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Here is a list of the horror movies being added to US streaming services in December

2020.12.01 19:33 HardRockZombie Here is a list of the horror movies being added to US streaming services in December

This from the lists Fangoria publishes on social media, they're generally pretty accurate but unfortunately do not have the exact dates the movies will be added, and not all movies are available December 1st.
Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Lost Boys
A Blade In The Dark
Black Belly Of The Tarantula
The Case Of The Bloody Iris
The Corruption Of Chris Miller
Death Laid An Egg
The Editor
New York Ripper
Short Night Of Glass Dolls
Anything For Jackson
Let The Corpses Tan
Zombi Child
The Fifth Cord
The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave
The Red Queen Kills Seven Times
Your Vice Is A Locked Room
What Have You Done To Solange?
Eli Roth's History Of Horror Season 2
Joe Bob Saves Christmas
A Good Woman Is Hard To Find
Let Us Prey
The Pale Door
A Creepshow Holiday Special
Luz: The Flower Of Evil
The Soul Collector
Mystery Of The Wax Museum
The Reflecting Skin
Amazon Prime
Annabelle: Creation
The Crow
The Crow: City Of Angels
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Deep Blue Sea
Final Destination
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
The Final Destination
Mars Attacks!
Snakes On A Plane
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Monster House
Nocturnal Animals
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Part 4
Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist
Sleeping With The Enemy
The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor
30 Days Of Night
NOS4A2: Complete Season 2
28 Weeks Later
A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
Beyond The Woods
Down A Dark Hall
Eat Brains Love
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2020.11.16 23:34 MovieDude13 I Actually Really Enjoyed The Green Inferno (2013) (Review and Potential Spoilers)

From my Rotten Tomatoes Review page:
Eli Roth's 2013 film The Green Inferno is a gritty, disturbing, unsettling, and graphic film that will certainly upset most, if not all, of its viewers. The film has extremely graphic violence that is done very well (the gore effects look great) but it is extremely unsettling and over the top. The film lacks any theme aside from the obvious "environmentalist horror" theme which reflects upon how we as humans are destroying the planet (this is shown through the main characters' goals and protests against deforestation and such) which lies on the surface. This film basically hints at saying "just leave the amazon alone" as its theme but when you look deeper into why this film was made, the meaning makes more sense. First off, please note that this film is very similar to the films of Quentin Tarantino in the respect that the point of the film being made is that it is a love letter to a certain branch of cinema. Where Tarantino's Kill Bill (2004 - 2005) films were love letters and homages to classic martial art exploitation and spaghetti western films of the '60s and '70s, The Green Inferno is simply an homage to, specifically, the Italian cannibal exploitation films of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The film is clearly paying respect to classics such as Jungle Holocaust (1977), Cannibal Holocaust (1980), Cannibal Ferox (1981), Eaten Alive! (1980), Cut and Run (1985), and more. Chances are if you have seen and enjoy these wonderfully gory Italian flicks, you will understand this movie's existence better and will probably really enjoy this film. But aside from being a love letter to cannibalistic cinema, what was the point of this film? Does it say anything? As I mentioned earlier one of the themes is obviously tackles activism and environmentalism but that is a very shallow theme. One of the deeper themes of this film, I would say is basically ripped straight from Ruggero Deodato's 1980 controversial classic Cannibal Holocaust, where, in the last lines of the film, the main character asks himself something along the lines of: 'who were the real monsters?' (not a direct quote at all but it was in the same vein and achieves the same message/purpose). We see that even though the college students are in the Amazon for a decent purpose (at first), some of the students (specifically the despicable Alejandro) are almost just as "savage" (not a word I like to use but is used for the lack of a better word) as the cannibalistic tribe. Alejandro is played excellently by Ariel Levy and at first, he seems like your average college student who wants to make a change in the world. But once he is confronted and in danger, he starts to sabotage his classmates' plans to escape the village and even goes so far as to attack and do irrational things to the other characters to ensure his survival. His actions blur the lines between who is the real monster, the cannibalistic tribe, or the selfish sadistic students like Alejandro. Now, this theme is much less apparent than in Deodato's classic film but I would argue that it is still very relevant in Roth's homage. Now that the themes have been established and it is understood why this film was made, it is time to review what the positives and negatives of this film are. I'll begin with the positives. Roth takes a somewhat stale concept that was perfected in the 1980s by Italian filmmakers and refreshes it. It isn't the most original plot or writing but I feel that Roth and the writers of this film did an excellent job taking this old and dated concept, and moving it into the modern age with technology and the university setting and characters. The film is very well shot, the cinematography is beautiful especially the establishing helicopter shots of the Amazon. As I said earlier, the film is very well written and I think that it is also very well-paced. While I was squirming in my seat and biting my nails, I was not thinking 'man, this movie is way too long" or "this is really boring". The film does a good job of establishing its characters and their goals and progressing the story in an interesting way. It never feels completely dull or bloated. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the gore effects are top-notch. I haven't seen any behind-the-scenes footage nor am I an expert but these effects seemed practical and they worked excellently and delivered the extreme gore expected and commonly associated with these sorts of films. Next, some things that were ok, inconsistent, or could use some work. For one, the acting is not great. Don't get me wrong, there are some great moments of acting and overall it isn't terrible, but it is very inconsistent. In some scenes, the acting is brutal and very realistic but in other scenes the line delivery is awkward or the actors blocking/body language choices are just stiff and dull. Yes, this film is very graphic and disturbing but at least we finally got a solid, modern cannibal flick that didn't harm any real animals. The verdict, if you enjoy disturbing films, grindhouse films of yesteryear, or just love Eli Roth's other works like Hostel or Cabin Fever, then definitely don't miss The Green Inferno. Otherwise, maybe this film isn't for you. Proceed with caution.
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2020.09.30 18:08 iamabluehen Choosing the *right* career path?

Hello - I am currently on the job hunt. I will soon have an upper-level degree (Ph.D.) in biomedical engineering from a well-respected institution within the midwest. I am a single individual with no major debts. To date I have never seen more than 34K (pre-tax) income and where I currently live STL, MO cost of living is quite low. I am able to easily afford living on my own while maxing out a ROTH IRA and saving a bit extra on the side without only eating ramen, etc.
I have been desperately applying to jobs and postdoctoral research positions all across the United States in hopes of finding what is next, however, given the current hiring climate I have not received much interest from my applications.
I have three offers:
  1. FDA at a GS-11, 72K (pre-tax) in DC metro area. This opportunity does not intrinsically excite me, but offers stability in a turbulent climate. This is not a research based position and would serve as a departure from doing the benchwork I love.
  2. DoD contract research position "senior scientist", 95K (pre-tax) Baltimore metro area. This opportunity is exciting and in a new research area where I think I could learn a lot. However, given the contract nature of this work there is limited job security if the contract were to expire and not be renewed. This position would allow me to continue to grow as a scientist in work that I deem as meaningful.
  3. Eli Lilly post-doc, 68K in Indianapolis. I have not received a formal offer for this position but am hopeful. This work would likely be the largest departure from my current research, however, this group's focus is very important to a large clinical population. This too is a research area that is meaningful to me, but as with (2) is a fixed-term position of 2-3 years.
I want to make the right choice for my career which is hard to do, wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball sometimes? Just a few questions:
  1. What are your general thoughts/advice?
  2. How do you weigh job security w/ potential growth and intrinsic work desires?
  3. How does the cost of living factor in, are these cities places with which any of you have familiarity (hate, love, mediocre)?
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2020.08.08 01:34 Crashham TIFU by unleashing the beast waaaaaay too soon.

This happened yesterday. Recently became single again so I started a profile on several dating sites. Pretty quickly matched with a very attractive woman who lived 30 or so miles away. I figured she was one of those fake profiles. We chatted all day and her English was proper for the area. And we had chemistry.
Things progress. Soon we are texting instead of messaging on Tinder. She’s sending pics about her life and I’m sending stuff back.
We have a great phone call. After we hang up she sends some pics that aren’t nudes but are somewhat revealing and the talk turns provocative but not dirty. It’s going really well at this point.
We are both drinking and she suggests FaceTime. I’m all about it.
She looks just like her pics. She’s beautiful.
Now about me. I get to work at 5am most days. My job is somewhat physical and I’m walking 3-5 miles and often carrying 25-75 pounds. I get tired early.
We are chatting on FaceTime at nearly 10pm and I’m feeling tired and ready to crash. I set my phone on a stand so it’s framed on me in bed.
And I fell asleep. Now if I’m on my side no biggie. But I’m on my back.
This part is conjecture because obviously I’m asleep. But asleep on my back after drinking I can guarantee I was snoring like a wildebeest. I’m sure it was mouth open rock concert foundation shaking snoring.
And now she won’t answer my texts. I only sent two because I’m a proud man.
Hell I can’t blame her. I’m sure it was like a Eli Roth movie. But damn she was attractive.
TL;DR I fell asleep during FaceTime with an attractive woman causing her to ghost me because I snored like a freight train.
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2020.08.01 16:30 nextzero182 I watch a horror movie almost every day, here's everything I watched in July

(2019) The Lodge 9/10
Writedirectors Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz are back once again with their second full length project after a critically well received first film, Goodnight Mommy. While I didn’t care for their first movie, it showed an incredible amount of promise and I’m happy to say, they ditched everything I didn’t like about it when making The Lodge. This movie is fucking great. The misdirects in this story are excellent and I was blown away about how well the cinematography was used to manipulate the viewer. It feels like it’s twist after twist but in reality, nothing changes and that’s the scariest aspect to the entire movie. Every shot feels purposeful and within this winter landscape, the entire film comes off cold and unnerving. All the performances are fantastic and about as convincing as they come, especially with both the child actors. It’s tough to delve deeper without spoilers I can’t recommend this one enough.
(2019) It Chapter Two 9/10
I put this one off for so long because I loved the first and heard this was pretty much universally regarded as inferior and now I’m kicking myself for it. It embodies the heartfelt, character driven story of King’s novel so incredibly well. Every single performance by the adult actors is fantastic and as much as people didn’t like the overuse of humor, it felt like a natural evolution to me. Things were destined to be less scary with the adult characters coming into contact with an evil they’ve faced before. Beyond all the bias in this review though, the last 30-min to me were just so touching, sad and it was the culmination I was hoping for.
(2019) I See You 9/10
This film consistently surprised, disappointed and impressed me throughout its runtime based purely on my own expectations. It frankly made a fool out of me. Owen Teague is my personal highlight, I’ve been a growing fan of his acting and he totally delivers here. The film is also just very well-produced. There’s the usual intense hand-cam shots but most often, the cinematography is incredibly clean. The project’s entire length is also basically split up in half, showing the same sequence of events from two perspectives which worked incredibly well. I loved this movie and I’ll stick by my score.
(2014) The Guest 8.5/10
This movie is such a tight-knit package through-and-through. I fucking love the story, Dan Stevens is fantastic and the production was cleanly executed. I truly could stop right there but I think I should dispel one potential downfall for people. There is a bit of exposition towards the end that some people might not fuck with, but to me, it explains basically any plot hole you can think of. I guarantee this film will be just as entertaining in 30 years as it was upon its release. It’s Adam Wingard’s best film so far.
(1956) Forbidden Planet 8/10
1950’s era sci-fi can tend to be a bit silly as things are obviously dated, as well as special effects being limited. This movie has a bit of that silliness but with that being said, I personally think it’s one of the best sci-fi films of the decade. First of all, for the most, this movie looks great. I love the overlaying shots, as well as the set pieces. The robot looks a bit silly but literally everything else is absolutely fantastic. I know I’m gonna get chirped for saying this but there’s even a scene towards the end that I believe could have inspired the tesseract in Interstellar. The plot itself so incredibly ambitious. I couldn’t believe how bold and original it was. The way the film is set up, everything seems so straightforward but eventually this rabbit hole is opened up and it becomes insane, in a great way.
(2020) Becky 8/10
Kevin James was fantastic. He’s a sadistic fuck in this movie. But he doesn’t deserve all the credit and the writers don’t either. I’m going to highlight Greta Zozula here. The most powerful moments in this entire film were purely cinematography based. Melanie Garros and Jenn McGouran deserve a shoutout as well. This was a cookie-cutter home invasion film at its core and these people, among others, made it one of my favorite home invasion films of the decade. Alissa Gee deserves recognition too for creating the most disgusting moment I’ve seen in a minute. She’s an incredibly accomplished makeup artist that deserves recognition for executing a pivotal moment in this film.
(2013) Redemption 8/10
I’m not exactly sure why this was listed as a horror movie because it’s really more of a dark-drama. With that being said, it has enough genre elements to warrant a discussion and more importantly, it’s just a great fucking movie. Jason Statham ditches his action-role persona for a fantastic, troubled performance as an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD. The film is shot so well, the editing and portrayal of the visuals all correspond to the ebb and flow of his characters physical and mental health.
(1998) Pi 7.5/10
It’s hard not to compare this film to Christopher Nolan’s debut, which came out the same year, also in black and white. I loved that film and I love this one too. Aronofsky has been pickier and experimental with his career compared to Nolan and this film is no different. It seems like a horror movie about schizophrenia but personally, it’s more of an expression of his relationship with religion. It’s a black and white film but the visuals become seriously disturbed and over-saturated at points. There’s a ton of shots to feel uneasy about, in a great way. Aronofsky is challenging religion with science and mathematics and it comes together in a really insane way. Mark Margolis is excellent here and is in some way the antithesis of the main character. He’s encouraging to a point but also highlights the insanity. His performance in general is fantastic.
(2017) Marrowbone 7.5/10
This a really pretty film in every sense of the word. The characters portrayed are vibrant and fully realized, whether it be through substance or lack-there-of. The movie itself is shot in sort of an idyllic landscape as well as being technically beautiful with the film’s photography. It’s slow and without any major scares for a horror film but the build is steady and leads to a pretty emotionally impactive and exciting finale. I obviously don’t actively try and predict movies like a gameshow but this film seemed to excel in misdirect. I really fucking enjoyed it and all of the performances were subtle and complimentary, the most important ones being highlighted intentionally to drive the story forward.
(2019) Pet Cemetery 7.5/10
The original film was entertaining to me but I felt it was also dated and a bit too unintentionally silly for my tastes. So going into this, I was hoping for a darker, more serious film and I’m happy to say, that’s what I got. You could even classify this as a slow burn, it takes almost an hour for anything to actually go down. That’s where the film will be divisive for the most part but to me, the first half was excellent. John Lithgow’s performance is incredible. The latter half of the film is less divisive I would think as it is just a lengthy, batshit-crazy finale. The visuals are dark and moody but the violence is fucking powerful man.
(2019) Guns Akimbo 7.5/10
Fuck yeah, dude! When I talk about a popcorn movie, this is exactly what I’m talking about. This is non-stop gory action, an absurd story and an insane performance by Radcliffe, who I’m such a big fan of at this point. The best part? It’s genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny, both through physical comedy and clever dialogue. I have so much respect for Howden and if anyone here reading this hasn’t seen his other film Deathgasm, I recommend that one too. Yeah man, it has some moments of really crappy CGI which bogs it down a bit but I still had so much fun watching it.
(2015) Jurassic World 7.5/10
Some people will be completely turned off by some of the more absurd and out-there plot elements but I have to say, despite it being cheesy on paper, a lot of the newer sci-fi concepts just happen to work. This is bound to forever be kind of divisive but I liked it.
(2014) The Treatment 7.5/10
This film is so unnerving, dark and depressing. The bones of it are structured like any crime thriller but the meat of it is pure depravity. Its unforgiving nature, coupled with extremely disturbing and upsetting imagery would in many other contexts seem like upsetting for the sake of being upsetting. However, the realism in this film is intense and I truly believe those elements were a big part of that.
(2018) The Pledge 7.5/10
It seemed to cliché so my hats off to them for managing to subvert my expectations. I kept guessing the entire time and the intensity level was through the goddamn roof. It’s a simple premise but so well executed. I loved the ending and pretty much 95% of the creative decisions. This isn’t a bloodbath of a horror film but it’s violent as hell.
(1996) The Craft 7.5/10
Man I love this movie, it’s so incredibly 90’s but has so much charm to it. I love all the acting and characters but Fairuza Balk is probably my favorite. She’s just so eclectic and over-the-top. It’s a great performance. It’s also really well-produced and even though I usually describe this decade as one of the weaker decades for horror, teen horror is something it excelled at better than other decades and this is a perfect example of that.
(1977) Shock Waves 7/10
Is this the first horror film to feature Nazi zombies? Shock Waves is actually a pretty great movie. Peter Cushing is awesome and I really liked Brooke Adams as well. Despite the cheesy premise though, this film is dark and moody. The tension and action really builds throughout the film and with the atmospheric nature, you kind of forget the ridiculousness of it all. It’s not perfect, sometimes the storytelling can get confusing but it doesn’t bother me all that much in retrospect. I was too glued to the visuals and creature design.
(2020) Shirley 7/10
Shirley is a film about the life of famous horror writer, Shirley Jackson. It’s an incredibly interesting film for many reasons but mostly because it exists as a biopic, as well as a psychological horror film. Jackson is played Elisabeth Moss who is just wonderful. She really brought to life the internal struggle of Jackson. I’d suggest doing some research before diving into this because her profession during the time period was not glamorous or widely accepted, which gives context to, well, everything.
(2018) Searching 6.5/10
To put it bluntly, this is a 9/10 film in a 7/10 package. I didn’t mind the first film I saw that was shot entirely through screen-capture, it was creative and original. Then a few more started popping up and I was kind of like ehh, I don’t know about this. Then I saw this movie and I found it to be visually exhausting. I’m not sure why people that use this technique think it’s all or nothing. There were some segments where the screen-capturing actually made things more intense but there were so many moments where it was just disengaging. I love John Cho and Debra Messing. I still think this is a good movie with some very convincing performances. It’s just fed to you in a very tiring way. I’m really just hoping this style of filmmaking doesn’t become its own sub-genre.
(1958) War of the Satellites 5.5/10
I love Roger Corman kind of b-movies. This movie is campy obviously per his style but reflects the Cold War in a way. I really dug it, the dialogue is great and his special effects are actually limited but in a way to stand the test of time. This is definitely a lesser known Corman film with less than 1k reviews in iMDB. The storyline itself can seem muddled and confusing but I think the result was successful.
(1985) Friday the 13th: A New Beginning 5/10
“ooooo baby, “heyyyy baby” Man, that outhouse scene is so fucking funny. This entry has everything is terms of things to praise or cirticise. It’s funny, cheesy, gory, silly, stupid, effective, mishandled, etc. The storyline is something I don’t personally hate; it adds a bit of mystery. However, it does introduce a pretty big change in the series, so that may rub people the wrong way. All-in-all though, it’s just normal bad, nothing too insane, so in the context of the series, it’s pretty good.
(2018) One Must Fall 5/10
I think horror-comedy is used lightly to describe this film. It’s an okay movie, doesn’t really deliver on subtle humor or even competent horror. It’s not too bad though for being sort of a film from unknown filmmakers. It relies heavily on influences of Hostel and Saw to the point where it’s less of an homage and more of a rip-off. That’s not to say it’s a torture movie but the only great shots in this film are very unoriginal.
(2018) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4.5/10
This movie reminds me in so many ways of The Lost World, except, it's fucking stupid. It has the same emphasis on this generic, hive-mind, borderline campy military presence. It has an abrupt change in scenery and it's just suddenly introducing even more ridiculous concepts to the series. I think the first half of this movie is pretty goddamn entertaining. It's fucking bold, violent and stressful. Truthfully, this movie could have ended halfway through and I would have given it a stronger score. However, and this is almost pointless to discuss because anything I could say specifically would be a spoiler, but the second half is really fucking stupid. I say that while rubbing my temples because, while there's some sequences towards the end I love from an entertainment perspective, almost all of the core writing is an utter and complete failure. It really truly devolves into this Eli Roth type movie and that's no disrespect to Eli, it was just so tonally mismatched.
(1987) Bad Taste 4.5/10
Yeah I mean this is definitely a cool moment for horror and I assume, a cool moment for Peter Jackson. I still can’t track his meteoric rise. It’s super low-budget and amateur but the effects are wild and very much above that level, to some degree. The one thing I do have to mention, just because the iMDB rating is so high, is that this is a bad movie. I mean it’s really fucking bad dude. All the cute shit and praise aside, the core components of this very early film are horrible. The narrative is so loose and the pacing is all over the place. It’s a fun movie within context but I have to keep it real.
(2019) Clownado 4/10
It’s definitely low-budget trash. It’s basically a lot of tits and a lot of gore, both varying in quality but both always something to enjoy. The lighting is atrocious. The story is just fucking dumb as hell. However, the dialogue is- just kidding it’s fucking dumb too. I didn’t hate it though, just strongly disliked. I mean, it’s a bad movie but there are some stand-out scenes I found hilariously campy.
(1987) Killer Workout 4/10
As bland of a slasher as this is, I genuinely enjoyed watching these 80’s gym chicks tits bounce around during multiple silly aerobics routines. The sleaziness of it all felt warm and wholesome in the 80’s slasher environment. Oh holy shit, I almost forgot. There was a scene in one of the Final Destination sequels that always really impressed me for how original it was. Guess what? Killer Workout did it first baby, albeit much, much shittier.
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2020.06.29 22:14 ZB4 Chapo Ep. Guide

Title Duration Guests Hosts Date Reading/Viewing Series Topics of Discussion/Riffs
- Bryan interviews Will, Matt, and Felix about seeing 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi in theaters 01:34:55 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne Felix, Matt, Will 02 February 2016 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
1 THA SAGA BEGINS 01:18:35 13 March 2016
2 We Need to Talk About Kevin (a.k.a Enta the Dungeon) 01:20:49 19 March 2016 Kevin D. Williamson
3 Freeway Ross Douthat Sailboat Dope 01:31:27 Brendan James 27 March 2016 Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class by Ross Douthat
4 Bernie Blanco From the Bronx 01:43:54 03 April 2016 Scalia’s Death
5 What's So Civil About the Civil War Anyway? 01:18:04 Carl Beijer 10 April 2016 Kurt Schlichter John Kasich Campaign Events
6 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice & Development 01:11:06 Matt V. Brady 17 April 2016 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Chapo Mediaite Profile
7 The Prince & the Egg: An Anil Dash Adventure 01:22:52 24 April 2016 Kevin D. Williamson
8 Children of Bruen 01:13:17 Elizabeth Bruenig 01 May 2016 Strip Club Ennui from The Federalist The Innovation Party, The Baseball Crank
9 Trump Stakes or Election 2016: The Age of Apocalypse 01:20:53 08 May 2016 Ben Shapiro, Milo, Ben Carson, Erdogan Street Team
10 No FoPo, Fight the Blob 01:20:01 Derek Davison 15 May 2016 Rod Dreher Iran, ‘The Blob’, Ben Rhodes
11B Doctor Faustus 00:32:16 18 May 2016 Joshua Foust
11 Cranking the Donkey 01:11:59 Matt Taibbi 22 May 2016
12B The French Vasectomy 00:39:28 25 May 2016
12 Love That Ron 01:00:14 Virgil Texas 29 May 2016 Applebee's America Carl Digger, Ron Fournier, Chris Cilliza, Mark Halperin, HotSoup.com
13B Eyes Wide Cuck 00:51:03 01 June 2016 Kimbo Slice, Al Giordano
13 Justified But Woke 01:19:47 Connor Kilpatrick 06 June 2016 The Bernie Sanders I Thought I Knew Is Gone
14 Chillin' In Cedar Rapids Iowa 01:06:09 13 June 2016 Al Giordano, Peter Thiel
15 Alligator Tears 00:51:04 Roqayah Chammseddine 16 June 2016 The Gator Tweet
16 The Male Female Radio Hour 01:20:56 Lee Fang 20 June 2016 Dennis Prager William F. Buckley's sailboat, Adbusters
17 The Road to Soavedom 00:52:33 Robby Soave 25 June 2016
18 The Upset Guv'ner: DeCrecio's Brexit Bungle 01:25:00 Jonathan Shanin 26 June 2016 Rod Dreher, various Brexit opinions Politicon, Brexit, Chapo Mail Bag
19 Boobs, Sir, I Punched the Bursar 01:03:04 30 June 2016 The Federalist
20 Chapo vs. Sherdog: UFC 2000 01:27:30 Jordan Breen 05 July 2016 Charles Murray
21 Oaxaca Flocka Flame 00:44:40 Tony (@MexicAnarchist) 08 July 2016
22 The Trap Is A MESS 01:31:09 Vic Berger 11 July 2016 Courage is Contagious by John Kasich
23 Reign All Over My Face 01:01:41 14 July 2016 Reign Over Me
24 Gulens Gonna Gulen 01:19:04 Derek Davison 18 July 2016 We Are The Left
25 Lady Ghostbusters 01:02:19 Amber A'Lee Frost 24 July 2016 Ghostbusters (2016)
26 ReTHUGlican National CRIMEvation 01:14:43 Bryan Quinby 25 July 2016 DNC Emails
27 Tomorrow Belongs to Them 01:26:44 Dan O'Sullivan 30 July 2016
28 Chapo Comes Alive! 01:17:40 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 03 August 2016
29 London Falling 00:56:14 Sam Kriss 03 August 2016 London Has Fallen
30 Freeway Ross Douthat Pt. 2: The Harvard Plug 01:19:03 Brendan James 05 August 2016 Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class by Ross Douthat
31 Brooklyn Tyrannical Gardens 00:59:13 11 August 2016
32 Suicide Is Shameless 01:04:40 Matt V. Brady 15 August 2016 Suicide Squad
33 The Uncucking of the Candidate 01:12:16 Libby Watson 18 August 2016 Wonkette
34 Masculinity for Boys 01:16:25 22 August 2016 David French
35 Bloodlands 01:14:19 Adrian Bonenberger 25 August 2016
36 Dear Gulen 01:33:29 Liza Featherstone 29 August 2016 The Federalist, Dear Prudie
37 Teen Party 00:57:14 Brandon Wardell 01 September 2016
38 Elevator to Heaven 01:20:23 Maria Hengevald 05 September 2016
39 The Conqueror 01:10:51 Derek Davison 09 September 2016 The Conquerer
40 Sborts Night 01:34:47 Greg Howard 12 September 2016 In Saudi Arabia, a revolution disguised as reform in the Washington Post
41 Smash 01:15:52 Alex Nichols (@Lowenaffchen) 16 September 2016 Crash (2004)
42 Uber for Ubermensch 01:30:43 Ed Zitron and Noah Kulwin 18 September 2016
43 ElfQuest 01:16:43 22 September 2016 Rod Dreher, profile of Jim Cooley
44 The Gowanus Ideas Festival 01:22:33 Virgil Texas and Sam Kriss 26 September 2016 David Brooks, Ross Douthat
45 Cath Bash 01:09:52 01 October 2016
46 No Cucks in the Foxhole 00:59:07 James Adomian 04 October 2016
Knowledge God 00:36:15 04 October 2016 “The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge” and “Finally. Someone who thinks like me”
47 I Am Legend 01:06:41 Francis (@ArmyStang) 06 October 2016 American Sniper
48 A Problem from Heck 01:20:57 Chase Madar 09 October 2016
49 Caleb 01:01:29 12 October 2016 Caleb
50 AKP 50th Episode Ergenekon Extravaganza 01:17:51 Matt Karp 17 October 2016
51 The Post Officers 01:08:46 Katherine Krueger 19 October 2016
52 Dirty Wars 2: Rise of McRaven 01:17:11 Jeremy Scahill 23 October 2016
53 The French Resistance 00:58:08 Alexander Zaitchik 26 October 2016
54 Trap House of Horror: The Hanging Boyz 00:48:21 Kath Barbadoro 30 October 2016
55 The Chapofication of the Western Male 01:01:38 02 November 2016
- Walther Interview 00:44:00 Matthew Walther 06 November 2016
56 Under Siege Year 3: Before Year Zero 01:01:27 Brendan James 07 November 2016
57 Chapo News Network Election Night Live Show 01:41:01 Virgil Texas 08 November 2016
58 We Live in the Zone Now 01:00:44 Virgil Texas 12 November 2016
59 Tell Your God to Ready for Chud 01:02:11 Matt Karp and Connor Kilpatrick 17 November 2016
60 Off-Off-Broadway 01:05:41 Erin Gloria Ryan 20 November 2016 Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President by Virginia Heffernan
61 Who Makes the Nazis? 00:53:19 Ricky Rawls 24 November 2016
62 Chapo Struggle Session 00:58:23 30 November 2016 Rod Dreher
- Felix After Dark 00:38:04 03 December 2016
63 SuccessFail: The McMegan Story 01:22:04 Ezekiel Kweku 04 December 2016 The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success by Megan McArdle
64 Candyman IV: Curse of Caleb 00:53:41 Katie Halper 08 December 2016 Caleb
65 No Future 01:06:39 Adam Curtis 11 December 2016
66 Pizza Party! 01:08:04 Jacob Bacharach 16 December 2016
67 The Swordfish Episode 00:56:24 17 December 2016
- The Inebriated Past 00:36:42 21 December 2016
68 Applebees Christmas Spectacular 01:09:27 Kath Barbadoro 23 December 2016 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
69 Angela & Strawberry 00:57:34 James Adomian 29 December 2016
70 Real Strain Hours 01:03:36 Libby Watson 04 January 2017
71 Crapo Cat House: The Half-Lost Episode 01:16:56 Alex Nichols 09 January 2017 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
72 The Pre-Taped Call-In Show 01:00:32 13 January 2017
73 Better Call Saul Alinsky 01:04:49 Bill Corbett 15 January 2017 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
74 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. 1 01:03:42 18 January 2017
75 Mr. Chapo Goes to Washington 01:05:09 Sam Kriss 22 January 2017
76 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. 2 00:59:53 24 January 2017
77 No Country for Gorilla Men 01:11:08 Matt Taibbi 29 January 2017
78 Terminal 00:55:57 31 January 2017
- Mixed Martial Law 01:01:40 Karim Zadan 02 February 2017
79 Our Values Are Under Attack 00:57:16 Tim Heidecker 06 February 2017 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
80 Kolob Trap House 01:00:09 Adam Friedland 09 February 2017
81 The Devil In Mother Jones 01:00:30 Shane Bauer 12 February 2017
82 War Is Heck 00:48:57 Brace Belden 13 February 2017
83 Boston Skrong 01:02:20 15 February 2017 Patriot’s Day
84 President Wario 01:13:12 19 February 2017
85 The Appropriaters 00:52:11 Shuja Haider 22 February 2017
86 Fash the Patriarchy 00:51:40 Angela Nagle 26 February 2017
87 The Basketball Snob 01:00:24 02 March 2017
88 Sebastian Goku 01:07:50 Derek Davison 05 March 2017
89 Napoleanic Rules for Success 01:09:56 @Trillburne 10 March 2017 The Duellists
90 Gorka's Revenge 01:01:43 James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 12 March 2017
91 The Lasagne Code 00:53:46 Leon (@leyawn) 17 March 2017 Caleb
92 No. 1 in Heaven 00:49:56 20 March 2017
93 Madness? THIS IS CHAPO 01:00:30 23 March 2017 300
94 The Brian Johnstown Massacre 01:16:38 Jacob Bacharach 26 March 2017
95 Hillbilly Smellegy 01:03:14 Matt Sitman 30 March 2017 Hillbilly Elegy
96 Night At The Museum 01:05:53 Tim Heidecker (as Alex Jones) 02 April 2017 Some personal notes on the ‘Blacksonian’ by Jay Nordlinger for the National Review
97 Hollywood Upstairs Medical College 01:19:39 Timothy Faust 06 April 2017
98 Gorka II: The Gorkaning 01:06:39 Alex Pareene and James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 09 April 2017
99 Taxi To the Dark Side 01:06:58 Adam Friedland 13 April 2017
100 Chapo Goes To College 01:44:51 Timothy Faust 17 April 2017
101 Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc 01:12:51 19 April 2017 The West Wing
102 Maintaining Emotional Control 01:06:54 Rob Delaney 23 April 2017
103 Décision Désk La France 00:55:00 James Adomian 26 April 2017
104 We've Always Been Here 01:23:01 30 April 2017 People's Republic by Kurt Schlichter
105 The Grey Ladykillers 01:19:12 04 May 2017 Op-Eds from The New York Times, Rod Dreher
106 Work No Play 01:27:54 Timothy Faust and Miya Tokumitsu 07 May 2017 Health-Care Blame Game by David French in the National Review
107 Fight Club 00:57:23 Karim Zidan 10 May 2017
108 Night On Bald Mountain 01:22:08 Matt Bruenig 14 May 2017
109 Media Twatters 01:09:16 Libby Watson 19 May 2017 The New York Times
110 The Rocktober Revolution 01:12:07 China Miéville 22 May 2017
111 The Goddamn Freaking News 01:19:40 24 May 2017 The Newsroom
112 Orbsplainer 01:13:32 David Cross 25 May 2017
113 Hit and Run 01:00:07 R.L. Stephens 01 June 2017
114 Meat The Press 00:57:17 Alex Nichols 04 June 2017
- God Save Our Jezza 00:38:31 Jonathan Shainin 06 June 2017
115 Austin Shitty Limits 01:05:18 Brian Gaar 07 June 2017 The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse
- Chapo Global Edition: You Down With GCC? 01:19:40 Derek Davison 08 June 2017
116 Jezz In My Pants 01:00:11 12 June 2017
117 Kill All Nermals 01:11:03 Angela Nagle 14 June 2017
118 From Russia With CHUD 01:05:04 Sarah Jones 18 June 2017 Beware of Blaming Government for London Tower Fire by Megan McArdle
- The Inebriated Past: Sewer Surfin' 00:38:09 21 June 2017
119 Bating For Gadot 01:07:54 25 June 2017 Wonder Woman
120 Fearless Girlilla Mindset 01:09:25 28 June 2017 Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich
121 These Things I Believe 01:12:30 04 July 2017
122 The Virgin Suicides 01:16:03 Adam Friedland 06 July 2017 Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro on Celibacy
123 UBIsoft 01:00:05 Clio Chang 10 July 2017
124 Gabagool 01:16:39 13 July 2017 Megan McArdle, David Brooks, Trump as Pericles
125 Fast And Furious: Toledo Drifter 00:55:20 Tim Heidecker 15 July 2017 Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich
126 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. III: The Russian Interference 01:01:04 19 July 2017
127 Dr. Dementia 01:09:08 Ricky Rawls 23 July 2017 Rod Dreher
128 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. IV: The Russian Interference 01:30:23 26 July 2017
129 The Affordable Covfefe Act 01:06:33 Timothy T-Bone Faust 30 July 2017
130 The Milk People 01:11:45 Libby Watson 04 August 2017
131 Deep Dish Chapo: Live @ The Hideout 01:08:18 09 August 2017
- Bonus Deep Dish Chapo: Live @ The Hideout 01:09:06 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 12 August 2017
132 Bloco's Modern Life 01:17:02 Marcus Barnett and Catarina Príncipe and Djordje Kuzmanovic 12 August 2017
133 Antifap 00:57:59 Shuja Haider 18 August 2017
134 Memento Maury 01:00:23 Joe Mande 20 August 2017
135 Barron Protectors 01:15:08 Leslie Lee 23 August 2017 ??? by the National Review
136 Lullaby For Lanyards 01:02:11 Joe Prince 27 August 2017
137 HUMINT Centipede 01:20:21 29 August 2017
138 Verrit Carefully 01:09:15 Alex Nichols 05 September 2017
139 Enter The Noid 01:11:43 07 September 2017
140 DACA Flocka Flame 01:12:22 Karina Moreno 09 September 2017
141 Chapo Cartoon Cavalcade 01:13:27 14 September 2017
142 The Schlock Doctrine 01:09:31 Naomi Klein 17 September 2017 Under Anesthesia, Everything Was Beautiful by Peggy Noonan
143 Splattering of the Juggalos 01:16:26 21 September 2017 Articles from The Federalist and Rod Dreher
144 White Men Can't Drumpf 01:00:12 24 September 2017
145 Return of the Blob 01:06:40 Derek Davison 28 September 2017
146 Better Ingredients, Better Healthcare, Chapo Johns 01:07:21 Timothy Faust 01 October 2017 Why Is Italian Food So Amazing? by Megan McArdle
147 Gun Kata 01:04:09 05 October 2017
148 Lost In The Sauce 01:08:23 Patton Oswalt 09 October 2017
149 Live @ The Biltmore Hotel 00:54:24 James Adomian 12 October 2017
150 Get Kony 00:47:45 Tim Heidecker 14 October 2017
151 Cass Rules Everything Around Me 01:13:59 19 October 2017
152 Iran Off On the Plug Twice 01:08:39 22 October 2017 The Cobbler
153 Dry Goys 01:01:17 Eli Valley 26 October 2017
154 Listening Tour 01:01:21 30 October 2017 On Safari in Trump's America by The Atlantic
155 The Antifa Treason And Plot 01:10:07 Will Sommer 02 November 2017
156 38 Ways to Fix Puerto Rico 01:24:56 Aída Chávez 06 November 2017 38 Ways to Fix Democracy by The Washington Post
- I’d Rather Be Salman 00:40:19 Derek Davison 08 November 2017
157 Brazile Nuts 01:15:24 David Roth 09 November 2017 Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House by Donna Brazile
158 Double Flynndemnity 01:08:35 13 November 2017 Greta Van Sustren and her apology app
159 Gentleman Ben Franklin 01:16:17 Bill Corbett 16 November 2017 In Search of Liberty
SPECIAL HOLIDAY BONUS EP - In Search of Liberty Chapo Special Audio Commentary 01:32:21 Bill Corbett 24 November 2017
160 Live at the Bell House 01:23:00 16 November 2017
161 Gladiator Boy 01:12:37 25 November 2017 Ben Shapiro, a Provocative ‘Gladiator,’ Battles to Win Young Conservatives from the New York Times
162 Arab Spring Breakers 01:09:36 James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 28 November 2017
163 Motherbox XXX (The Justice League Episode) 01:15:17 29 November 2017 Justice League
164 The Deficit Rag 01:17:39 04 December 2017
165 New York State of Mindfulness 01:11:18 Mike Recine 06 December 2017 Where Silicon Valley Is Going to Get in Touch With Its Soul from the New York Times
166 The Water Genious 01:16:06 Nomiki Konst 10 December 2017
167 The Poop Touchening 01:15:42 Matt Bruenig and Ryan Cooper 14 December 2017 David Brooks
168 Nut Neutrality 01:13:59 Sam Seder 17 December 2017
169 Alternative Failson Tax 01:08:34 20 December 2017 3 Reasons Millennials Should Ditch Karl Marx for Ayn Rand by the Foundation for Economic Education
170 A Christman Carol 00:44:26 James Adomian (as Chris Matthews and Sebastian Gorka) and Brendan James 24 December 2017
171 The Way of the Shadow Wolves 01:12:54 28 December 2017 The Way of the Shadow Wolves by Steven Seagal, Megan McArdle’s Kitchen Guide
172 So It's Come To This... 01:26:56 Brendan James 31 December 2017
173 Pontypool Chapos Everything 01:27:07 03 January 2018
174 Ooohh Baby I Like It Raw 01:11:46 07 January 2018 Unfiltered Fervor: The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid from the New York Times
175 The Dark Professor 01:12:04 09 January 2018 It's Time to Bomb North Korea from Foreign Policy
176 Any Port In a Stormy 01:17:43 Alex Pareene 13 January 2018
177 The News Queen 01:10:09 Brendan James 17 January 2018 The Post
178 Government Nutdown 01:08:46 22 January 2018
179 The Inebriated Past Part 3: SDS and the Weather Underground 01:06:33 25 January 2018
180 D Triple C 6 Mafia 01:05:18 Ryan Grim 25 January 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Kaniela Ing 01:01:49 Kaniela Ing Virgil 31 January 2018
181 Potus6ix9ine 01:15:39 02 February 2018
182 Soup or Bowl? 01:25:45 05 February 2018 Megan McArdle
183 GlenGreenwald Glen Ross 01:16:57 Glenn Greenwald 07 February 2018
184 The United States of Care Lords 01:25:51 Dino Guastella 11 February 2018 TPUSA activist’s essay
185 Own Your Own Immigrant! 01:10:21 15 February 2018
186 Executive Producer 01:17:17 Richard D. Wolff 18 February 2018
187 Mumsnet 00:53:00 Marcus Barnett 21 February 2018
188 Menaker Facts Stated 01:14:23 Daniel Menaker 25 February 2018 Dennis Prager
189 All That Is Solid Melts Into Sauce 01:03:52 Patton Oswalt 27 February 2018
190 School's Out 01:17:23 Michael Mochaidean 04 March 2018
191 The Shape of Whiffen 01:12:25 David Cross 07 March 2018 Rod Dreher
192 Spice World 01:20:53 Jacob Bacharach 10 March 2018 Megan McArdle
193 AIPAC: All Eyez On Me 01:15:38 Noah Kulwin 15 March 2018
- Break Up Rex 00:52:13 Derek Davison 17 March 2018
194 F*ck 12 01:19:32 Shuja Haider and James Adomian (as Elon Musk) 18 March 2018 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson
195 Frost/Christman: Marx and the Movies 01:00:01 22 March 2018 The Death of Stalin, The Young Karl Marx
196 Crazy Joe's Folly 01:13:58 26 March 2018
197 The YIMBY Failing Project 01:11:04 Shanti Singh 28 March 2018
198 Asked & Answered 01:06:12 03 April 2018
199 Ready Chapo One 01:09:32 Matt V. Brady 05 April 2018 Ready Player One
200 The Jeffrey Goldberg Variations 01:17:30 James Adomian (as Kurt Eichenwald) 09 April 2018
201 The Social Networth 01:06:52 Libby Watson 12 April 2018
202 Sgt. Anne Marie Slaughter 01:36:57 Dan Finn and Eric Blanc 15 April 2018
203 The Truth About Cats & Syria 01:19:44 John Dolan 19 April 2018
204 Comey the Clown 01:21:35 Katherine Krueger 23 April 2018 A Higher Loyalty by James Comey
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Dan Canon 00:50:37 Dan Canon 24 April 2018
205 The Energy Shiftening 01:09:30 Will Sommer and James Adomian (as Qanon) 27 April 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Geneviéve Jones-Wright 00:56:25 Geneviéve Jones-Wright 30 April 2018
206 Dry Boys Ride Again 01:02:57 01 May 2018
207 Law And Ordurrrr 01:01:46 03 May 2018
208 Donnie's World Tour 01:04:15 Derek Davison 06 May 2018
209 Death Becomes You 00:58:14 Barbara Ehrenreich 09 May 2018
210 ICE to See You 01:10:22 Jake Flores 13 May 2018
211 Sergeant Hands 01:03:40 17 May 2018 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers
212 Borderline 01:26:37 Brendan James 21 May 2018
- Bonus: Matt and Mike Duncan Talk 'Revolutions' 00:54:22 Mike Duncan 23 May 2018
213 In Conclusion, Palestine is a Land of Contrasts 00:55:33 Rawan (@intifadarling) 23 May 2018
214 6 Weird Election Tricks That ACTUALLY Work! 01:10:19 David Faris 27 May 2018
215 Patriots, Pragmatists & PissPigs 01:16:41 31 May 2018
216 First Time, Long Time feat. PFT Commenter 01:27:54 Eric Sollenberger 03 June 2018
217 Feeling Q and Sad rn 01:26:05 07 June 2018
218 The President's Neck Is Missing 01:29:09 David Roth 10 June 2018 The President is Missing, NYC’s Subway should be filled with Hoverboards instead
219 Da [email protected] 01:14:06 Alex Nichols 15 June 2018
220 Camp Donald 01:19:09 Libby Watson and James Adomian (as Jesse Ventura) 17 June 2018
221 M. Night Shyamalan's The Villages 01:24:09 Osita Nwanevu 21 June 2018
222 RESPECT. 01:15:26 Adam Friedland and Mike Recine 24 June 2018 Gotti
- Bonus — Felix interviews Tarpley Hitt 00:43:42 Tarpley Hitt 25 June 2018
223 Fight Court 01:09:20 27 June 2018
- Behind the Laughter: Mike Reiss 01:02:00 Mike Reiss 29 June 2018
224 Cortez the Killer 01:23:36 Trevor Beaulieu and Katherine Krueger 02 July 2018
225 The Poster's Crusade 01:15:21 06 July 2018 Yes, We Still Can by Dan Pfeiffer
226 Islands in the Stream 01:27:42 09 July 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Julia Salazar, LIVE! 00:59:00 Julia Salazar Virgil 10 July 2018
227 PEN 15 01:02:05 11 July 2018 Range 15
- Bonus: Chris talks to Occupy ICE Portland 00:12:27 Jordan Chris 12 July 2018
228 Supreme Clientele 01:22:13 Ashley Feinberg and James Adomian 15 July 2018
- Bonus: SEX! Now that we have your attention: Work 01:00:45 Tai and Conner Habib 17 July 2018
229 Double A beep beep M L O! 01:10:34 Karina Moreno and Brendan James 19 July 2018
230 A Colossal Wreck 01:06:27 22 July 2018
231 Quiz Boys 00:55:21 Michael Kupperman 25 July 2018
232 America, You Sexy Bigfoot! 01:23:02 30 July 2018 America, You Sexy Bitch!
233 Frost/Christman Presents: The Purges 01:13:57 Kal (friend of Amber Frost) and Aaron J. Leonard 01 August 2018 The Purge film series
234 Congrat's 01:06:13 05 August 2018 Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery
235 Q Let the Dogs Out? 01:18:44 Will Sommer 10 August 2018
236 Space Force: Mobile Infantry 01:15:27 13 August 2018
237 Our Cool Friends 00:57:49 Derek Davison 16 August 2018
- Bonus: Interview with Parquet Courts' A. Savage 00:56:59 A. Savage (of the band Parquet Courts) 18 August 2018
238 The Mueller's Tale 01:26:04 20 August 2018 John Podhoretz
- Bonus: Chris Talks to Stonybrook Apartments Activists 00:33:45 Crystal (head of the Stonybrook Tenant Association) and Grant 23 August 2018
239 Fact Fight 01:11:21 Matt Bruenig 24 August 2018
240 The Shittalk Express 01:16:22 27 August 2018
241 Hot Couch Nation 01:08:59 Stavros Halkias and Matt V. Brady 30 August 2018
242 Touched by a Funeral 01:06:12 03 September 2018
243 Live at DC's 9:30 Club 01:33:03 07 September 2018
- Bonus: Virgil interviews Cynthia Nixon 00:17:14 Cynthia Nixon September 10 September 2018
244 A Nice Chill Show 00:56:54 11 September 2018
245 Inebriated Past 5: Monster Fash 00:51:55 13 September 2018
246-1 Best of New England Live, Part 1 01:45:09 18 September 2018
246-2 Best of New England Live, Part 2 01:06:20 19 September 2018
247 Mayans, M.C. 01:16:19 Bryan Quinby 20 September 2018
Unions: They’re Good Folks! 00:34:16 Bhaskar Sunkara 22 September 2018
248 Too Many Bretts 01:19:47 24 September 2018
249 The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 01:12:53 Dave Anthony 28 September 2018
Fascism II: The Legend of Adolf’s Gold 00:28:47 Matt 30 September 2018
250 Big Dickinson Energy 01:28:28 Alena Smith 01 October 2018 Frank Bruni
251 Sonic Reductionism 01:08:21 Briahna Joy Gray 06 October 2018
252 Rob Dreher's The Exorcist 01:31:46 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 09 October 2018 Rod Dreher
253 Full Goop Mode 01:12:42 12 October 2018
254 Best of the Midwest: Columbus & Chicago 01:42:10 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 15 October 2018 Campus Battlefield: How Conservatives Can WIN the Battle on Campus and Why It Matters by Charlie Kirk
255 Best of the Midwest: Mostly Minneapolis 01:07:21 20 October 2018
256 Ass, Grass or Sasse 01:05:00 22 October 2018
257 Public Banking 01:09:00 Josh Androsky 25 October 2018 David French
- Brazil 00:50:30 Ben Fogel Amber 26 October 2018
258 Lesko’s Lament 01:05:37 29 October 2018
259 The D’Souzaverse: Soros Rising 01:10:39 01 November 2018 Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? By Dinesh D’Souza
260 Wonk the Pain Away: An Election Special 01:51:06 Will Sommer 04 November 2018
- Ham Man Bad 00:52:56 05 November 2018 Unintimidated by Scott Walker
261 Teen Party II 01:07:03 Brandon Wardell 08 November 2018
262 Blood and Cheesecake 01:23:48 11 November 2018
263 Who Defines the Definers? 01:11:09 15 November 2018
- Bonus: Chris Discusses U.S. Navy Bombing of the Mariana Islands 00:36:42 Sophia Perez Chris 16 November 2018
264 The Golden Ones 01:16:27 ContraPoints 18 November 2018
265 Thanksgiving Dinar 01:06:38 Felix, Matt, Will 21 November 2018
Bonus: Chris Talks Hurricane Relief & "Disaster Socialism" with Tallahassee DSA 00:43:56 Chris 22 November 2018
266 Rod Friended Me 01:22:00 James Adomian 27 November 2018 Rod Dreher
267 Eric the Bewitched 01:10:30 29 November 2018
268 Condom Depot Presents: Fighting in the Age of Horniness 01:09:00 Jon Bois Felix, Will, Amber 02 December 2018
269 Live at Princeton: Master Debaters 01:24:46 07 December 2018
270 Beto Males 01:24:31 Elizabeth Bruenig 10 December 2018 The Right War for the Right Reasons - The Weekly Standard, Why We Miss the WASPs
271 Hollow Men 01:18:56 Libby Watson Felix, Will 13 December 2018
272 The Butterfly Effect 01:11:25 Matt, Will, Amber 18 December 2018
273 Monoa, No Problem 01:16:07 21 December 2018 Aquaman
274 Chapo Trap House Presents: It's A Willderful Life 00:50:32 James Adomian, Katherine Krueger, Adam Friedland, Stavros Halkias, Nick Mullen Felix, Matt, Will, Amber, Virgil, Chris 24 December 2018
275 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. V: Musks of Nyarlathotep 02:25:18 Felix, Matt, Will 27 December 2018
276 Under the Hood at the Beltway Garage 01:08:55 31 December 2018
277 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. VI: Musks of Nyarlathotep 02:26:29 Felix, Matt, Will 03 January 2019
278 Vision 2020 01:08:59 06 January 2019 new congress (aoc, tlaib), trump wall fight
279 Paul Walls 01:10:33 Matt V. Brady 10 January 2019 Australian’s Have More Fun by Bari Weiss walls 10, AOC wikifeet 9
280 MacKenzie's 60 Billion Dollar Challenge 01:14:16 Amber, Matt, Will 14 January 2019 it's bernie bitch 8, bezos divorce/60bn 7
281 Burger Night 01:19:25 David Roth 16 January 2019 trump burgers and reactions 8.5, shutdown 8
282 Syzygy of a Down 01:23:31 Gillian Russom and Karla Griego 21 January 2019 abortion rally maga schoolkid video 9
283 Contrarian Corner 01:08:42 Felix, Will 24 January 2019 felix contrarian cold open 9, venezuela 7.5, harris declares 7.5, contrarian oscars 6
284 Dave & Busters 01:26:42 27 January 2019 shutdown end-strike, pelosi; immigration; trumpism after trump; bernie 2020; ojeda
Bonus: Venti Schultz Roast 20:02:00 28 January 2019 “Onward” and “Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time” by Howard Schultz
285 Studio 69 01:16:31 31 January 2019 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [2000s culture, serious comedy, credentialism, sfuture sorkin on podcasts]
286 Soul Man 01:08:48 05 February 2019 PSA against M4A, Bookefilibuster, Northam blackface, J Mendoza Ferrer
287 Killy Elliott 01:11:37 John Schwarz 07 February 2019 TOO NICE TO WIN? ISRAEL’S DILEMMA by John Podhoretz
288 So You Want to Start a Union Brace Belden 10 February 2019
289 Support the Tropes 01:13:38 14 February 2019 A Colossal Wreck by Alexander Cockburn omar antisemitic tropes 9*, omar on abrams 8, harris weed 8.5, larouche dead 85
290 Maximum Boot 01:09:15 Lyle Jeremy Rubin Felix, Matt, Will 18 February 2019 The Corrosion of Conservatism lydon larouche 7, max boot memoir+past 8, libs and neocons 9, "anti-war" tucker 8.5
291 Brnie or Bst 01:14:36 02 February 2019 The Classicist Who Sees Donald Trump as a Tragic Hero by Isaac Chotiner bernie declares (2016 rehash), b v warren, tulsi; NYT - idealist Bernie v pragmatic Klobuchar
292 Hats Off to Larry
293 The Nissan Sentra Cannot Hold Niskanen centre-moderation, horseshoe, Tony Blair speech
294 CPAC: Judgement Days 02:10:48 CPAC - wohl/loomer, kirk/don jfalwell jr, diamond and silk, TPUSA party, trump speech
295 Ballistic: Frost vs Menaker 07 March 2019 Sanders rally 7, Cuba 7, AOC on Omar 9.5
296 The Unsullied 01:09:10 11 March 2019 Ilhan Omar is the Steve King of the Left from WaPo and Ilhan Omar meets Mrs Maisel tucker radio leaks 7.5, Omar antis - M Mccain, Maisel fanfic, Omar=Steve King 9, yang gang 8
297 King, Warrior, Magician, Lover Rob Delaney 13 March 2019 college admissions 7, brexit votes 7, porn, NHS, shootings 8
This is Where I Leave EU
298 The Israel Nerd Eli Valley 18 March 2019 Trump’s Hannukah Party reminded me of why America is great for Jews NZ shooting- Chelsea heckled 9, M Mc on E Valley 8.5,
Bonus: Will Interviews Kim Stanley Robinson with The Antifada Kim Stanley Robinson 21 March 2019
299 All Cops Are Burgers 01:12:26 Bill Oakley 21 March 2019
300 EMERGENCY POD: THE MUELLER REPORT James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 24 March 2019 Glenn Beck’s a Christmas Sweater
301 The Magicians Alex Pareene 27 March 2019
302 The Russia House Matt Taibbi 01 April 2019
303 In the Golan Heights Derek Davison 04 April 2019 Jackson Beale, Trump’s Intervention in Venezuela has stalled, The UK has gone mad by Thomas Friedman
304 Moby Dick Energy 01:21:33 08 April 2019
305 A Simple Plan Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski 11 April 2019
306 2 Cities, 1 Cup 01:27:53 14 April 2019 The Right Side of History by Ben Shapiro
307 The Inebriated Past: American Conspiracies 01:18:56 17 April 2019
308 There’s Nothing Like a Dame Nick Hayes 21 April 2019 The Rematch: Bernie Sanders versus a Clinton Loyalist, Stop Sanders Democrats are…
309 The Trumpman Prophecies 24 April 2019 The Trump Prophecy
Bonus: Virgil Interviews John Cameron Mitchell on "Anthem: Homunculus" John Cameron Mitchell 28 April 2019
Bonus: Amber Interviews Vivek Chibber on "The ABC's of Capitalism” Vivek Chibber 28 April 2019
310 Marianne Mindset 29 April 2019
311 2 Mountain, 2 Furious 02 May 2019
312 Kenneth Friendly's Scorpio Smiling Yael Bridge and Morgan Spector 06 May 2019
313 A Cure for Wellness 09 May 2019 Who is Arthur Chu?, Trust Pelosi
314 What, Us Worry? James Adomian 12 May 2019
315 A Song of Air and America Sam Seder 16 May 2019
316 PBS: Permanent Revolution Hasan Pikar 19 May 2019
317 Friends of the Pod 23 May 2019
318 Rahm Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Neolib Ryan Grim 27 May 2019
319 Live at Cornell: Perfect Balance 30 May 2019
320 Live from Berlin: Der Fonkybeatz 3 June 2019
321 Live from Glasgow: Bottle of Buckie 6 June 2019
322 Second Dark Age Alan Moore 10 June 2019
323 Best of UK Live: Toby Young Sex Diaries 13 June 2019
324 Live from Dublin: Irish Valor 17 June 2019
325 Living in America 20 June 2019
Bonus: Virgil Interviews Tiffany Cabán Tiffany Cabán 20 June 2019
326 Beltway Garage: Infinity Candidates 25 June 2019
Bonus: The Marianne Williamson Interview Marianne Williamson 26 June 2019
327 Have You Heard The Good News? David Sirota 28 June 2019
Bonus: Gremlins 2 Joe Dante 30 June 2019
328 Dios, Patria, Fueros, Rod 1 July 2019
329 The Inebriated Past, Part 5: DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans 4 July 2019
330 Hunter on the Loose Will Sommer 8 July 2019
331 The Wide World of Warcraft John Dolan 10 July 2019
332 Fear of a Netroots Nation Brendan James 15 July 2019
Bonus: The Andrew Yang Interview Andrew Yang 18 July 2019
333 One in the Pinker 18 July 2019
334 American Mids 22 July 2019
335 Shrugging Towards Bethlehem Brace Belden and Liz Franczak 25 July 2019
336 Neom 2049 Glenn Greenwald 29 July 2019
337 I Think You Should Leave Brendan James 1 August 2019
338 Live from Traverse City: Michael and We Brendan James and Michael Moore 5 August 2019
339 House of the Rising Sundown 8 August 2019
340 A Big Bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream 12 August 2019
341 Live from Des Moines: Bring Out the Hogs! 15 August 2019
342 The Cuts Stay In The Podcast 20 August 2019
343 Checking the Dipstick 22 August 2019
344 Koch & Poll Torture 26 August 2019
AHOY! The Joe Sestak Interview Joe Sestak 27 August 2019
345 The Conspiracy Files: The Deep-ly Gay State 29 August 2019 JFK
346 Twisted Tales 3 September 2019
347 Renn Faire Stefan Heck 8 September 2019
348 Dragged Across Concrete Marcus Barnett and Osita Nwanevu 9 September 2019
389 The Righteous Fallwells 12 September 2019
350 Gotta Have My Pop! 16 September 2019
Bonus Interview: Tom O'Neill and Chaos Tom O'Neill 16 September 2019
351 Give Up Your Inquiries Which Are Completely Useless Nick Mullen 20 September 2019 Eyes Wide Shut
352 Rod Dreher's The Exorcist II 24 September 2019
353 The Education of a Cynic Jon Schwarz 26 September 2019 Samantha Power's book The Education of an Idealist
Bonus: Tabletop Game Theory Origins: Mr. Jeffstein's House 30 September 2019
354 Thou, Nature, Art My Goddess 1 October 2019
355 North American Scum Luke Savage and Don Hughes 3 October 2019
Bonus: The Bernie Sanders Interview Bernie Sanders 4 October 2019
356 Sympathy for the Joker Jen Pan, Nick Mullen, Adam Friedland and Matt V. Brady 8 October 2019
357 We Have a Rat Problem Tim Heidecker 10 October 2019 Heidecker's film Mister America
358 World on a Wire Naomi Klein 14 October 2019 Klein's 2nd episode
359 SSSSSSSSMoking with Slavoj Slavoj Žižek 17 October 2019
360 Bernie Blanco Goes To Queens Matt Karp 21 October 2019
361 The Brothers Brendan James 25 October 2019 The Reliant
362 Wet Sauce Kenzo Shibata 28 October 2019
363 Epstein Ain't Going Away Brace Belden 31 October 2019
364 Human Deadspinality Project David Roth 4 November 2019
365 Big Johnson's Hard Election Grace Blakeley 7 November 2019
366 The Terminal 12 November 2019
368 High, High Hopes feat. Kathryn Ledebur Kathryn Ledebur 18 November 2019
369 CIA Jim: Caracas Connection 18 November 2019 Jack Ryan
370 WeWork Will Set You Free 25 November 2019
371 Beltway Garage: The Legend of Bernie's Gold 28 November 2019
372 Karmala Police 2 December 2019
373 It's Demon Night In America! 5 December 2019
374 Perverts of Interest 9 December 2019
375 Live in London: Chapo Calling feat. Rob Delaney Rob Delaney 12 December 2019
376 Imagine A World Without 17 December 2019
377 Escape from UK 20 December 2019
378 Imagine A World Without 23 December 2019
379 A Very COBRA Christmas 25 December 2019
380 Imagine Our Dumb Decade 30 December 2019
381 Pod Tweet America 2 January 2020
Bonus: So, I Just Watched 300... feat. Derek Davison Derek Davison 6 January 2020
382 Falcon Seeks Falconer feat. Briahna Joy Gray Briahna Joy Gray 6 January 2020
383 No War But The Meme War 10 January 2020
384 Beltway Garage: Warren Strikes Back 14 January 2020
385 Lyin' Liz feat. Brendan James Brendan James 17 January 2020
386 Brother Magic feat. Josh and Benny Safdie Josh and Benny Safdie 20 January 2020
Bonus: Will Interviews Nithya Raman Nithya Raman 22 January 2020
387 The Royals 23 January 2020
388 A Perfectly Frumulent Episode 28 January 2020 POLITICO - ‘They let him get away with murder’ & Bernie Can't Win by David Frum
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2020.02.07 15:45 -ixto- ABGT367 - James & Jody Guest Mix

Time for some ABGT! Today's episode is filled with many treats and neats alongside a special James & Jody Guest Mix where we are celebrating Anjunadeep Volume 11. Head over to our Discussion Thread and drop us what are your favourite choons!

Listen Live


  • The rumors are true and the wait is finally over! Acoustic III is on it's way. Head over to aboveandbeyond.nu/acoustic for all tour, pre-order details and more!
  • Anjunadeep is proud to present two indoooutdoor takeovers for London and New York City. Featuring brand new immersive production and day to night lineups of Anjunadeep favourites. Tix on sale now at anjunadeep.events
  • Anjunabeats elevations* has plenty of surprises. Join the Anjunafamily with some ski action, but act now as there are about 200 beds left for this glorious journey.

Hot and Fresh from the Anjunakitchen:

Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Tue Feb 04 Sunny Lax Solar Plexus / Torus Original Mixes Stream ANJ598D
Tue Feb 04 Various Artists Anjunadeep 11 Sampler: Part 1 01. HVMP ‘Flora’, 02. Greenville Massive ‘Morse’, 03. miru ‘Radiance’ Stream ANJDEE457
Wed Feb 05 Above & Beyond ft. Marty Longstaff Flying By Candlelight Acoustic Mix Stream ANJ529AD
Wed Feb 05 Above & Beyond Acoustic III Album Announcement Pre-Order ANJDC083
Fri Feb 07 Mat Zo ft. GQ The Next Chapter Original Mix Stream ANJ600D
Fri Feb 07 Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Anjunadeep Volume 11 Album Release Pre-Save ANJCD080
Fri Feb 07 Various Artists Anjunadeep 11 Sampler: Part 2 01. Matthew Dekay ‘The Four Agreements’ (Martin Roth Beats Edit), 02. Ole Biege ‘The Glow’, 03. GRAZZE & Davide Randazzo ‘Blessivini’, 04. Qess ‘Firethorn’ TBA ANJDEE458D
February Release Schedule

Weekly Anjuna Radio


  1. Armin van Buuren & Inner City - It Could Be (Genix Remix)
  2. Nuera - Revise (Alex Wright Slow N Funky Remix)
  3. Sunny Lax - Solar Plexus
  4. ROTW Mat Zo ft. GQ - The Next Chapter
  5. Protoculture - Titan
  6. Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays ft. Jordan Shaw - Something Real (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  7. Henry Dark - Need U
  8. Spencer Brown ft. Paperwhite - Chance On Us
  9. Kane - Days Like These
  10. White-Akre - Apastron
  11. Lane 8 ft. Arctic Lake - Road (Dirty South Remix)
  12. Cubicolor - Wake Me Up
  13. Above & Beyond ft. Marty Longstaff - Flying by Candlelight (Acoustic Mix)
  14. PTB Ben Böhmer ft. Monolink - Black Hole (Martin Roth Remix)
  15. Albion - Air (Dylhen Remix)
  16. Eli & Fur - Wall To Wall
  17. Kajis - Burn
  18. Cubicolor - Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night
  19. Flashback Aquilo - Part Of Your Life (Croquet Club Remix)

James Grant & Jody Wisternoff Guest Mix

  1. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - Nightwhisper
  2. Esteble & Lazarusman - Mind Heart Self
  3. Frost - Overtones
  4. AMTRAC ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Radical
  5. Simon Doty & Ezequiel Arias - Sonoma
  6. Nordfold & Budakid - Venus

ABGT Links

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2020.01.31 17:28 -ixto- ABGT366 - Spencer Brown Guest Mix

Welcome back to Group Therapy!, No stranger to the Anjunafamily, if it's either in the crowd or on stage, Spencer Brown is our guest mix this week as we celebrate his latest album on Anjunabeats 'Stream of Consciousness'. Head over to our discussion thread and let us know what you think of this masterpiece.

Listen Live


  • Anjunadeep is proud to present two indoooutdoor takeovers for London and New York City. Featuring brand new immersive production and day to night lineups of Anjunadeep favourites. Sign up today at anjunadeep.events
  • Anjunabeats elevations* has plenty of surprises. Join the Anjunafamily with some ski action, but act now as there are about 200 beds left for this glorious journey.
  • Anjunadeep 11 is around the corner. James and Jody are back! Pre-Save / Pre-Order today to be the first to get it when it drops on February 7th.

Hot and Fresh from the Anjunakitchen:

Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Fri Jan 31 Spencer Brown Stream of Consciousness Album Release Stream ANJCD079
Fri Jan 31 Cubicolor Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night Original Mix Stream ANJDEE456D
January Release Schedule

Weekly Anjuna Radio


  1. Goldback - Antarctica (Leonard A Remix)
  2. Armin van Buuren & Inner City - It Could Be (Genix Remix)
  3. Gabriel & Dresden - Luna [ANJUNABEATS]
  4. ROTW Cubicolor - Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night
  5. Lane 8 - Just
  6. Ben Böhmer ft. Monolink - Black Hole (Martin Roth Remix)
  7. Audax - Stars
  8. Kane - Days Like These
  9. Above & Beyond - Blue Monday
  10. Sunny Lax - Solar Plexus
  11. Genix - Ba55 Camp
  12. Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays ft. Jordan Shaw - Something Real (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  13. Adrian Alexander - Free Yourself
  14. PTB Kajis - Burn
  15. Eli & Fur - Wall To Wall
  16. Cubicolor - Wake Me Up
  17. Lane 8 ft. Arctic Lake - Road (Dirty South Remix)
  18. Jason Ross & Rory - Chains
  19. Flashback Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)

Spencer Brown Guest Mix

  1. Spencer Brown ft. Paperwhite - Chance On Us
  2. Spencer Brown - Love & Pain
  3. Spencer Brown - ABGT366 ID
  4. Spencer Brown & Liam Hathaway - LA ID
  5. Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window (Spencer Brown Private Mix)

ABGT Links

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2020.01.22 01:32 librariansandrockets List of Scream Factory Releases

Hi Everyone, i was recently looking for a complete list of Scream Factory titles, and while there are a few good lists out there, I noticed a number of them had not been updated in the last year.
So I sent a message to Scream Factory asking if there was a complete list out there. They responded with this list of everything in order of first to last announced. I thought other people might be interested in it for reference, so I thought I'd post it on here, although i'm crossing my fingers that the good list on BoutiqueBluRay.com gets updated.
  1. Halloween II
  2. Halloween III
  3. Terror Train
  4. The Funhouse
  5. They Live
  6. The Island
  7. Death Valley
  8. Deadly Blessing
  9. The Nest
  10. Prison
  11. TerrorVision/The Video Dead
  12. Phantasm II
  13. From Beyond
  14. Vampire Lovers
  15. The Burning
  16. Town that Dreaded Sundown (with The Evictors as a bonus movie on the DVD only)
  17. Ninja III
  18. Lifeforce
  19. The Howling
  20. Dead Souls
  21. The Fog
  22. The Incredible Melting Man
  23. Swamp Thing
  24. X-ray / Schizoid double feature
  25. Dark Angel
  26. Q: The Winged Serpent
  27. Cockneys vs. Zombies
  28. Scanners II & Scanners III
  29. Day of the Dead
  30. Psycho II
  31. Psycho III
  32. Prince of Darkness
  33. The Amityville Trilogy Box Set
  34. All Night Horror Marathon (What’s the Matter with Helen, The Vagrant, The Godsend, The Outing) 35. The Vincent Price Collection (The Pit & the Pendulum, The Masque of the Red Death, The Haunted Palace, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Witchfinder General)
  35. Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear
  36. All Night Horror Marathon 2 (Cellar Dweller, The Dungeonmaster, Contamination 7, Catacombs) 38. Body Bags
  37. Assault on Precinct 13
  38. Night of the Comet
  39. Eve of Destruction
  40. The Horror Show
  41. Saturn 3
  42. TV Terrors (Are you in the House Alone? / The Initiation of Sarah)
  43. The Beast Within
  44. Crawlspace
  45. Cat People
  46. Die Monster Die
  47. The Beast of Hollow Mountain/ The Neanderthal Man double
  48. Night of the Demons
  49. Witchboard
  50. Darkman
  51. Visiting Hours / Bad Dreams double
  52. Slumber Party Massacre
  53. Beneath
  54. Dead Shadows
  55. Evilspeak
  56. Final Exam
  57. Nosferatu
  58. House in the Alley
  59. Sleepaway Camp
  60. Ravenous
  61. The Monkey’s Paw
  62. The Final Terror
  63. Lake Placid
    1. Deadly Eyes
  64. Ginger Snaps
  65. Phantom of the Paradise
  66. Without Warning
  67. Motel Hell
  68. Leviathan
  69. The Legend of Hell House
  70. The Battery
  71. Pumpkinhead
  72. Halloween: The Complete Collection (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 + Rob Zombie remake & RZ Halloween II) 76. Hemlock Grove: Season One
  73. The Squad
  74. The Vincent Price Collection II (The Last Man on Earth, The Comedy of Terrors, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Tomb of Ligeia, The Raven, Return of the Fly and The House on Haunted Hill)
  75. Squirm
  76. Nightbreed – The Director’s Cut
  77. The Doctor and the Devils
  78. Dolls
  79. The Dark Half
  80. Monkey Shines
  81. Pumpkinhead II
  82. Tales from the Crypt / Vault of Horror
  83. Lord of Illusions
  84. Candyman II
  85. Supernova
  86. Love at First Bite / Once Bitten
  87. Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits
  88. Phantom of the Opera
  89. Animal
  90. New Year’s Evil
  91. Blacula / Scream Blacula Scream
  92. Exterminators of the Year 3000
  93. Dark Haul
  94. Invaders from Mars
  95. The Babadook
  96. Class of 1984
  97. Carrie 2002 / The Rage: Carrie II
  98. Ghoulies / Ghoulies II
  99. Escape from New York
  100. Deep in the Darkness
  101. From a Whisper to A Scream
  102. Mad Max
  103. Extraterrestrial
  104. Stigmata
  105. Gun Woman
  106. Food of the Gods / Frogs
  107. Empire of the Ants / Jaws of Satan
  108. Scarecrows 113. Sleepaway Camp II
  109. Sleepaway Camp III
  110. Tentacles / Reptilicus
  111. Dog Soldiers
  112. Ghosthouse / Witchery
  113. Robot Jox
  114. Alien Outpost
  115. Dark Summer
  116. Howling II
  117. The Outing / The Godsend
  118. Cellar Dweller / Catacombs
  119. I, Madman
  120. Ghost Town
  121. Toolbox Murders 2
  122. Wyrmwood
  123. The People Under the Stairs
  124. Nomads
  125. Ejecta
  126. Beyond Darkness / Metamorphosis
  127. Army of Frankensteins
  128. Backcountry
  129. The Harvest
  130. Shocker
  131. The Editor
  132. The Legacy
  133. The Sentinel
  134. Gravy
  135. Eli Roth Presents The Stranger
  136. The Return of Count Yorga
  137. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight
  138. Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood
  139. The Larry Fessenden Collection (No Telling, Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter)
  140. Human Centipede III
  141. Human Centipede (Complete Sequence)
  142. Army of Darkness
  143. Stung
  144. Bloodsucking Bastards
  145. Bound to Vengeance
  146. Troll / Troll 2
  147. White of the Eye
  148. Blood and Lace
  149. Ghost Story
  150. The Garbage Pail Kids
  151. Women’s Prison Massacre
  152. Zombie High
  153. Dungeonmaster / Eliminators
  154. The Car
  155. The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
  156. Nightmares
  157. Over Your Dead Body
  158. The House Where Evil Dwells / Ghost Warrior
  159. Contracted: Phase II
  160. The Guardian
  161. Jack’s Back
  162. Sonny Boy
  163. Hellions
  164. Zombie Fight Club
  165. The Vincent Price Collection III (Master of the World (1961), Tower of London (1962), Diary of a Madman (1963), Cry of the Banshee (1970), An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe (1970)
  166. The Curse / Curse II: The Bite
  167. Millennium / R.O.T.O.R
  168. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  169. Narcopolis
  170. The Boy
  171. Species II
  172. Species III / Species IV
  173. Disturbing Behavior
  174. Cherry Falls
  175. Murders in the Rue Morgue / Dunwich Horror
  176. #Horror
  177. The Hallow
  178. Village of the Damned
  179. Destroyer / Edge of Sanity
  180. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  181. Death Becomes Her
  182. Sssssss
  183. Submerged
  184. Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre
  185. You’ll Like My Mother
  186. Dementia
  187. I Saw What You Did
  188. Manhunter
  189. The Abandoned
  190. The Funhouse Massacre
  191. Rabid Dogs
  192. Jeepers Creepers
  193. Jeepers Creepers 2
  194. The Crush
  195. The Pack
  196. Cabin Fever
  197. Slasher: Season One
  198. Road Games
  199. Bad Moon
  200. The Return of the Living Dead
  201. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
  202. Hellhole
  203. The Binding
  204. Bite
  205. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
  206. Baskin
  207. Session 9
  208. Psycho IV
  209. Deathstalker / Deathstalker II (Limited Website Only)
  210. The Dead Room
  211. Raising Cain
  212. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
  213. Sacrifice
  214. Lady in White
  215. Message From Space
  216. The Velvet Vampire
  217. Timewalker
  218. Up from the Depths
  219. Fender Bender
  220. The Thing
  221. Carrie
  222. Child’s Play
  223. What We Become
  224. The Exorcist III
  225. Carnage Park
  226. Bubba Ho-Tep
  227. Dead Ringers
  228. Rabid
  229. Intruder
  230. The Devil’s Dolls
  231. Black Christmas
  232. Dreamscape
  233. Shelley
  234. I Am Not A Serial Killer
  235. Let’s Be Evil
  236. The House that Screamed
  237. Dead of Winter
  238. Slumber Party Massacre II / Slumber Party Massacre III
  239. Poltergeist II
  240. Poltergeist III
  241. Antibirth
  242. Deadtime Stories
  243. The Lesson
  244. Firestarter
  245. Robocop 2
  246. Robocop 3
  247. Evolution
  248. What’s the Matter With Helen?
  249. Invasion of the Bee Girls
  250. Tank 432
  251. Demented
  252. The Vampire
  253. Tales from the Hood
  254. Contamination.7
  255. The Screaming Skull
  256. I Bury the Living
  257. The Autopsy of Jane Doe
  258. The Naked Cage
  259. Virus
  260. Beyond the Gates
  261. Psycho (1998)
  262. Serial Mom
  263. Willard
  264. Ben
  265. The Vagrant
  266. Don’t Knock Twice
  267. The Axe Murders of Villisca
  268. Alienator
  269. Island of Terror
  270. The Lawnmower Man
  271. The Paul Naschy Collection (Vengeance of the Zombies (1972), Horror Rises From the Tomb (1972), Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1973), Human Beasts (1980) and Night of the Werewolf (1980)
  272. Angry Red Planet
  273. The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
  274. The Evictors
  275. Windows
  276. Species
  277. The Man From Planet X
  278. The Bat People
  279. Slither
  280. House on Willow Street
  281. The Fog steelbook
  282. They Live steelbook
  283. Escape from New York steelbook
  284. The Night of the Sorcerers / Loreley’s Grasp
  285. Teen Wolf
  286. Teen Wolf Too
  287. The Manster
  288. Timebomb
  289. Vicious Lips
  290. The Spell
  291. A Dark Song
  292. The Resurrected
  293. The Devil’s Candy)
  294. After Midnight
  295. A Quiet Place in the Country
  296. Jackals
  297. The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  298. Land of the Dead
  299. Dawn of the Dead
  300. Darkman II
  301. Darkman III
  302. Killing Ground
  303. Darkness Rising
  304. Attack of the Puppet People
  305. The Paul Naschy Collection II (11/14) Hunchback of the Morgue (1973), Devil’s Possessed (1974), The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975), Exorcism (1975), A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (1975)
  306. Misery
  307. Silent Night Deadly Night
  308. American Gothic
  309. Hell Night
  310. 68 Kill
  311. Eye of the Cat
  312. Dance Macabre
  313. The Projected Man
  314. Welcome to Willits
  315. Drag Me to Hell
  316. Games
  317. Night of the Seagulls
  318. The Night Walker
  319. Gate II
  320. Colossus: The Forbin Project
  321. 78/25: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene
  322. The Strangers
  323. Fangs of the Living Dead
  324. The Ambulance
  325. Rockula
  326. Nightmare at Noon
  327. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
  328. Prince of Darkness Steelbook
  329. Assault on Precinct 13 Steelbook
  330. I Remember You
  331. Crucible of Horror
  332. Superbeast
  333. Full Moon High
  334. Daughters of Satan
  335. Cyborg
  336. Desolation
  337. Kaleidoscope
  338. The House that Dripped Blood
  339. Caged Fury
  340. The It’s Alive Collection
  341. Doctor Blood’s Coffin
  342. The Vampire and the Ballerina
  343. Of Unknown Origin
  344. Devil’s Gate
  345. The Midnight Man
  346. Ninja III: The Domination (Collector’s Edition)
  347. Night of the Lepus
  348. Alien Predators
  349. Curse of the Cat People
  350. The Cured
  351. Midnighters
  352. The Housemaid
  353. In the Mouth of Madness
  354. Memoirs of an Invisible Man
  355. Piranha II: The Spawning
  356. Wilding
  357. Pyewacket
  358. Lowlife
  359. Someone’s Watching Me
  360. Army of Darkness Steelbook
  361. The Howling Steelbook
  362. Lifeforce Steelbook
  363. Return of the Living Dead Part 2
  364. The Unborn
  365. Strait-Jacket
  366. The Tingler
  367. Brainscan
  368. Ghost Stories
  369. The Seventh Sign
  370. Brain Dead
  371. The Evil
  372. Scream for Help
  373. The REC Collection
  374. The Bride
  375. Exorcist II: The Heretic
  376. Feral
  377. House on Haunted Hill (1999)
  378. Trick r Treat
  379. Halloween II Steelbook
  380. Halloween III Steelbook
  381. Devil’s Doorway
  382. Creepshow
  383. Night of the Demons Steelbook
  384. The Wasp Woman
  385. Our House
  386. Sleepwalkers
  387. The Thing Steelbook
  388. Single White Female
  389. Naked Vengeance / Vendetta
  390. Candyman
  391. Urban Legend
  392. Urban Legends: Final Cut
  393. Critters Collection
  394. Munchies / Munchie
  395. What Keeps You Alive
  396. Elizabeth Harvest
  397. Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2
  398. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
  399. The Mangler
  400. Starman
  401. Dracula: Prince of Darkness
  402. 8MM
  403. Obsession
  404. Howling III
  405. Saturday the 14th
  406. Plague of the Zombies
  407. Cobra
  408. 10 to Midnight
  409. Screamers
  410. Mermaid: Lake of the Dead
  411. Valentine
  412. The Poison Ivy Collection
  413. The Return of the Vampire
  414. Willard (2003)
  415. The Mole People
  416. The Vengeance of She
  417. Welcome to Mercy
  418. The Clovehitch Killer
  419. The Craft
  420. Man’s Best Friend
  421. The Witches
  422. The Deadly Mantis
  423. Warning Sign
  424. The Body Snatcher
  425. Rust Creek
  426. The Pledge
  427. Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
  428. Superstition
  429. The Manitou
  430. Grave of the Vampire
  431. The Brain
  432. Tarantula
  433. The Chosen
  434. The Seduction
  435. The Alligator People
  436. When a Stranger Calls Back
  437. The Babadook (LGBTQ Pride Packaging variant)
  438. I’ll Take Your Dead
  439. The Entity
  440. Frankenstein Created Woman
  441. Piranha Steelbook
  442. Universal Horror Collection I (The Black Cat, The Raven, The Invisible Ray, Black Friday)
  443. The Monolith Monsters
  444. Monster on the Campus
  445. Night of the Creeps
  446. The Green Inferno (Collector’s Edition)
  447. This Island Earth
  448. Silent Hill
  449. Strays
  450. Universal Horror Collection II (Murders in the Zoo, The Mad Doctor Market Street, The Strange Case of Doctor Rx, The Mad Ghoul)
  451. Lust for a Vampire
  452. The Reptile
  453. Quatermass and the Pit
  454. Quatermass II
  455. The Leopard Man
  456. Humanoids from the Deep Steelbook
  457. Vice Squad
  458. Forbidden World Steelbook
  459. Galaxy of Terror Steelbook
  460. I Trapped the Devil
  461. Horror of Frankenstein
  462. The Leech Woman
  463. Fear in the Night
  464. The Wind
  465. Scars of Dracula
  466. Blood from Mummy’s Tomb
  467. Circus of Horrors
  468. Straight on till Morning
  469. Fright
  470. Vampires
  471. Fear No Evil
  472. Itsy Bitsy
  473. The Omen Collection
  474. The Blob
  475. Devil Rides Out
  476. Ambition
  477. Road Games (1981) (Collector’s Edition)
  478. The Fan (1981)
  479. Prophecy (1979)
  480. Dracula (1979) (Collector’s Edition)
  481. Big Trouble in Little China (Collector’s Edition and Steelbook editions - both day-and-date) 487. The Fly Collection (Set includes: The Fly (1958), Return of the Fly, Curse of the Fly, The Fly (1986), The Fly II)
  482. Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde
  483. Abominable Snowman, The
  484. To the Devil A Daughter
  485. Silver Bullet (Collector’ Edition)
  486. Universal Horror Collection Volume III (Titles include Tower of London, Man Made Monster, The Black Cat (1941) and Horror Island)
  487. Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)
  488. Trespassers
  489. Depraved
  490. The Final Programme
  491. Demons of the Mind
  492. Mummy’s Shroud
  493. Body Parts
  494. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
  495. The Slumber Party Massacre Steelbook
  496. The House that Jack Built
  497. My Bloody Valentine (1981) (Collector’s Edition)
  498. Rasputin the Mad Monk
  499. X The Unknown
  500. Pet Semetary II (Collector’s Edition)
  501. Bug
  502. Inseminoid
  503. Universal Horror Collection Volume 4 (Titles include Night Key, Night Monster, The Climax, House of Horrors)
  504. April Fool’s Day
  505. Bones
  506. Munster, Go Home!
  507. The Curse of the Werewolf
  508. Captain Kronus: Vampire Hunter
  509. The Spider
  510. Escape from L.A.
  511. The Lost Continent
submitted by librariansandrockets to boutiquebluray [link] [comments]

2019.12.26 02:32 -ixto- Anjunadeep 2019 Releases

Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Fri Jan 11 Luttrell Into Clouds Original Mix Stream ANJDEE388D
Fri Jan 18 Various Artists Anjunadeep Explorations 08 01. Tim Engelhardt & Lazarusman - This Life 02. Tim Engelhardt & Lazarusman - This Life (Instrumental Mix) 03. Enamour - Ruby 04. David Hohme & Dustin Nantaus - Onward Only 05. Zone+ & M.O.S. - Native Therapy Stream ANJDEE387D
Fri Jan 25 Dosem All Locations EP 01. All Locations 02. Not Leaving 03. Chosen Stream ANJDEE389D
Fri Feb 1 Luttrell Into Clouds Album Release Stream ANJCD068
Fri Feb 8 16BL Vette / Leaving Home Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE390D
Fri Feb 15 Braxton When The Sun Goes Down Original Mix Stream ANJDEE391D
Fri Feb 22 Various Artist Anjunadeep Vol. 10 Original Mixes Stream ANJCD067
Tue Feb 26 James Grant & Jody Wisternoff Dapple Original Mix Stream ANJDEE392D
Fri Mar 1 Various Artists Anjunadeep 10 Sampler: Part 1 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE393D
Tue Mar 5 Various Artists Anjunadeep 10 Sampler: Part 2 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE394D
Fri Mar 8 Yotto Walls Joris Voorn Remix Stream ANJDEE370RD
Tue Mar 12 Modd Swallow's Nest EP Swallow's Nest, Ruskeala, and Paper Moon Stream ANJDEE395D
Fri Mar 15 CRi Initial EP Initial, When I Saw You, Hidden Places Stream ANJDEE396D
Wed Mar 20 Various Artists Anjunadeep in Miami 2019 Various Stream ANJCDCO187SD
Fri Mar 22 Joseph Ashworth Heavy Original and Alternative Mixes Stream ANJDEE397D
Fri Mar 29 Luttrell Into Clouds (The Remixes: Part 1) Lauer & Marsh Mixes Stream ANJDEE388RD
Fri Apr 05 Various Artists James Grant & Jody Wisternoff's Anjunadeep 10 Remix Sampler 01. Tomas Barfod feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo 'Things That Matter' (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) 02. Jani R 'Autumn’s Feathers' (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) Stream ANJDEE398D
Tue Apr 09 Various Artists Anjunadeep Explorations 09 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE399D
Fri Apr 12 Yotto Turn It Around 01. Extended Mix 02. Monkey Safari Remix 03. Ruede Hagelstein's Rise Again Remix Stream ANJDEE400D
Tue Apr 16 Nuage H.A.L.O. EP 01. H.A.L.O. 02. Distance 03. Till U Grow Stream ANJDEE401D
Thur Apr 18 Ben Böhmer & Fritz Kalkbrenner Rye Original Mix Stream ANJDEE402D
Tue Apr 23 Moon Boots Keramas / Harpanet Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE403D
Fri Apr 26 16BL You Are High / Far and Wide Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE404D
Tue Apr 30 Lane 8 Feld / Anthracite with Tinlicker Original and Ryan Davis Mixes Stream ANJDEE405D
Fri May 03 BAILE Painting Out EP 01. Painting Out feat. Kauf, 02. Soft Light, 03. Painting Out feat. Kauf (Anii Remix) Stream ANJDEE406D
Tue May 07 M.O.S. & Bona Fide Volga / Bengali Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE407D
Fri May 10 Yotto Hyperfall Remixed 01. Hear Me Out (Anja Schneider Remix), 02. Hear Me Out (Kevin de Vries Remix), 03. Turn It Around (Monkey Safari Remix), 04. Kantsu (Chloé Remix), 05. Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein's Rise Again Remix), 06. The One You Left Behind (SØNIN Remix) Stream ANJCD065RD
Tue May 14 boerd It Fades Away Original Mix Stream ANJDEE408D
Fri May 17 Öona Dahl & Giddyhead Astral Realm 01. Astral Realm, 02. Astral Realm (Kincaid Remix), 03. Astral Realm (Ritual Mix) Stream ANJDEE409D
Fri May 24 Spencer Brown & Qrion Sapporo EP 01. Sapporo, 02. 23, 03. Safeway Sushi Stream ANJDEE410D
Tue May 28 Nox Vahn & Marsh Prospect EP 01. Prospect, 02. Follow Me feat. Mimi Page, 03. Serena's Garden Stream ANJDEE411D
Fri May 31 boerd Misplaced 01. It Fades Away, 02. Someone, 03. Gem, 04. Little Else Stream ANJDEE412D
Tue Jun 4 Luttrell Into Clouds (The Remixes Part 2) 01. After All (CIOZ's Whale Remix) 02. Windowscene (Made in Paris Remix) Stream ANJDEE388RD2
Fri Jun 7 Dosem Stay True EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE413D
Fri Jun 14 Various Artist Anjunadeep Explorations 10 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE414D
Tue Jun 18 Cubicolor No Dancers Adam Port Remix Stream ANJDEE378RD
Mon Jun 24 Various Artists Anjunadeep In Ibiza 2019 Comp Mix Stream ANJCDCO193D
Fri Jun 28 Marsh Soul EP 01. Soul, 02. Estes, 03. Surrender feat. Mariel Beausejour Stream ANJDEE415D
Tue Jul 2 Aiiso City Lights / Programmer Original Mix Stream ANJDEE416D
Fri Jul 5 Edu Imbernon S.Y.L. Original Mix Stream ANJDEE417D
Tue Jul 9 Moon Boots ft. Steven Klavier Tied Up Original Mix Stream ANJDEE418D
Fri Jul 12 Nox Vahn ft. Mimi Page There Is Peace Beyond Original and Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Mixes Stream ANJDEE419D
Fri Jul 19 Fluida A Self And A Mind EP 01. A Self And A Mind, 02(I Am) Human, 3. Who Am I To Know Stream ANJDEE420D
Tue Jul 23 Blanche City Lights Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix Stream ANJDEE421D
Fri Jul 26 Luttrell & Ben Böhmer Gibberish Original Mix Stream ANJDEE422D
Tue Jul 30 Savvas Peace of Mind EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE423D
Fri Aug 2 John Monkman Komplex EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE424D
Tue Aug 6 Martin Roth Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE425BD
Fri Aug 9 Moon Boots Juanita Original Mix Stream ANJDEE426D
Tue Aug 13 Eli & Fur Into The Night Original Mix Stream ANJDEE427D
Fri Aug 16 Rodriguez Jr. Phoenix / Amargosa Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE428D
Tue Aug 20 Joseph Ray Room 1.5 / Chem-EX Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE429D
Fri Aug 23 Antic Inundación / Tamariu Original & Just Her Mixes Stream ANJDEE430D
Tue Aug 27 Moon Boots ft. Nic Hanson Clear Original Mix Stream ANJDEE431D
Fri Aug 30 Various Artists Anjunadeep Explorations 11 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE432D
Fri Sep 6 Moon Boots Bimini Road Album Release Stream ANJCD071D
Fri Sep 13 Eli & Fur Into The Night EP 01. Into The Night, 02. Don't Say, 03. You And I Stream ANJDEE433D
Tue Sep 17 Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann & Malou Breathing Original Mix Stream ANJDEE434D
Fri Sep 20 Westseven Feeling EP 01. Feeling, 02. Colony, 03. Lost Language Stream ANJDEE435D
Fri Sep 27 Marsh 1992 / Eu Phoria Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE437D
Fri Oct 4 boerd ft. Stella Explorer Before We Drown Original Mix Stream ANJDEE438D
Fri Oct 11 Nuage Abandoned Sun EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE439D
Tue Oct 15 Ben Böhmer feat. Monolink Black Hole Original Mix Stream ANJDEE440D
Tue Oct 22 Various Artists Anjunadeep Explorations 12 01. The Dualz ‘Your Eyes’, 02. GRAZZE ‘Irish Hill’, 03. minds&machines ’September’, 04. Frost ‘Undercurrents’ Stream ANJDEE441D
Fri Oct 25 Moon Boots ft Black Gatsby Whisper in the Wind Original and Alex Metric Mixes Stream ANJDEE436D1
Tue Oct 29 boerd Look Original Mix Stream ANJDEE442D
Fri Nov 1 Eli & Fur Into The Night (The Remixes) John Monkman, Black Circle and Ben Yang Mixes Stream ANJDEE433RD
Tue Nov 5 Luttrell Albanian Summer Original Mix Stream ANJDEE443D
Fri Nov 8 Clarian Fly Away EP 01. Fly Away, 02. Tropical Stars, 03. Pale Blue Palm Trees Stream ANJDEE444D
Tue Nov 12 Ben Böhmer feat. Jonah Hunting Original Mix Stream ANJDEE445D
Fri Nov 15 Cubicolor Points Beyond Original Mix Stream ANJDEE446D
Tue Nov 19 Nox Vahn Brainwasher / Walking With Giants Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE447D
Fri Nov 22 Ben Böhmer Breathing Album Release Stream ANJCD074
Tue Nov 26 Qrion Sine Wave Party EP 01. Sine Wave Party, 02. B4 Montreal, 03. Outro Stream ANJDEE448D
Fri Nov 29 Just Her The Mirror / Love Will Save Us Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE449D
Tue Dec 03 boerd Misplaced Album Release Stream ANJLP078D
Fri Dec 06 Yotto Hyperlude Dosem Edit Stream ANJDEE450D
Fri Dec 13 boerd Before We Drown Live Session Stream ANJDEE451D
Wed Dec 18 Various Artists Anjunadeep Yearbook 2019 Original Mixes Stream ANJCDCO196D
submitted by -ixto- to AboveandBeyond [link] [comments]

2019.12.11 08:08 DoctorCornMonster Titles to all my dreams - 3.5 years worth of weird ones

Hey, I have a list of all the titles of my dreams - If anyone wants to know what happened just comment and I will give a summary:
5 headed Man
Super Fast Boat
Yeet B.C
Vomit shirt
Kill Eli
Find the Money
Connor pukes
Hunting the Hunters
Cock in Boston
Jared Dies
Missing Out
Meatball Murder
Trying To Help
Notorious Omelette
Protesting Trump
Sniping Neimz
Run from Cops
Water Polo
Impossible Rock
Art Dies
Repaying Debts
House River
Hit The Lotto
Rat Man
Mini Golf Extreme
3000 Year Nap
Dead Arm
Racing Bella
Cruise Crash
Shower Conflict
Double Waterfall
Chip and Chips
Baby Car
New Year's Eve
MJ in Rice Fields
Chips Again
Snapchat Whorey
Anna Dies
Olympic ASSlete
Mall House
Black Snowman
Plant Arm
Sports Band
Ceran Wrap
Cock Blocked
Hide n Go Fuck
J-Lo Scandal
Public Poop
Midget Bowling
Ghost Hunting pt 1
Throw Up Ice
Planet Staples
Illegal Fishing
Ghost Hunting pt 2
Catch the Peen
Tyson and Neimz
Sick Snug
Ginos got Moves
Nuclear Crow
Multiple Balls
Claritan Queer
Bear-ly Alive
Eddy loves Trump
Wet the Field
Perry the Embryo
Old Anders
Marty Mcdie
Northway Frogger
Sidewalk Pool
Morph Suit Bonanza
Lambo Lambo
A Series of Unfortunate Revenge
Punch Boat
Japanese Shrink
Red Tux
Tight Shirt Boy
Terror at Shaker
Hunger Games
Trans-dude 2
Losito Akbar
Cool Glasses
Killing Slim Jesus
Ominous Hike
Anders the Predator
Really Uncomfortable
Kevin Fiasco
Prom at a Lake
College Follies
get off of me
Carpet Succ
Swearing a lot
Twin bitches
Dumb Idiot
Date me
Korean Skating
Me and Rob are Fat
Date Me 2
Mary Kate and Ghastly
Slow Zombies
HalloweineDate Me 3
Protect the Ders
SNL Diss
Plane Jane
Snakes Among Us
People in Black IV
Recal Matter
Water Parked
Puzzling Fuck
Bubble City
Avi Facade
Send Nudes
Wakey Bakey
Pixel Dog Dick
Oh Deer
XO Tour Lif3
Brunk Briver
Happy For Once
Justin Grows Up
Jane Badall
Metallic Taste
RA-less Dan
Creepy Sean
Plants for Hire
Mirror Mirror
Arnav Visits
Jared's Bean Jar
Chogs Hockey
Rubik's life
Basketball 451
Secret Agent Zen
Garfield Cookies
Son of a Witch
Grabbed by the Balls
Party Gal
Summertime Sadness
Naked Office Hours
Indian Food
Winter Lightning
Pee of innocence
Explosive Die-hhrea
A Little Late
Stomp camp
Bool Shooting
Bool Shooting pt 2
Putt Putt Slut
Big Sledding
Pajama Drama
Demon TJ
Rosewater and Cyanide
Back Shots
Super Mia
Semen Party
Spongebob Succpants
Trashbag Corpse Bombs
Pooping Suicide
College Purge
Shit Serve
Dont Cross the Double Yellow Line
Poison Thigh-vy
Joke Final
Indian Power
Homework at the Wheel
Nicky and my Dicky
Only in my Dreams
Board Games
Drive Thru Food
High School pt. 2
Count Nolaf
Horse Soccer
Narnia in Altamont
Cellulite Legs
Bare Necessities
Sibling Assassins
Snap Crackle Pop
Mrs. Roth
Most Life Like Dream
Ghost Ancestor Premonition Battle
Pizza Thief
Sell Guy
Battle of Wits
Stormy Hike
Racist Samantha
If You Know You Know
Shoe Many Cooks
All Egg Diet
Words With More Than Friends
Side Bitch Envy
Imaginary Money Taker
Harry Slotter
Boob Pillow
"Smile For Me"
Megging a God
Froze Toes
Ruby Rock
Mad "Mad Man" Man
Olivia's Party
Monster Mash Murder
Not Hungry Games
Letter of Recommend-jection
Genocide Cartridge
MT tank
Poker Face Criminal
Jelly Legs
Randy Randomson
Bubble Basshole
Green Flip Flop
Driveway Ball
Park Your Car, Michael
Pokemon Hoe
"Where Am I, Whats Going On"
Pixelated Succ
Mao Ze-Damn
Bench and Wench
Clear Pee
Dirty Spatula
Keanu Reeves
Joe is Gay
Mt. Everstripst
Sausage Jaw
Gangster Swinny
Sean -20 lbs
Sardine Apartments
Snoopy Tee, Droopy D
Rafi :(
Backyard Ball
Golden Crane
Sullivan Fight
Matt Magonagan
Sibling Saviors
Me vs four 8 year olds
Pennywise Virus
Idubbbz Murder
Cop Run
No Gluten
Teenage Trends
Hop Off
Selfish Boy
Bon Bon
Hunger Tests
1,2,3 JID
GRE-at job
Show her Shower
The Ferocius Farm
Patriots Concert
Money Madness
Dating a Murderer
50-100 Feet
Amazing Racist
Pig Gut Wallpaper
With the Roomies Present
Buffalo Hand Boys
Comagasm Jenner
Creek Pizza
Axery Murder
Wet Laptop
Exactly, Exactly
Puke Skywalker
Umbrella Watch
I'm a Sick Fuck
Just Why
Crying Over Split Milk
Male Pattern Sadness
Dr. Lipple Popper
Dodgeball King
WWEthereal Being
Eat Off
Genocide Avenger
Mountaion Dewd
Butt Leggings
Inverted Mushroom
Foot Dealer
8 Billion Enantiomers
Dinner and a Hoe
Unrealistic Dream
One Eleventh
S(NL)pace Raiders
Lion on the Couch
Little Brother
Kat fish
Songs of the Day
Umbr- Ella
CrossBar Star
Atamont High
Sumo Video
DAoun and Out
Hard Crouton
Wall Skeletons
Debby Ryan
Memory Class
Back Shots 2: Sex
Charred Wedding
Ink Hands
Chetti Wap
Reed's Disease
Young Kevin
Kelleth Cheesburt
Goddess of Wisdom
Roomates With Sarah's Boys
Sequin Money
Red Eyes
He Was Number 1
Wizards of Waverly Face
Sri Lankan Death Metal
Pokemon War
Jeremy Superhero
Fucking a TV
11 9/11's
Flaccid Peen.jpeg
To Pimp a Chicken Fry
Orchard Crease
Blood Russian
Battle of the Endives
The Runs
Collect Them Chogs
League of Sanic
Mon Amie
Lvl 100 Boss
Clockwork Rainbow
Death 2
Sydny Prohgram
FBI Co-op
One Arm Man
Nautious Roomie
Ballsack Jorts
Fart Man
CaCl2 Peddler
Ass Ass Assidy
Gnarly iCarly
Connor Connor
Child Rapist
Pop's Racist
TJ Jr.
Chiral Spiral
Death by Mouth
Spiki Spago
7 Fishes
Life's a Beach
Dance Recital Lapdance
Handless Jared
Us vs Them
Cele-been there
Stewie 5'4''-en
Raccoon Stew
Dance 'til Your Dead
Beachy Darko
Shit Babysitter
Birthday Sharty
Big Dorm Theory
Shirtless Orgo
Princess Miler
Orange Skittle Man
Axe Body Count
T. Dubthony's
Big Cloud Country
A Gay Fish
Left Arm
Fish Salesman
Dr. Motler
Crocodile Swintee
Rebecca's Brothel
Tessix and Chesteroni
Big Titties
Crazy Sabrick
Metalheads Stick Up a Family
Thomas TahcPansdolfi
Say Cheese
Poor Flool
Disney's Cunt
Sick Fit
Butterllik Falls
Arranged Miscarriage
Hungry Games
Homophobic Zombie
Criminally Underrated
Running Late
Class with Kids
Suck off Roulette
Grandpa Graduation
Alien Currency
Liquid Jizz
RIP Benji
Ghost Professor
Brutal Self Defense
College Porn Musical
AJ Hang
Gimme The Loot
Back Shots 3: French Shotty
Rejected Rugby
Snooki Hangout
Grandma Header
Tickle Monster
Rice Pilaf
Will's Orgy
Ball of Penises
The Perlees
Trumpet Blowers
Joji, Lord Of Souls
Sub Time
Horse Slap
Hop Thruster
Steven King
Shit Cannon
Muted Jew and the Zooted Crew
Cheeto Legged Crab
Bad Clothes
Dude Pussy
Hairless Trachea
Condom Jelq
Fart Nut
Arunika Junior
3 Year Old Reunion
Mr. Steal Yo Girl
Funk as Druck
Hurricane Helen
Hot Sauce Mouse
Beard Boy
0 for 4 Suicide
Bernie Sanders Honey
The Alkali Method
Ping Pong and Mutilation
Jimmy Neutron Dunk
Taco Bell
(K)anders saved Anders
Leonardo Drowncaprio
Day 96
Rock Paper Scissors Die
Face Sitting Assault
Katniss Wynnerdeen
Millions of Dice
Erick the Professor
Tentacle Golf
No Sleep
Blockheads and Head
RIP Grandpa
Altamont Rescue Squad
Aspirin Ball
RA Cockblocker
Lamborghini from a Mustang
Argus PanFilch
Juggalo Juggle
Out Like a Light
Brycen Chen-Phorgot
Same Penis
Blob PDA
ISEC Bridge Collapse
Mixed Lace
Gay Beverage
By Ameer Vann
Graphite Arrows
Bg Black Truck
Precious Primaries
8 Points Off
Peter Hand PDA
House As Big As My Mouth
Robberkah Orr
Car Sink
Duty Phone
Mustang Mishap
Black Aura Monsters
Math Helper
Pend it Back
Estee Therapeutics
Bullet Whip
Rash Boy
Skipping Deodorant
Thomas' License
Smiley Face Lawn
Spongebob Art
Under the Bench
Wrestling Club
History Of Bathmats
Altaria EX
Twerking 101
5th Century Chinese Politics
Ankle Breaker
So Much Drama in the FAS
Crazy & Peele
4.8 Inches
Boat Work
Dub King
Synthol Warriors
Bald Flirting
Mah Jong Robbery
Piped Up
Everthing's Retarded
QR Code
Asymptotic Zombies
Giants and Triscuits
RA Shenanigans
High Pitch Party
Tattoo Uncles
Death by Fart
Everyone is Dying
Kim Kumshot
Kami Fight
Dog Shitter
Gaff vs. Daff
10 Years
Maine Radio
submitted by DoctorCornMonster to Dreams [link] [comments]

2019.10.23 03:36 Cody_Fox23 [Film Fox] Audition

This evening we will be checking out some J-Hor! Before we get started I do want to declare up front some content warnings for torture and gore. This movie is not for everyone, but it is important. Tonight we are talking about Audition.
I will keep the synopsis quick because of the aforementioned CWs. Middle aged widower Aoyama decides to start dating again. With the help of his friend Yoshikawa, he sets up auditions for a new wife. Through these auditions he is taken by Asami and decides he will pursue her. She sits by the phone for four days waiting for a call. After going on a few dates they go to a seaside hotel where Aoyama intends to propose. Before doing adult things Asami demands she be the only thing Aoyama loves to which he eagerly agrees. In the morning Asami is gone. From here the creep factor is pushed up to a solid eight as Aoyama tries to track her down. Details of her past slowly come to the surface, she stalks Aoyama and eventually kidnaps him. From there we go into the torture bits of this film. From there it is a struggle for survival until the credits roll.
So why talk about Audition? It was the next project in line from the Omega Productions company who just released Ringu. To many people this was a sign that j-hor had arrived. It wasn’t some one-off success every so often. They had an aesthetic and storytelling style that was marketable and desired by the masses. It would become influential to young directors like Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) and James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring). It made studios look to j-hor for other ideas, and as much as you may hate the remakes, the dollars sent over for licensing and adaptation rights helped the Japanese movie scene prosper.
Are there scenes that push your tolerance for what is ok to be watched? Yes. It forces you to feel empathy for another person by pushing them to the ends of what is tolerable.
Will this movie creep you out in other ways? Absolutely. That is why I chose this over any other torture-porn type film. There is just a total air of creepiness in everything Asami does. For instance, there is a scene of her just waiting next to a phone for her call back. She sits there, motionless, for days. That scene just sort of sticks with you as much as the more explicit scenes towards the climax.
Audition is certainly not for everyone. This is one of a select few movies I will not give a full on endorsement to go watch. If you have seen films like Saw or Cabin Fever or heck even anything by Cronenberg, you know what you are in for in the third act. If you have a sensitive stomach or just don’t want any part of torturing someone, skip it. I just want more people to know this movie exists. Outside of cinephiles, I rarely hear people mention this movie in discussions of the horror genre. It should be known as well as Ringu, Grudge, Saw, etc.
submitted by Cody_Fox23 to FoxFictions [link] [comments]

2019.10.04 13:21 deeptechsharing Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno September 2019

Release Date: 2019-09-22 Quality: 320 kbps
DOWNLOAD here: https://sharing-db.com/djs-chart/235202_beatport-top-100-melodic-house-techno-september-2019/
Tracklist: 1. &ME – Starting Again (Original Mix) (7:55) 2. 8Kays, Postig – Jado (Original Mix) (6:11) 3. Adana Twins – C3PO (Original Mix) (7:38) 4. Adriatique – Craft (Original Mix) (7:02) 5. Agoria & Blase – You’re Not Alone (Solomun Remix) (8:23) 6. Âme – No War (Rampa Remix) (7:19) 7. Âme – No War (Ry X Remix) (7:14) 8. Âme – Transmoderna (Original Mix) (7:06) 9. Animal Trainer – Amaron (Original Mix) (7:15) 10. Animal Trainer – Atamaran (Original Mix) (7:52) 11. Apir – Emphatic (Original Mix) (9:07) 12. Apparat & Solomun – OUTLIER (Solomun Remix) (7:52) 13. ARTBAT – Aquarius (Original Mix) (7:52) 14. Artbat – Atlas (Original Mix) (7:34) 15. Artbat – Upperground (Original Mix) (6:45) 16. Baime – Majka (Original Mix) (7:08) 17. Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann & Malou – Breathing (Extended Mix) (3:41) 18. BOg, GHEIST – Venere (Fideles Remix) (9:16) 19. Boris Brejcha Ft Ginger – Happinezz (Original Mix) (7:52) 20. Budakid – 1991 (Original Mix) (7:22) 21. Cherry (UA) – Ruba (Original Mix) (6:29) 22. Colyn – Amor (Original Mix) (8:34) 23. Colyn – Eriador (Original Mix) (7:50) 24. Colyn – Exchange (Original Mix) (6:45) 25. Colyn – Resolve (Original Mix) (7:22) 26. Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix) (4:55) 27. Damian Lazarus – Moment (Adam Port Remix) (7:32) 28. Dance Spirit – Going Strong (Original Mix) (6:53) 29. Delhia de France – Friend Kalypso (Fur Coat Remix) (7:17) 30. Denis Horvat – Noise (feat Lelah) (7:21) 31. D-Nox, Lonya, DJ Zombi – Fuze (Citizen Kain & D-Formation Remix) (8:11) 32. D-Nox, Lonya, DJ Zombi – Fuze (Original Mix) (9:20) 33. Douglas Greed – Exosia (Original Mix) (7:26) 34. Eagles & Butterflies feat. Coloray – Can’t Stop (7:10) 35. Eelke Kleijn, Ost – Lost Souls feat. Ost (Nora En Pure Extended Remix) (6:33) 36. Elax – Bescio (Original Mix) (6:29) 37. Eli & Fur – Don’t Say (Extended Mix) (6:45) 38. Eli & Fur – You and I (Extended Mix) (5:13) 39. Emanuel Satie – Planet XXX (Original Mix) (6:45) 40. Energy 52 – Café del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) (8:35) 41. Enzo Elia – Greetings from CV (Original Mix) (7:21) 42. Frank Wiedemann – Tears On The Dancefloor (5:59) 43. George Acosta – Mercy (South Bay Mix) (7:17) 44. Guy Gerber – What To Do (&ME Remix) (8:24) 45. Guy Mantzur, Khen – My Golden Cage (Original Mix) (8:26) 46. Hammer – Parabola (Original Mix) (5:44) 47. Hot Since 82 – Vapours (Original Mix) (5:58) 48. Johannes Brecht – Synesthetic (Original Mix) (8:27) 49. Kotelett & Zadak – Never Enough (Original Mix) (9:00) 50. Maceo Plex – When the Lights Are Out (Original Mix) (7:24) 51. Marcus Meinhardt – Rabbit Hole (Stereo Express Remix) (7:06) 52. Marius Drescher – Sektor (Original Mix) (7:15) 53. Matador, ARTBAT – Apollo 11 (Original Mix) (7:44) 54. Mathame – Skywalking (Original Mix) (6:13) 55. Maxim Lany ft. Jacky E Jones – People Of The Night (3:06) 56. Monolink – Rearrange My Mind (Nicole Moudaber Remix) (8:15) 57. Monolink – Return to Oz (Artbat Remix) (8:00) 58. Mulya – Vapour (Original Mix) (7:24) 59. Nicole Moudaber – The Sun at Midnight (Marino Canal Remix) (5:25) 60. Nora En Pure – Birthright (Dosem Remix) (7:21) 61. Patrice Baumel, Adana Twins – Roar (Adana Twins Remix) (8:13) 62. Pig&Dan – Promised (Raxon Remix) (6:58) 63. Quivver – Long Time (Extended Mix) (6:28) 64. Rafael Cerato, Jager, John M – Every You (Erly Tepshi Remix) (6:52) 65. Rafael Cerato, Jager, John M – Every You (Wurtz & Iberian Muse Remix) (7:44) 66. Rafael Cerato, Liu Bei – Further (Hidden Empire Remix) (7:11) 67. Rafael Da Cruz – Conrad (Original Mix) (7:09) 68. Rampa Feat. WhoMadeWho – Tell Me Are We (Original Mix) (6:53) 69. Raxon – Andromena (Original Mix) (6:49) 70. Raxon – The Turbulent (Original Mix) (6:24) 71. Raxon – Vortex Cortex (Original Mix) (6:12) 72. Robag Wruhme – Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version) (8:39) 73. Roy RosenfelD – Creme (Original Mix) (7:49) 74. Rufus Du Sol – Eyes(Original Mix) (3:50) 75. Sam Shure – Mirage (Original Mix) (6:28) 76. Sam Shure, CIOZ – Kamala Bani (Original Mix) (7:40) 77. Sasha – Ripcord (Original Mix) (8:16) 78. Serge Devant – It’s Like That (Sebastien Leger Remix) (8:51) 79. Space Motion, NekliFF – Laziness (Original Mix) (6:30) 80. Spencer Parker – You’re Under My Control Now (Radio Slave Remix) (6:55) 81. Stereo Express – Agatha (Original Mix) (7:04) 82. Stereo Express – Sacramento (Original Mix) (6:48) 83. Steve Parry – Don’t You Ever Stop (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) (8:26) 84. Stil & Bense – One In A Million ft. Ally (Lunar Plane Remix) (7:23) 85. Super Flu – Acumulee (Original Mix) (10:48) 86. Super Flu, CIOZ – Body Juice (Original Mix) (8:46) 87. Super Flu, CIOZ – Jodi Bush (Original Mix) (7:59) 88. Tash, Starkato – The Bash (SEQU3l Remix) (7:55) 89. The Advent, CJ Bolland – Camargue 2019 (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) (7:14) 90. The Advent, CJ Bolland – Camargue 2019 (Maceo Plex Remix) (6:33) 91. Tone Of Arc, 8Kays – Dance Alone (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (6:49) 92. Township Rebellion – Magna Spe (Original Mix) (8:12) 93. Township Rebellion – Magna Terram (Original Mix) (8:25) 94. Trikk – Marazul (Original Mix) (5:22) 95. U.A. & Toto Chiavetta – Ederlezi feat. Sead Ajaz Ensemble Edition (Original Mix) (6:17) 96. Underspreche – Immersa Nel Tuo Viaggio (The Drifter Rewok) (7:56) 97. Unstable Son & Lily und Wolf – Dystopia (Martin Roth Remix) (8:13) 98. West.K, Danijel Kostic – Hope (Original Club Mix) (6:17) 99. WhoMadeWho, ARTBAT – Closer (Original Mix) (7:40) 100. Zac, Bakka – Distortion (Original Mix) (6:40)
DOWNLOAD here: https://sharing-db.com/djs-chart/235202_beatport-top-100-melodic-house-techno-september-2019/
submitted by deeptechsharing to u/deeptechsharing [link] [comments]

2019.09.04 17:00 looper00009 VA - Beatport - TOP 100 MELODIC HOUSE & TECHNO TOP 100 (27 Aug 2019)

Artist: VA Title: Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno August 2019 Genre: Melodic House & Techno Release Date: 2019-08-27 Quality: 320 kbp
Tracklist: 1. &ME – Starting Again (Original Mix) (7:55) 2. &ME – The Rapture Pt.II (Original Mix) (8:32) 3. 8Kays – Rainbow (Original Mix) (6:09) 4. Adam Ten, Mita Gami – Mango (Original Mix) (6:39) 5. Adana Twins – Agonist (Original Mix) (7:33) 6. Adana Twins – C3PO (Original Mix) (7:38) 7. Adana Twins – Maoa (Original Mix) (6:34) 8. Adana Twins – Nobis (Original Mix) (6:03) 9. Adriatique – Craft (Original Mix) (7:02) 10. Adriatique – Hound (Original Mix) (6:35) 11. Aether – Arteon (Dealing With God) (6:52) 12. Agoria & Blase – You’re Not Alone (Solomun Remix) (8:23) 13. Alex Dimou – What Keeps You There (Avidus Remix) (8:05) 14. Âme – No War (Fango Remix) (7:28) 15. Âme – No War (Rampa Remix) (7:19) 16. Âme – No War (Ry X Remix) (7:14) 17. Âme – The Line feat. Matthew Herbert (Original Mix) (5:20) 18. Andhim – Last Song (Original Mix) (7:42) 19. Arm In Arm – Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonwalk Remix) (6:32) 20. Artbat – Atlas (Original Mix) (7:34) 21. Artbat – Element (Original Mix) (7:24) 22. ARTBAT – Papillon (Original Mix) (7:06) 23. Artbat – Upperground (Original Mix) (6:45) 24. BOg, GHEIST – Venere (Fideles Remix) (9:16) 25. Cherry (UA) – Ruba (Original Mix) (6:29) 26. Christian Smith – Air Castle (Laurent Garnier 2019 Remix) (9:19) 27. Colyn – Amor (Original Mix) (8:34) 28. Cristoph & Quivver – In Name Only (Moonwalk Remix) (6:50) 29. Crooked Colours – I C Light (HOSH Remix) (6:59) 30. Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix) (4:55) 31. Delhia de France – Reach Dione (Monkey Safari Remix) (7:13) 32. Denis Horvat – Noise (feat Lelah) (Original Mix) (7:21) 33. Eagles & Butterflies – Can’t Stop (Original Mix) (7:10) 34. Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba – Balear (Original Mix) (7:40) 35. Eli & Fur – Into the Night (Extended Mix) (6:51) 36. Emanuel Satie – Planet XXX (Original Mix) (6:45) 37. Energy 52 – Café del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) (8:35) 38. Florian Kruse, Julian Wassermann – Orust (Original Mix) (7:11) 39. Four Hands (GER) – Springfield (ANMA Remix) (6:55) 40. Freefall – Skydive (Kevin de Vries Remix) (4:39) 41. Golden Hour – Hirajoshi (Original Mix) (7:58) 42. Guy Gerber – What To Do (&ME Remix) (8:24) 43. Guy Mantzur, Khen – My Golden Cage (Original Mix) (8:26) 44. Hot Since 82 – Tilted (Original Mix) (5:35) 45. Hot Since 82 – Vapours (Original Mix) (5:58) 46. Joseph Ray – Chem – Ex (Extended Mix) (8:04) 47. Joseph Ray – Room 1.5 (Extended Mix) (8:23) 48. Just Emma & Zazou – Baltic Sea (Monolink Remix) (7:44) 49. Ken Hayakawa & T Raum – Spirit Base (Gorge Remix) (6:59) 50. Kollektiv Ost – Black Hole (Jan Oberlaender Remix) (7:30) 51. Launa Fen – Yang (Original Mix) (8:28) 52. Lexer – Felina (Original Mix) (7:20) 53. Lunar Plane – Sultan (Original Mix) (8:04) 54. Luttrell & Ben Böhmer – Gibberish (feat. Margret) [Extended Mix] (6:34) 55. Maceo Plex – Lonely Tribe (Original Mix) (7:37) 56. Maceo Plex – When the Lights Are Out (Original Mix) (7:24) 57. Marcus Meinhardt – Rabbit Hole (Stereo Express Remix) (7:06) 58. Marius Drescher – Sektor (Original Mix) (7:15) 59. Martin Roth – Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk (Extended Mix) (6:50) 60. Matador, ARTBAT – Apollo 11 (Original Mix) (7:44) 61. Monolink – Rearrange My Mind (Nicole Moudaber Remix) (8:15) 62. Monolink – Return to Oz (Artbat Remix) (8:00) 63. Mulya – Fango (Original Mix) (7:24) 64. Mulya – Vapour (Original Mix) (7:24) 65. Newman (I Love) – The Spirit of Renaissance (Original Mix) (9:10) 66. Olivier Giacomotto – Impala (Original Mix) (7:44) 67. Olivier Giacomotto – Medusa (Original Mix) (7:25) 68. Olivier Weiter – Toyger (Mees Salomé Remix) (8:00) 69. Patrice Baumel, Adana Twins – Roar (Adana Twins Remix) (8:13) 70. Pig&Dan – Promised (Raxon Remix) (6:58) 71. Rafael Cerato, Liu Bei – Further (Hidden Empire Remix) (7:11) 72. Rampa Feat. WhoMadeWho – Tell Me Are We (Original Mix) (6:53) 73. Raxon – The Turbulent (Original Mix) (6:24) 74. Rinzen, Marbs, Evan Casey – Ark (Original Mix) (8:07) 75. Robag Wruhme – Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version) (8:39) 76. Rodriguez Jr. – Amargosa (Extended Mix) (8:00) 77. Rodriguez Jr. – Phoenix (Extended Mix) (6:44) 78. Rufus du sol – All I’ve Got (Mathame Remix) (7:30) 79. Sam Shure – Encanto (Original Mix) (6:51) 80. Sam Shure – Mirage (Original Mix) (6:28) 81. Sam Shure, CIOZ – Kamala Bani (Original Mix) (7:40) 82. Sasha – Ripcord (Original Mix) (8:16) 83. Sébastien Léger – Forbidden Garden (Tim Green Remix) (9:00) 84. Serge Devant – It’s Like That (Sebastien Leger Remix) (8:51) 85. Space Food – Primal Source (Extended Mix) (6:33) 86. Squire – Common Sense (Extended Mix) (6:23) 87. Stereo Express – Agatha (Original Mix) (7:04) 88. Stereo Express – Aquiver (Original Mix) (6:02) 89. Steve Lawler, MC Johnny Def – People (8:27) 90. Stil & Bense – One In A Million ft. Ally (Lunar Plane Remix) (7:23) 91. Super Flu – Acumulee (Original Mix) (10:48) 92. Super Flu – Monaberry (2019 Werkzeug) (6:45) 93. Tone Of Arc, 8Kays – Dance Alone (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (6:49) 94. Township Rebellion – Magna Mater (Original Mix) (9:09) 95. Township Rebellion – Magna Spe (Original Mix) (8:12) 96. Township Rebellion – Magna Terram (Original Mix) (8:25) 97. WhoMadeWho, ARTBAT – Closer (Original Mix) (7:40) 98. WhoMadeWho, ARTBAT – Montserrat (Artbat Edit) (8:08) 99. Xinobi – Far Away Place (Rampa Remix) (5:30) 100. Yotto, Lane 8 – I / Y (Original Mix) (5:54)
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2019.08.16 03:25 -ixto- ABGT343 - PRAANA Guest Mix [Official Discussion Thread]

Hello, hello, hello my little somethings! Welcome back to another edition of Group Therapy! We are a few weeks away from Our Annual Milestone Celebration! But first let's get back into action with ABGT! This week we have a special guest mix from the mysterious PRAANA who will be showcasing all of their latest progressive goodness choons that have been favorites on ABGT.

Listen Live


  • We now have a chat box on Reddit. Check it out!
  • ABGT350 is around the corner! How about it's time we start gathering stuff to do. Who is down for a meet up?
  • The Anjunabeats Tour is hitting the road again! This time hitting up the UK. For more locations and the lineup, head over to **anjunabeats.com/tour
  • Anjunadeep Open Air returns bringing in more talent than ever and hitting more horizons than ever. For more information check out anjunadeep.com/openair as the lineups were announced this week.

Hot and Fresh from the Anjunakitchen:

Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Tue Aug 13 Eli & Fur Into The Night Original Mix Stream ANJDEE427D
Fri Aug 16 Oliver Smith Anticipation Original Mix Stream ANJ568D
Fri Aug 16 Rodriguez Jr. Phoenix / Amargosa Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE428D

August Release Schedule

Weekly Anjuna Radio

  • The newest addition to Team 'All In' Rodg takes us on a dark journey on this week's Anjunabeats Worldwide #638.
  • A new 5 hour mix from James Grant on this week’s Anjunadeep Edition #265, including a few tunes you may have heard at our shows in Albania, London, New York and at the Gorge


  1. Genix - Open Your Eyes
  2. Oliver Smith - Anticipation
  3. Nitrous Oxide - Say Yes
  4. ROTW Andrew Bayer - True Feelin'
  5. Maor Levi - Halcyon
  6. Fatum - Outlaw
  7. Cosmic Gate - Light Years
  8. Fatum & Genix & Jaytech & Judah - All In (Anden Remix)
  9. Eli & Fur - Into The Night
  10. Moon Boots ft. Kaleena Zanders - Juanita
  11. Estiva - T.R.I.P.
  12. Judah - Misdirection
  13. David Broaders - Everlasting
  14. PTB Above & Beyond & Seven Lions ft. Opposite The Other - See The End
  15. Farius - Make This Last
  16. Sunny Lax - Hallucination
  17. DJ Panda & AxelPolo - Solar Storm
  18. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - Satellite (Trance Wax Remix)
  19. Flashback Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - To The Six (Martin Roth Remix)
PRAANA Guest Mix
  1. Kyau & Albert - Neon Sonnenschein (PRAANA Remix)
  2. PRAANA - Mojave
  3. PRAANA - Perception
  4. PRAANA - Sankalpa
  5. PRAANA & Matt Fax & HALIENE - Kaleidoscope
  6. PRAANA & Matt Fax & HALIENE - Kaleidoscope (PRAANA Remix)
  7. PRAANA & Dezza ft. LEW - Mirrors

ABGT Links

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2019.08.02 18:02 -ixto- August 2019 Official Release Schedule


Anjunabeats New Releases Playlist
Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Fri Aug 2 Genix Open Your Eyes Original Mix Stream ANJ565D
Tue Aug 6 Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah All In Rodg, Anden, Parallels and Gemma Mixes Stream ANJ548RD
Thur Aug 8 Andrew Bayer True Feelin' Original Mix Stream ANJ567D
Fri Aug 9 Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab Satellite Trance Wax Remix Stream ANJ023RD1
Fri Aug 16 Oliver Smith Anticipation Original Mix Stream ANJ568D
Mon Aug 19 Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May In My Last Life Dave DK Remix Stream ANJ534RD
Tue Aug 20 alt-J Breezeblocks Tinlicker Remix Stream ANJ566D
Tue Aug 20 Tinlicker This Is Not Our Universe Album Announcement Pre-Save ANJCD072D
Fri Aug 23 Above & Beyond Anjunafamily Original Mix Stream ANJ569D
Wed Aug 28 Luminary Amsterdam Grum Remix Stream ANJ055RD


Anjunadeep New Releases Playlist
Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Fri Aug 2 John Monkman Komplex EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE424D
Tue Aug 6 Martin Roth Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk EP Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE425BD
Fri Aug 9 Moon Boots Juanita Original Mix Stream ANJDEE426D
Tue Aug 13 Eli & Fur Into The Night Original Mix Stream ANJDEE427D
Fri Aug 16 Rodriguez Jr. Phoenix / Amargosa Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE428D
Tue Aug 20 Joseph Ray Room 1.5 / Chem-EX Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE429D
Fri Aug 23 Antic Inundación / Tamariu Original & Just Her Mixes Stream ANJDEE430D
Tue Aug 27 Moon Boots ft. Nic Hanson Clear Original Mix Stream ANJDEE431D
Fri Aug 30 Various Artists Anjunadeep Explorations 11 Original Mixes Stream ANJDEE432D
Subject to Change
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2019.07.06 23:59 PreviousCoast2 H. G. Wells ( The Science Fiction Collection)

H. G. Wells ( The Science Fiction Collection)
Narrated By : Hugh Bonneville, Jason Isaacs, Sophie Okonedo, David Tennant, Alexander Vlahos, Eli Roth - Introduction Length : 27 Hours 16 Minutes Release Date : 11 April 2019
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2019.02.17 05:19 schmearbagel Girlfriend thinks I'm something I'm not

This is a situation that I’m still trying to reason through, so I apologize if things don’t make sense. I’m just not sure what I think yet. Maybe I do have something mental going on. My gf seems to think that I do. I’ve never seen a therapist or anything, so I just don’t know.

So I am dating this girl. We’re both still in high school. I guess if you want a good mental picture of me, I’m not a jock or a nerd or anything, really. I’m just quiet. I think that’s why she liked me, at first. I guess I’d be more goth if Hot Topic wasn’t so cringeworthy nowadays. I’m about 6’2”, skinny, doing my best to grow a beard.

I’ve never had that many friends. There’s always been a disconnect, I guess, between what I find fun and what other people find fun. I don’t like sports and I don’t like Magic or YuGiOh or whatever. I try to talk to people, because I do want friends, but I still feel like I’m missing something. I think I think too hard about what people will say and do. It stresses me out.

That’s why I like horror movies and true crime so much. I feel like maybe in my brain is a hamster on a wheel that’s always screaming and running. Most of the time there’s no reason for it to be so scared so I get upset with myself. But when I watch some Eli Roth or some documentary on the BTK it’s like, well now that dumb hamster has a reason to be afraid. It just makes me feel a little more normal.

My girlfriend also likes true crime. We bonded a lot over that. We met in one of those mandatory art classes, like how school makes you take at least four art and gym classes before you graduate. I’m not good at drawing. I can’t get how it looks in my mind to come out right on the paper. But she actually had some talent. We were working on still lifes and she had a charcoal shaded deer skull she was working on. Honestly, it was really impressive. And I can remember her face: cute kinda chubby cheeks contrasting with how serious and focused her eyes and mouth looked. You could have set off some firecrackers on her feet and I don’t think she would have noticed. It was just her and the skull.

I guess that was a good thing because I was just staring at her as she worked. I had a pile of apples or some shit to draw, and I didn’t care. I just found her focus attractive. Not that I could ever go up to her and strike up a conversation or anything. I would have been too nervous.

There were a couple classes where I caught her eye on accident a few times. I always felt tense when it happened. Like she could tell I was staring and thought I was creepy or something.

To my surprise, a few days later, she actually started talking to me. She found me in the cafeteria and sat with me! It became a nice, regular thing. I found out she was a lot like me in that she had plenty of acquaintances but basically no friends. She also shared my love of horror movies, but she had seen more of the recent ones, not the classics.

I don’t really know how the conversation got onto the topic but she knew who David Parker Ray was! I was kinda queasy about it at first because talking about the Toybox Killer with your (female) crush could be a mood killer but she didn’t seem bothered by it at all. I think she honestly knew more about it than I did.

We never really asked each other on any dates. We just starting making out a lot.

After a while though, I started to notice some things. If I have to choose, I honestly prefer horror movies over true crime. Even though true crime shuts the hamster up, sometimes it bothers me that it’s, you know, real people. But my gf would get bored during movies so we usually watched the true crime instead. I just had to steel myself for when she would want to get intimate during it. Like, I’m as dumb and horny as any guy, but it takes some work to block out 911 call recordings while trying to hit third base. I tried to turn the volume down once and she got really upset with me. She said having something loud in the background helped her relax because anything sexual made her nervous. I mean, I totally understand that, but if I ever tried to make a move while watching something loud and dumb like Fast and the Furious she didn’t care for it at all.

We also liked doing 20 Questions with each other a lot. I just started noticing over time that some of her questions got repetitive. Stuff like, was I ever bullied, have I ever been in a fight, did I ever want revenge on someone. I mean, I’ve been picked on before. Being the weird quiet kid leads to that. But I just never got as worked up and angry about it as she expected me to. Sometimes I would just pretend to be full of hatred for the world because it seemed to make her happy.

It was just really fun to complain about life with someone. We both felt isolated and different. She just tended to get angry about things more than I did. All of the girls she ever talked to were really “dumb bitches” and boys weren’t any better. I had no reason not to believe her, and she was so upset it was hard to do anything but comfort and compliment her.

The first time I went over to her house it went pretty well. Her parents were quiet, but nice. Her dad was into hunting and there were a few deer heads mounted on the wall. She showed me her dad’s gun collection, which was cool, I guess. I just remember that she asked me if I wanted one. I didn’t know what to say, since they weren’t hers to give. I never really thought much about owning a gun. (It might be stupid sounding but if I invested in a weapon to collect I would want something cooler, like crossbows. Or goddamn trebuchets.)

I also started noticing in the art class that all of her projects were morbid. Not just like normal goth kid morbid. She really liked collage projects and of course those all reflected the true crime interests. I also found out that she was really into weird mental stuff like hypnosis or subliminal messaging, so sometimes she would do paintings of like, innocent things with bad things hidden in the shadows and all sorts of complex patterns. Kind of They Live! critiques of society. Of course, at the time I thought that was cool, since I was in the middle of an MK Ultra research craze. Plus we were reading Brave New World for English and we both talked about how crazy the stuff in that book was.

For a Valentines date she invited me to her house for dinner, her parents weren’t home, you know the deal. I was really excited. When I got there she made a really big deal about having made me an honest-to-goodness CD mixtape. I mean, no one really uses CDs anymore, but I guess it is hard to give someone the gift of a Spotify playlist. She wanted to play it for me ASAP so she put it in her parent’s big old stereo set. It made me happy because it was a lot of music we both liked, even some songs that I knew I liked but that she didn’t care for.

It was because I was so familiar with the music that I noticed something kind of off about the playback. There were extra instruments or something. I figured she might have downloaded live versions of the songs.

She also made spaghetti and meatballs which were fantastic. She said her mom helped but I think they’re both great cooks.

We went up to her room after dinner and made out but as things got heavier she ran off to the bathroom. She said she wanted to change into something for me. I was like yes, hot, go do that.

But as the dumb, horny haze cleared I looked around her room. I hadn’t been up here before. I recognized a lot of the art on the walls from class. There were some new collages, too. One seemed to be a classic true-crime tribute with a lot of the serial killers that we had talked about. A lot of them had dudes that I just didn’t recognize. Most of them looked to be around my age or a little bit older. It took a bit more skimming through all the tiny cut-out faces until I did see ones that sparked my memory.

It was just a few seconds between “yeah, those are the Columbine shooting guys” and seeing my girlfriend in just a bra and underwear. I didn’t know what the fuck to do. I just tuned out, I guess. She was grinding on me and kept whispering shit in my ear. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying. I don’t really remember much more from that Valentine’s date.

I got into a fight at school. I guess there was some sort of rumor that I said something really homophobic about this popular guy. I’m not a homophobe, I’d never say that. But I don’t know how to prove that to a person. Especially to a person who was really mad about being called gay, which is kinda homophobic in itself. But I had to defend myself, and with no-tolerance policy, I got in trouble, and I looked like a real shithead to everyone.

I just wanted to stay home. Or transfer schools. My gf was really good to me, though. She was basically my personal nurse after the fight.

After that whole thing I started finding notes in my backpack. More than usual, at least. I liked to write things down in a mini-notebook, random facts and quotes and ideas. But sometimes I would pull the notebook out and find that the pages were messed up or missing. I thought it might have just been crushed by a textbook somehow but I was usually pretty careful with where I put it. There were some torn-out pages stuffed at the bottom of my backpack. They had names written on them. It looked like my writing, but my writing is terrible chicken scratch so it’s not like it’s hard to forge. I knew the names, which were all people I had classes with. I do know that it looks pretty goddamn bad to have a written down collection of names in my backpack, like some sort of looseleaf hit list. I tore them up and threw them away in the cafeteria trash as secretly as possible: all mushed up inside an empty milk carton.

I mean, the obvious thing is to suspect my gf of fucking with me. But it feels so bad to think like that. She can be overbearing, but she’s truly nice to me. And I feel so awful when I argue with her about things because she gets so angry and serious. And really, it could be anyone fucking with me. It could be the dude that I got in a fight with.

It’s just that...I feel more and more isolated. My gf is really the only person I talk to on a daily basis, aside from my parents. Sometimes she says things and then denies she ever said them. Like, we watched that new Ted Bundy special and I swear to God she mentioned victims deserving it for being so trusting. But she denies she ever said it. So of course I look like the weirdo when I bring it up.

And sometimes she acts way too concerned about me. She tells me I get angry too fast and too easily. I mean, out of the two of us, she’s the first to start yelling. But she insists I fly off the handle sometimes. I think I believe her. I’ve been under a lot of stress and I haven’t been happy so of course it’s easier for me to get angry.

The thing that worries me most is that she’ll mention something I did that I KNOW I haven’t done. And then she looks at me like I’m crazy and that I must have forgotten. She asks me if I still have beef with people I don’t think I’ve ever even talked to, or if I still hate a teacher that gave me a bad grade (that wasn’t even that bad). And again, it’s like she gets upset unless I’m upset.

I don’t know what to think, but I don’t want to be alone. I think my girlfriend thinks I’m going to snap or something. Maybe I really am forgetting things. Should I ask my parents to get my head checked? What should I do?
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2019.01.18 00:38 Obversa "Enemies in Love": The Real-Life Basis for Reylo

A note, this is a very long write-up...but, I feel, worth the read. You've been warned.
Hey guys! Recently, I've been doing quite a bit of research on "the real-life basis" of Reylo, which I believe is an important, but largely overlooked, basis for the romantic pairing.
For my sources, I'll be using the following:
The first source involves POC author Alexis Clark's book on the real-life story of an African-American woman and a German POWs romance in WWII; the second, two British women's tales of their own romances with German POWs in WWII; and the third, a gathering of all marriage-related articles from TIME Magazine archives, including lots of studies and statistics on romance and marriage, and how it's changed over time.
I will begin by saying that the "hate" that Reylo and its fans received, especially prior to the release of The Last Jedi, is hardly a new phenomenon. According to the first two sources, "falling in love with the 'enemy'" has long been a source of contention.
While the trope of the "star-crossed romance" dates back thousands of years, with figures like Ares and Aphrodite / Eros and Psyche (Ancient Greek Mythology); Marc Mantony and Cleopatra (Ptomelmaic Egypt); Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II (Angevin Empire); and even Romeo and Juliet (Renaissance Italy), for the purposes of this post, I'll focus on the WWII era to present day.
From the first article:
A love story between a black Army nurse and a white German POW during World War II? You couldn't make that story up — and Alexis Clark didn't. The former editor at Town & Country is an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of Journalism. I spoke with her about her new book, Enemies in Love, and what she learned about hidden Army history and the human heart.
Additionally, Clark goes on to recount the background, context, and tale of Elinor Elizabeth Powell, an African-American nurse in the U.S. Army assigned to Fort Huachuca, and her future husband, Frederick Albert, a German POW and mess hall worker on base.
"They met at a prisoner of war camp in Florence, Arizona. The closest city was Phoenix, which is about an hour and a half away. Frederick was a great cook and a baker, and so his assignment was to work in the mess hall. So when the nurses entered for their meal, he spotted Elinor, and he said it was like he was under a spell. He walked right up to her, and said, 'You should know my name. I'm the man who's going to marry you.'
And he wasn't the only one — she felt it, too. The attraction became stronger and stronger. Eventually they had a relationship." - Alexis Clark
However, Elinor's mother highly disapproved of the two's romance and engagement, accusing Frederick of "using" Elinor. However, after the two conceived a son, and Frederick was returned to Germany, Frederick eventually returned to the U.S. to be with Elinor after WWII.
The two faced discrimination, not only because Frederick was a "Nazi" (i.e. German / "the enemy") who married an American woman, and anti-German sentiment during and after WWII was high in Allied nations, but because they were an interracial couple. The couple also experienced overt discrimination in both the U.S. and Germany due to this.
"When Frederick moved to the United States to marry Elinor, and then start a family together, they struggled. They moved to Boston. They tried to find apartments, find work. As a mixed couple, no one wanted to live next to them; it was hard to get a lease. It was hard for him to find employment because he was German. (Remember, this was right after the war.) And Elinor knew that he was from a wealthy family, and she feared that he would regret his decision.
Frederick's father had done well after the war, and Frederick was positioned to take over his father's engineering firm. And that's what they did. [For a time, they moved to Germany.] But it was not easy on Elinor. People were pointing, taunting her when she was walking down the street...she said she felt like an animal in a zoo.
The family moved a lot, trying to find a place that would accept them. Finally they find a community called Village Creek, in South Norwalk, Conn. Frederick got a job at Pepperidge Farms, the baking company. And it literally was a neighborhood that said it's a prejudice-free zone. So mixed couples, Jewish couples, artists, gays, you name it — they were welcome there.
And that's where they settled. The only thing that was difficult is that Elinor and Frederick really didn't bring up race with their children. So the boys had identity problems. Their older child had to undergo a lot of hardship because of their decision to be together, despite the fact that society was against them.
[...] and then you have this 'Love Conquers All' story between Elinor and Frederick — twenty years before Loving v. Virginia was decided by the Supreme Court." - Alexis Clark
However, Elinor was hardly the only Allied woman to have a "star-crossed romance" with a German POW. Across the pond, two British women, June Tull and Margaret Stratton, recounted their own tales of marrying "the enemy", and how society and their families judged them harshly for it.
They were spat at, punched and shunned by their families. Their crime? Falling in love with German prisoners of war. As they celebrate their diamond weddings, two British war brides tell their haunting stories.
With each step they took, hand in hand along the bomb-ravaged streets of Southampton, the sight of June Tull and her boyfriend incited insults and fury.
"Aren't our boys good enough for you?" yelled one woman. Another ran up to June and punched her. Others spat in her face.
How could she, they asked, fraternise with the enemy when their own fathers, husbands and sons had been killed by the Germans?
[...] Some British women who married German POWs fared better than others, who were disowned by their families.
[...] It was in late 1939 that the first prisoners of war arrived in Britain, and were held in two camps. Their numbers remained small, as the Government was reluctant to accept PoWs while the threat of Nazi invasion was imminent - but by the end of the war, there were more than 600 camps.
Each camp was given a number, and was either a disused building, such as a factory, or was made up of specially constructed corrugated iron buildings, known as Nissen huts. More than 400,000 German PoWs were still being held in Britain in 1946, the year after World War II ended, with Attlee's government refusing to repatriate the Germans until well after the war was over.
During 1946, up to one-fifth of all farm work in Britain was being done by unpaid German PoWs, and they were also employed on road works and building sites. [The ban on fraternisation was in place until just before Christmas 1946.]
18-year-old June Tull's boyfriend was German prisoner of war Heinz Fellbrich, 25, a fact which was advertised wherever they went by the PoW's brown uniform with orange felt patches he had to wear at all times.
"There was a lot of hostility towards us," recalls June, now 79. "I could understand it, because people had lost loved ones in the war, but all that mattered to me was that I loved [him]. However, it wasn't easy. We tried to go to quiet places when we were together, so people wouldn't see us. My father Frank was all right about it, but my mother was against the relationship. She worried about what people would think."
Especially when, four months into the courtship - which began at the end of January 1947 - June, who was by this time sleeping with the enemy having written a "Dear John" letter dumping her Royal Marine boyfriend, became pregnant.
"I was scared stiff," says June. "Falling pregnant outside marriage was bad enough - but with a German PoW!"
[...] [Three months pregnant at her wedding], June was the first British woman to marry a German PoW following Clement Attlee's postwar government's decision to lift the ban on fraternisation and marriage - an event so controversial it made newspaper headlines.
[...] When [June and Heinz] emerged [from their wedding reception], they were greeted by the pop of flashbulbs from newspaper photographers.
At 10pm sharp, Heinz was back behind the barbed wire at the PoW camp - having been given permission to marry by the camp commandant - and June begged him not to slip out to meet her later, which would be punished by solitary confinement.
Their "wedding night" took place the following day at June's home, when Heinz was allowed to visit his new wife. [Six months later, Heinz] was released from the PoW camp, one week before their eldest son, Peter, was born.
[Today], [June and Heinz] have six children - four boys, and two girls - 12 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. They say they are as in love today as the first moment they caught sight of each other back in 1947.
Theirs is a remarkable love story, especially when set against the intense hostility and bitterness towards the British women who fell in love with German PoWs ("the enemy").
"After our wedding, we received two sackloads of hate mail. I didn't read it all, because I knew what people would say. But there was one lovely letter, which said, 'You can't choose who you fall in love with. Just be happy'." says June.
"I refused to let it bother me, and I'm glad of that. We have been incredibly happy. I don't regret falling in love with [him], although for a long time, we felt very isolated."
Heinz adds: "The British people were much harder on June than they were on me, but once they got to know me, the fact I was German became irrelevant. Of course, I was sorry for the suffering of the people who'd lost loved ones or their homes, but the German people had suffered, too. It is the nature of war."
"Since falling in love with June, I have never once felt homesick for Germany," Heinz adds. "This is my home. I like the people, the country and being here. We have been very lucky."
Margaret Stratton, now aged 93, shocked her community when she married German PoW Peter Roth, five years her junior, on May 22, 1948 in Peterborough.
Hundreds of people lined the streets - more out of curiosity and disbelief than anything else.
"They couldn't believe she had married a German," recalls Peter, now aged 88. "But I struck lucky when I fell in love with Margaret. People accepted me, not because I was German, but because I was Margaret Stratton's husband."
Margaret adds: "No one ever said anything to me, but I'm sure people talked about me behind my back. After the wedding, I went to the local paper, and paid them to print our marriage picture, as I wanted everyone to know I didn't care what they thought."
[...] Margaret recalls: "When I first saw Peter, I said to my girlfriend: 'I know he's German, but he has the most lovely face.' There was just something about him."
Peter was equally struck, and that evening, he stripped his camp hut's garden of every flower - six snowdrops - and presented them to Margaret the next day.
In return, she gave him a cigarette and a piece of cake, and so began a highly dangerous romance.
"The war was not yet over, and fraternising between local women and German PoWs was forbidden. Heaven knows what would have happened to us if we'd been found out," says Peter.
"In many ways, Margaret saved my life. I remember her saying: 'I don't want to know anything about your past or what you've done. All I know is that I love you, and that you are mine now. That's all that matters.'"
[...] Margaret says: "The police used to ask Peter to translate letters for them, and years after we married, the police sergeant told us he knew all about Peter visiting our house. He should have arrested us. The sergeant told Peter: 'I could not harm Margaret. Her only sin was falling in love.' We were lucky."
Why is the above important, and relevant, to the Reylo romance and relationship?
Foremostly, because it provides a real-life precedent, and basis, to what the path ahead will be like for Rey and Kylo / Ben, especially if they end up together romantically, and decide to get married, have children, and build a life together. Both parties doing what they can to compromise and make the relationship work, and finding acceptance, i.e. a community that accepts Rey and Ben / Kylo's relationship, is key for making the Reylo romance last.
Secondly, we do know that, as per a reprinted 2016-2017 interview with Adam Driver and JJ Abrams, much of Kylo Ren / Ben Solo's character does take a lot of real-life inspiration from Driver, his own personality, and his own life. There's also the fact that Star Wars, as a whole, draws from many real-life elements, combining them together into one, cohesive narrative and whole. There's that pre-existing element of basis in reality there, and I do feel that it's not just Kylo / Ben's character with this basis, but the Reylo relationship, and romance, as a whole.
As such, I feel it's important to consider the real-life historical basis, and precedent, regarding these kinds of relationships, and how they've worked in the past...especially given that, from WWII to today, views on marriage, spurred by changes allowing "fraternization" between citizens and POWs, interracial couples, and LGBTQA+ couples, have grown more to match the historical "love is love" precedent discussed above.
It is also, quite literally, the beginnings of the foundation for the new era of "modern marriage" that we see today, which focuses on love and equality between partners. It is also my firm belief that the Reylo relationship reflects, and embodies - or will, in IX and future Star Wars media - this view of "modern marriage".
After all, if Star Wars, as a franchise, is closely tied to, based on, and a reflection of American culture, society, views, and values at the time of certain movies' production(s), then it stands to reason that Reylo, as a part of Star Wars, will also do so.
According to TIME Magazine's "The Science of Marriage":
There's a reason fairy tales always end in marriage. It's because nobody wants to see what comes after. It's too grim. Meeting the right person, working through cosmic misunderstandings and overcoming family disapproval to get to the altar - those are stories worth telling.
[...] But staying married, and doing so happily, is more difficult. In 2014, having spent a year looking at all the sociological, psychological, economic and historical data he could get his hands on, Northwestern University psychology professor Eli Finkel announced [his findings].
"Americans today have elevated their expectations of marriage, and can, in fact, achieve an unprecedently high level of marital quality," he writes, but only if they invest a lot of effort [into the marriage]. And, if they can't, their marriage will be more disappointing to them than a humdrum marriage was to prior generations, because they've been promised so much more [of marriage in the modern era].
Matrimony used to be an institution people entered out of custom, duty, or a need to procreate. (This is also shown by the discussed POW-civilian couples getting pregnant, sometimes purposefully, to ensure that they would be able to remain together.) [Now], more of us think this one relationship should - and could - provide the full buffet of satisfaction: intimacy, support, stability, happiness, and sexual exhilaration.
[...] Marriage is the most basic and intimate of our social institutions, but also one of the most subject to shifts in cultural, technological, and economic forces...
[...]"Couples who have made it all the way later into life have found it to be peak experience, a sublime experience, to be together," says Karl Pilemmer, a Cornell University gerontologist who did an intensive survey of 700 elderly people for his book, 30 Lessons for Loving. "Everybody [in the survey] - 100% - said, at one point, that the long marriage was the best thing in their lives. But all of them also either said that marriage is hard, or that it's really, really hard."
Marriage has become what game theorists call "a commitment device", an undertaking that locks individuals into a course of action...and in [today's era], when it's both harder and less necessary to stay together, the trick is figuring out how to go the distance.
What does the "modern marriage" promise that historical unions didn't? The ultimate dream: a partner who sees what you really are, and not only accepts it, but improves it.
"The promise you make is not just to be faithful and true, and to stay married, but to try and bring out the best in each other," says Lisa Grunwald, who, with her husband, Stephen Adler, put together a historical compendium of marriage, The Marriage Book, in 2015. "To try and understand, really deeply understand, what the other one wants, and hold her feet or his feet to the fire, and say, 'OK, this is great, but remember, this is what you wanted, and don't let go of that dream.'"
And just as the benefits have changed, so have the challenges..."Today, choosing to stay, when you can leave, is the new shame," says relationship therapist Esther Perel.
Other features that TIME notes as features of "the modern marriage":
  • Parents are spending more time with their children than their historical forebears.
  • More security and benefits in working together, and pooling resources / finances, than apart.
  • Couples' "sexual satisfaction" only improves over time, and eventually, experiences a "return to courtship". (c. 2011 Kinsey study)
  • The longer people are together, the more they develop kindness and empathy. (c. John Gottman, one of the nation's leading marriage researchers)
  • Individuals who form romantic partnerships with individuals who are similar to them in values and background find it easier to stay married.
  • Those who pride themselves on their "faith" (religious or otherwise) tend to stay together more than those who don't.
  • Partners are better at trying to figure out what makes their S.O. "feel loved", as well as apologizing and forgiving, as well as "fighting fair" during arguments. (c. Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages)
  • More modern couples focus on shared interests, which offset relationship changes. "The most successful couples began to embrace one another's interests." (c. Pillemer)
As for successful marriages and romances, these were the top traits
  1. You dated for a while - 3 years or more (but didn't cohabitate) (c. Emory University marriage study)
  2. You showed engagement and interest in what your partner had to say (i.e. listening)
  3. You amplified your partner's "positive" moments with genuine interest and praise
  4. You made time for "deep" conversations (asking questions, sharing aspirations, etc.)
  5. You had "warm feet" on your wedding day; had a cheaper wedding, and an intimate honeymoon
  6. You "fought fair" with your partner, without contempt, defensiveness, criticism, or stonewalling
  7. You've got demogaphics on your side (i.e. college education level or equivalent)
  8. You carved out "me time" for your own hobbies and activities (i.e. "less boring")
  9. You cultivated a culture of mutual appreciation and gratitude / thankfulness, are focused on positivity, not negativity (i.e. small acts of love, appreciation, and kindness, and for men especially)
We've seen Rey and Kylo / Ben do much the above for each other (excepting the bit about dating a long time and wedding), especially seen with the development, and progression, of their relationship over the course of TLJ. Perhaps the best example of this is Rey recounting the entire "mirror-cave" experience, and scene, to Kylo / Ben, while he sits and listens quietly. We also see Kylo / Ben offer reassurance and comfort to Rey, as also commented on by Daisy Ridley, with Kylo / Ben being a "mentor" figure for Rey.
“[Rey] really sees the, like, glimmer in Kylo. That there’s some good there, and she goes with it. And I thinks that’s pretty wonderful…I think he is redeemable.” - Daisy Ridley (Source)
There is also the element of marriage not only being a "commitment tool", but a "learning tool".
And how do you make a soulmate? Practice, practice, practice.
Pillemer observed that long-married couples he had interviewed acted as if divorce were not an option. "People really had the mindset they wanted to stay married," he says. They regarded their relationship as less like buying a new car, and more like learning how to drive. "Marriage is like a discipline," he says. "A discipline is not [simply] reaching one, happy end point."
[...] One of the more controversial ideas therapists are now suggesting is that men need to do more of the "emotional labor" in a relationship - the work that goes into sustaining love - which usually [traditionally] falls to women. "What men do in a relationship is, by a large margin, the crucial factor that separates a great relationship from a failed one," writes Gottman in his book, The Man's Guide to Women. "This doesn't mean that a woman doesn't need to do her part, but the data proves that a man's actions are the key variable that determines whether a relationship succeeds or fails."
The one piece of advice every expert and nonexpert gives for staying married is, perhaps, the least useful one for those who are already several years in: choose well. [...] Therapists suggest you ask [your] friends about your prospective life mate. Aim to find someone you know you'll love, even during the periods when you don't like him or her so much.
And then, cross your fingers. As Grunwald puts it, "Just pick out a good one, and get lucky."
Given the above, and the portrayals of Rey and Kylo / Ben's respective characters in both TFA and TLJ, as well as expanded media, such as comic books and Jason Fry's TLJ novel, a lot of it already reflects the relationship between the two. For one, we have Rey already acting as if she and Kylo / Ben separating "is not an option" ("She would wait [for Ben / Kylo." - TLJ novel), including treating their relationship as both a "commitment and learning experience" (Rey committing to 'saving' Ben / Kylo in TLJ, and learning how to do so, as per the TLJ novel).
Two, as many others have already pointed out, in TLJ, and going into IX, we see that Kylo / Ben's actions are "key" and "crucial" into forming "emotional labor" in his relationship with Rey, and his actions and choices will be the ultimate factor in determining whether he and Rey will end up together ("great relationship")...or not ("failed relationship"). As such, he must "choose wisely and well". However, luck - as also seen with the testimony of the POW/civilian couples - is also a factor.
For as much as the Force seems to have brought Rey and Kylo / Ben together, literally binding them with a Force-bond, it is ultimately the two's own free will, actions, and choices that will result in how their relationship plays out on-screen in IX.
However, I believe that we've already seen the two decide that they do want to commit to one another. The origin? Their first meetings, and interactions, in TFA, directed by JJ Abrams, long before the Force-bond came into play in TLJ with Rian Johnson. This was also the "deciding factor" that not only points to the two having a mututal attraction to one another, even before TLJ, but that it plays a large role in how, and why, we got Reylo in the sequel trilogy.
It also demonstrates how what started off as attraction, and infatuation, was present, and deepened into love, from TFA to TLJ.
Based on the article "All About Attraction" in the TIME issue, by Ginny Graves:
Like superheroes, every happily married duo has an origin story, and most of these how-we-met tales contain important nuggets of truth about the mysterious forces that draw two strangers, magnet-like, toward each other. [...] And about that origin story. How you tell it may be a powerful tool to the health of your relationship.
In a landmark 1992 study, University of Washington researchers found that they could predict with a 94% accuracy which couples would divorce or stay together by hearing them relate the story about how they met. It didn't matter if the story was mundane or movie-worthy. What mattered was this: that the twosome shared a sense of fondness and solidarity.
[...] Let's say you glimpse someone across a crowded room. It takes your bain about 100 milliseconds, according to a Princeton University study, to form judgements about a host of traits [in a potential mate]: attractiveness, likeability, trust-worthiness, competence, and aggressiveness.
"That first moment [you meet] is a key decision point: Will you engage with that person, or look for someone else?" says Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, and author of The Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray.
[...] We tend to gravitate to people who look robust, with clear skin and bright eyes (clues to potential fertility). Most of us are interested in people who come from backgrounds similar to our own, and who have the same ballpark level of attractiveness and education. [...] At a psychology convention, eHarmony presented findings that - contrary to academic beliefs - similar levels of traits like extroversion / introversion and intellect, not just general agreeableness, are the key to a successful relationship and marriage.
[...] But those instantaneous, unconscious assessments of potential partners aren't wholly governed by Mother Nature. They're also influenced by your unique history - what Fisher calls your "love map"; an image of your ideal sweetheart you've been subconciously sketching and revising, based on relationships with your parents, friends, crushes, and exes, since you were a child...by the time we're in our 20s and 30s, our ideas of what makes someone [attractive] has become more complex and personal.
[...] If she or he is a reasonable likeness of the fantasy sweetheart in your mind's eye, a primitive area buried deep in your brain - the ventral tegmental area (TVA) - has probably already begun churning out dopamine, a neurochemical that boosts focus, energy, and motivation. [...] "All mammals get a hit of dopamine when they have sex. That big hit of pleasure is what makes sex rewarding, so you want to do it again, and again, and again," says Larry Young, a professor in the department of psychiatry at Emory University, and the author of The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction.
Three brain systems play a role in the arc of a love story: Your sex drive spurs you to look for a range of partners; dopamine-fuelled romantic love focuses your mating energy on one person; and the oxytocin-driven attachment system encourages you stay with one partner. [...] Oxytocin, a neurochemical that creates a heightened bond with another individual in particular, and makes you pay attention to every detail of your partner, also flows when [two people] stay in touch - literally - i.e. walking arm in arm, kissing, holding / touching hands, etc.
[...] Women vary, for instance, in their level of attraction to certain personality traits theys see reflected in faces. Those who value honesty, warmth, cooperation, and parenting skill seem to favor men with more "feminized" faces (fuller cheeks, narrower jaws). [...] Men are more likely to go for women with traditionally feminine featues...an Australian 2015 study reported both men and women preferred non-confomists...those who broke the [societal] norm.
"Being different can be extremely attractive," says Jim Pfaus, a professor of neuroscience and biology at Concordia University in Montreal. "and it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, because it helps preserve diversity in the species."
And, last but not least, from the TIME issue's article "The (Real) Key to a Joyful Union" by Camille Noe Pagan:
Your spouse forgot his credit card at the restaurant again. Sure, you could roll your eyes or snap, "When are you going to get more organized?" But if you instead say, "I'm sorry, can I help?" you will improve his day and your own in the process.
[...] Think of compassion - the feeling of concern and/or sympathy for another's misfortune, along with desire to lend a hand..."It's the key to happiness and well-being," says Thupten Jinpa, a former Buddhist monk who helped develop a landmark course in compassion training at Stanford School of Medicine. Indeed, a growing body of research shows that compassion reduces anxiety, depression and stress, and may boost immunity, along with longevity.
But that's not all: a study of 1,500 married Americans in the journal Family Relations found that when spouses were humble and compassionate toward one another, they were less stressed and more satisfied in their relationship. "Humility and compassion does make marriages happier," says study author Jonathan Olson, an associate professor of public health and health psychology at Bastyr University. "Being able to see the other person's perspective, and want to help, makes it easier to move past conflict."
[...] Simply witnessing an act of compassion triggers feelings of admiration, warmth, and love, per a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology. [...] "When you show your partner compassion, [and the focus is off of yourself], they're more likely to do the same for you. In a way, you're really helping yourself, as well as your spouse, which improves your overall relationship," points out KC Haydon, an assistant professor of psychology and education at Mount Holyoke College.
[...] "Compassion requires you to give people the benefit of the doubt," notes Jinpa. After all, you deserve to get as much tenderness as you give.
As many are aware, in the TFA novel, Snoke claims that Kylo / Ben has "compassion" for Rey:
"This scavenger - this girl - resisted you?"
"That's all she is, yes. A scavenger from that inconsequential Jakku. Completely untrained, but strong with the Force. Stronger than she knows."
"You have compassion for her."
"No-never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order?"
"Kylo Ren. It appears that a reminder is in order. So I will show you the dark side. Bring the girl to me..."
In Attack of the Clones, Kylo / Ben's grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, also says the following to Padmé Amidala, his future wife:
"Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as...unconditional love...is essential to a Jedi's life. So, you might say that we [Jedi] are encouraged to love."
Ultimately, it is compassion that is the key to "humanity", or humanizing, as described by Adam Driver in reference to Kylo / Ben in TLJ...and it is this sense of "humanity" that also defined the aforementioned POW / Civilian romances, and marriages.
"I think, maybe, this is such a general answer, but, you know...humanity. [...] There were a lot of plot points that we know were operating in [TFA], and we get to explain more in the second one, that makes both [of the movies] make sense. But they do kind of feel socially active to me..." (Source)
You can read my additional commentary about the "body language" of Rey and Kylo / Ben in TLJ here, which includes sources.
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Anjunadeep 2018 Releases

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Fri Nov 23 Lycoriscoris Return Flight 01. Walls, 02. Leave, 03. Endless Streaming YouTube ANJDEE383D
Fri Nov 30 Ryan Davis Home EP (The Remixes) 01.Obsidian (Vessels Remix) 02.Dimmed (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix) Streaming YouTube ANJDEE375RD
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Fri Dec 7 Luttrell Quiet Even Dark Original Mix Streaming YouTube ANJDEE384D
Fri Dec 14 Khen Closing Doors / Burgundy Original Mixes Streaming YouTube ANJDEE385D
Fri Dec 21 Alex Metric & Ten Ven Saudade EP 1. Saudade, 2. What U Need 3. What U Need (Dub Mix) 4. Castell Streaming YouTube ANJDEE386D
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2018.10.30 03:30 Last_Dragon89 Dark Universe Reboot Pt. 3

Dark Universe Reboot Pt. 3
\Note**Remember how I said in my first post how my idea of the DU would be each film would be varied? Well this is the first one that will stick out the most lol. It has elements of a gangster flick and crime thriller thrown in, quickly shifting into a very dark, gory horror film, with almost a slasher feel to its second half.* I imagine a group like Blumhouse would definitely like this one for one of their releases. Eli Roth would even become a fan. This one is a more straight-forward horrothriller direction and would definitely be rated R. It bares some similarities to "Hollow Man" in the film's premise I suppose. But anyway, hope you guys enjoy my take on the Invisible Man! Feedback as always is appreciated!\*

The film opens up in a gritty warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. A group of bankrobbers prepare for a quick heist. We see step by step how it's set up, the timing, the particular planning (think a mini, short-hand version Michael Mann's Heat or the film Triple 9 in terms of imagery and the situation here), the clothing, vests being put on, weapons being loaded up, etc. \This needs to be well done as an intro, on par with the introductory heist scene in the Dark Knight\**
The heist seems to go normal until due to a misunderstanding and a pissed off trigger-happy member of the group causes all hell to break loose. Civilians, one of the robbers, and some cops die in the crossfire as a shootout with police ensues. Things escalate quickly, but the crew manages to escape on time. Everyone unmasks, revealing the head of the group to be a career criminal named Griffin (\wink wink*), Griffin "Griff" Doyle. One half of the Irish-American Doyle brothers, two local hoodlums. Griffin is played by* Sam Worthington
The Doyle brothers' father was a tough debt collector, long-since deceased, their mother having died in childbirth when Tommy's younger brother Patrick was born. Patrick "Pat" Doyle is played by Cillian Murphy
Patrick \"Pat\" Doyle
The rest of Tommy's crew are composed of the following:
Michael "Mikey" Trevino, played by Rory Cochrane


Chuck Nowinski, played by Joe Anderson
Butch Murphy played by Ryan Hurst

...and Sonny Perez played by Richard Cabral

Tommy's crew were commissioned to commit the heist for a local Russian mob Kingpin named Nikolai Krevich played by Vincent Cassel

The crew did the heist for Nikolai in order to pay back a gambling debt, but failed miserably so things don't look so good for the group. After a tense scene of torture and intimidation, the Russian boss gives them an option: pull off one more heist, a simpler one this time, and consider the debt paid off.Their target is a very reclusive, somewhat eccentric wealthy man living outside the city limits in an old manor. He allegedly kept various trinkets and old wares from his family history involving numerous scam artists and inventors which dates back several generations. They rob the place, but Griffin discovers a secret passageway inside of the manor, leading to an underground old rustic 'laboratory' of sorts. Inside is a small suitcase which he assumes might have some valuable items inside. Things go haywire, an alarm goes off, and Griffin takes the case out of sheer greed and curiosity, and makes a run for it with the rest of the crew. All is well with the Russian, until his men viciously beat up Patrick to send a message of absolute obedience being demanded. They are now under Nikolai's control. Whenever he needs them to do a job, they will, is the understanding. Griffin starts planning other ways to get from under the Russian, when he ends up opening the case one night and finding inside several medical-style tools, including a syringe and other needles. A chemical, along with a book containing how to make/replicate said mysterious chemical property, is inside as well. He figures it's some kind of weird 'experimental drug'. He ignores it for now, but ends up dealing with stress from both what happened to his brother as well as his nagging girlfriend who demands he leave the criminal life behind, played by Milla Jovovich

Figuring he could try to get a new 'high' out of sheer boredom, thinking that's what he's dealing with, he injects himself with the strange chemical in the suitcase. And slowly but surely, pieces of him start blinking in and out, causing him to panic until he discovers he can 'will' himself into becoming invisible. He shows this to the group, he freaks out at first, when he proposes that they use this to pull off other heists and also to kill the Russian. They aren't sure, but all start taking it, and go through with the plan. They make serious bank over the next several weeks, and end up taking out the Russian's crew piece by piece. This all goes well, until Griffin starts to....lose it.
He takes the drug more frequently than all of them, so compared to them, his chemistry starts to seriously get screwed up. He gains increased strength, reflexes, agility, hyper-senses, etc. He also loses his mind, becoming schizophrenic, hallucinating nightmarishly, becomign irritabll and increasingly violent. Over the course of the film trust in the group as well as his relationship with Gina is threatened as he slowly spirals out of control, breaking down and giving in to insanity. Gina sees his madness grow, and tries to distance herself from him the best she can, living in paranoia and fear.Tragedy pushes him completely over the edge.

Griffin's crippled brother is murdered by one of the remaining members of Nikolai's crew as payback. Griffin infiltrates his hideout and murders him and the rest of his men, along with their families.

Reality fractures completely for Griffin, and all he has left is desire: a need to kill. He follows a young woman home until he watches her undress slowly, and \strikes*. Unleashing his desire for suffering. All he sees in his world now is red.*
He murders then mutilates her after the fact.
As the bodies pile up, Kansas City PD Detective Steve Gomez is assigned to the case. Dt. Gomez is played by Michael Pena
Gomez has always been one for wild conspiracy theories, and tends to have a very sharp mind for complicated cases. But he knows he's right, despite how the case nearly drives him over the edge. He comes into contact with the man who created the formula responsible for Griffin's powers: Robert Frost, a brilliant researcher who had perfected the ability to turn invisible. He abandoned the project once he discovered the psychological defects it caused: unleashing the "psychopathic tendencies" within the person who took it for too long. He held onto the chemical properties in hopes of enhancing and changing the properties, but hadn't come far yet. He warns Gomez of just how deadly Griffin can be by this point. Gomez goes to Gina telling her to seek police protection, but she insists that nothing can stop him. She eventually concedes, with Gomez trying to protect her (and possibly himself), going rogue knowing the department won't believe his "Invisible Man" story.
Griffin kills Butch who attempts to reason with and then stop him. Sonny tries to deal with Griffin alone, and is killed brutally, as are the rest of his old crew to cover his tracks, Griffin tracks down Gina and Gomez, even accusing them both of having an affair out of his sheer madness. He's here to murder. He tells them that even if he murders them it won't be enough. More have to bleed. More people have to die. Because he wants it, he needs it. It's his ultimate high.

A vicious confrontation (think "Hollow Man" on steroids) takes place, winding down to Gomez and Griffin in a creepy showdown before his footsteps are revealed after emergency sprinklers are turned on, resulting in Gina being forced to stab him after a struggle between the three. Blood drips along the floor, indicating his death. Gina leaves town and starts a new life. Gomez tries to put this behind him.

Post Credits Scene: The story ends with Prodigium capturing the still-alive Griffin and locking him up, later revealing him being wrapped in bandages in his holding cell. However, a man in the shadows is observing these events, with big plans for Griffin....
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2018.07.31 17:33 TommyLeeBrown Eli Roth Interview audio?

Hey, does anyone have or know where I can find audio of the Eli Roth interview when he was promoting Hostel 2 back in 2007? It was a great interview where he talked a lot about Cabin Fever and his days at NYU. I think the interview was from back in June 2007. Any help would be appreciated.
I found the exact date for the show is 06/06/07. If anyone knows an archive site that would have it, please let me know. Thanks!
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