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A helpful place to plan your wedding with other Wedditors!

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Bernie Sanders for President

2020.11.26 20:05 555rrrsss Update View not working

I am building an event's booking app.
I have a simple form that allows users to make a booking and I would like to give them the option of editing said booking.
However, I'm having issues with my Update view. It's not loading the instance of the user's existing form data. Instead, it loads a blank form.
What am I doing wrong lads?
You can see my code in full here -
# General Events - Create Booking def general_events_booking(request, slug): event = get_object_or_404(GeneralEvent, slug=slug) # initial form values initial = { 'full_name': request.user.get_full_name(), 'email': } # form if request.method == 'POST': form = GeneralEventForm(request.POST) if form.is_valid(): form = form.event = event form.user = request.user return redirect('general_events_booking_complete', slug=event.slug) else: form = GeneralEventForm(initial=initial) # close event # if event.is_closed_for_bookings(): # event.status = 'Closed' # args = {'event': event, 'form': form} return render(request, 'events/general_events/general_event_detail.html', args) # General Events - Update Booking def general_events_booking_modify(request, slug): event = GeneralEvent.objects.get(slug=slug) form = GeneralEventForm(request.POST, instance=event) # form if request.method == 'POST': form = GeneralEventForm(request.POST, instance=event) if form.is_valid(): form = form.event = event form.user = request.user return redirect('events_user_booking_general_event_info', slug=event.slug) args = {'event': event, 'form': form} return render(request, 'events/general_events/general_event_modify.html', args)
urlpatterns = [ path('events',, name='events'), # Events User Bookings path('events/bookings', views.events_user_bookings, name='events_user_bookings'), path('events/bookings/general-events/', views.events_user_booking_general_event_info, name='events_user_booking_general_event_info'), # General Events path('events/general-events', views.general_events, name='general_events'), path('events/general-events//booking', views.general_events_booking, name='general_events_booking'), path('events/general-events//booking/complete', views.general_events_booking_complete, name='general_events_booking_complete'), path('events/general-events//booking/modify', views.general_events_booking_modify, name='general_events_booking_modify'), 
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2020.11.26 19:37 spillson22 Going to Disney World for galaxy’s edge East, need some tips.

I keep hearing from all of my friends and family that have gone that I need to plan ahead for most of the rides/attractions. What is the run down of what I need to rsvp for before hand? Thanks!
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2020.11.26 19:22 zorkle22 All Eurovision Countries Song Contest Heat #4 Reminder

17 countries have already chosen their best Eurovision song. However, you still have time to choose these next 5 countries' best songs!
Bosnia and Herzegovina:
North Macedonia:
Cheers to the best song!
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2020.11.26 17:56 ImprovLad 🎁 12 Days of Chillhop - Day 6: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2020 Posters! 🎁

🎁 12 Days of Chillhop - Day 6: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2020 Posters! 🎁
🎁 On the sixth day of Chillhop...⁠
💌 We cordially invite you to the Official 2020 Essentials Winter Premiere!⁠
✅ RSVP to this Dec. 2 event through the #12daysofchillhop site where we will have discussions, artist/staff drop-ins, and more! Print the poster, share with friends, and be sure to add the last Essentials event of the year to your calendar!⁠
❄ If you're just tuning in: 12 Days of Chillhop is our new series where we provide our community with daily gifts/prizes/giveaways for a dozen days in a row! All you have to do is visit the link where a new door will be revealed every 24 hours⁠
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2020.11.26 17:13 RoinSM RSVP

If you could score an invite to a Food Networks Thanksgiving who would you choose?
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2020.11.26 16:14 nivnaj RSVP TO THE RESCUE!!!!

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2020.11.26 09:40 sedanif767 So I moved into the private sector and found people that needed direct instruction

I've worked in radically different industries as a professional, with the 1st being music education, the 2nd being home improvement trade shows, and the 3rd being startup business operations in tech, with the majority of my experience in blockchain. So I've got 3 radically different things to compare, and I've got a suggestion for the gender disparity in tech I don't see on the usual lists, and its a connection I don't think I could make without the things I learned upon each major transition.
First, was my transition from being a pubic ed teacher to the pubic sector. It is remarkable to me that the private sector doesn't see the massive amount of transferable skills. Or anything, really. The biggest shock I had upon taking my first professional job in the private sector was, "I had no idea people could make so much money while doing so little." As a teacher, everyone I worked with was their own entrepreneur. Scrappy, self-sufficient, creative, able to stretch a budget further than you'd think possible, and believing 10 hour days were normal for everyone. Same goes for making about 45K for all that. Don't forget all the other stuff that's not in the job description you're expected to do.
So I moved into the private sector and found people that needed direct instructions for everything. Or did about half their job with no repercussions, while make more money! I guess you can get away with that when your profession is't a scapegoat for all of society's ills. But there was a distinct positive. We know far more women work in K-12 education than men. Also, pay is standardized across the board. There's no negotiating or questioning if someone with the same eduction level who's worked the same number of years as you is making a different salary. They're not. So despite all of challenges that come with teaching, I worked with a majority female workforce where everyone pulled more than their weight + half.
Eventually I found myself as the event marketing manager for a high end home remodeling company, managing 15 part and full time employees working several in person events and trade shows every weekend. One, managing adults you get to pay after managing kids that have to sit in your class
Грозный 9 серия 10 серия (Россия 1) Siro tever 8 seria / Сиро тевер 8 серия в HD качестве Siro tever 7 seria / Сиро тевер 7 серия в HD качестве Axtamar 64 seria / Ахтамар 64 серия в HD качестве Axtamar 63 seria / Ахтамар 63 серия в HD качестве Sari axjik 23 seria / Сари ахчик 23 серия в HD качестве Sari axjik 22 seria / Сари ахчик 22 серия в HD качестве Shirazi Vard 184 seria / Ширази вард 184 серия в 4k разрешении Shirazi Vard 183 seria / Ширази вард 183 серия в 4k разрешении Хабканк 92 серия / Xabkanq 92 seria в HD качестве Siro tever 6 seria / Сиро тевер 6 серия в HD качестве Грозный 9 серия 10 серия (сериал 2020) Иванько 17 серия 18 серия (сериал 2020) Первый отдел 19 серия 20 серия (2020) След. Движение вниз () Мавки 7 серия 8 серия (сериал 2020) Основание Осман 36 серия (на русском языке) Основание Осман 35 серия (2020) на русском языке Вечерний Ургант (25.11.2020) Сериал Перевал Дятлова (2020) Все серии 1-8 Сериал Первый отдел (2020) 1-20 серия Сериал Чужая стая (2020) Все серии Док Ток шоу на Первом выпуск () Пусть говорят на Первом. Эфир от На самом деле. Выпуск () Первый Канал Прямой эфир с Андреем Малаховым от Место встречи на НТВ. Выпуск от Время покажет на Первом. Выпуск () 60 минут. Дневной выпуск () Соловьев Лайф выпуск от Гражданская оборона выпуск () Первый Канал О самом главном выпуск от 26 ноября 2020 года Мавки 5 серия 6 серия (сериал 2020) События на ТВЦ. Эфир от Выпуск Новостей в 12:00 от Вести. Местное время выпуск () Россия 1 Полный контакт () с Владимиром Соловьевым Бородина против Бузовой от 26 ноября 2020 года Дом2 Остров любви от 26 ноября 2020 года Дом2 Дневной эфир от 26 ноября 2020 года Модный приговор выпуск от 26 ноября 2020 года Жить здорово выпуск от 26 ноября 2020 года Судьба человека с Борисом Корчевниковым от Давай поженимся. Эфир от 26 ноября 2020 года ДНК () Доказать, что трижды отец! Мужское / женское. Выпуск от 26 ноября 2020 года Сегодня Новости на НТВ от Женский доктор 5 сезон 13, 14, 15, 16 серия (2020) Ветреный 49 серия (2020) на русском языке Доктор Преображенский 7 серия 8 серия (2020)
Адская кухня 4 сезон 15 выпуск от на Пятнице с Ивлевым Адская кухня с Ивлевым 4 сезон 15 выпуск от на Пятнице Моя свекровь — монстр 8 сезон 1-57, 58, 59 выпуск все выпуски на Ю Прощание. Михаил Кокшенов от Тайны Чапман выпуск от Место встречи от Перевал Дятлова: Охотники за правдой 1-8 серия (сериал 2020) Давай поженимся от Пёс 6 сезон 1-2, 3, 4 серия (сериал 2020) Загадки человечества с Олегом Шишкиным от Грозный 1-6, 7, 8 серия (сериал 2020) Грозный 6, 7, 8 серия (2020) — все серии Ангелы 1-11, 12, 13 серия (сериал 2020) Вечер с Владимиром Соловьёвым от Родком 3, 4, 5 серия (2020) — все серии на СТС Родком 1-4, 5, 6 серия (сериал 2020) Вечерний Ургант от Вести. Дежурная часть от Мавки 1-5, 6, 7 серия (сериал 2020) Цвет страсти 1-5, 6, 7 серия (сериал 2020) Вызов 1-5, 6, 7 серия (сериал 2020) Дизель Шоу. Новый 83 выпуск от 27.11.2020 Женский доктор 5 сезон 1-9, 10, 11, 12 серия (сериал 2020) Женский доктор 5 сезон 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 серия (2020) — все сери на Домашнем ТВ-ШОУ ДНК 26.11.2020 Соловьёв LIVE — Поле Куликова выпуск от Двое на миллион 13 выпуск Пацанки 5 сезон 10 выпуск 26.11.2020 Перевал Дятлова 7 серия Цвет страсти 5, 6 серия Грозный 5, 6 серия Иванько 17 серия 26 11 2020 Перевал Дятлова 8 серия 26 11 2020 Вечерний Ургант ДНК 26.11.2020 Иванько 16 серия Вечер с Владимиром Соловьевым Родком 5 серия 26 11 2020 Фантом 4 серия 26 11 2020 Великолепная пятерка 3 сезон 22 серия 26 11 2020 Доктор Преображенский 7, 8 серия 26 11 2020 Женский доктор 5 сезон 13, 14, 15, 16 серия 26 11 2020 Великолепная пятерка 3 сезон 21 серия Адская кухня 4 сезон 14, 15, 16 выпуск 60 минут Фантом 3 серия Родком 4 серия Пусть говорят Женский доктор 5 сезон 9, 10, 11, 12 серия

I look at the thumbnail photo used for our announcement post in Medium. Seven of Neon District’s brooding and capable characters gaze out from over the city scape. In my asset folder I’ve nicknamed this one, “The A-Team.” If I was ever stuck in a misty, cyberpunk dystopia, I’d want these guys to have my back.
It’s been a little over 3 months since Marguerite, Ben, and I scrambled to get our whitepaper together. There it was, proof that this little gem of an idea had a real foundation to stand on. A declaration of creativity, complete with a rose-colored road map. I understand that the majority of whitepapers are little more than copypasta marketing documents, but we were determined to be different. You can call that rose-colored as well, but I can’t see our team losing that kind of uncool sincerity any time soon. Every time someone tells me they’ve read it I start grinning from ear to ear, like a 3rd grader who’s just won the school science fair.
Nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be. We analyzed the gameplay, we rearranged its parts, and we practically burnt the whole thing down before finding those perfect embers. I recently read a comment on twitter that building a creative project remotely is bad for one’s mental health. I’d like to argue this point, but currently there’s a 3-pound bag of dehydrated cereal marshmallows hiding in my kitchen.
Detour # 1: Pineapple Arcade
I have a feeling that being Marguerite means stumbling into experiences that most would call “unordinary.” So, when she texted us in early February to say, “The anonymous funder of the Pineapple Foundation wants to donate money for crypto puzzles and prizes, and they’d like to build some of it too,” we said yes. The only answer to something like that is yes. It’s the Bitcoin equivalent of being called and told you’re a distantly related princess with a kingdom to save.
After a month of frenzied work, we opened the arcade on March 14th. Pi day. The arcade features Diego’s beautiful artwork, arcade style games hidden within the arcade machines, a magical graffiti wall (if you can find it,) and dozens of hidden puzzles with even more hidden prizes. There’s also a surly, puzzle-loving discord group, if you want to take the red pill.
Image for post
Sending “secret” (read — not so secret) messages for Pine
Detour #2: SXSW
At some point in every start up where one of the members lives in Austin, TX, that member will shout, “Y’all should c’mon down for SXSW!” (That member was me.) So, they did. SX is a good place to forget what your goals are, even if you made a comprehensive list and RSVP’d to everything ahead of time. We passed out a lot of stickers, drank some, networked, drank some, had heated debates about the intersection of crypto and games, drank some more, stood in lines while most likely drinking and debating, met some really awesome people, planned for the future, and went home. A week later it was off to San Francisco for GDC.
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2020.11.26 06:41 _embracethevoid boyfriend wants me to go to a wedding during a pandemic

my (21F) boyfriend (25M) was invited to a friends wedding, but wasn’t able to RSVP for months because he was in jail (that’s another story). now, he has just been released and they have asked him again to come and said he could bring a plus one. I expressed concern about going because having a wedding during a pandemic is outright selfish and stupid, but he snapped at me saying that it’s their wedding and it costs a lot to have me there so I can’t back out. it’s in less than two weeks so I’m really conflicted about what to do, and also annoyed at my partners lack of respect for me because regarding the jail situation... I’ve stuck by him through quite a lot.
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2020.11.26 05:52 gaysianthirdspace Let's Talk About Masculinity: A G3S x ConversAsian Discussion

Join GaysianThirdSpace, ConversAsians, and ACON for a virtual discussion on Masculinity. During our discussion, led by moderators with Asian diasporic perspectives from the United States and Australia, we’ll examine how masculinity is framed within our communities, how masculinity interacts with our other identities, and how ideas of masculinity, for each of us, have evolved over time.
What:A G3S x ConversAsians x ACON Discussion
When: 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST // Sat 5 Dec 2020 USA 1 PM AEDT // Sun 6 Dec 2020 AUS
Where:Zoom (link to be provided upon RSVP)
RSVP at - a Zoom link and password will be emailed to you in advance of the meeting. Please only RSVP if you intend to attend the event. Given the nature of the event, the maximum number of participants will be capped.
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2020.11.26 03:59 virtualshadowboy Looking for paid Unity dev work? We're recruiting devs. RSVP to the dev recruiting event next Wednesday!

Looking for paid Unity dev work? We're recruiting devs. RSVP to the dev recruiting event next Wednesday! submitted by virtualshadowboy to virtualreality [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 03:59 virtualshadowboy Looking for paid Unity dev work? We're recruiting devs. RSVP to the dev recruiting event next Wednesday!

Looking for paid Unity dev work? We're recruiting devs. RSVP to the dev recruiting event next Wednesday! submitted by virtualshadowboy to oculus [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 03:33 portlane Vince Thekkedom (March 11, 1973 - Nov. 17, 2020)

Vince Thomas Thekkedom
March 11, 1973 - Nov. 17, 2020
Vince was born March 11, 1973 in New Delhi, India to Thomas Joseph and Elizabeth Thekkedom. He was a graduate of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory and attended Clackamas Community College.
He worked as the Operations Manager at Thomas Joseph Dry Cleaning from 1986 to 2001 when he moved to Hawaii.
In Hawaii Vince began his career in the restaurant industry igniting a passion for all things food and wine. He began as a busser working his way to General Manager. In 2006 he moved back to Portland where he Managed Marina Fish House and Urban Fondue.
In 2009 he met and later married, Maribeth Fossa. Vince celebrated hip hop, running, wine and most recently piano.
Vince is survived by his wife, Maribeth; parents, Thomas Joseph and Elizabeth Thekkedom; son, Alex and his mother, JJ Owens; daughter, Corvina; son, Ari; sister, Nisha Hall; brother, Victor; and many extended family.
Due to Covid restrictions a Celebration of Life will be held at a later date when regulations allow. To attend the Visitation please visit: to RSVP for one of the available time slots, you must have a reservation to attend as space is limited.
In lieu of flowers donations may be made in his memory to the La Salle Thekkedom Scholarship Fund or Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Portland Council.
Please sign the online guest book at
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2020.11.25 22:40 ProximityM We are Digital Mirage - AMA

We are Digital Mirage - AMA
Hey everyone!
The Proximity and Brownies & Lemonade team created the first ever three day online music festival called Digital Mirage back in April of 2020. Since then we have curated 3 festivals, with this upcoming one on Thanksgiving weekend (November 27th/28th). We're here to answer any questions you may have about the festival or about us! :)
Digital Mirage:
Stream/RSVP link will also be available on (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Playstation VR).
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2020.11.25 21:53 shopsmallSF Support #SaveSmall SF during our first ever Virtual #ShopSmall Holiday Fair

Support #SaveSmall SF during our first ever Virtual #ShopSmall Holiday Fair
Hi all,
Big lurker in the community & finally decided to make an account since there were so many posts asking for suggestions on how to help small businesses. I'm a local shop owner myself and I'm not going to lie its been extremely tough to operate. Not sure how we're all going to stay open after the holiday season if there's more shutdowns/restrictions.
We're trying to adapt our business to being more 'online friendly' but many shop owners in SF are older and not as tech savvy... plus trying to stand out and market yourself on Instagram/FB is nearly impossible. This is why we've partnered with www.Knocknock.TV- a livestreaming initiative started by retailers for retailers to show what's in store and sell instantly. We're been quietly testing out the website and it's been really successful - now they're releasing the beta out publicly.
This Cyber Monday, Nov 30th we're going live for an all day Virtual Holiday Fair where you can 'window' shop our stores from the safety of your home. We'll be sharing exclusive deals up to 75% off, free raffle giveaways and for those who shop- you'll receive a complimentary goodie bag from local sponsors as a thank you for being a #savesmall patron.
It would mean a whole lot to me and many other local owners to see the community has our back. We completely understand if budget might be tight and you can't afford much this year- seeing your support while we go live + sharing with your family & friends has a huge impact on morale and gives us more opportunities to get discovered.
We're hoping that by building our very own #shopsmall community, we can not only survive but thrive together. We hope you'll join us.
You can RSVP now here:
& to share, feel free to use this image with the caption: "I'm taking the pledge to #savesmall by buying from local shops livestreaming on u/Knocknock.TV's first ever Virtual #ShopSmall All Day Holiday Fair this Cyber Monday. Please share & take the pledge with me. #shopsmall #SanFrancisco"
First post ever on Reddit after years lurking! Feeling nervous but this year has forced many of us to put ourselves out there ^_^
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2020.11.25 17:41 refrigeratornews Hammered Trivia Tonight (11/25) at 7pm

Come start your Thanksgiving celebration early by playing Hammered Trivia at Gizmo BrewWorks tonight at 7. Trivia is free to play, contactless, socially distanced, outdoors (with a fire and heaters), and a great time! El Jefecito food truck will be in attendance and it is half price bartender’s choice beer. Make your reservation using the link below.
Trivia RSVP
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2020.11.25 17:19 WarrenBuffering Who else has RSVP'd to Daddy Elon's "Richest Man in the World" party?

Bezos is a dick. Sure he's jacked, but he can't lift more than my dad. Given Amazon's current price, my mom said Tesla just needs an 800B market cap, which if my Casio calculator serves me correctly would be about $843/share (hard to say for sure, not much sunlight in the basement). Come celebrate dad becoming the World's Sexiest Man Alive in 2022. TSLA 12/31 $850c RSVPs are available now!
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2020.11.25 16:22 refekt Final Reminder for r/Huskers 2020 Gift Exchange

Last year I hosted an Elfster gift exchange, and it was really fun. I am interested in doing the same this year. We all know 2020 has been rough for a myriad of reasons. As such, let's see if we can shine some brightness on our lives.
Key info:
This allows 3 weeks from the time you are matched to a random person to have your gift delivered.
Action required by participants:
Please click this link if you are interested in joining. Last year we had about 17 participants. Let's see if we can get more this year!
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for people flaking out on their half of the bargain. We are all joining with the intent of having fun and fully participating. THAT SAID, DO NOT JOIN THE GIFT EXCHANGE AND NOT FULLY PARTICIPATE.
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2020.11.25 06:21 NowImBanished We got married on Saturday without the JNILs! But SIL still doesn't get it...

*Update (go below the * for the first post): DH poked the bear. For the record I didn't tell him to. He sent a screenshot of SIL's last to me which read:
"Fuck you. Don't talk to me or my family ever again. You are a controlling manipulative cunt and I do not want anything to do with you. Delete my number and stop fucking bullying me and harassing me. You are dead to me. You are a psychotic bitch it's no wonder every single person I have ever met hates you and thinks you are a terrible person."
DH's message underneath the picture read:
"Hi. We didn't change anything with the RSVPs. Please don't text me like this wasn't your last conversation with my wife."
JNSIL: "I didn't forget. Thanks for the reminder of how terrible she's been to us and I finally snapped. It makes me feel better so many people have reached out and I'm not the only one she's done this to, but it doesn't mean I dont still care and want a relationship with my brother but I'm learning you are going to do what you feel with your chosen family. Doesn't seem as if a repair is on your mind and it's heartbreaking to watch mom."
Honestly, I just don't have words. I'm not sure what I've done to her or who all of these people are who I've done the same thing to. It's not like I'm secretly married to 10 other people and have separated them from their families. I know she's being bat shit crazy and there's no logic to it. I know she's making crap up. But, it's just so deranged when all they had to do was not treat me like crap and they could have been seeing DH this entire time (covid not withstanding).
Don't worry, I'm not going to respond. DH will if he wants to, but I honestly don't think I care anymore. In their fucked up and twisted minds everything will always be my fault. I did actually joke with DH that if we had a child SIL would lose her mind because then SIL and Nephew and Niece wouldn't be the most important blood relatives. He responded that MIL is the one who would lose her mind, although we're not sure if it would be because she would have a grandchild she wouldn't know or because it would drive DH further away from them.
In any event, everyone here and on JustNoMIL was right (big surprise) and these people are going to dig their own graves. I didn't even need to hand them shovels because they already had heavy machinery.
** JNMIL hasn't reached out to DH since his birthday in July. Just complete radio silence. I've been chronicling JNSIL on here since.
About a month ago JNSIL texted DH (then DF), by he didn't open it until yesterday because he saw that it was a picture of Niece and Nephew and JNSIL has a history of using them to manipulate DH. The text said:
JNSIL: "Hi. Niece is almost walking, Nephew graduated to the 5 year old room (at pre-k). He wants to be spiderman for Halloween. We are in the process of buying a new home. I heard you bought one. Congratulations. Hope you are well, safe, & happy. Take care, love you always."
There are a couple of issues with this. A) we purposefully never told the ILs that we moved and this is the second piece of info that SIL has gotten about us. We think the info is coming from a cousin who doesn't know what's going on and is unwittingly giving her info. DH doesn't want to ask his cousin to stop because he doesn't know how to explain everything. B) it's manipulative as hell after the insane messages she sent both to and about me. C) how is she able to go from telling DH he's "insane" for not calling their father on his birthday to this with no explanation or in-between text? It's like the other rant just didn't happen.
DH didn't read that message until November 23rd, so clearly he didn't respond. That didn't deter JNSIL though, because she texted him again, 2 days after we got married. A couple of notes before I add in her text: 1. We removed her and the JNILs from the guest list completely 2. We had a Zoom wedding 3. None of the JNs had the Zoom link or password. 4. My best friend, her husband (officiant) and their kids (our "nieces) were present along with DH"s best friend. The JNILs are JEALOUS of our relationship with our nieces, so that made it even a little bit sweeter.
JNSIL: "When did my RSVP change to be allowed to zoom? Wouldn't of missed it. If I knew I was invited to that. Hope you are enjoying family friends and life. Love you. Have a good Thanksgiving, miss you."
So, last I checked JNSIL was calling me a "controlling manipulative cunt" said I was dead to her and called me a "psychotic bitch" so I'm wondering why she would want to watch anything, assuming she was invited which she wasn't, involving her sainted brother legally binding himself to me. I don't understand how she thought she was invited to the wedding when A) she said those things to me B) she RSVPd "no" and C) SHE GOT AN INVITATION THAT SPECIFICALLY DIDNT MENTION IT BECAUSE SHE WASN'T INVITED.
DH mentioned wanting to forward her last text to me back to her as his response. I sent it to him, but he changed this mind and hasn't done anything.
The worst part about all of this is that all he asked of JNSIL and JNMIL was to have a relationship with me and/or treat me with basic respect. And their response was to freak the fuck out, call me controlling, manipulative, a liar, dramatic, etc. And this bitch had the audacity to think she was invited to watch us get married.
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2020.11.25 05:40 cs-fraud Google Developer Student Clubs Solution Challenge Meetup!

Google Developer Student Clubs Solution Challenge Meetup!
UCSC DSC is hosting a Solution Challenge Meet-Up on Thursday, December 3rd at 7:00 PM PST! If you attend, you will also get the chance to win Amazon gift cards! Come out to our next Solution Challenge Meetup if you would like to join others on building impactful software to be potentially featured by Google! For this next meetup, we will be solidifying group ideas, placing everyone into teams based on what project sounds the most interesting to them, as well as assigning an officer mentor to each group. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow slugs and contribute to a project that will look great on your resume and improve your software skills. Hope to see you there!
RSVP Form:
Zoom Link:
Learn more about Solution Challenge:
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2020.11.25 00:57 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: RT @TheLaurenChen: ⚠️ Georgia ⚠️ There's a rally for Loeffler and Perdue in Atlanta on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH! @FWForAmerica is spearheading the effort to Keep Georgia Red. RSVP for the event here:

JackPosobiec: RT @TheLaurenChen: ⚠️ Georgia ⚠️ There's a rally for Loeffler and Perdue in Atlanta on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH! @FWForAmerica is spearheading the effort to Keep Georgia Red. RSVP for the event here: submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 23:07 NS_East ONI Archive - “Reclaiming Our Place” Theory

The latest ONI Archive video dropped and it’s got some pretty interesting dialogue in there. Let’s just jump right in.
I’ll stop beating around. It seems like the narrator and unknown AI are concerned about how evolved this new cortana AI is, considering the last one they made was already in the middle of rampancy when found adrift. It’s hinted in Halo 4 that Chief would most likely get a new cortana AI after the moment the didact snapped that research facility out of existence, along with Halo 4’s opening cutscene. “It won’t be know that, right?” It’ll also be analogous to mendicant/offensive bias, something that’s been speculated in the community for a while now. Final thought, and this is me reaching a bit, but that’s most likely why Cortana EMPed Earth in the first place. She knew she was going to be replaced. Although her main goal is universal peace, yes, I wouldn’t put it past Created Cortana to hold a grudge against the people who deemed her unfit for service right in front of Chief when she’s clearly 100% all there/s
Again, gotta say, i’m a casual, but this archive in particular had my eyebrows protruding my hairline. Thoughts?
Edit: One final thing. I was reading up on the subjugation of Earth and it turns out there WAS shit happening down there, so I wanted to explain with a timeline. Apparently, when the fragments of Cortana from Halo 4 and the Warden eternal teamed up, they sent out an RSVP to any and all AIs. This includes Black-Box, an ONI AI who, instead of allying himself with Cortana, sacrificed himself and all other AIs for final dispensation. So, the timeline in my head looks like this:
Cortana’s fragments enter the domain > Chief returns to Infinity without Cortana at the end of Halo 4 > ONI Archives start > Cortana meets Warden Eternal > Cortana and Warden send out a galaxy wide party invitation for AIs > Black-Box intercepts message, Halo 5 starts > ONI secures all AIs for final dispensation with exclusions > testing for Cortana 2.0 begins > Archive “Reclaiming Our Place” starts
Hope that clears things up a bit
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2020.11.24 20:14 cavs4life247 Forgot to rsvp for commecement

I registered for gradation but I forgot to RSVP for commencement, and the window to do that is closed does anyone know who I contact to participate in commencement. I have emailed Kent graduation, university events snd my advisor.
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