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Looking For Suggestions For Beginner Orchestra Scores

2020.08.25 00:05 OrangeVapor Looking For Suggestions For Beginner Orchestra Scores

Hey everyone,
I've developed a mental disorder started assembling a personal wind/string orchestra to play myself on Ableton. I've just about everything important(liszt at bottom), save a tuba, bassoon, f-horn, and some more uncommon instruments. Nothing that couldn't be covered by another instrument or electronically transposed to by a similar one. On some instruments I could pass for a professional to drunk people, but everything together sounds like a middle school band... a good one I like to think = )
Anyway, looking for suggestions on works with scores obtainable from imslp or free online to practice with. I most certainly won't be releasing to the public, so if you have anything you could share if would be very much appreciated.
Flute / Piccolo / Bass Flute / Recorde Bb Clarinet / Alto Sax / Oboe / Bansuri

Bb Trumpet / Trumbone/ Baritone

Violin / Viola / Cello / D. Bass / All Guitars / E.Bass

Snare / Ride / Crash / HiHat / Triangle / Surdo / Djembes / Cajon / Marraccas / Claves / Guiero / Tambs / Castanets

Piano / Harmonicas
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2015.02.23 23:57 Ciscobird What's your take on deaf peddlers/beggars?

Spurned by an experience I had today while eating at a fast food place (in the USA). Not the first time and certainly won't be the last time this has happened to me.
Peddlers typically go in circles, leaving a cheap trinket (usually a pen) with a small card/note attached to it at each table. The note might be either a friendly request for a "donation" for the item (I believe this is to circumvent the anti-panhandling laws) or educational in a form of manual alphabets. The peddler I encountered today used the former along with a cute smiling I-L-Y stamped image, asking for donations to "support" his family.
Before I continue with my today's experience, I'm interested in what Reddit has to say.
I am pretty sure that deaf peddlers are omnipresent, scattered all over the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. Also, I am aware of an unfortunate fact that there is a good number of unsavory hearing people seeking extra pity by masquerading as deaf people down on luck (after all, it's not too difficult to impersonate a deaf person).
I understand that deaf people have opinions, ranging from outrageous to apathy to supportive (as in hearing people deserve to be duped/taken advantage of!). So what are deaf/deaf-familiar (surdo-oikeio? koufos-oikeio? Trying to figure a neologism for a non-existent word.) Redditors' thought on this?
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