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Does the perfect time to move ever come? Am I silly for wanting to (temporarily?) move to California in the summer? Help!

2020.03.10 02:42 GiveYourselfAFry Does the perfect time to move ever come? Am I silly for wanting to (temporarily?) move to California in the summer? Help!

I'm sure most will respond with some version of "Only you can answer this question," and while I know that is technically true, I still would like input from those with perspectives that may be different from my own.

** Jump to "fast forward to now" if you don't care about why/how I got into acting.

Background/Context: Despite being painfully shy, I wanted to be an actor when I was younger, so my parents took to me to casting calls & talent scouting things & whatnot. When I was about 5 or 6 I got to the final rounds of one of these talent things & was interviewing with some agent. He was trying to convince my parents to move us out to LA or NYC. They ended up deciding against it (I will never not regret this), but I did eventually end up signing with Wilhelmina models here. After signing, I did some modeling and acting classes but was so camera shy and had such bad anxiety that I thought maybe this wasn't for me. Once I got to high school I pretty much stopped pursuing it altogether. Fast forward to college, I gained some confidence, managed my anxiety better, and movies were filming in town. I decide to audition to be an extra & the movie bug has bitten me again. This then makes me decide to pursue acting again in the form of student films and local film projects etc. (I'm very proud of myself of mastering my stage-fright & insecurities the way I have!)

Fast forward to now:
I am a mid-20s female currently living in the midwest US. I've been pursuing acting in one capacity or another for a little less than a year. I have not attempted to sign with an agency yet (although more than one has approached me at local film events) because I know the first thing they are going to say is to go get new headshots and likely take more acting classes or what have you. I was trying to build my confidence & gain experience in student films & shorts so that I could audition for the agency with my best foot forward (I also know that once I sign I will likely be busy with auditions, so I am biding my time a bit). Granted, while I have no formal acting training - outside of the acting and modeling classes I took when I was much younger -, I do have a decent amount of "performance" experience and "skills", but I'm not sure if that counts for anything ...?

I was a competitive gymnast at an elite Olympic gym for ~13 years, I have formal dance training and performed with a professional ballet company for multiple years (I was not a professional though), I was a nationally competitive equestrian (jumping), I was a figure skater, I played tennis, did some archery and shooting. I'm an artist, photographer, writer etc. (With this in mind, I wonder if this will help pad my resume where I am lacking formal acting training?) .
(I also have an associates, BA, & BS in psychology & even have published research. Not sure if that matters either)

Here's my dilemma: I have been doing decently within the local film scene here in terms of working on projects and making connections within the last year. I'm grateful for this, but my goal has always been to move, ideally to California, especially because I know I will only ever to be able to accomplish so much where I'm at.
So, my close actofilmmakewriter friend is probably moving to Cali this summer and staying there for at least a year. He asked if I wanted to go with him and split the costs. I'm wondering if I should go...? If I went, it wouldn't mean I would have to stay for the entire year if it turned out to be going very poorly. I could come back and stay with my family if it went sour...
And I know I'm not going to land in Cali as a nobody & get cast in some breakthrough role or anything. However, I feel like if I go, I never know who I could end up meeting and where that could lead, especially since I get along with people very well & have had great success with the "foot in the door" strategy - in all areas of my life. So I wonder if just getting out there and networking would be to my benefit? Even if nothing concrete happens acting wise? Especially since that is how I have gotten many of my opportunities here - through networking. I mean you can't get cast if people don't know you exist and it is difficult to meet anyone in California if you're on the other side of the country.

I'm not worried about moving and uprooting my life or anything like that, that actually sounds exciting, and comforting that someone I know would also be out there (plus I have some family in Vegas). I'd also be perfectly willing to downgrade my way of living as well.
What I AM worried about is not having enough experience or money; however, I know I will feel like I never have enough money to go... I just feel like I am at a crossroads: either buckle down & get an agent here, or start putting my energy (& savings) towards preparing to move out there in the summer.
I'm just worried that I'm not getting any younger and that if I don't jump at this opportunity while it is here I may never get out there :( I feel I have wasted enough time.
There are always 1000 reasons not to do something and moving will always be an expense, but I feel like if I wait for the "right" time to come, I'll be waiting forever... I keep asking myself, "if not now, then when?"

Any advice?
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2017.11.13 10:12 FeelMyOats ANTM - Where Are They Now? (Cycle 3)

Hi guys! Here are the girls from Cycle 3. If you guys know any of the missing girls’ social media handles, please let me know so I can add it to this post!
  Name: Magdalena Rivas Placed: 14th Age: 36/37 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 0 (eliminated outside of panel) Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 412 (@magdarivas) Magdalena Rivas on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Joining America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 did not necessarily put Rivas’ modeling career into high gear as she was the first one eliminated from the 14 finalists. She did get a little taste of what professional models go through everyday when they were flown from New York to Jamaica to do their very first photo shoot. She was eliminated on the spot, the morning after the photo shoot.
  POST-TOP MODEL Magdalena has kept a low profile since the show. She’s done some modeling work, but is not currently being represented by an agency. Magdalena has done print work for Vibe Magazine, ELLEGirl, and The Lab Uptown. She currently (according to her facebook) works for Children’s Health, a Nonprofit Organization based in Dallas, Texas. She has 2 beautiful girls, Nyla and Fiona.
  Name: Leah Darrow Placed: 13th Age: 36/37 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 23.7k (@leahdarrow) Instagram Followers: 27.3k (@leah.darrow) Leah Darrow on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Although it’s clear that Leah possesses the physical attributes of a model, she was the second to be cut on America’s Next Top Model on Cycle 3. Her removal from the show was brought upon by Leah’s plain and unimpressive photo shoot. The photographer remarked that Leah did not make eye contact with the camera and Tyra Banks commented that she did not position herself well in the pictures. After being eliminated, she walked away from the room without bidding the others farewell, but vowed to keep on pursuing her dream to become a professional model.
  POST-TOP MODEL After appearing on the show, Leah appeared in FHM Magazine. Since then, she is now an advocate for the Roman Catholic Church and Catholic modeling, doing print work for publications for The St. Louis Review, The Catholic Weekly, Lighthouse Catholic Media,, as well as the cover and a spread in Family Foundation Magazine. Some of Leah’s speeches cover topics such as modesty, chastity, the pro-life message (including the death penalty), “catholic” fashion, conversion from sin, and living your life for Christ.
  Since the show, Leah has a regular podcast entitled Do Something Beautiful (now on it’s fourth season) where she regularly discusses a variety of topics. She has also come out with her own book, The Other Side of Beauty, based on the lies we are told about our worth being tied to our appearance and instead invites us to look again at the real meaning of beauty. She has also appeared in TV series such as The Journey Home and Beloved. In 2012, she married her boyfriend Ricky, who serves in the US Military. Leah has 3 beautiful children: Agnes (born 2013), Ambrose (born 2015), and Violet (born 2016). In May 2017, Leah graduated with Magna cum Laude honors with her Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute.
  Name: Julie Titus Placed: 12th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 214 (@JustifiedJulie) Instagram Followers: 632 (@ninewestjewel) Julie Titus on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Julie seemed to have a promising start, but during the third photo shoot in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, her performance fell short of being excellent to the judges. Furthermore, at the panel, Julie admitted that the reason why she joined the show was to gain more exposure as a clothes designer rather than a model. The revelation ultimately led to her elimination.
  POST-TOP MODEL Julie is another one of those girls has kept a low profile since the show. She doesn’t have a big online foot print, except for her twitter and her instagram. She has done print work for Republic of Brown, and has appeared the Ray Billion Look Book. Sometime after the show, she worked as a North American sales manager for the Thursday Island clothing line. She has also mentored models for The Model Experience. In July 2015 (I think), she married her boyfriend, Bill Clifford, in California.
  Name: Kristi Grommet Placed: 11th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Kristi Grommet on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Kristi was memorable for coming into initial auditions wearing her senior prom dress, which was made from an American Flag. The fourth week in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3 had the models posing for Lee Jeans ads with hair extensions braided into their hair. Kristi Grommet may have had the looks and the body, but her lack of confidence during the challenge was what made Tyra and her fellow judges cut Kristi from the competition.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Kristi went on to model for In Touch Magazine, where she portrayed Miranda from the HBO series Sex and the City. She has done some test shots, but hasn’t really pursued modelling. In 2014, she directed a freshman/sophomore production of Arabian Nights. She is not currently represented by an agency. She doesn’t have a big footprint on the internet, since there was very little about her online. In 2006, her boyfriend Gunther proposed to her in Times Square in New York City. She currently has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Aside from that, not much is known about what she’s up to these days.
  Name: Jennipher Uralcher, née Frost Placed: 10th Age: 35 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 1,420 (@Jennipherfrost) Instagram Followers: 945 (@j.urlacher) Jennipher Frost on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Her time on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3 didn’t last very long as she was the fourth contestant eliminated by the judges. During her short stay in the competition, Jennipher frequently had confrontations with Eva Pigford because of the latter’s attitude. She also did not mix well with Ann Markley, with whom she almost engaged in a fight. Part of the makeover that Jennipher received from the show was a haircut, which she did not enjoy, as she was even seen crying after the hairstylist gave her a shoulder-length hairstyle. The fifth challenge for the season was to pose with roller skates on for a Dooney & Bourke accessories ad. The photos that were taken of her did not impress the judges at all, cutting her journey to the top short.
  POST-TOP MODEL Jennipher has done some print work, but is currently not represented by an agency. She had modeled for Magic Power Boats, Sex Symbol Jeans, Hot Boat, and Fiu Fiu. Sometime after the show, Jennipher became the food and beverage director of the SLS Beverly Hills. In 2012, Jennipher was the marketing manager at Andrea's in Las Vegas. On March 2016, Jennipher married Brian Urlacher, a former NFL linebacker. Their wedding was featured on the cover of Sports Entertainment Today. She is a step-mom to 3 children (from Brian’s former relationship): 2 daughters (Pam and Riley) and a son (Kennedy). Aside from this, not much is known regarding what else she does.
  Name: Kelle Jacob Placed: 9th Age: 32/33 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 3 Twitter Followers: 190 (@KelleJ) Instagram Followers: 682 (@kellejacob) Kelle Jacob on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Kelle was sent to the bottom two with Ann Markley during the sixth week of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. Although Tyra criticized them both for not bringing their great personalities into their pictures, the judges decided to take out Kelle, believing that she had less potential as a model. After being eliminated, Kelle remarked that she’ll try hard to build her career on her own, but did not seem overly optimistic. During the show, she won one challenge where the girls had to pose as mannequins in a La Perla store window.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her appearance on the show, Kelle Jacob was in Source Magazine and had a cover of Eminence Magazine. Kelle has modeled for designers and brands such as College Fashionista. After the show, she attended Hunter College in NYC where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in media (with a minor in english). She has been featured in a series of documentaries about undecided voters in the 2008 presidential democrat primaries for the NY Times. She is currently not represented by an agency. She is currently a member of the Global Marketing and Millennial Innovation Team at Estée Lauder.
  Name: Cassie James, née Grisham (Bottom left) Placed: 8th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 7 (@cassiegjames) Cassie Grisham on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 On America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, it was revealed that Cassie was suffering from bulimia. Tyra offered to give her counseling, but she refused it, choosing to deal with the condition on her own. However, it was not Cassie’s condition that made her the sixth person to be eliminated from the competition. Rather it was the lack of “fierceness” in her photos and her apparent disinterest that drove the judges to send Cassie home.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since the show, Cassie has graduated college in Oklahoma and has done some modeling work including a bridal shot. She was married in February of 2009.Not much else is known about Cassie after Top Model. She has no twitter, her instagram is private and most likely unused, and her fan page on facebook hasn’t been updated in years. Luckily, I found her husband’s facebook and it looks like the couple has 2 children, a boy and a girl.
  Name: Toccara Jones Placed: 7th Age: 36 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers:124k (@iamTOCCARA) Instagram Followers: 139k (@iamtoccarajones) Toccara Jones on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 She was the twelfth finalist selected for Cycle 3, she won "Covergirl of the Week" four consecutive times though was never placed above fourth and was the eighth contestant eliminated. She was voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment.
  POST-TOP MODEL She has been on the covers of Be, Essence, The Next Level Magazine (November 2005), Black Men Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, Braids & Beauty Magazine, King Magazine (February/March 2006, March/April 2006, and May 2008), Queen Sized Magazine, the October 2011 issue of Plus Model Magazine, Evolve Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, and Sheen Magazine. She also appeared in the December 2008 issue of Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, Fashizblack Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, PrimeTyme Magazine, and HypeHair Magazine. She was photographed by Steven Meisel for the July 2008, All black issue of Vogue Italia and had a 14-page spread in the Magazine. The “Black Issue” featured significant past and current black models in response to the “black out” of black models preventing them from getting hired for print and runway jobs.
  Toccara has modeled for Ashley Stewart, Star Collection, Avon, Torrid, New York and Company, JCPenny, Target, Essence Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Lady Hennessey, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Evans, Qristyl Frazier Designs, The First Impression Collection, Ashley Stewart's Urban Chic Collection Fall 2010, and Smooth Magazine. Her runway shows include Hot 97’s Third Annual Full Frontal Hip hop Fashion Show, Luxe & Romance Fall 2005, BET Presents: Rip The Runway 2, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005 and Alice & Olivia Fall 2006. She was also selected to be part of the 2007 Rocawear “I Will Not Lose” campaign, representing the Rocawear plus-size line for full-figured females.
  Like other ANTM alum, Toccara has ventured into both hosting and acting. She has co-hosted an episode of 106 & Park. She was a correspondent for The Black Carpet and a co-host on the game show Take the Cake, both for the BET network. In 2006, Jones appeared in another reality show for VH1, Celebrity Paranormal Project. In 2008, Jones was a competitor on the second season of the VH1 series Celebrity Fit Club. Jones later appeared on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, which pitted celebrities from past seasons up against new celebrities. She ended the show weighing in at 166 pounds, surpassing her weight-loss goal by 7 pounds. She has released her own workout DVD called Toccara's Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women. In 2011, Jones starred in the second season of the reality series The Ultimate Merger. She made an appearance in Trina's music video for the song "I Got a Thang for You". She participated in a 2009 national tour of The Vagina Monologues with an all-black cast. She also made an appearance in the 2012 movie Think Like A Man. Recently, Toccara has just launched her new lingerie line, Toccara Jones Intimate Apparel.
  Name: Nicole Borud Placed: 6th Age: 33/34 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 134 (@EcoBunny) Instagram Followers: 363 (@elocinjay) Nicole Borud on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 For the ninth week of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the remaining girls, including Nicole, were flown to Tokyo in order to shoot a Japanese commercial for Campbell’s Soup. Although all the girls had a difficult time, most especially with learning their lines (which were in Japanese), it was Nicole whom the judges felt did not come through the commercial enough, thus making her the eight contestant to be sent home.
  POST-TOP MODEL Some time after being eliminated from the show, Nicole decided to relocate to San Clemente, California. Nicole did not pursue modeling; instead, she has pursued acting. However, I haven’t found anything from her (acting or modeling wise). Her instagram, which is her most active social media platform, doesn’t show us much about her. Her feed has a lot of selfies, her dog, and some of her other interests. It seems she has moved back home to North Dakota. A quick LinkedIn search shows that she works as an Assistant Manager for The Buckle Inc. Previous job experiences post-ANTM show that she worked for Victoria’s Secret as a Visual Merchandising Manager and Sears as Assistant Manager - Softlines.
  Name: Norelle Griffith, née Van Herk Placed: 5th Age: 33 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 36 (@NorelleGriffith) Instagram Followers: 509 (@norelle_griffith) Norelle Van Herk on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, Norelle was the only competitor among the fourteen girls who came into the competition with braces on her teeth. Her braces were removed as a part of her makeover for the show. Although her overall performance was impressive, her blunders in the Tokyo photo shoot and her difficulty walking on the runway were what compelled the judges to make Norelle the ninth contestant to be eliminated. Her photo shoot for T-Mobile went well, but was not well enough to keep her on the show for another week. During her stint on ANTM, Norelle won a make-up challenge featured during the show’s third episode.
  POST-TOP MODEL Norelle was able to attain considerable success as a model after her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. She received contracts from NOUS models and Dream Models in Asia, and working with these agencies were beneficial as she was able to book numerous advertisements. She has done print work for Sisters Magazine, Yes! Magazine, Sudden Weekly, and Goat Boutique. Norelle has also appeared on the TV show One on One. However, Norelle eventually decided to leave the fashion industry temporarily in order to pursue her education.
  Sometime after the show, Norelle got married to Dave Griffith and now has 2 beautiful kids; 2 sons and a daughter. Not much is know about what happened to her after she left the industry.
  Name: Ann Branca, née Markley Placed: 4th Age:34 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 4 Twitter Followers: 995 (@annalainamarks) Instagram Followers: 11.8k (@annalainamarks) Ann Markley on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Ann came close to making it to the Top 3 of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, but was the tenth contestant eliminated from the show. During her stay in the competition, her athletic build prompted supermodel judge Janice Dickinson to bless her with the nickname, “Ann, The Man.” The judges finally gave in to Ann’s inability to produce strong and impressive photographs after the tenth photo shoot, despite Ann’s consistently strong performances on the runway.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her appearance on the show, Ann became highly successful as a model in the fashion industry. Going by the name Annalaina Marks, she was able to get a contract from three divisions of Elite Model Management, one of which is in Milan.
  She also obtained a contract from MC2, and has done extensive modeling work for Cover, Ford Fusion, ElleGirl Magazine, Gioia Magazine, Joie, Rojas, Heatherette, Nuala,, Glamour Italia Magazine, the October and November 2005 editions of GQ Magazine, Accessories Magazine, Knit ‘N Style, First Magazine, Fashion Washington, Eyecare Business, Manhattan Bride, InStyle, Health Magazine, Marie Claire U.K., Shape Magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, I Am Water Polo, Charleston Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, Burt’s Bees, Clairol, Beyond Beyond Magazine, Jay Manuel Beauty, Charleston Weddings, Rafaella Fit Your Shape campaign, Vogue Knitting, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Walgreens, Bravado Designs, Target, L’Oreal, Dutch Cosmopolitan Magazine, Free People Magazine, Ray Ban, People Tree, Jimmy Bruch, The John Frieda Collection, Athleta, Champion, Miraclebody, Jones New York, Red Hearts Yarn, Adrianna Papell, LIJA Style, Spring 2014 Collection, Land's End Holiday 2014 Catalogue, Thyme Maternity, Target Maternity, Old Navy Maternity, Capezio 2014 catalogue, Sophia Tolli 2011 Bridal Collection, Lafayette 148 New York, SiO Beauty, KN Karen Neuburger, Lord & Taylor, and Zink Magazine.
  Moreover, Ann has graced the covers of Philadelphia Style Magazine and Washington, D.C. Style Magazine, and has walked the runway at Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005, Alice and Olivia Fall 2006, Kara Saun Fall/Winter 2005, Richard TyleDelta Fall/Winter 2005, Harmon Fall/Winter 2005, Marc Bouwer Fall/Winter 2005, Cynthia Rowley Fall/Winter 2005, and Nicole Miller Fall/Winter 2005. During The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Ann and America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4 winner, Naima Mora, worked as the ceremony’s trophy girls.
  Since the show, Ann graced the cover of Bruce J. Nadler, M.D.’s novel, “The Nip Tuck Workout: Exercise through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon.” Like other ANTM alumni, Ann has branched into acting. Throughout the years, Ann has appeared in a number of acting projects including Project Runway, Sex, Love & Secrets, Made of Honor, Gossip Girl, Kings, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Bang, Choose, Lights Out, Blue Bloods, The Courier, Person of Interest, The Ones You Love, Delusions of Guinevere, The Good Wife, Club Life, and The Breaks.Ann has also appeared in a commercial for Wheat Thins and Travelocity. In 2016, she appeared in a short for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  Ann has previously worked with Elite (New York), Elite Milano, Front Management (Miami), Images Management (New York), Model Management (Hamburg), and MC2 Model Management (Karin Models). Currently, Ann is signed with Wilhelmina New York (S Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Los Angeles (Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Miami (Fashion Women’s Division), Michael Howard Studios, and Nevs Model Agency (London) (Women Main Board).
  Ann got married in February 2013. Sometime in 2016, Ann gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
  Name: Amanda Swafford Placed: 3rd Age: 39 First Call Outs: 4 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 3 (@amanda_swafford) Instagram Followers: 2953 (@amandaswafford) Amanda Swafford on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 During Cycle 3, the judges were amazed by her photos, especially the un-retouched beauty shot that she took during the third week of the competition. When she went on her go sees in Japan, she was told that she was too old by one of the designers. She participated in the finale along with winner Eva Pigford and Yaya Da Costa, but Amanda was eliminated when she and Eva were in the bottom 2. The judges had a difficult time deciding whom to send home, as all three contestants had strong CoverGirl photos, and all 3 were considered strong contenders, but in the end, it was Amanda. One of the judges, Janice Dickinson, was a dissenting voice on the judging panel, saying, “I love you!” to Swafford when she was eliminated.
  POST-TOP MODEL Amanda has appeared on the covers of Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! Magazine, Bliss for Bride Magazine, and Access Magazine, and has modeled for Levi’s Jeans, Lacy Little Knits, The Austin Chronicle, Verve Magazine, ELLEmemoir, Shutterbug Magazine, Grove Arcade, Recyclone Designs, Royal Peasantry, Serenity + Scott 2013, The Beading Butterfly, Liz White Designs/Custom Couture, Serenity + Scott Spring 2015 collection, and WEBS. Amanda has walked the runway for ELLEgirl Presents: Dare To Be You. She has also appeared in shorts such as Worst-Case Scenario (which she co-wrote) and Lullaby.
  Since the show, Amanda has signed with Storm Model Management in New York City and Acclaim Talent Agency. Her FMD page lists Storm Models London as her current agency. According to a close friend, her retinitis pigmentosa has caused extreme difficulty to see in low lighting, contrary rumors that she has since gone completely blind. Amanda currently works as an aesthetic/style guru for Royal Peasantry. On the show, she was married but has since separate from the man. She has a son, Eli (who is a current high school freshman), with her previous husband. She is currently in a relationship with a new man. In October 25, she came out on her facebook to say she was drugged the night before, while she was attending one of her husband’s show.
  Name: Yaya DaCosta Placed: 2nd Age: 34 (will turn 35 on Nov 15th) First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 29.8k (@yayadacosta) Instagram Followers: 172k (@yayadacosta) Yaya DaCosta on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Yaya DaCosta was a contestant on Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, where she came in second to Eva Pigford. On the show, Yaya showed insecurity regarding her skin, as she was still experiencing breakouts past puberty. While on the show, Yaya won 5 straight challenges (The race up the flight of stairs, the Go-Sees, The Red Carpet interview, The Acting challenge, and The Tea Ceremony. On the eigth episode (“The Girl Who Is Panic-Stricken”), the models were asked to choose a hat as part of their judging test. Yaya chose the cowboy hat, which surprised everyone since Yaya was the model who was proud of her african heritage. When asked why she did not choose the African hat, she claimed that she does not want to be a cliché. She claimed that the hat was made of a very artificial, very cheap kente. During the ninth episode (“The Girls Meet Taye Diggs”), during the judging session, the girls were set a test in which they had to read a commercial and eat umeboshi. Yaya chose to spit her umeboshi almost immediately after putting it in her mouth, which the judges said came across as very disrespectful to the client (if this were to happen in the real world).
  POST-TOP MODEL After finishing in second place in America’s Next Top Model, where she is considered one of the most memorable contestants, DaCosta went on to a successful career. She has modeled for Target, Olay, CharmaineLouise, DJU Clothing Company, Venus Clothing, Gap, Tom Ford’s A/W 2014 Collection, Isaac Mizrahi, Kohl’s, Seven Magazine, Interview Magazine, Essence Magazine, Hollywood Life Magazine, Jewel Magazine, COED Magazine, I Style Magazine, Elle Girl Presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Model, Marc Bouwer Fall 2005, Seda, Garnier Fructis, Lincoln Townhouse, Glamour Magazine, Glamour Magazine Italy, Radioshack, Dr. Scholl’s, Sally Beauty Supply Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Venus, Terrazine Magazine, Voice of Diversity, The New York Post, Style Rocks Fashion Show (2005), Vogue Australia, Hype Hair Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times Splash, New York Magazine, Malibu Magazine, and Sephora. In 2010, she appeared in American Vogue, Esquire, L'Officiel and on the cover of W.
  In addition to modeling, Yaya is also acting and has in appeared in commercials for Radioshack and Garnier Fructis. She recently appeared in the movie Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. She has also did modeling for Target and appeared in a few rap music videos (Chingy’s Pullin’ Me Back, Jay-Z’s Roc Boys, Raphael Saadiq’s Good Man.
  DaCosta began acting in 2005 after having a small role in an episode of Eve where she portrayed a character named Miss Jenkins. Her television credits include Cassandra Foster on All My Children, Vanessa on Racing For Time, Nico Slater on Ugly Betty, Audrina on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Brooke Sullivan on Mercy, Amber on Army Wives, Holly Bennett on Body of Proof, Anita on House, Amy on Dark Horse, Princess Kemi of Nigeria on The Simpsons, and currently as April Sexton on Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. DaCosta exited the role on All My Children some time in August 2008, less than four months after joining the show, to join the cast of “The First Breeze of Summer” on Broadway.
  2006 saw Yaya’s film debut in the film Take the Lead as LaRhette. She has also appeared in 2007’s Honeydripper as China Doll and in 2009’s Messenger as Monica Washington. In 2010 DaCosta had supporting roles in the films The Kids Are All Right (as Tanya) and Tron: Legacy (as Siren). In 2013 she also appeared as Carol in the film The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Other movie credits include In Time, The Shanghai Hotel, Whole Lotta Sole, Mother of George, Big Words, And So It Goes, Bolden!, and The Nice Guys. In 2015, Yaya portrayed Whitney Houston in the self titled Biopic Whitney, directed by Angela Bassett.
  She is currently signed to Models 1 London and Ford Models New York. On June 26, 2012, DaCosta married independent movie producer and director Joshua Bee Alafia. She gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Sankara, in September 2013. The couple parted ways in 2014.
  Name: Eva Marcille Placed: 1st Age: 33 First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 259k (@EvaMarcille) Instagram Followers: 1.7m (@evamarcille) Eva Marcille on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Eva was the winner of the third cycle of America's Next Top Model, beating fellow contestants Yaya Da Costa and Amanda Swafford. Her prizes included a CoverGirl cosmetics contract, a spread in Elle, and a modeling contract with Ford Models. During the show, Eva won 2 challenges: The Heatherette runway show and the go-sees in Japan.
  POST-TOP MODEL Eva has appeared on the cover of Brides Noir, Women’s Health and Fitness (May 2005), King Magazine (June 2005), IONA (November 2005), Green Magazine, Obvious Magazine, Urban Lux Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, Sheen Magazine, HypeHair Magazine, and Essence Magazine. Her other modeling credits include CoverGirl, DKNY, Samsung, Red by Marc Ecko, Jewel magazine, In Touch Weekly magazine (June 2005), King magazine (November 2005), Black Girls Rule!, Vibe Vixen, Magazine, Today’s Black Woman Magazine, Magazine, UNleashed magazine, Star Magazine, Elle, Elle Girl,, Danskin, Active Imprints, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Koshie O Clothing, Ciroc Vodka, Phlaunt Hair, Applebottoms,Jasmine Ni'Cole Luxury Perucas, Shiekh Shoes, Lerner Catalog, UrbanSkinRx, Avon, and Rolling Out.
  Eva’s runway shows include the Marc Bouwer Fall 2005, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Model 2005, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, Deborah Lindquist Spring 2006, Naqada Spring 2006, 8th Annual ‘Models of Perfection’ Show 2006, and L.A. Fashion Week’s Monarchy Collection Fall 2007.
  Marcille has guest-starred on several series on UPN and The CW Network. Her guest-star credits include two episodes of Kevin Hill, one episode of Smallville, one episode of Everybody Hates Chris, and one episode of The Game as herself. Marcille has also appeared on Tyler Perry's House of Payne. In addition, Marcille hosted BET J's reality show My Model Looks Better Than Your Model, as well as Rip the Runway on BET. In 2005, Marcille appeared in a first-season episode of the MTV improv show Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out. In 2008 she joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as a young mother named Tyra Hamilton. After a few months, her character, who was planned to be temporary was made permanent. She appeared in a June 2009 episode of the BET prank show Played by Fame, where contestants have nightmarish dates with celebrities. She also appeared on The Assistants as Alicia James. In 2010, Eva hosted the first season of the Oxygen reality series Hair Battle Spectacular. In 2011, Eva joined the cast of the tv series Let’s Stay Together. 2013 saw Eva’s appearance on the reality show Real Husbands of Hollywood. In 2014, Eva has also appeared on For the Love of Lockwood and FNL’s Model Monday. In 2015, Marcille starred as Tara on the tv series Born Again Virgin, appeared on tv mini series For the Love of Lockwood Too. In February 2016 she stars in a reality series called About The Business. Currently, she is competing on the VH1’s Scared Famous and on the tv series Hip Hop Squares.
  Eva’s film credits include 24 Hour Love, The Walk, Crossover, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, Premium, Note To Self, If You Really Love Me, The Fright Night Files, Fear Files, Sister Code, and I Think I Love My Wife. In 2017, Eva also appeared in Busted and Miss Me This Christmas. Furthermore, she has appeared in several music videos, including "Baby" by Angie Stone (featuring Betty Wright), 50 Cent's "I Get Money" and Jamie Foxx's "DJ Play a Love Song". She is also mentioned in Lil' Kim's song, "I Know You See Me" and Missy Elliott's "On & On".In August 2013, Marcille appeared in the video clip "J'accélère (I accelerate)" by French rapper Rohff.
  Eva has been signed to L.A. Models, Uber-Warning Models, and now Slamm Management - Atlanta. She started her own eyewear company, First Ave Eyewear. In July 2006, Marcille started dating Tyler Perry's House of Payne star Lance Gross. They got engaged on December 24, 2008 and split up in March 2010. She also dated rapper Flo Rida from 2010 to 2012. Since January 2013, she has been dating singer-songwriter Kevin McCall. Marcille gave birth to her first child, and McCall's second daughter; Marley Rae McCall on January 31, 2014. They ended their relationship in early 2015.
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2017.11.08 12:06 FeelMyOats ANTM - Where Are They Now? (Cycle 2)

Hi guys! Here's my compilation of the models from Cycle 2. This time it was a bit harder since a number of them have gotten married and have used their husband's last name. Also, there is a 40k character limit that I didn't know about (sue me lol), so I can no longer include the links to the pictures. Most of the girls' portfolio mentioned below is available on
  Name: Anna Bradfield, née Capilli Placed: 12th Age: 38 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 1306 (@annamariecapilli) Anna Bradfield on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 Anna appeared on the show as a plus-sized model on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, and was one of the 12 girls chosen to compete in the finals. During her brief stay in the show, her fellow Top Model finalist, Xiomara Frans, gave Anna the pet name “Momma” because of her maternal nature toward the girls. Anna was the first to be eliminated from the show after she refused to do the first photo shoot with Nigel Barker. The challenge was to pose as “Eve,” therefore requiring the girls to strip down. The girls would be posing alongside a male model (who is supposed to play “Adam”), whom would be naked as well. Even though each girl would be painted from head to toe, Anna felt that only her husband has the right to see her with no clothes, thus, she refused to do the nude photo shoot.
  POST-TOP MODEL After Cycle 2, Anna has done print work for Erin London, Forshe Boutique, Robin Callender, Anthony R. Lloyd, The Cotrice Collection, Lila couture bridal gowns, La Bella Vie Boutique, Nicci Hou Afrique Collection, Ruffs & Cuffs, Belk, Salon Next, Bernhardt Huntington Collection Catalogue, Aveva Activewear, and has been featured on
  She has appeared in spreads for in the Spring 2011 issue of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine, Runway Magazine, the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Oz Magazine, the March 2012 issue of Jezebel Magazine, and has appeared in ads for Fevour cosmetics, Goldilox Hair House, Bashinski Fine Gems & Jewelry, Cadieux Interiors: The Salon Collection, and Body Design Personal Training.
  She is currently raising 2 boys. Aside from modeling, she is currently practicing as a registered dental hygienist. She was allegedly also featured in a few Tyler Perry films, but I’ve yet to come across any proof of these.
  Name: Bethany Jacobs, née Harrison Placed: 11th Age: 36 (Going 37 this Nov 20th) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Bethany Harrison on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 On Cycle 2, she was the most well-endowed model out of the ten girls, but her heavy chest was not the reason why Bethany was the second to go home from the show. Her photos were strong, but her performance in front of the camera didn’t impress the judges as the competition progressed. The judges felt that Bethany lacked the versatility that all models need in order to succeed in the fashion industry. Furthermore, she was criticized for not being able to look ‘high fashion’ enough in her photos.
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Bethany has remained relatively mum. She was featured in Totally Texas Calendar, but that seems to be the end of her modeling career. Her facebook says that she was the former Event Director the Good Company Armadillo Palace in Houston, Texas from 2007 until 2016. The ANTM Cycle 2 wikipedia states that she was married, however, I believe that the relationship the page is referring MAY have ended. There are photos on her facebook which show that that she was recently married to Chris Jacob in 2016, and by the time this is posted, she must’ve given birth to their first child together (her facebook lists her as 7 months and 1 week pregnant as of September 2017). EDIT: Bethany has given birth to twin girls.
  Name: Heather McClure, née Blumberg Placed: 10th Age: 32 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 3 (@BlumbergHeather) ← Not totally sure if this twitter is hers (and just abandoned) Instagram Followers: 186 (@_heather24) Heather Blumberg on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 When Heather became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, she was known for her upbeat personality and perky behavior. Even though she had such a likeable personality, Heather had a hard time becoming friends with the other girls and often felt like an outcast. Even though Heather maintained strong performance, she became the third contestant to be eliminated from the show. The judges really felt Heather looked too much like a teenager to have a professional career in the industry.
  POST-TOP MODEL And I thought Bethany was off the grid. Heather was even more difficult to find on social media. It seems that she has abandoned modeling and is working as a full time Nurse. Since the show, she has gotten married and now goes by Heather McClure. Her husband, Jeff McClure, is a realtor in California. They have no children yet, however, they own a yorkshire who goes by the name Princess Fiona. Not much is known about Heather post-Top Model, though her last instagram update shows that she has had lash extensions.
  Name: Jenascia Carter, née Chakos Placed: 9th Age: 35 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 1304 (@Jenascia) Instagram Followers: 1617 (@jenas1a) Jenascia Chakos on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 Standing 5 feet, 7 inches, Jenascia was the shortest among the 12 Finalists in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2. For the first photo, Jenascia arrived three hours late because the other models did not wake her up when it was time to leave. She felt betrayed by all of them, especially by fellow Top Model finalist, April, whom she had helped the day before. She was not eliminated for being tardy, but was cut out off the show on the fourth week after failing to compensate for her lack of height.
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Jenascia returned to her job at Hooters and gave birth to a child in 2007. She has appeared in a few Seattle calendars and taken some test shots. She appeared in the Feb 2009 issue of DList Magazine. In January of 2010, Jenascia appeared as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, where she won just under $50,000. In 2013, she was featured as a stylist in a BTS video of DList magazine shoot starring Cycle 23 winner, India Gants. In the same year, she also modeled for the Spring 2013 collection of the Rich Kids Brand. Nowadays, she works as an esthetician in SET, a Seattle based Waxing Salon, where she is known as The Vagine Queen of Seattle. She has also worked as a Fashion Director for DList Magazine from 2009 up until 2013. She married her boyfriend, Evan Lee Carter, in July 2017. She is also raising her child, TJ, from a previous relationship. She also has a cat named Tiiva and a dog named Bernice.
  Name: Xiomara Cuber, née Frans Placed: 8th Age: 39 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 209 (@xiomiofficial) Instagram Followers: N/A Xiomara Frans on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 As a finalist for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, Xiomara showed a lot of potential during the first few challenges in the show, but come the fifth week, was eliminated when her photos from the underwater photo shoot failed to impress the judges. Her walk was also criticized, having done so with her eyes unconventionally “bugging out.” Despite not being able to captivate the judges for a long time, her great personality and kindness won the hearts of the other girls in the finals.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her stint on ANTM, Xiomara (who goes by the name Xiomi these days) signed with New York’s Boss Model Management and has modeled for the likes of Carmen Marc Valvo, Terani Couture, and has also appeared in the New York Post Latino Issue, the 5th issue of TDInk Magazine, Lucier Magazine, as well as grace the cover and pages in the May/Jun 2016 issue of STS Luxury Style Magazine. She has appeared in the 2017 horror film Terrifier and will appear in the film Rounded in 2018.
  She chose to put a pause on her modeling career to focus on school. After obtaining her degree, the New Jersey native is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree as a Nurse Practitioner and also works alongside her husband, Dr. Shain Cuber, one of NY/NJ’s busiest plastic surgeons. Xiomi has worked as an aesthetic and dermatologic nurse, and it was then that she realized that she wanted to concentrate on coaching women in order to achieve their best self from the inside out. She has a website, which focus on beauty, health, lifestyle, and wellness. “The website is based around me giving advice to women about different things. It incorporates both my clinical and beauty expertise; so you get the health tips and resources, as well as beauty tips, because I have the qualifications,” says Xiomara, “For me, it is important to be authentic because there are some others that claim to be health and beauty experts, but don’t really have the credentials. I’d like to be a resource for these women that wouldn’t go online and search for evidence based research articles, or have the time to read books on health, nutrition, beauty and wellness.”
  Name: Catie Anderson Placed: 7th Age: 32 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Catie Anderson on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 As a finalist for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, many people thought that Catie would become the second winner of the show, but she ended up being the sixth contestant eliminated because she failed to produce a good black and white photograph. In addition, her emotional instability served as a hindrance to her growth.
  POST-TOP MODEL Catie is another one of those girls who have kept a relatively low online profile since the show ended in 2004. After appearing on the show, Catie has gone on to walk the runway in fashion shows like Alan Del Rosario (2007), Louis Verdad (2004), and California Market Center’s Direction (Spring 2005), L.A. Bikini Show (2005), Yves Castaldi (2008), Alan Del Rosario’s Bow and Arrow (Fall 2008). She has graced the pages of Fugue, Edge Magazine, the October 2011 issue of American Vogue. She has modeled for Yves Castaldi, Two Ten Ten Five Clothing, Oggi Jeans, and BU Trends. She also played a minor character in The Bold and the Beautiful and guest-appeared on one episode of the series, Eve. Catie has been signed with New York Model Management (NYM2 division) and L.A. Models (runway division). She has also been represented by Robbyn Navatto Talent & Model Management.
  Name: Sara Racey Batraville, née Trabizi Placed: 6th Age: 37 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 1,617 (@PersianKiss) Instagram Followers: 7,545 (@SaraRaceyTrabizi) Sara Racey Trabizi on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 As a finalist for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, she was the quiet girl of the group, occasionally seeing a goofy shine, but was dismissed seventh for being too sexy for the fashion industry. She was turned blonde in her makeover and only made it to the “Shake Ya Body” music video.
  POST-TOP MODEL After cycle 2, signed with TBM Models, APM Models and Mensa Management, has done print work for L'Oréa, Converse, The New York Post, Pulse, Cosmopolitan, Supermodels Unlimited, King, Maxim, American Salon, Rachel Ray Magazine, DList Magazine, WhyNot Magazine, and Alize. She’s also appeared on the cover and pages of 20/20 Magazine.
  She has also done catalogue work for the University of Phoenix,,, Golda Jewelry, RocaWear, Jordache, Warrior Apparel, Lauren Moffatt, L Salon & Color Group, Lisa Perry, Sears, T-Mobile, XRay Jeans,, Ola Vida Swimwear, Hype Toothpaste, The Old Hollywood Spring 2013 Lookbook, Carlton Jones Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Collection, Fembot Cosmetics, KORET New York Handbags, Cultro Spring 2015 Collection, Staci Snider S/S 2015 Lookbook, and Athleteist.
  She has also landed small acting roles. She appeared in the music video for Jamie Foxx’s Unpredictable and on the TV show Lipstick Jungle with Cycle 3’s April Wilkner,
  According to her facebook, she is now based in New York City currently signed to Elite Model Management in New York, as well as the SAG-AFTRA and Innovative Artists. She got married to Pierre Batraville in February 2016. In May 2016, she gave birth to a handsome baby boy named Cyrus Christopher. Sometime after the show, she founded Athleteist, a Luxe apparel brand. Together with her husband, they started their own Photography Business.
  Name: Camille McDonald Placed: 6th (Cycle 2)/11th (Cycle 17) Age: 40 (Going 41 on Nov 26th) First Call Outs: 1 (Cycle 2)/ 0 (Cycle 17) Bottom 2: 3 (Cycle 2)/ 1 (Cycle 17) Twitter Followers: 6,915 (@camillemcdonald) Instagram Followers: 6,882 (@camillemcdonald) Camille McDonald on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 As a finalist on Cycle 2, Camille was not exactly well-liked by the other girls in the Top 12. Both Yoanna and Bethany confronted her because of her bad attitude, and even the judges grew increasingly tired of her arrogant behavior. Before she was eliminated from the show on the eighth week, she and Yoanna patched up their differences, but when Camille hinted to the judges about Yoanna’s eating disorder, Camille and Yoanna’s friendship quickly dissolved. Camille McDonald is known for the quote “This is my signature walk and this is what’s going to make me famous”, which she said during their go-sees in Milan. Camille was invited back in 2011 to participate in the All-Star cycle.
  ANTM CYCLE 17 During All Stars, Camille got a weird edit. She was given the “Older Model” edit. Leading up to their elimination, when the girls would receive care packages from home, Camille’s mail was mostly bills. She was eliminated during the 4th week, after the Express photo shoot, due to a weak photo.
  POST-TOP MODEL Camille later moved to Europe and signed with the prominent Modeling Agency Major Model Management (Milan), shooting editorials, signature walking down runways for designers such as Escada, Caroline Hedaya, Bikini Under The Bridge, Zam Barett, Victor Hou, Korto Momolu, Ice Blue, Byron Lars, and lingerie giant Wolfords of London to name a few.
  After returning to the United States, Camille began working with Major Model Management (New York), where she continued to secure runway shows, print ads, billboard campaigns and magazine layouts ranging from Azure Denim to D-Squared as well as been a Fit-Model for Marithe Francois Girbaud. Camille has shot for publications such as Elemental Magazine, Smooth Magazine, Ocean Style, Glamour Magazine, Women Wear Daily (WWD), Juicy Magazine, Heed Magazine, Black Men Magazine, Skirt Magazine, and W Magazine. She has also been on the covers of Harlem Magazine, Fashion 500, Where Itz At, Who’s Hot, Complete Hairstyles, Batchelor’s Magazine.
  Camille has also modeled for brands and designers such as Bikini Under The Bridge, Kimi Wear, Alador & Smith, Sukari New York, Geneviève Aiyana, Facto Lifestyle, and Nicka K New York.
  Camille’s most memorable internship has been with fashion guru Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) where she learned a great deal about marketing. She also launched her own line of lingerie called Lingerwear, for which Naima Mora has modeled. Sometime after the show, she found Signature Walk Inc. In August 2014, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kennedy.
  Name: April Wilkner Placed: 4th Age: 37 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 1,833 (@APRILWILKNER) Instagram Followers: 5,429 (@aprilwilkner) April Wilkner on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 She quickly became one of the 12 Finalists, but during the fashion show on the first week, April accidentally wore the wrong dress. Jenascia, another Finalist, was quick to rescue her. However, the following day, April failed to wake Jenascia up for their first photo shoot, causing their relationship to sour for awhile. She was eliminated on the ninth week because the judges thought she was too robotic and self-critical.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since appearing on the show, April has worked with NY Models Management and has modeled for New Look and the July 2004 edition of Stuff Magazine, MAMi. She has also appeared on the catwalk for Loungewear Betty for San Francisco Fashion Week 2004, ELLEGirl Presents: Olympus Fashion Week, Pnina Tornai (Spring 2009), ElleGirl Presents: Dare To Be You, Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005. In 2006 she spent six months in Hong Kong working in runway and print for Vivienne Westwood, Emporio Armani, Valentino, and shooting two editorials for COVER and Marie Claire magazines.
  April has appeared in print work for Cover Magazine, Radar, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Whole Living Magazine. She has also appeared on the cover and in spreads in TDInk Magazine, and Navyaata. She also appeared in Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation, a book by ANTM judge Nigel Barker and Wear This, Toss That. April has also modeled for designers and brands such as Liz Claiborne, Skinny Bitch Swimwear, Simplicity Patterns, Becca Straus jewelry, Rejuva Minerals, and Hpnotiq. April has also branched into acting since Top Model. She’s been on TV shows such as Lipstick Jungle, Guiding Light, Royal Pains, Our Bedtime, Dart, Golden Boy, Chasing Taste, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Sam. She is set to appear in an untitled Shakespeare project.
  April is currently signed with VCA Talent, L.A. Models, as well as Don Buchwald. At one time, she was signed with Race Model Management, Wilhelmina Models in New York,Starz People LTd. in Asia and Race Model Management in NYC. She has also produced a number of projects for the Victoria’s Secret brand, and has had past experience hosting.
  Name: Shandi Sullivan Placed: 3rd Age: 35 First Call Outs: 3 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 74 (@ShandiSullivan) Instagram Followers: 1,810 (@shanthraxtothemax) Shandi Sullivan on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 As a finalist on the second season of the show, Shandi’s warm and kind personality gained the approval of not just her fellow finalists, but the viewers as well. She started off as one of the weakest models in the bunch, but gradually worked her way up to the Top 3. Her popularity intensified when she passed out due to her low blood sugar level during the third week. She is not without mistakes, however, as she slept with an Italian boy during a photo shoot in Milan. Shandi came clean to her boyfriend about her infidelity, but the guilt and emotional burden were enough to spoil her performance, and on the tenth week, she was eliminated from the competition.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since appearing on the show, Shandi reportedly has gone back to working as a DJ in New York. Shandi was signed with Trump Model Management but has left the industry. She has taken test shots and done some print work. She appeared in the April 2007 issue of Cover Magazine with fellow cycle 2 model, April Wilkner. She has also been featured in Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation. In 2009, she appeared in a documentary called Best Worst Movie.
  The Tyra Banks show held the first (and only) Fiercee Awards for moments from ANTM’s first nine seasons. Shandi was nominated for craziest phone call and ugliest cry but lost both. She later won the award for the Most Dramatic Change.
  Shandi has modeled for different brands and designers such as Donna L’oren, Fred Flare, Arrojo Studio, DDRej, and Debora Francis. She has walked the runway for designers such as Lily Samii (San Francisco Fashion Week 2004), Gen Art New York (Spring 2005), and ELLEGirl Presents: Dare To Be You. These days, she manages Kennaland, a hair salon based in Manhattan. She also worked as a DJ in the early 2000s (post-ANTM), but I don’t think she does so anymore. TBH there isn’t much on her instagram about her personal life (except her boyfriend).
  Name: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte Placed: 2nd Age: 36 First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 1,915 (@MercedesShorte) Instagram Followers: 16k (@mercedes.yvette) Mercedes Scelba-Shorte on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 Mercedes was a finalist on the cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model. During the season, Scelba-Shorte revealed that she suffers from the disease lupus.
  POST-TOP MODEL After appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Scelba-Shorte became a spokesperson for the Lupus Foundation of America. She signed with Nous Model Management and has also landed small roles in a number of TV shows including One on One, All of Us, and The Bold and the Beautiful.
  She has appeared on the cover of 360 Magazine, Wedding Dresses magazine in 2005, Lupus Now (Fall 2004 and 2007), Ellements, Nickii Jean Magazine, and Arthritis Today. She has also graced the pages of Teen Vogue, Teen People, InStyle, and L.A. Yoga. Her commercial credits include: Chili’s, Target, Hewlett Packard, Sears, AT&T, Payless Shoes, Bell South, Subway, and Chevy. Other modeling credits include: Anchor Blue, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Kay’s Jewelers, Wal-Mart, Halston, Mervyn’s, Rachel Pally, Harlequin Feltworks,, Lucy Activewear,, Target, Skechers, Champion, Mederma, ChiChi Active, The Gilded Fox Jewelry, Catherine Asanov, and Macy’s.
  Her runway credits include Enyce (L.A. Fashion Week 2004), DSquared2 Milan Fashion Show Spring 2004, Rock & Republic, Studios John Sakalis Fall 2004, and Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005. Mercedes was also in a commercial for Chili’s restaurant in 2007 and was featured in the Kay’s catalog for Holiday 2007. She can be found modeling Mandy Moore’s Mblem line and landed her first beauty campaign for Leeza Gibbons’ Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup.
  Mercedes left Nous Model Management in L.A. in 2008. She then signed to Elite Model Management in L.A. and Click Models in L.A. under the name of Mercedes Yvette. She is currently under Brand Models and Talent, as well as SAG-AFTRA and Flick East-West Talents, Inc. Mercedes is the co-founder of The Gilded Fox, an artisanal jewelry line. In May 2017, she and her boyfriend (Mike) welcomed a baby boy named McCoy.
  Name: Yoanna House Placed: 1st Age: 37 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 2,549 (@Yoanna_Official) Instagram Followers: 101k (@yomania) Yoanna House on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 2 Formerly overweight, Yoanna House competed on Cycle 2, which she won, despite being criticized for her body throughout the show.
  POST-TOP MODEL After Top Model, she signed with IMG Models. House made her debut as a runway model at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2004, walking for fashion designers Petro Zillia, Custo Barcelona, Sue Wong, and John Sakalis. She has also walked for designers such as Cesar De La Parra, Ya-Ya Spring 2006, and Heike Jarick. Her most visible modeling assignments immediately after her win include a commercial for the Declare Yourself voting campaign and a cover story for Psychology Today magazine. She became host of The Look for Less in 2005, replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  The following year, House was named “the face” of The CW network and appeared in commercials and web advertisements for the fledgling network. In overseas projects, she signed with Danish modeling agency 1st Opinion Model Management and won a contract with Careline, an Israeli cosmetics company. She appeared in a commercial for make-up brand Sheer Cover, Leeza Gibbons’ make-up line, along with Cycle 4 winner of America’s Next Top Model Naima Mora.
  Yoanna has done print work for Jane Magazine, InStyle, Brink Magazine, Meuse Magazine, TV Guide, Creative Live, The Duval Hotel, Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine, 904 Fitness, Slenderbread, People, Velvet, Remark Magazine, Supermodels Unlimited, Elegant Magazine, Ziutika by David Souza campaign, and The William Taber Salon. She has also appeared on the covers and pages of Luxury Living, Jacksonville Magazine, Ponte verde, San Marco Magazine, Floridian View, duPont Registry, Ellements, The Alchemist, Void Magazine, and LA PALME Magazine. Yoanna was also feature in Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation (with Shandi and April).
  Yoanna has also modeled for different designers and brands such as Sephora, Hanna Andersson, MetroStyle, Careline Cosmetics, The Look For Less, Schwarzkopf Haircare, Eclectic Jewelry, The Snob Boutique Vintage Look Book, Milo, Linda Cunningham (Fall 2011 Collection), Linda Cunningham (Spring 2012 Collection), Off Broadway Boutique, Keratherapy International Hair Campaign, Spring 2013, Crowned Phoenix jewelry, Linda Cunningham (Fall 2012 Collection), Pilot Pen USA's "Make Writing Fashionable Again" Campaign, We Are Handsome Swimwear Spring 2015 Campaign, The Snob, Mally Beauty, and Shop The Snob.
  In the Summer of 2008, Yoanna hosted The N’s reality series Queen Bees which attempts to reform mean girls. She has also filmed a PSA for Declare Yourself, parodying a lipstick commercial. Yoanna has also hosted and appeared on the TV series Eve, The 49th Annual New York Emmy Awards, The 49th Annual New York Emmy Awards, Exposed: 25 Most Notorious Moments of Fashion Week, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, Live! with Kelly, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Look for Less.
  Sometime after the show, Yoanna gave birth to a son. Aside from being a model, tv host, and actress, Yoanna is also a student pilot.
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2017.11.03 08:54 FeelMyOats ANTM - Where Are They Now? (Cycle 1)

Hi guys! So I was on the /rupaulsdragrace sub and I got so inspired by u/evilsnowcookie's "Where Are They Now" post that I decided to incorporate that idea for ANTM
  So this will be a compilation of the different websites and news articles, as well as posts from the girls' social media accounts on what they are up to these days. Maybe if you guys enjoy this, I'd consider making one for the succeeding seasons but for now, lets reminisce on the girls from Cycle 1.
  Name: Tessa Carlson Placed: 10th Age: 33 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 521 (@tessacarlson) Tessa Carlson on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Tessa was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. She, along with fellow model Giselle, were the only models of the cycle who were not part of the pool of 20 semi-finalists (they were scouted for and joined the cast after a separate audition). During her brief stint on the show, she was shown to bond with fellow contestant Adrianne Curry through smoking after moving into their NYC Apartment. At their first photo shoot for swimsuits from J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, photographer Elizabeth Moss commented that “She probably had people teach her how to model the wrong way … that was her problem.” In the end, she was eliminated for lacking a dominant personality and her inability to pose.
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Tessa modeled for Noah Kalina and Joey Quintero, but has since decided not to pursue modelling. Despite being eliminated after the first photo shoot, she was included in the next photo shoot for Stuff Magazine, but was not shown in the episode. Since the show premiered in 2003, Tessa has gotten married and has focused on being a mother to two beautiful children.
  Name: Katie Cleary Placed: 9th Age: 36 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 47.1k (@katie_cleary) Instagram Followers: 29.2k (@katiecleary11) Katie Cleary on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Katie was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. During the casting week, she was called fifth out the eight finalists for the first season (Tyra and the producers planned for 10 models to move into the NYC apartment, but could only agree on 8. The last 2 were scouted in a separate audition). She was eliminated in the second episode for because the judges felt the she photographed too sexy.
  POST-TOP MODEL Katie has been busy since the show’s premiere in 2003. She’s appeared in spreads for Maxim online, Rukus magazine, Marie Claire, Lifestyle magazine, and Vegan lifestyle magazine among others. She has appeared in over a dozen national advertising campaigns for brands such as InterContinental Hotels, Sketchers, Elastiderm Skin Care, AT&T, Nike, Chandon Champagne, Supreme Protein, Cadillac, ProActive, Payless, and as part of the Refreshment Duo for Labatt's Blue Light. She has since landed a role on NBC’s Deal or no Deal where she starred for over four years. She has hosted shows on the TV Guide Channel, E! News Now, as well the travel show “Get Out,” on HDTV. Katie has also has roles on popular TV shows such as CSI NY, Las Vegas, Entourage, *Rules of Engagement, Chuck, Working Class and more recently on How To Get Away With Murder and Two And A Half Men. She is currently represented by Paradigm Talent Agency, Abstract Talent Agency, and CESD Talent.
  Katie is also a philanthropist, founding the Peace4Animals organization. She is also an award winning creator and producer of the documentary Give Me Shelter which premiered on Netflix in 2015. Katie is also the Founder & Producer of the network World Animal News on the popular animal news site
  Since the show, Katie has dated Evan Liss and Gregg Pitt. She was also married to married to Andrew Stern from 2010 until his death in 2014.
  Name: Nicole Nastazio, née Panattoni Placed: 8th Age: 37 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 3,280 (@NicolePanattoni) Instagram Followers: 6,172 (@nicolepanattoni)
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Katie was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. During the casting week, she was called first out the eight finalists for the first season (Tyra and the producers planned for 10 models to move into the NYC apartment, but could only agree on 8. The last 2 were scouted in a separate audition). She was eliminated in the third episode due to her lack of commitment (in both her photo shoot and in the makeover).
  POST-TOP MODEL After Cycle 1 aired, Nicole appeared in several maternity catalogs and magazines. Like all the girls from this cycle, she has appeared in a spread for Stuff Magazine. She has appeared in Maxim, Rebel Ink Magazine, ePregnancy, and Surf Illustrated. Nicole has also modeled for Yandy Lingerie,, Nordstrom, Due Maternity, Gnar Lube, For Issuez, Inc., Top Floorr, & La Isla couture. She has been featured in advertisements for Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and for Palm’s Casino Resort.
  Nicole has started Bronzed Body SD, Mobile Sunless Tan Mobile Spray Tan servicing all of North County SD. She has also been featured as one of the models on “Deal Or No Deal”, and has appeared on The X Life with boyfriend BMX rider Cory Nastazio. The couple has 2 beautiful children and recently tied the knot in October 2017.
  Name: Ebony Haith Placed: 7th Age: 38 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 464 (@EbonyHaith) Instagram Followers: 539 (@haithebony) Ebony Haith on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 When Ebony became one of the finalists in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, she was met with harsh criticism from the two very devout Christian ANTM finalists, Robin and Shannon. The conflict escalated when Ebony’s partner dropped by the house, further angering Shannon and Robin. Things turned uglier for Ebony during the judging, as she became the fourth contestant eliminated. The judges reasoned that it was Ebony’s weak performance that drove them to cut her from the show. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Ebony was signed onto Downtown Model Management, before moving on to Uptown Model Management (UMM) and Models Management Group (MMG). Currently, I’m not sure what agency she is signed to. She has walked in fashion shows for SA-SHEA and Ice Blue. She’s been shot by photographers such as Quavondo Nguyen, Isabelle Choi, and Umari Jason and has appeared in spreads for Esquire, and Height Magazine. She has also appeared in appeared in Real Gay (a 2005 TV film) and Violet Tendencies (A 2010 movie). According to her instagram, she has shot her first sports shoot/TV show.
  Name: Giselle Samson Placed: 6th Age: 33 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 249 (@GiselleSamson) Instagram Followers: 1,295 (@GiselleBelle84) Giselle Samson on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Giselle was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. She, along with fellow model Tessa, were the only models of the cycle who were not part of the pool of 20 semi-finalists (they were scouted for and joined the cast after a separate audition).During the fifth week of Cycle 1, both Giselle and fellow finalist Ebony fell into the bottom 2. Giselle was spared as Ebony was sent home, but her performance the following week betrayed her lack of confidence. Her photos with 2003 NFL Rookie of the Year Clinton Portis were not impressive enough to convince the judges to keep her, and so she became the fifth finalist to be cut from the show. Tyra said it was her lack of confidence that hindered her performance. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL After her season aired, Giselle appeared in SWITCH magazine and modeled for the brand Simply Fashion. Giselle was also a model on Deal or No Deal, has hosted segments on the Tyra Banks Show, Fox Sport's Net's "54321", and has appeared on TV shows such as Chuck, The Bold and The Beautiful, the short “Black?”, and has attended The 18th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. As a dancer, she has performed in Disney’s Fantasmic and in Pitbull’s music video Blanco, as well as dance for late Michael Jackson’s 45th birthday celebration. These days, according to her LinkedIn, she works as an Account Executive at HireTalent Executive Search, Temporary Staffing, Recruiting & SOW and is the founder of GLS Enterprises LLC, as well as the CEO of Kiss the Planet. She is currently listed as a model on the Trade Show Models (TSM) agency website.
  Name: Kesse Wallace Placed: 5th Age: 35 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Kesse Wallace on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 During the sixth week, the show flew Kesse and the other remaining Top Model finalists to Paris, where they were asked to pose with a male model wearing only lingerie. The challenge allowed a number of Parisian designers to view the models, and although all of them tried their best to produce spectacular pictures, the judges felt that Kesse did not possess enough desire to advance in the competition. Consequently, Kesse became the sixth finalist to be eliminated. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL As of late, Kesse has been keeping a relatively low profile. Since appearing on the show, Kesse has gone on to work under the management of Gilla Roos (but closed in 2009). Her runway projects include Yeohlee Teng Fall 2005/Spring 2006, Renee Larc for Milan and Francis Hendy. Kesse has also graced the pages of King Magazine and Complex Magazine and has appeared in a Church’s Chicken television commercial. She has also appeared in King Magazine and in Complex Magazine.
  Name: Robin Manning Placed: 4th Age: 41 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 208 (@Robbyne) Instagram Followers: 554 (@robbynemanning) Robin Manning on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Being a Devout Christian like her fellow finalist Shannon Stewart, Robin often criticized the other girls when she felt that they were doing something immoral. She was extremely affected when openly gay model Ebony brought her partner to the house. On the seventh week, the challenge was to pose nude for a jewelry advertisement. She, along with Shannon, refused to participate, saying that it was against her morals. Consequently, she was eliminated from the show, becoming the seventh contestant to be cut. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL Robin, who now goes by the name Robbyne, has kept a relatively low profile since the show. She was the only contestant whose photos were not included in the Stuff Magazine shoot featured during the third episode (even though Tessa, the first contestant eliminated, was included in the issue). After her appearance on the show, Robin went on to do a Baby Phat fashion show with Elyse and Kesse. She was featured in the July 2003 issue of the TV Guide, on the cover of the 2003 Holiday Issue of Grace, as well as appear next to Janice Dickinson in an issue of O. She has also appeared in the popular soap, The Young and the Restless, and the films, Without You and Holla. Robin is pursuing an acting career and has been in two movies. She did some church-related print work and some test shots, as well as a pictorial for Especially Yours, but is not currently with an agency. Robin’s name was once again brought to the attention in the media in 2014 when Dominic Jeffries (together with his 6 year old sister) went missing from Manning’s home. Robin is the child’s legal guardian, but it is not certain why (Dominic’s mother and Robin know each other from pre-school).
  Name: Elyse Sewell Placed: 3rd Age: 35 First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 1,031 (@_elysesewell) Elyse Sewell on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Sewell's was a contestant on the first cycle of America's Next Top Model. She was known on the show as the "edgy pre-med student". She placed third, after Adrianne Curry and Shannon Stewart. She was eliminated due to the fact that her intelligence came across as “derogatory”, despite her high fashion look. Her infamous confessional clip from the show, in which she expressed a profanity-laden rant against the people on the show, earned her 16th place on E!'s Most Outrageous TV Moments in 2005. She attributes this outburst to the unusual requirement on the show to voice one's private thoughts and to soliloquize in a "confessional booth".
  POST-TOP MODEL Elyse is probably the most successful girl out of all the contestants on Cycle 1. As a model, Elyse has been incredibly successful, especially in Asia where she has had print advertisements for Giordano, Chanel and Chow Sang Sang Jewelry and appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong. Sewell’s first book, Beauty and The Biz: The International Adventures of America's Third-to-Next Top Model, based in part on her LiveJournal Weblog, was published in Hong Kong in 2006. She appeared in multiple book signings across Hong Kong. She has been featured in advertisements for brands such as Azona, Chow Sang Sang, Dao, Darquer, DTC Diamonds, Flair by Joc, Giordano, iMaroon, Mae Von, Motorola, Paule Ka, Sa Sa CyberColors, and Staccato.
  Overseas, Elyse has been signed with Zucca Tokyo, ZEM Osaka, Mannequin Singapore, Model Genesis Hong Kong, Chadwicks Sydney, Eye For I Milan, Dream Models Hong Kong and Elite Santiago. Locally, Elyse has also been signed with Wilhelmina West Models, M4 Models, Q6 Models Portland, Model One (Hong Kong), Studio KLRP Paris, Seattle’s Model Guild, M4 Hamburg, Good Fashion Shenzhen and Model 1.
  Elyse dated Martin Crandall of the Shins until January 2008, when he allegedly assaulted her in a Sacramento hotel. Both Crandall and Elyse were charged with felony domestic assault, though their cases were later dismissed. Previously, Elyse told the Singapore Straits Times in an interview that she had dumped her boyfriend because he cheated on her while she was working in Japan, though they reconciled shortly afterwards. She’s not active on social media, and only has an instagram (which was last updated in 2015). A facebook page pops up if you search her name on facebook, however, I’m not sure if she runs it or if it is a fan account. She also participated in a Reddit AMA where she spoke about her experiences on the show.
  Name: Shannon Ratcliff, née Stewart Placed: 2nd (Cycle 1)/6th (Cycle 17) Age: 33 First Call Outs: 3 (Cycle 1)/0 (Cycle 17) Bottom 2: 2 (Cycle 1)/2 (Cycle 17) Twitter Followers: 17.3k (@ShannonStewart1) Instagram Followers: 12.5k (@shannonstewartratcliff) Shannon Stewart on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Stewart competed on the first season of America's Next Top Model. In the first week of competition, Shannon landed in the bottom two and if she hadn't won that week's challenge, she would have been eliminated. However, the following two weeks Shannon received two consecutive first call-outs, and performed consistently in the following weeks. But, in the semi-finals during a nude photoshoot in Paris, Shannon and fellow contestant Robin Manning caused controversy when they refused to take part in the photoshoot because of their Christian faith. However, this did not hinder Stewart's progression in the competition finishing second overall to Adrianne Curry. Source.
  Shannon later appeared during a fashion show during the show’s 7th season, in the 8th cycle of the show as a guest for one of the photo shoots, and was also the only contestant from Cycle 1 to be invited to participate in the All Star cycle.
  ANTM CYCLE 17 In 2011, Shannon was invited back to participate in the first All-Star edition of the show, together with several other returning models from the different seasons. Stewart placed 6th overall in the All-Star competition after confusing the judges for refusing to wear lingerie that looked like a bathing suit while allowing herself to be photographed in a skimpier bathing suit in a previous week. She was the only model in the top 6 to have not won best photo.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since America’s Next Top Model, Shannon has modeled for Harmony Bell Boutique, Nuj Novakhett, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Sephora, Bakers Shoes, Speedo, and Allyson Smith Jewelry.
  She has appeared in magazines such as Elle Girl Magazine, Teen Vogue, Sydney Magazine, Six Degrees Magazine, and Ford Fusion. Shannon has appeared on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles Weddings, Arizona Foothills Magazine, and Sound & Vision Magazine.
  Her runway shows include Richard Tyler, Alvin Valley (2004), Alice and Olivia (2006), Sprite Street Couture (2006), and Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models (2005), Fashion Institute of Technology (2006), Gustavo Arango (2006), Alice Dobson (2006) and Olympus Fashion Week (2006).
  During Cycle 8, Shannon told the contestants that she had switched over to Elite Model Management in Chicago. She was also signed to Bleu Model Management. Fashion Model Directory states that she is currently signed to Major Model Management in New York and Factor Women in Chicago. Nowadays, Shannon actively interacts with her fans through her different social media handles, and runs her own personal blog. She has been married to Matthew Ratcliff, a fellow Christian model, since 2007.
  Name: Adrianne Curry Placed: 1st Age: 35 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 416k (@AdrianneCurry) Instagram Followers: 132k (@AdrianneCurry) Adrianne Curry on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Adrianne Curry competed on the first season of America's Next Top Model. She beat out fellow contestant Shannon Stewart. After her stint on ANTM, Curry has been very outspoken about her time on the show . Curry told various interviewers, including Steppin Out Magazine, that she wasn’t given the Revlon modeling contract that she was supposed to get as winner, and that “Tyra really didn't help us out and the show didn't put any money into us.” She even went as far as saying that “Basically, it was our show that saved the network and it was the biggest show ever…We trusted Tyra, but we've all been screwed over.”
  POST-TOP MODEL Nowadays, Curry continues to act, model, and do cosplay. She was signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City. She has modeled for several magazines, including Life & Style Weekly, In Touch, Sync Magazine, Us Weekly, Star, OK!, Stuff, People, Maxim (and made the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2005), both the North American and Spanish editions of Marie Claire, Lucky Magazine, Supermodels Unlimited, Agenda Magazine, Von Dutch, Von Dutch Watches, Salon City, Macy's, Famous Stars and Straps, Lucky, Ed Hardy, Kinis Bikinis, NailPro, Beverly Hills Choppers, and Merit Diamonds. In 2016, she was briefly signed on to LA Models, however, she was quickly dropped from their roster. According to her personal website, where she constantly updates her blog, she is also works as an avon lady.
  Curry's runway shows include Anne Bowen Spring 2005, Jaime Pressly, Pamela Anderson's line, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and Christopher Deane. She has appeared in a commercial for the Merit Diamonds Sirena Collection that ran from November 2004 to January 2006.
  She appeared on the cover and in a nude pictorial for the American edition Playboy in February 2006. She returned for a second cover and nude pictorial in the January 2008 issue. Curry made Playboy´s 2008 top 25 sexiest women, along with the top 100 Playboy spreads 2008 edition. In late 2006, Curry modeled for a technological demo created by Nvidia to showcase their video cards. She is a spokesmodel for The Flex Belt with Denise Richards.
  Curry was a co-host on the television game show Ballbreakers. In 2006, she appeared on Gameshow Marathon as a celebrity panelist on the Match Game episode. She starred in Rock Me Baby (2004) and Half & Half (2003) on UPN. Curry also appeared on Dirt starring Courteney Cox, with whom she shared scenes. She appeared in rock band's The Click Five's music video "Just the Girl", along with her then husband Christopher Knight. She has also starred in the films Fallen Angels, Light Years Away and Jack Rio. In early 2005, Curry appeared on VH1's fourth season of The Surreal Life. On September 11, 2005, VH1 began airing My Fair Brady, a show that documented their life together and paid her an estimated US$450,000. The show led her to being featured in Maxim's Hot 100, a list of the "hottest" women on earth. and ranked #100 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2005.
  Adrianne loves cosplay and video games. Between November and December 2010, Curry worked as the Resident Celebrity Gamer panelist judge on the second series of The Tester, a reality program on the PlayStation Network. She has returned to the panel in the third series which began on the 7th February 2012. Curry hosted live coverage of Blizzcon for Direct TV in 2011, as well as hosting live from E3 for Namco Bandai in both 2011 and 2012.
  Christopher Knight proposed to Curry on the season finale of My Fair Brady, on VH1, which aired on November 6, 2005. The show was renewed for a second season that began in June 2006, and focused on the couple's wedding preparations. In 2007, Curry and Knight appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss their marital issues on an episode dealing with large age gaps in relationships. Dr. Phil predicted that their style of arguing, particularly Knight's hurtful comments, was a strong predictor of impending divorce in couples.The couple announced their separation on May 29, 2011. The couple filed for divorce on August 19, 2011 and it became final in 2013. As of 2017, she is currently engaged to Matthew Rhode.
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2015.03.30 23:45 tabledresser [Table] I am actress Lexi Atkins. AMA about "Zombeavers" (or anything else).

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Date: 2015-03-30
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What the the funniest scene to film in Zombeavers? What was the most difficult/physically challenging? and what was the grossest/bloodiest? I think i can almost answer this question all in one! haha. the funniest scene//grossest (for rachel at least) was the scene when i turn into the Zombeaver... and crawl on top of "Mary" played by Rachel Melvin. The drool shown in that scene is real everyone ahhaahah bc of the beaver teeth glued in my mouth it was impossible to swallow my spit... so it ended up falling out all over Rachel while i was on top of her...
It was disgusting.. and absolutely hilarious... well for everyone besides Rachel. hahahahahahahahha she almost puked multiple times.
And the most physically challenging scene was when I was again when I was the Zombeaver... and where i was having to flap my beaver tale on the ground... it was no easy to get that thing to move... and i definitely got a good leg work out in that night! LOL.
I have another "gross/bloodiest" scene i want to mention... but i don't want to spoil it for those who haven't scene it!!! i'm sure once you watch you will know which one i'm talking about. hint: poor Sam. (Hutch Dano)
I'm not a big fan of any scary types of movies so Zombeaver probably isn't for me. But I can't wait for Ted 2!!! A few questions. Zombeavers isn't JUST scary... its hilarious... sexy... and fun!!! its for me! i have beaver experience.
Which actoactress would you absolutely love to work with? What's the weirdest experience you've had with with a fan? Will Ferrell. I'm obsessed... and if ... now i mean WHEN i work with him... i can start digging my grave ;) i've had lots of weird experiences... depends what you would consider weird for me to elaborate ha.
How did you transition from Pageants to Acting? Keep up the good work and best of luck!! I competed in pageants to begin with bc i wanted to move from IL to LA or NYC. and if u win Miss Teen USA u get to go to the New York Film Academy... so thats why pageants sparked my interest in the beginning. I always knew i wanted to act... just didn't know where to start coming from a small town in IL... so thats how i ended up getting involved and starting my career lol.
What made you decide to get into the pageant scene? Did you want to do anything else before? If you didn't become an actor, what would you have wanted to become? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I wanted to be able to move to NY or LA... but my parents wouldn't let me move out until i was of age... but I found out if you win Miss Teen USA you get to go to the New York Film Academy... so i figured that was my way out;)
So thats where my interested stemmed from! I have always known i've wanted to be an actress :) :) :)
My mom also competed in Pageants... the same pageant actually.. which is also how I even knew of them to begin with lol.
Did you have different career aspirations as a kid? Growing up i literally wanted to be EVERYTHING.. which u can imagine was very confusing. I was a dancer all my life, in basically every sport imaginable, and everyday had a new interest (my poor parents) thank god for acting..i'm able to tap into all those people and aspirations that live inside me & can now make a career out of it lol!
What's your all time favorite cartoon and why? Family Guy. 100% for multiple reasons! i grew up watching it bc my family is obsessed with the show and our family "get togethers" consisted of simply watching FG... theres 6 of us in my fam so we all even have our own characters (I'm Bryan). LOL.
I alsooo loved spongebob,the fairly oddparents, Dexters laboratory & south park
Are you a Bears fan? I'd so, what's your thoughts on the recent changes to the team and coaching staff? Honestly...i'm not a big enough fan to know about the changes in team and coaching staff... but i'm one of those fans that says i'm a fan and goes to games to say i'm going to the game bc I'm a fan...
Kill me right. I'm embarrassing i know. my fams SUPER into sports... i think that gene missed me...
How does it feel to have the same last name as Ja Rule? I literally just goggled Ja Rule's name...Atkins... thats awesome! i didn't even know that...haha i love you for this question! now i feel super awesome and that i should start working on my rap career bc i obviously have great street cred in the fam
I have not watched Zombeavers, but I saw it available and put it in my queue on Netflix. You have been in other things, what got you first interested in the film (zombeavers), and have you given up on the "Miss" pageants/modelling type career? Well i can no longer compete in the USA pageant organization because I have already held titles... so yes i'm done in the pageant world... But i'm still modeling! I'm w/ Wilhelmina Modeling Agency here in LA.
But Zombeavers was actually one of the 3rd or 4th auditions i ever went out on once i signed with my Management here in LA!
What was it like working on White Dwarf with Lance Bass? It was one of the first films i ever did when i first moved to LA! i'm a big fan... and remember geeking out on my way to his house where we filmed one of the scenes...i think he got annoyed of me singing NSYNC to him over and over ;)
I just saw on your imdb that the porn star /model Jessie Andrews was in White Dwarf with you and Lance Bass... did you get to meet her? I love her! :) Jessie is the sweetest girl in the world. She's so talented and is one of my good friends. i'm obsessed with her Jewelry Line bagatiba!!! if you haven't checked it out you should! also she's an amazing DJ... is there anything she can't do?
What was your favorite moment on set while filming zombeavers? also, you were my favorite character!! Awww thank you! I loved playing Jenn! My favorite moment was probably the scene were I actually turn into the beaver and crawl onto "Mary" who is played by Rachel Melvin...
The drool... was real..poor rachel.
What was it like working with Jennifer Lopez??? It was so much fun... but my arms were filled with bruises after we were done filming because i had to keep pinching myself ;) i <3 jenny from the block.
Hey I follow you on instagram! It's been cool seeing your progress on it as time goes on! What's the next project you have coming up? And on a personal level, who are some of your favorite bands/musicians? And what do you do when you have some time off because it seems you're rather busy. Aww TY xxo project wise.. i've been actually working on a lot of music! and am excited to soon be releasing some of my stuff in the near future! I love anything soulful.
&& when i have any free time.. i love to spend it outdoors --i'm addicted to the sun.
You sing too? Nice! When it comes out I'll be sure to plug it on my band pages and stuff! I'm from Champaign so not quite chicago... so we can still be fwiends :) lol.
As a detroit-er I love soul music. And even though Detroit and Chicago are "rivals" I'm definitely a fan, keep up the great work! And yes i do indeed, please do! keep you posted! xxxo
Hi Lexi, Thanks for doing this AMA. (warning, potential spoiler) In the movie, there's a scene where you're slamming your tail on the floor. How many times did you have to shoot that, and were your legs tired from doing all those squats? SOOO many times!!! and SOOO tired!! haha!! that scene... was not easy. But to all girls who are trying to get a good butt work out in... buy a beaver tale and repeat after me. i'll be doing a beaver butt tutorial soon ;) hahah
Best response ever! Thank you. The scene had us rolling we were laughing so hard. If you set up a kickstarter for a 'Beaver tail workout by Lexi' video we'll chip in on it ;) Awesome... stay tuned ;) xx.
What was it like working with Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlberg in Ted 2? Or did you not spend much time around them? It was awesome! they're both extremely talented... and hilarious... did i say hilarious? One of my scenes i work with Ted, Mark, and Amanda :)
You're from Champaign, right? How much do you love Papa Del's pizza? Yes indeed, i loved it... but i was more of a Monicals girl... extra red sauce.
That a girl! P.
Who's your role model in acting? Meryl Steep... she's a human chameleon i also love J Lawrence
What's your favourite app? INSTAGRAMMM follow me @lex_stagram <3.
What's your all time favorite movie? Step brothers!! I'm obsessed with Will Ferrell
Favorite pizza toppings? Anything but sausage. i hate sausage.
How was growing up in Illinois? I lived in Danville for a year and wanted to gauge my eyes with a spoon for the duration. LOL i grew up in Champaign!!! I have lots of memories in the vast fields of corn...
Ah, miles better than Danville at least. Go Illini? ILL-INI.
Who are you? Lexi Atkins... who are you? :)
Who's your favorite Muppet? Miss Piggy. she's more relatable ;)
Hi Lexi, CW has many sci-fi shows like The Messengers, do you know how many seasons it will last? We know they made Supernatural 11 seasons :) I hope season infinite!!! Get ready... The Messengers is going to make season history ;p.
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2015.02.06 18:47 The_Ewe_Pilgrim I just signed with an agency and have some questions about modeling.

Hi! I am a 22 year old female, 5' 6.5" with Filipina-German heritage. I had a really awkward time growing up, and would never have in a million years considered a career in modeling. A couple of weeks ago, my boss's cousin referred me to her modeling agency here in Boston. She has since moved to NYC to be represented by Wilhelmina there (!!!), but after attending my interview with her agent, they decided to sign me! I consider myself incredibly lucky.
I have never, ever, in any capacity modeled before. I have taken photos for my family or for friends, but remain kind of awkward in front of the camera. I do have a DSLR I can practice with, but what are some tips to start getting comfortable in front of the lens?
The agency has discouraged me from paying for a test shoot until a couple of weeks pass - they're giving my info out to potential photographers to see if perhaps I can get a trade-for-print (I think that's what he called it?) booking without having to shell out cash. How can I prepare in the meantime so that the test shoot is successful?
Considering my height and my look, I think I have an exotic but definitely girl-next-door style. What sorts of outfits, poses, scenes should I be enacting to best build my portfolio for commercial modeling?
I am the sort of person who truly dedicates herself to all endeavors she embarks upon, so I would love to become well-versed in this field! Thank you so much in advance for your advice and guidance!
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2012.03.01 11:15 tabledresser [Table] IAMA model. AMA

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Date: 2012-02-29
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Questions Answers
Seems like you listed quite a few cons there. What are the pro's of your profession? And if you were to consider another career, which one would it be? I really want to go to school for behavorial science, but Im keeping my options open. The pros are definitely travel and money. And dem male models.
How many of those are straight? enough for it to be a reliable dating demographic? All of them are straight. Well, not all, but most.
What tips would you give someone on sneaking into the high profile fashion shows? Carry a clipboard, look security in the eye and smile. If they ask for you badge, say you left it with a model. Give a models name, they'll never track her down. This only works backstage, so get through there. As soon as you're in, pursed lips, look frazzled and stressed and speewalk to wherever you need to go. And don't be embarrassed by your question :)
Just letting you know that I think you're fierce near the end of september I read on a fashion blog about someone meeting you after the prada SS 2012 show and that you have only started modelling for a few weeks and you had quite the touching story and this person took you out for pizza. I feel creepy for mentioning that but just thought I'd let you know that I think it's great you're getting work! meanest model you have met? Meanest? I'll never say her name, but, as you know, I'm new to the industry. I introduced myself to her and asked her her name. She was disgusted with me that I did not know her name. It was brutal.
Also favorite designers? :) Favorite designer? Varies completely. To see the art, alexander McQueen. To wear myself? I love Neil Barrett.
I was kind of sad that I didn't see you walking in this season's Prada show after being an exclusive last season. Didn't Miuccia say that you were "a part of the family"? I got crazy ridiculous crocodile lady excema, which I'm just getting over now. Doing the AMA is helping me not scratch!!! I have no idea what my career looks like until this clears up.
As for my question, since you're from Toronto (as am I), know any good places to eat? I'm tired of the places that I frequent and need a new place to get some food. Oh, and will you be walking in Toronto Fashion Week? As for food, the best Chinese in town is Kum Jug on spadina, (don't know it's real name, just ask around, someone will point you)
Up voted for Kum Jug. It's a real place! I swear!
No Fressen?? I've never actually been to fressen. For my birthday, my ex said he would either take me to fressen or get me a guinea pig. I named her Jude.
What would you say to all the girls (and potentially guys) out there who struggle with body image? To the ones who develop eating disorders to look the way you do? Have you ever had an eating disorder? You can always tell when someone is healthy. If you eat as healthy as you can, people notice. I can think of two people off the too of my head, exactly the same size in skinniness. One looks like she's on her death bed, the other glows and you know she eats well. As a health food kid, and the daughter of someone who always taught me the importance of working out, I can't imagine a life without eating the way I eat. Another thing, most people IN THE INDUSTRY, including the clients are disgusted with the eating disorders of the models. I get told all the time how happy they are to see someone who isn't scary skinny. I've also sometimes been booked over these girls. Skinny does not mean the best in this industry. I've also seen an agency tell a girl to gain weight. And no, I've never had an eating disorder, but I watched my best friend struggle from grade five to eleven with bulemia/anorexia before she got better, so I can spot it pretty well.
I didn't know he had a show! Okay another question...last one I promise! Around what age do you models typically get out of the business? 26/27 but I've seen them work into their 40's.
How logical/feasible would it be to either hire a personal assistant to keep track of the traveling arrangements or at least have a manager? My agent is my manager. And totallyfuckingnessesary. They do all the things like negotiate payment, booking me jobs, picking and choosing what castings I go to, coordinating with agents in other cities to hammer out when I fly, what jobs are more important than others, the things the do is mind blowing.
How long of breaks do you get in between jobs? In between jobs? Depends on the model and the season. Fashion week as a popular model? Good luck getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Max. (not from experience THANKGOD) but during the slower seasons for run of the mill models, could be a day, could be three weeks.
What are your plans on how to keep a relationship going? My boyfriend and I are only "seeing" each other when I'm in Toronto, otherwise, he can sleep with anyone, and I can sleep with anyone. I've been away constantly for 3 months, and haven't slept with him in 6, so having an open relationship is a must.
For your roommate: How does the male model industry compare to what the women have to go through? He is asleep now, but I can answer that by saying money. Men get paid much much much less, but they also have more downtime to enjoy the perks of the job, plus they don't get judged for partaking in them. (partying, copious amounts of sex, drugs, free drinks) although he's a pretty awesome guy. Yoga teacher hippie. Doesn't really do those kinds of things.
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States? Not that I'm aware of, but I could have and then had my memory erased.
Do you know any ex-models now working in a completely unrelated field? Good question bra, Cant answer the first one, only ex models I know still dabble in modeling for the extra moolah.
If so, how'd they turn out? Sexiest thing? Probably the models undressing or getting full body makeup rubbed all over them, depending on whose doing the rubbing of course.
Also, if an invisible dude hung around a modelling show for a whole day with total access to every room, what's the sexiest thing he'd see and what's the most disgusting? Most disgusting? Everyone crowded around a table after the show trying to dye their eyebrows back to a normal colour.
I don't understand the eyebrows bit - what happens to their eyebrows during a show? Bleached to make a blank canvas.
Oh wow, that's crazy! Do they fall out after a lot of bleaching? Surprisingly not yet, will report back when they do.
Have you been offered money or may be a job or a gig for sex? Never been offered money for sex or a job.
American here, what the ever loving fuck is a Bloor and Dufferin? Hahaha an intersection. Not the skeeziest in Toronto, but, for some reason, the place I've been propositioned the most.
Is it true, what BNL say, that the intersection of Jane and St. Clair is the most beautiful intersection in Toronto (or something like that)? No, they LIED. But they were right about the west end being awesome.
Do you ever think a designer who you have to wear is completely insane and you think what you are wearing is ridiculous? My favorite thing? When I was doing looks for prada and they draped me in this peach cape. I was surprised I liked it, because It was very feminine, something I don't usually like.
Most ridiculous thing you have ever wore? Most ridiculous?
Your favorite thing you have ever wore? Hair extensions down to my ass, no shirt, tropical flowers in my hair and multicolored skinny jeans.
Do you think shows like "America's Next Top Model" help or hurt mainstream views of what 'modelling' really is like? Ohhhhhh, definatly hurt. It's like people knowing all about teachers watching "The Magic School Bus" or knowing about being a waitress at a shitty coffee place in NYC by watching "Freinds" ; it's going to look a lot easier than it is.
What's the ideal gig for a model? Campaign for sure. High profile, high paying. Bonus points for a perfume campaign by a well known brand.
What's a campaign? Like being the model for some perfume or brand of clothes or something? Appearing in an advertisement for a specific brand or product. It pays well because of usage fees.
I think I have some more. Do you see any other ethnicities in your line of work? Or is it generally mainly Caucasians? Mainly Caucasian. Unfourtunatly, I feel like the women of different ethnicities are hired so they seem more diverse in their tastes, not because their tastes are truly diverse. Not something I agree with of course, just something I notice.
How long did you train for the catwalk/other skills necessary to model? Hence my poor performance on my first runway and the look of sheer terror.
Oh man. Brave soul. o: How long did it take for you to become accustomed to the work and runways? Im still a little nervous each time. Getting easier though.
A RUNWAY, THANK YOU! I know this word, why I used every other word to describe it boggles me. Also, I'm sorry for your embarrassment. Now im wondering if a model has too many fails on the runway, does that severely affect her chances of being hired? I can't really think of any girl who has fallen many times. Even the greats take a spill sometimes though. I know Jessica Stam has at least one tumble under her belt.
I know you haven't done a ton of shoots and don't have a bunch of model friends...BUT for lingerie/swim/nudes does the photog/agent tell you what to do with the lady bush? or is that usually left to the girl's personal preference? It's common curtesy to always keep everything groomed, from nails, to armpits, to lady bushes.
Who is your favorite photographer to work with (personality wise) Can you show us your favorite image shot of you? Personality wise? My dad. Favorite picture of me? this one
Well... uhhh.... what exactly IS so hard about it? (no offense) The hours, the loneliness, the pressure. The age at which so many girls are and the very adult descisions they have to make. The pressure about your figure. Half are saying too skinny, half are saying too fat. The judgement from other people regarding your profession. The idea that we have a simple job, when there is more to it. It's not nessecarily how hard it is, it's how everyone sees it as the easiest job in the world.
Wouldn't wearing a fur coat in 30 degree weather be nice? I think we're working off different temperature systems here.
Oh, Canada! God I could go for a Timmy's right now.
Http:// I'm in Milan. Haven't been to North America in 3 months.
do you mean a "real" one North of the border? Please send Timmy's.
LOL, you're in Milan and lamenting not having Timmy's? I'm in SoCal, so nowhere near one, but if I could send you some, what would you want? SoCal? I would love a large French vanilla please. Or a medium double double.
Do you know any plus size models? I want to get into that but I'm scared to start? any advice? I don't know any plus size models personally, but I have heard good things about Wilhelmina in NYC! Good luck!
Since you're from Toronto, anything there? I think Elmer might have a plus size division, I would do some snooping.
OK, another question? Ever been totally starstruck in the presence of another model? If yes, who? I don't really know models, even now. But I do remember the day someone told me that woman I had been working with was THE Muccia Prada. Suddenly had to do a brain scan to see if I said anything or did anything ever. It's actually a common problem with me. I don't think you'll know who Russel Marsh is, but he's a very top notch casting director, and I didn't understand his influence so I kid around with him and told him he looked like Michael Cane. Got the job anyways.
What's the most awesomest swag you have scored during the fashion week? I know a lot of designers tend to give a goodies in lieu of cash payment, how do you feel about it? I worked mostly for one company who didn't give things away, but the best was this place called modellounge in NYC at union square. Free magazines, full use of laptops, water, snacks, a place to hang out inbetween castings. Amazing. So nice since I lived up at 49th and 3rd.
You've already mentioned that most models get scouted, but is there anything else one can do to 'break into' the industry, like directly contacting a modeling agency? Or should one just walk around wearing the hippest clothes? You can definatly walk into a modeling agency. I got scouted, then truned down many times by one agency, so I walked into another one. So i was a half half.
How many fees does the agency take out of your paycheck? Also does every agency you are signed to get a cut of the money you make off of a job? The agency takes a percentage, depending on the country theyre from. And the agency that books me gets the cut, and my mother agency receives 10 percent of that. Or so I'm told.
How much is your dignity worth? Like getting undressed ?? Well I haven't done nudes yet, and as I mentioned before, if there was a serious shoot, with artistic potential, I would talk it over with my dad first and get his opinion. If at any time I changed my mind and felt uncomfortable, I would speak up. Also, I don't know why people are down voting. Legitimate question. I have a friend who has done French playboy, and the pictures are beautiful. I fully support her decision to do it.
How's the food usually backstage? It depends. One story though, which you reminded me of, more of a rant to be honest. So most models eat healthy so they don't HAVE to succumb to eating disorders. I would rather eat tons of healthy food and feel great then eat a little junk food and feel terrible. Logic. I should also note that the vast majority of models are vegetarian. Anyways, some genius decides to order about 20 pepperoni pizzas. We all looked like dipshits because we're not eating pizza like "anorexic models" when a pizza is really not what we want when they're sticking us in a skintight dress to go out on the runway. The perfect food is usually wraps, fruit, veggies, COFFEE salads, chickpeas, rice, basically just good food. (the coffee is the most important.)
"COFFEE salads?" "LEMON curry?" Coffee salads would be the staple food of a model if they existed.
Have you ever been to Huh. No I have not. Good. Now they know I'm a nerd. Not that the buffy thing didn't tip them off.
Runway show makeup artists - do they wash their brushes/hands between girls? They dip the brushes in an alcohol solution, bust some of them dont. Freaks me out.
Also How on earth do girls keep their hair healthy after the amount of styling it goes through during fashion month? My hair thankfully doesn't get styled too much, so I can't report on that. Possibly hair masks?
So, the "Poloroids" on your model profile page. Are they really Poloroids? What's the point of having them in addition to, and separate from, your portfolio pictures? Because protfolio pictures are always always always photoshopped. Polaroids are the opposite. It lets them know what you really look like. Nessesary for shows.
I know I, myself, would never be allowed into it, because while I am average in weight, i'm only 5'5''. That being said, do you think it is the models who contribute to this system of belief; that people of average to a bit larger than average size are not beautiful enough to walk the runway? No offense taken, I think that the only reason they have to be so tiny is because, first off, the clothes are made to one size, and secondly, the advertisers, at the end of the day, are selling youth and beauty.
is it a combination of the people hiring the models, models, advertisers, ect? I don't know why we associate extreme thinness with beauty, but we do.
how do you see that problem, as a model in the industry? I don't think anyone looks down on people who are a bit larger than average, save for some girls who got to their weight through an eating disorder and have a skewed relationship with weight.
Do you look down on people who are aren't quite up to modelling standards, or do other models? I hope that answers some questions.
I have to travel quite a bit and sometimes have to attend 'society events' or parties. would it be strange for me to 'hire' a model to accompany me? If I were to approach you, how would you react to this? As a non-sexual date? Hmmm. Very doable I think, but you would have to familiarize yourself with a modeling agency, or one specific booker. I would suggest NOT taking any girls under the age of 21/22 who are a little older, know whats going on etc. expect them to turn you down thinking you want sex. Also, depending on the event, promoters might be bringing models, but I don't know how old they'd be,
Would you work nude with Terry Richardson if offered the opportunity? I have no idea. I'd probably talk it over with my dad first to be honest, get his opinion.
Quick question, how tall are you? 5'10 and a half. (apparently the half is important)
Have you met Miranda Kerr? No I have not. I hear she's a total sweetheart though. My roommate loves her for her yoga enthusiasm.
What kind of places were you scouted in? Like walking around in the mall? Down the street, in a bookstore, my local Starbucks, just places I happen to be.
How did you get started in this? Also I like burgers. Kept getting scouted since I was 14, it kind of fell on me. Harvey's has the best veggie burgers. Especially hooker Harvey's.
Uh...I didn't know that they had recruiters...Like sports almost? Yes. Exactly. Only you look for models in the wild.
What's your impression of photographers? What sets apart good ones from bad ones? Heart. Soul, passion. The best photographers will tell me what they want, and I'll explore it, the not-so-great ones will already know the exact pose they want you to be in.
What's the money like? Pretty good. About €500 average per show and €100 for a days shoot, but the sky is the limit.
Have you seen the movie scott pilgrim vs the world? Yes. Of course. I watched them film fake winter in the Annex.
Of course I can't think of anything exciting to ask you right now. But who's your male model roomie? Lukas bossert, ladyboner winner extraordinaire.
Pics or it didn't happen. surely OP will deliver
Does he tan? how do male models stay so damn bronzed? His skin tone is actually naturally like that. Very curious to see what happens when he tans o_0.
So, how big is the drug problem in the model industry. $10k worth of cocaine a day? I can't tell you dollars, as I don't do it myself. I have no idea.
What did you like best about tokyo? I'm moving there in March. How polite everyone was, how I got free drinks everywhere I went, the low low low crime rate. Plus it's a crazy crazy city! I was only there for 3 days. Enjoy!
What is your favorite city to visit on your modeling adventures? Milan, hands down. Tokyo was a blast and a half though.
How tall are you, how much do you weigh, and what is your bust / waist / hip size? 5'10 1/2, no idea how much I weigh or what my bust/ waist / hip size is. Should be on my compmcard. Any reason, out of curiosity?
What % of models would you say are coked up psychos? I don't think I could tell you, to be honest. A lot of them. More than there should be. More than in most industries save for film and prostitution.
Is it strange to think that you're going to make lots of money just because you're tall and thin? Very surreal.
Haha, In Milan I always feel ugly and unfashionable, thanks to damn kids like you flying in from around the world and getting paid to be photographed. Passive-agressive attack on the fashion industry aside, I was wondering how much of Italy or Lombardia you have explored? For me and many Italians, Milan is really quite an average city - so this always interests me. Also, do you plan to relocate wherever your work is, or do you intend to maintain a base of sorts where you are now? I'm in porta romana, but I always kick myself that I haven't traveled Italy yet. I still haven't been to Verona, Roma, Venice, Naples, etc. I can't leave Italy with out seeing all these places! But I have no idea what my future holds at the moment. We'll see,
Madison! I barely know you, but we are facebook friends because of a guy I used to date. Anyway, I just wanted to say great AMA! Congrats on your success, I wish you all the best. I do have a question- what are you thinking when you are in front of a camera? I also feel shy and awkward- how do you make that not show up on your face? Hey! Damn, I'm trying to think now, prayer for Owen Meany reference. Hmmm. Is it through Paul? Thanks! It went a lot better than expected to be honest. As for the question, I think about the "mood " the photographer gives me. If i need to be happy, I think about being on the patio of axis with a ceasar on a summers day. If I need to be angry, honestly? I think about how pissed I am that I cant really do a good angry face. Usually turns out all right. But sometimes there are no-brainier shoots, and it's usually just normal brain function. Song lyrics, dinner plans, embarrassing memories, once, the photographer took a picture of my involuntary wince at an embarrassing memory. It was pretty funny. And for your last comment, my dad is a photographer, so I grew up around cameras. That helped a lot! Also remembering how you see yourself 10x worse than everybody else sees you. So if you think you look awesome, you probably look superfuckingawsome. Oh, the suspense is killing me! Who are you?
What kind of workout routine do you do? Personally? I used to be a cross-country runner, so I run for about an hour a day, and I'm currently trying to correct my knock-knees, so leg lifts, and occasional yoga with my roommate. I also do core workouts, depending on how my energy levels are after my run. If I don't have any energy after, it usually means I didn't eat a big enough breakfast.
Normal people: do they have any chance hitting on a model? Do you have any funny stories of people trying to attempt such endeavors? Of course, models are people, And honestly, models date more "regular people" than other models.
How much money do you get? Well some of the lesser known models make very little money, but per job? No. It means they're agent isn't very reputable. Even "average" models can easily pocket €200 for a job. Easily.
Also, some famous model, maybe Kate Moss, once said that a lot of people think models are dumb, but it's just because they don't eat, like "how smart are you going to be if you've eaten one banana in the last 24 hours?". Is that true in your experience? But in my experience, the kindest, most open, and smartest models were the top models I met.
€200 is about $300? What's that as an hourly rate? And how many of those jobs can you do in a day? About two, three if you're ambitious. But two max really,
It's hard to imagine anyone who sat in those shlumpy old couches now walking for Prada, haha! Though I can think of 5 weirder moments with Rob just off the top of my head. Did you used to work at Kaplansky's? Were you a waitress? Hahaha, I never worked at Kaplansky's. Although, now that I think about it, in the student lounge at the nook is where I got my signature short haircut that I've had ever since. Huh.
Really? I've been hearing from a lot of people that 14-16 is the time to start and 18-20 is WAY too old and you've gotta be super special to get in. Jesus, am I just hanging around a bunch of haters? Well now that more and more clients like to go with girls a bit older, no. It's not too old.
Do you think your a beautiful model compared to your model friends/co workers? There is nothing more evident to me now that beauty is so, so subjective.
Can you turn left? :) Never heard that one before. :D.
Same here! :D. After my own heart.
Describe your perfect Sunday. Wake up, hour run after a breakfast prepared by and had with my roommate, (he's an amazing cook) After my run, I would go to Arnold's coffee for a soy chai tea latte. I would then take my latte to-go and head to duomo with my tea and just sit and watch it, especially at around 3/4. The way the sun hits it as its going down is incredible. I would then come home and reddit for an hour then FaceTime with my Dad. Lukas, my roommate, would cook us dinner, and share it with me and my friends as he puts on Hans Zimmer (he recently got obsessed) while all of us eat, smoke, drink wine and talk. Then bedtimes. Boom. Perfect Sunday. EDIT: Formatting.
Ganz schön! Is that for me or my roommate?
Sie! But I don't understand German!
What's your number? 867-5309.
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