maddy Guerin to Carlton - Bianca Jakobsson to St Kilda - Aliesha Newman to Collingwood - Elise O’Dea fo Carlton - Katherine Smith to GWS
Delisted: ✴️ - Ainslie Kemp (delisted)

North Melbourne Kangaroos:

Signed: ✅ - Grace Campbell, 1yr? - Mia King, 2yrs
Movements: 🔄 - Abbey Green to (Collingwood) - Jess Trend to Fremantle Dockers
Delistings: ✴️ - Chloe Haines (delisted) - Libby Haines (delisted) - Emma Humphries (delisted) - Taylor Mesiti (step away) - Mairead Seoighe (delisted)

Richmond Tigers:

Signed: ✅ - Christina Bernardi, until 2021 - Maddy Brancatisano, 1yr - Katie Brennan, until 2021 - Hannah Buchell, 1yr - Akec Makur Chuot, 1yr - Monique Conti, until 2021 - Harriet Cordner, 1yr - Sarah D’Arcy, 1yr - Sarah Dargan, 1yr - Kate Dempsey, 1yr - Alice Edmonds, 1yr - Sabrina Frederick, until 2021 - Emily Harley, 1yr - Sarah Hosking, 2yrs - Kodi Jacques, 1yr - Laura McClelland, 1yr - Sarah Molan, 1yr - Phoebe Monahan, 1yr - Rebecca Miller, 1yr - Ilish Ross, 1yr - Sarah Sansonetti, 1yr - Cleo Saxon-Jones, 1yr - Gabby Seymour, 1yr - Tayla Stahl, 1yr - Courtney Wakefield, 1yr - Holly Whitford, 1yr - Alana Woodward, 1yr
Movements: 🔄 - Grace Campbell to North Melbourne
Delistings: ✴️ - Laura Bailey (retired) - Nakaela Butler (delisted - Ciara Fitzgerald (delisted - Emma Horne (delisted) - Lauren Tesoriero (retired) - Ella Wood (retired)

St Kilda Saints:

Signed: ✅ - Nadia von Bertouch, until 2022 - Ali Brown, until 2022 - Rosie Dillon, 2yrs - Jayde Van Dyk, 1yr? - Nat Exon, 1yr - Clara Fitzpatrick, until 2022 - Caitlin Greiser, until 2022 - Darcy Guttridge, 1yr - Bianca Jakobsson, 1yr? - Selena Karlson, until 2021 - Poppy Kelly, until 2022 - Tilly Lucas-Rodd, 2yrs - Tamara Luke, until 2022 - Kate McCarthy, until 2022 - Molly McDonald, 2yrs - Georgia Patrikios, until 2022 - Cat Phillips, 1yr - Hannah Priest, 2yrs - Isabella Shannon, 2yrs - Kate Shierlaw, until 2022 - Olivia Vesely, 2yrs - Rhiannon Watt, 2yrs - Tarni White, 2yrs - Claudia Whitfort, 1yr - Nicola Xenos, 2yrs
Movements: 🔄 - Jess Sedunary to Adelaide Crows - Alison Drennan to GC Suns
Delistings: ✴️ - Sammie Johnson (delisted) - Mel Kuys (delisted) - Emma Mackie (retired) - Courteney Munn (retire) - Kelly O’Neill (delisted)

West Coast Eagles:

Signed: ✅ - Ashlee Atkins, until 2021 - Mikayla Bowen, 2yrs? - Tayla Bresland, 1yr - Hayley Bullas, 2yrs? - Imahra Cameron, 2yrs? - Mhicca Carter, Rookie - Melissa Caulfield, until 2021 - Maddy Collier, until 2021 - Beatrice Devlyn, 1yr - McKenzie Dowrick, until 2021 - Kellie Gibson, until 2021 - Brianna Green, until 2021 - Courtney Guard, until 2021 - Ashton Hill, 1yr - Dana Hooker, until 2023 - Alicia Janz, until 2021 - Parris Laurie, until 2022 - Grace Kelly, 2yrs - Niamh Kelly, 2yrs - Aisling McCarthy, 1yr - Sophie McDonald, 1yr - Kate Orme, 1yr - Chantella Perera, 1yr - Belinda Smith, until 2022 - Emma Swanson, until 2021
Movements: 🔄
Delisted: ✴️ - Talia Radan (retired) - Kate Bartlett (delisted) - Emily Bonser (retired) - Cassie Davidson (delisted) - Emily McGuire (delisted) - Daniela Pisconeri (delisted) - Tarnee Tester (delisted)

Western Bulldogs:

The Doggies didn’t specify contract lengths per player, so take ‘1yr’ with a grain of salt
Signed: ✅ - Deanna Berry, 1yr - Ellie Blackburn, 1yr - Eleanor Brown, 1yr - Naomi Ferres, 1yr - Ellyse Gamble, 1yr - Elisabeth Georgeostathis, 1yr - Angelica Gogos, 1yr - Isabella Grant, 1yr - Ashleigh Guest, 1yr - Britney Gutknecht, 1yr - Katy Herron, 1yr - Bailey Hunt, 1yr - Isabel Huntington, 1yr - Gemma Lagioia, 1yr - Kirsty Lamb, 1yr - Brooke Lochland, 1yr - Katie Lynch, 1yr - Dani Marshall, 1yr - Kirsten McLeod, 1yr - Celine Moody, 1yr - Nell Morris-Dalton, 1yr - Gabby Newton, 1yr - Kim Rennie, 1yr - Hannah Scott, 1yr - Lauren Spark, 1yr - Bonnie Toogood, 1yr - Amelia Van Oosterwijck, 1yr
Movements: 🔄 - Aisling McCarthy to West Coast Eagles - Hannah Munyard to Adelaide Crows
Delisted: ✴️ - Nicole Callinan (retired)
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2020.07.31 06:14 Taxi_Dancer Is That You, Daddy? Part 3 (Sequel to The Parchment)

The auditorium surrounded a large stage where a motivational political commissar stood, impatiently waiting for the children to file in. She was flanked by more compliance officers. Behind her, hanging down from the ceiling was a giant blue American flag with the white hammer and sickle in the upper left corner, and behind that was a large white screen which could be retracted into the ceiling.
The next few hours were filled with the motivational political commissar leading the girls in upbeat patriotic songs, combined with stories of heroism, history lessons of the great Socialist insurrection, and weeks old news videos of the victorious United Socialist States armies marching across Mexico, and Canada, and Europe. And every thirty minutes, the motivational political commissar led the girls in the Pledge of Allegiance. Alexia sat as if in a trance. She cheered when it was time to cheer. She stood and said the pledge when it was time to say the pledge. She clapped when it was time to clap. And she watched, without watching, the videos of the great Socialist victories. But the whole time, all she could hear was Officer Ungoya’s dying voice. “Look away, young-youngs! Look away!”
After dinner, Alexia and her friends marched back to their old, familiar bay. Though tired, they were eager to see if Miya was back in her bunk. Perhaps she was resting, with a big bandage on her face. The image of her friend in such a state made Alexia shudder. But when they got to her bunk, Miya was not there. Her bed sheet had been stripped off and her pillow was gone. And Miya’s clothes were missing from the drawer she shared with Riko, along with the pictures of her beautiful mother. The three friends trudged through their chores, cleaning the bay and preparing it for end of day indoctrination. Alexia had resolved to ask the commissar if she knew what happened to Miya, although Riko and Harley had advised against it.
Surprisingly, the commissar addressed the subject as soon as end of day indoctrination started. Clapping her hands and smiling broadly, the commissar said, “Children, I have some exciting news for you tonight. One of your classmates, Miya 09145 has been given a very special honor!”
Alexia, Harley and Riko looked at each other with dread.
“As you know, you all begin your pre-conscription training at age eight, so that by the age of ten, you can begin preliminary pre-military service! You’ll be doing laundry, washing dishes, helping in the kitchens, digging ditches, emplacing mine fields, watching for traitors, and planting flowers, all in preparation for your actual military service when you turn sixteen!”
“But,” continued the commissar in a hushed tone, trying to build up the suspense, “your little Miya 09145 has shown such…um…. talent and enthusiasm, that the Head Commissar of the warphanage has authorized her to begin her pre-conscription service today! Isn’t that wonderful, girls?” The commissar clasped her hands together, mouth open in a wide, fake smile. The girls in the bay stared unblinking at the commissar, saying nothing.
“But… but…” said Alexia timidly. “But Miya is only five. Her birthday is next week. I have a pair of socks with no holes in it that I was going to give to her.”
“Her father is dead,” snapped the commissar, suddenly, her fake smile disappearing and replaced by a look of contempt. “We are fighting a war, children, and the sooner you realize that and make yourselves useful to the great revolution, the better!”
Alexia’s shoulders dropped and she hung her head. So that was it, then. Miya was right. Her father was dead and now, Miya was gone. Alexia never had a chance to say goodbye, or gift her a pair of socks with no holes in it. Her heart shattered, Alexia thought, “Daddy? Mommy? Where are you?”
Robotically, she, along with the rest of the girls, pledged, and sang, and clapped, and praised, as they had been taught to do by the commissars for as long as they could remember. At lights out, however, Alexia buried her little face in her pillow and cried and cried long into the night. And when the lights abruptly came on in the morning, Alexia’s pillow was still wet with tears.
And so it continued like this for the next few days and weeks, as it has been for an endless forever of days and weeks, except that Alexia felt an emptiness in her heart, not only for losing her friend Miya, but also at the thought that her Mommy and Daddy may have been killed in the fighting. Riko and Harley, who already knew of Alexia’s suspicions that her parents had been killed, and that the person on the other end of the line may not be her Daddy, had done their best to cheer her up. Unlike Alexia, whose parents were conscripted while she was still an infant, both Harley and Riko’s parents were conscripted when they were older, their parents being of low-to-low middle class. Harley said that her mother taught her the code word “big sky”. When her mother called and said the code word “big sky” Harley knew that she was actually talking with her mother. Riko’s parents, who were serving together in the same unit in Sweden, had taught her that their code word would be “blossom” and so Riko knew that when she heard that word, she knew that she was talking with her parents. Alexia, however, never had the opportunity to establish a code word with her Mommy or Daddy and she resolved to find a way to establish that code word with her Daddy next time she spoke with him, if indeed that was her Daddy on the other end. The last Sunday of the month was approaching, and with it, that blessed three minutes in which she could talk with her Daddy.
For the next week, the Children’s Pravda Network strangely wasn’t broadcasting anything new. They simply showed re-runs of old shows. Likewise, The Daily News for Children stopped showing the victorious progress of the Socialist forces, and instead had begun to broadcast cautionary stories of evil capitalists lurking behind every bush, and steps to take to report your parents if they don’t show the appropriate level of patriotism. Harley’s Mommy and Alexia’s Daddy were both serving in Canada, and the two little girls were disappointed at the lack of news coming from there. News from Sweden was also very rare, but Riko managed to keep up a positive spirit, seemingly recovered from witnessing Ungoya dying and returning to her usual jovial mood.
On the morning of the last Sunday of the month, Alexia and Riko made their way down into the sub-basement towards Ms. Mercer’s music class. They were in a cheerful mood, today being the day that they could speak with their parents. Riko was scolding Alexia, telling her that she needed to eat dinner tonight, because that was what Officer Ungoya would have wanted and Alexia resolved to do that. However, as they entered the classroom, the usually upbeat and happy Ms. Mercer’s face was pressed against her desk, her right arm over her head and in her left arm she held what looked like a letter. She was crying inconsolably, whimpering, “They’re dead! They’re dead! My babies are dead!”
More girls entered the room, their smiles and cheerful banter suddenly ceasing as they saw their music teacher’s pitiful state. They watched helplessly as Ms. Mercer fell to the floor, throwing the letter aside and rubbing her eyes with her clenched fists. “They’re dead! My babies are dead!”
Nervously, Alexia picked up the letter and uncrumpled it. Though stained with tears, Alexia could read the smudged words typed in blue ink on the thick paper.
“Mrs. Mercer, Deloris 57754,
We regret to inform you that your twin sons, Private Mercer, Dean 11282A, and Private Mercer, Daniel 11282B, were killed in action in the vicinity of Uppsala, Sweden on - insert approximate date of termination here- . Know that your Nation and your Party grieve with you on your loss, and that your - insert name of Provincial Senior Party Leader here- salutes you in this trying time. Signed- insert name of Army Group Commander here-”
Alexia noticed that Riko was also reading the letter over her shoulder and quickly tried to put the letter away. But Riko’s wide eyes and hands covering her mouth let Alexia know that Riko had read enough. Both Riko’s parents and Ms. Mercer’s sons were in the same army group fighting to liberate Stockholm. At least, that’s where the Daily News for Children said they were last time. Why weren’t they there now? What happened to the army group in Stockholm?
It took some time for the other art teachers to come and assist and even more time for the compliance officers to come down and attend to Ms. Mercer. She was screaming, hitting, and spitting on the compliance officers and calling them names. She blamed them for supporting a government which had destroyed the nation and had sent her children to needlessly die in a country that had officially declared itself neutral. Finally, a warphanage nurse had to come down and sedate the music teacher before they hauled her out of the classroom. The whole time, Alexia was hugging Riko, trying to reassure her that her Mommy and Daddy were fine. Eventually, Riko nodded, forcing a smile and saying, “I’m sure they are okay. They’re Japanese so they make small targets!”
The hours seemed to drag on for days for Alexia, who was alternately excited to speak with her Daddy, but also dreading the idea that it was just a government person on the other end. Keeping her promise to Riko and Officer Ungoya, she did not avoid dinner and gobbled down her meal of a slice of room temperature spam, three slices of a mandarin orange, and a doughy dinner roll, washing it all down with a cup of grape flavored drink.
Walking quickly from the cafeteria to the phone call room, Alexia found that she wasn’t too far behind the rest of her classmates and was only five seats down in the front row of the darkened waiting room. She looked across the row to her left to see Riko seated in the very first seat.
“So that’s why I didn’t see her at dinner,” thought Alexia. Before taking a seat in the room, each girl had to sign in on a call roster with a compliance officer. Therefore each girl was called to a phone on a first come, first served basis. Riko was sitting on her hands and biting her lips, nervously staring at the empty stools and the banks of phones. There were actually enough partitions for twelve children to talk on the phones, but since seven of the phones were not working, only five commissars were seated across the partitions behind the Plexiglas dividers who would be facilitating the calls.
Surprisingly, Alexia didn’t have to wait long and the first five girls were called to the phones. Alexia took a seat at the fifth phone and groaned inwardly as the same, balding, fat, commissar from last month sat staring back at her from across the partition.
“Confirm your name,” said the commissar, his voice crackling through the intercom.
“Alexia 09129,” said Alexia, trying to smile as cheerfully and brightly as she could.
“Alexia 09129,” said the fat senior lieutenant in a bored, dismissive tone. “You have three minutes after the phone rings to talk. Oh, wait. Because you have a penalty from last month for not displaying the proper positive attitude towards the government, your time has been cut to two minutes.”
“Wait…but…” started Alexia, but she stopped herself short at the sneer coming from the commissar. “Oh, okay. Sorry. I’m sorry.”
Alexia was again kicking herself in the head, even as the red light on the phone turned green. With less excitement and more trepidation than she had last month, Alexia nervously picked up the phone and said, “Daddy?”
“Remember,” interrupted the fat senior lieutenant, just as he did last month. “If I hear any unauthorized discussion about our current operations or criticism of the government, I will terminate this call immediately. For your lack of proper motivation and positive attitude towards your government last month, your time has been cut to two minutes. Is that understood, Sergeant 47313? Over.”
There was a pause, followed by the faint crackle of static, then the voice on the other end replied, “Yes. That is understood by Sergeant 47313, Commissar Senior Lieutenant. Over.”
Alexia strained to hear the voice of her Daddy. He sounded more weary than last time, and the static was even worse. Was it her Daddy’s voice? She couldn’t tell. Her heart was beating quickly. She had only two minutes to decide if this was really her Daddy she was talking to.
“You have permission to speak with Alexia 09129. Over.” said the commissar, pressing the headphones closer to his ears and hovering his finger over the red ‘CUT CALL’ button.
“Thank you, Commissar Senior Lieutenant,” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “Hello, Alexia, how are you? Over.” Alexia’s heart dropped. Her father sounded either extremely tired or, she gulped, extremely bored. The static over the phone made him sound more robotic than ever.
“I’m… I’m fine. Over.” Alexia was reluctant to say the word ‘Daddy.’ Not until she was sure.
Again there was a pause, before the voice on the other end said, “Alexia. Are you okay? You sound troubled. Over.”
Alexia’s mind was a jumble of feelings and expressions to which she had no words. She wished she had a code word. She wished she could believe that this was her Daddy. “What happened to Mommy?” she wanted to scream.
“No. I’m fine,” she stated simply. “How are you? How are things where you are at? Over.”
The commissar gave his same threatening gaze at Alexia, but she ignored him.
“I am fine,” came the response. “We are fine. Our glorious advance is going well. We will be victorious if we follow orders. Over.”
Alexia paused. So robotic sounding was the answer that Alexia believed she was talking to a computer program. “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. Can you please say that again? Over.”
“Yes,” the voice replied. “I am fine. We are fine. Our glorious advance is going well. We will be victorious if we follow orders. Over.”
Alexia felt like dropping the phone. This wasn’t her Daddy. This was someone reading from a script, to make her feel better and to hide the truth. Her Daddy was dead.
“I need to know,” Alexia said, feeling the heaves of tears beginning to form behind her eyes. “I need to know, please. Is that you, Daddy?”
There was a long pause. Through the static, Alexia could hear heavy, almost labored breathing and sniffles of tears. “Alexia, I must follow orders and say what must be said. But know this, on the day that your mother and I left you, we cradled you in our arms and I swore to you, my little Allie, that no weapon fashioned by man will separate you from my lo…”
“Your two minutes are up Sergeant 47313,” said the commissar. “Alexia 09129, report back to your bay.”
“No!” protested Alexia, weakly. “Please! Please just one more second! Please. My Daddy was going to say something. He was going to say that he lo…”
The uncaring gaze that she received in return told Alexia that it was no use. She got up from her stool and walked towards the door. Her stomach was doing somersaults and she wasn’t sure if she should be happy or not.
“Allie! Daddy called me by the name Mommy always calls me when we spoke on the phone. Allie!” So lost in thought was Alexia that, as she passed behind Riko, she didn’t notice that Riko’s head was down, the phone had dropped out of her hand, and that she was weeping silently.
That night after end of day indoctrination, Alexia dreamed of a small white kitten with long back ears, big almond eyes, and a funny gap toothed smile. The cat jumped from a table and landed with a barely perceptible thud on the floor. Alexia smiled, thinking about how the kitten looked so much like…
Alexia bolted up, looking across from her. Riko’s bunk was empty. In the red light, she saw a shadow walking across the bay towards the windows. Alexia crept out of bed, her lips tightening at the squeaks of the rusty supports as she climbed down.
“Allie?” whispered Harley.
“Shhhhh,” whispered Alexia, pointing to the shadow of the little girl slowly but determinedly walking towards the windows.
Before they new it, the little girl slid the window open and leapt skillfully up the sill. Only Riko could be that agile. The windows should have been secured, but this window was opened during the hot summer months when the AC went down, and the lock to secure the window had been broken. It was never fixed. Harley and Alexia reached out towards Riko, gasping.
“Riko, please,” begged Alexia. “We’ll get in trouble if we get caught.”
Riko stared back impassively from the window sill, her silhouette outlined by the bright, full moon.
“Riko,” whispered Harley. “What are you doing?”
“Those weren’t my parent’s,” said Riko. “They didn’t even sound like my parents and they said… they said… they said they didn’t know anything about ‘blossom.’”
Suddenly, the entire bay room was illuminated by a bright spotlight coming from one of the perimeter guard towers outside and an alarm sounded. Riko turned to look back at her friends, smiling a big, gap toothed smile as a tear fell from her cheeks. Waving, she said, “I miss my Mommy and Daddy.”
Riko spread her arms wide and leaned backwards, allowing gravity to take her as she fell backwards. Three compliance officers suddenly burst into the bay and, along with Alexia and Harley, watched as Riko disappeared over the edge of the open window sill. The light from the guard tower followed Riko as her body fell down to earth and made contact with the cement three stories below. The spotlight lingered on Riko’s broken, but strangely peaceful form for a couple of seconds before shutting off with an abrupt ‘click’ which cast the surroundings in darkness save for the dying light of the moon.
The days and weeks passed in a blur for Alexia. She could not concentrate with her studies and her lack of an appetite made her listless, despite Harley’s attempts to get her to eat. Even electrical prods from compliance batons given by angry compliance officers who noticed Alexia’s lack of proper motivation for the great revolution seemed to elicit a very limited response from her.
The Children’s Pravda Network and the Children’s Daily News even stopped showing stories about the victorious Socialist armies liberating the world. Instead, the news was filled with reports about villainous Old Republic Americans and their Mexican allies crossing the border north into Texas, while Old Republic Americans and their Canadian and French allies were crossing the border south into New York and Minnesota. Alexia also briefly recalled hearing one of her teachers talking in hushed tones about enemy ships from England, France, and Germany setting sail. It didn’t matter. None of this mattered now. Time seemed to pass in a grey haze, a haze that turned completely black when, on the last Sunday of the month, the phone did not ring for Alexia. Her father did not call. It didn’t necessarily mean he was dead, but only a few weeks ago the news was celebrating the glorious Socialist victories in Canada. Now, the enemy was coming here with with an army of Old Republic Americans who still clung to their old and outdated ideas.
“I miss my Mommy and Daddy.” Riko’s last words rang out in Alexia’s head as she sat in the cold, dark, bay and staring at the window which Riko left the earth. “I miss my Mommy and Daddy.”
The warphanage did nothing to fix the broken window locks, even after Riko’s death. In fact, the warphanage workers seemed very distracted as of late. Teachers, faculty, cafeteria workers, even the commissars, military guards and compliance officers all seemed distracted, almost trying to hide an undercurrent of panic. This mattered little to Alexia who, if her Daddy was gone, she had nothing to hope for. She was alone, and she wanted the pain of her loneliness to finally go away. She had no feelings left. She wouldn’t feel anything when the time came.
“Alexia?” she heard Harley whisper her name behind her.
“I miss my Mommy and Daddy,” Alexia whispered as she stepped towards the window.
“Alexia! No!” Harley ran forward to grab Alexia.
At that moment the bay was flooded with light as dozens of booted feet burst through the doors.
“Up, children! Up, children!” yelled the female commissar who led that night’s end of day indoctrination as she stormed into the bay. She held a metal waste paper basket in one hand and was banging upon it loudly with a baton. “Quickly, quickly, quickly! Up! Up! Up!”
Beside the commissar, ten compliance officers stomped in, banging on bunk beds with their batons and rousting the girls from their sleep. No one questioned why Harley and Alexia were already out of bed and they were quickly and roughly hustled out of the bay and into the hallway by fat Officer Butler. Although her face was still swathed in padded gauze, Alexia could see worry, almost fear, in Butler’s beady little eyes. Confused, Harley grabbed Alexia’s hand so that they would not be separated as the throng of sleepy and perplexed girls where half pushed, half shoved outside.
Once in the hallway, Alexia could see that all of the classes were being roused out of their bays as compliance officers and military guards lined the crowds of children into ranks and rows. Like her, most of the girls were barefoot as they stepped out onto the cold concrete floor in their threadbare sleeping gowns. Over the intercom loudspeaker, a metallic voice instructed the children to behave in an orderly manner and listen to their compliance officers. The first ranks of the formation was already marching forwards towards the stairs and Alexia, still holding Harley’s hand as they marched, turned to her friend and whispered, “What’s going on?”
Harley simply shrugged then shuddered as a nearby compliance officer angrily banged his baton against the concrete wall, yelling, “No talking! Eyes forward! Move quickly!”
The hallways, stairs, and corridors were choked with children of all classes as they were directed to make their way down to the main floors and towards the showers. Already, the older classes were stripping off their clothes and hurriedly stepping on the conveyors which took them through the shower system. Alexia and Harley looked at each other in surprise. They had already had their weekly shower earlier in the evening. In all her six years of life, Alexia could never recall having two showers in the same week, much less in the same day.
There was a considerable wait was the older classes were going through the showers first. After a while, Alexia’s class was quickly ushered into the shower bay by harried compliance officers. The children were instructed to remove their garments, but instead of warphanage workers placing the used clothing into separate canvas bins, the children were instead ordered to simply throw all their clothes into giant piles. Alexia stepped onto the shower conveyor with Harley following behind her. Alexia’s heart skipped and she gave a sudden yelp, shuddering as the icy cold water hit her. Apparently, all of the hot water had been used up. The soapy water spray was equally cold, as well as the rinsing spray, but mercifully; the heating driers were still blowing hot air which warmed the severely shivering children.
No sooner had they stepped off the conveyor than they were rushed into the next bay where they would normally be issued a new change of garments. However, instead of the usual rude warphanage workers, the stations which were handing out the new garments were being manned by uniformed military personnel. A large bay door had been opened to the parking lot outside, and standing on her tippy toes to see over the mass of children, Alexia saw that the older classes, after changing into their new clothes, were being ushered outside. The new clothing looked different. It had COLOR!
Still bereft of clothing, Alexia’s class was directed to fall into a single file line to the first station where a female soldier gave each girl a small cloth sack and three pairs of undergarments. Alexia’s eyes opened in surprise and awe as she saw that the undergarments weren’t dingy in color and threadbare, but were pink, and made of a silky fabric. They looked brand new! So shocked that she had been given such an amazing gift that Alexia paused. An impatient compliance officer charged her baton and yelled, “Get moving!”
“Sorry! Sorry!” said Alexia as she moved over to the next station. Here, another soldier was waiting. This female soldier, who was from the Dark Continent, smiled broadly down at Alexia and said, “Don’t worry, little young-young. Don’t let those mean old compliance officers frighten you!”
The soldier handed Alexia a long, light blue gown, and again Alexia’s eyes filled almost with tears. The gown was brand new! It was made of a soft, velvet material and smelled of powder. The female soldier then handed her a second gown and motioned Alexia to put them in her little sack.
“Thank you! Thank you!” said Alexia, suddenly feeling sad. She hadn’t been called ‘little young-young’ since the day Officer Ungoya died.
At the next station, another female soldier handed Alexia an overall skirt made of a deep blue colored corduroy material. The white Hammer and Sickle of the United Socialist States was embroidered over the left breast. Alexia had never seen such luxurious clothing before and she glanced back towards Harley. Harley’s eyes and mouth were also wide open, as if she were in an impossible dream.
The children were gifted with three pairs of knee high white socks. Unlike the older ones which the children were issued which were used, thin, and more often than not had holes in them, these socks where brand new and made of warm, thick, cotton adorned with a knitted flower design. Alexia held her breath, as she never imagined that such a type of socks existed. Finally, at the last station, a soldier passed a pair of light blue sneakers to Alexia. Sneakers! Real actual sneakers with padding and cushions! Is this what the children of upper class citizens got to have?
There were no compliance officers at this end of the bay, just female military soldiers. The soldiers weren’t as mean as the compliance officers, and although they still urged the children to hurry and get dressed, they smiled often. The soldiers directed the girls into a large partitioned section of the bay with privacy curtains hanging from metal frames inside which some of the long benches were brought up from the cafeteria. The girls eagerly reached into their sacks to finally try on their new clothing. Alexia breathlessly put on a set of her new clothes, unbelieving that clothes could feel so soft, comfortable and clean. There were mirrors lining the wall and Alexia stared at herself for a few seconds, admiring how the deep blue skirt fit just right and how it complemented the lighter blue gown that was underneath. The socks were springy and very cushiony and the sneakers felt like pure delight on her feet. Alexia wondered if the little girl staring back at her was actually her, or tone of those bright and pristine posters which the government always displays of the ‘right thinking, loyal, and happy child.’ Tears came flowing unbidden from her eyes as she thought of how Miya and Riko would have looked so cute in these new clothes. Harley came up next to Alexia and spun around, admiring herself in the mirror. “Alexia, we look beautiful!” she said, giggling.
Suddenly, Harley ‘yelped’ in surprise as Alexia reached over and hugged her tightly, finally unable to control her tears. “Do you think… do you think… do you think my Daddy would have thought I looked beautiful?”
Harley returned her hug, ignoring the tears which were staining her new clothes. “Your Daddy isn’t dead, Allie. And, ‘yes.’ He would think that you look beautiful.”
Another female soldier, this one an officer, entered through the curtains along with three other female soldiers. “My, my, my, but you ladies look especially presentable now,” she said smiling. “Quickly get dressed though! You have one more station to go to before we can escort you out the back and to your busses!”
Busses? Harley and Alexia looked at each other in surprise. At the last station just next to the huge open bay doors, a soldier handed each girl two small white cardboard boxes, one marked with a sticker marked BREAKFAST and one marked LUNCH before they were gently hustled outside into the parking lot.
Once outside, a soldier guided each girl into a formation facing a line of about thirty busses. Alexia stared in awe, as these were the biggest vehicles she had ever seen. The doors to the busses were opened and it looked to Alexia that they were waiting to eat as many children as they possibly could. All of the classes were gathered outside and military personnel were calling out names of children and directing them to climb aboard one of the busses. Harley and Alexia stood close, again holding hands. There was a chill breeze in the air as the night was unusually bright, not only from the spotlights in the parking lot and from the search lights in the guard towers, but also from the glow of fires which were set in at least twenty metal barrels near the doors leading into the warphanage. Alexia glanced at the flames dancing out of the barrels as many of the warphanage administrative and clerical workers emerged from the building with stacks of documents which they hurriedly tossed into the fire.
“Give me your attention, children!” Alexia looked forward as the commissar who had awakened them only a few hours earlier stood in front of the formation. Compliance officers flanked the commissar, among them the Officers Butler and Williams. Alexia and Harley were standing in the second rank and, all of a sudden, Alexia felt a chill.
“Listen carefully, children,” continued the commissar. She yelled louder to be heard over the wind and the other commissars who were calling out names at other formations. “You will be boarding one of these five busses, numbered from six to ten! Listen as I call out your name and which bus you will be boarding!”
The commissar began reading down her list. “Betty 00201, bus number seven! Carla 01082, bus number five! Risha 01114, bus number six!”
One by one, as their names where called out, each girl rushed to their designated bus. Alexia realized that for all of them, lifelong friendships were suddenly ending, with girls which they had considered sisters disappearing with just a final wave goodbye.
“Harley 08504, bus number nine!” Harley gasped and squeezed Alexia’s hand before letting go. Sparing one last glance back at her friend, Harley waved, and then ran towards the open door of bus number nine. And, just like that, Harley was gone. Alexia’s shoulders dropped as she wiped her eyes. No tears came out. She was all out of them.
“Ciara 08671, bus number six!” continued the commissar. “Jocelyn 08962, bus number eight! Maggie 09008, bus number ten! Alexia 09129, bus number nine!”
Alexia heard her name, and was stunned beyond belief that she was going to be on bus number nine with Harley. So overcome by her good fortune she hesitated, an open mouth smile on her face. “Alexia 09129, bus number nine! Get moving!” repeated the commissar.
Alexia stumbled forward and scampered towards bus number nine. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m coming!” she said as she shuffled past the commissar. “You still have your head in the clouds, Alexia 09129!”
“Yes! I mean, no. I mean, I’m sorry!” Alexia said as she neared her bus. From near the rear of the bus she could see Harley waving excitedly at her. Alexia slowed down for a second and looked at a plaque mounted next to the entrance of the bus. It read “Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.” Alexia figured that was their destination, but she had no idea where it was. Alexia skipped up the stairs into the well lit bus and was greeted by the driver, a fat older man with a thick grey moustache. Two female soldiers were sitting in the front two seats and they said in a cordial tone, “Go all the way to the back and find a seat.”
“Okay! Thank you!” said Alexia as she raced to the back of the bus where Harley was waiting. Her whole life, people wearing uniforms always spoke to her in either an uncaring or a rough tone. Alexia had never known anyone wearing a uniform to sound so friendly, or, at least not mean. The bus’s interior was something that Alexia had never seen before. Such luxury! The seats were built on an elevated platform and they were stuffed with thick and comfortable looking cushions. A warming heat was blowing through the vents above the seats which chased away the chill of the night. Surely, thought Alexia, this was a bus that the upper, upper, upper class citizens rode in!
Harley stood up and hugged Alexia as she approached and they flopped back down into their seats. Alexia was right! The seat was the most comfortable she had ever sat in and, for the first time in her life, Alexia didn’t feel like a lower class citizen.
It didn’t take long for the bus to be filled with nearly 100 squealing and excited little girls and shortly, one of the female soldiers seated at the front of the bus stood up and said, “Let me have your attention, children.”
The bus immediately quieted down as all eyes were on the petite, Latina soldier who was in charge of the bus and its passengers. “We will soon be leaving for an Air Force Base in Nebraska. It’s a few hours’ drive from here and we should be arriving there by late tomorrow morning. You may put your bags with your extra clothes on the racks above your seat. You will also find a blanket there for each of you.”
Many of the girls gasped in genuine amazement when the soldier said that there was a blanket for them in the rack above. Children stood up, grabbing blankets and handing them down to their friends. The blankets at the warphanage were barely thicker than the bed sheets and never kept the children warm enough in the winter. The ones in the bus were much thinker, smell fresh, and were soft and green. The soldier smiled patiently and continued. “If you get hungry, you have a box for your breakfast and one for your lunch and if you need to use the bathroom, there are restrooms in the middle and the rear of the bus.”
Although it was still the dead of night, several of the girls opened one of the white cardboard boxes, and the ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s continued. Finally, the Latina soldier said, “Once we get to Offutt, we will escort you to a large hanger and you will be told what to do from there. Until then, keep the noise low and enjoy the ride. We will be dimming the lights because I’m sure you would like to get some sleep.”
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2020.07.19 20:13 p1percub r/science announces a series of discussion panels with experts on race in America

Hi Reddit! As we mentioned in a previous announcement, the moderators of /science have worked in collaboration with the moderators of /blackpeopletwitter and /blackladies to create a series of upcoming discussion panels focussed on race in America. These panels will be led by subject area specialists including scientists, researchers, and policy professionals so that we can hear multiple expert perspectives on these important topics.
As with our AMAs, discussion posts will be posted in the morning to allow topics and questions for the panel to come in ahead of the panelists arriving to participate.
We would like to remind our readers that our discussions will be strictly moderated to ensure that these conversations are productive. We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or bigotry of any kind. Hard questions are allowed; disrespectful questions are not. We have a team of more than 1,500 moderators who will ensure that our rules are followed, and bans will be given on the first offense, so please make sure you read and follow our rules in the sidebar.
The scheduling of these discussions is in progress, and we will update the topic list below with details of the date and guests for each discussion as they are finalized.
We are both grateful to the mods of blackpeopletwitter and blackladies for working with us and honored by the opportunity to host these experts to bring you this series of discussions. We look forward to your questions and the conversations they will elicit!
The mods of science
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2020.07.19 05:50 newsfeedmedia Ciara caresses her growing baby bump in bikini-clad underwater pool photo as she nears due date

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