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Third love?

2020.11.25 22:35 rocknrollcolawars Third love?

I'm looking for some bras that are well built and will last a while. I'm a 32DDD. I found the brand thirdlove. They look affordable and cute. Would anyone recommend them? Or no?
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2020.11.25 18:14 fishwifewrites Help! The Underwire is Trying to Kill Me! 28DD/30D, previously wearing 32B [Recommendations]

Hi! I'm new and hopeful.
I lost 5lbs about a year ago and none of my bras have fit since. However, I didn't make the connection and start searching for a new size until two weeks ago >.<
I was wearing a 32B, but the calculator gave me a 28DD/E.
The sides of my 32Bs poke me in the armpits to the point where I stopped wearing them a while ago, but I feel like a pancake without a proper bra. Instead, I go through a daily ritual of putting on a ThirdLove 32B, wearing it for twenty minutes, and then having to change again because I literally can't stand it.
Loose: 27.5
Snug: 27
Tight: 26
Standing: 30.5
Leaning: 33
Lying: 31
I think I'm shallow and wideset.
When I measured myself I actually got band sizes that were slightly larger vs. the above that my husband helped me take a few days later. The first time it gave me 28DD/E, but said that a 30D might be more comfortable.
I placed a big order to NordstromRack which are trickling in one at a time. I ordered mostly 30Ds since those were more readily available, but do have one 28DD coming.
Fit check for the two I have received:
Skarlett Blue Compel Underwire Demi, 30D: This one's unlined. Wires seemed wide enough, but there is puckering and empty space at the top of the cups. I'm thinking that just means this bra probably has too much projection for me?
Natori Feathers, 30D: I've actually had this one in 32B and kind of thought it fit at the time, but this one definitely fits better as far as width and filling out but not spilling out. The wires were wide enough which is amazing after being previously pretty squished on the side. However, the wire did not stay put and sank about an inch and a half down my chest on one side after a few hours. The red wire mark was not at all where the bottom of my breast tissue is. The center gore seemed like it was tacking, but the ends of the wire felt like they were digging into my sternum so hard it was painful and today I feel like I have a literal bruise there.
I probably need to actually find a 28DD, right?
What do I need to look for to avoid being impaled by the middle ends of my underwire?
Recommendations for shallow friendly bras in a small band size? There was recently a post updating the shallow recommendations, but it seems like most of those brands don't actually carry a 28DD.
Thank you!
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2020.11.24 15:46 lunalavendermoon Why do brands people seem to not like work for me?

I recently purchased 3 bras from ThirdLove and they are the best fitting bras I own I was shocked, I usually wear a 30DD but they haven’t been fitting me properly so I went up to a 30DDD which is a 30F at ThirdLove. I avoided buying from ThirdLove for years because I heard such mixed reviews about them, especially on here people seem to strongly dislike them. But I finally decided just to give it a go after desperation of not finding properly fitting bras for my shape and they fit insanely well! My top cup gaping is gone, there’s the right amount of projection for me(I would say I’m averagely projected), the bottoms don’t compress my breast tissue, my wide roots are covered. I agree that for the price point of the bras the materials used are probably not worth the market value they are sold at, but they are also insanely comfortable especially the cups, they don’t itch at all and the cups are a very comfortable foam.
I also fit pretty well in the Plunge bra from CUUP in size 30E(which is DD to them) another bra brand that people seem to have very mixed feelings on.
I’m just curious why brands and bra styles that a lot of people seem to almost recommended against, work for me? And why the recommendations I’m given tend to fit me horribly? Am I describing my shape and fit issues wrong? Or is it that a lot of people on here don’t seem to understand the fit issues of small breasted women? As a small breasted woman I notice endless recommendation for bras that are just too shallow for me or with wires too narrow, as a small breasted woman it seems like the issue of top cup gaping is largely un-acknowledged.
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2020.11.21 01:18 lunalavendermoon I realize now that one of my biggest fit issues is somewhat fixed by something so small...

As a small breasted woman that’s full on the bottom by biggest fit issue is hands down top cup gaping and bras not being projected enough at the wire. I am usually a 30DD, but have lately been measuring 30DD/DDD so I ordered bras form ThirdLove in a 30F(DDD). I tried them on as soon as I got them and didn’t adjust them at all. They fit perfectly! I was shocked and I realized I never adjusted the straps, the straps are on the tightes setting. For some reason it was drilled into my head that the setting on the straps was supposed to be in the center or not on the tightest strap setting someone told me it was a wrong fit if it was on the tightest, but now I feel like an idiot because I realize having it on the tightest strap setting has significantly reduced my top cup gaping and strap slippage even now in a larger size than I expected.
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2020.11.20 21:57 ellisamars [Recommendations] Wearing a 32H (US), calculator recommends 30M (US)

My Measurements (In inches)
Underbust Loose 31.5, snug 30, tight 27
Bust standing 41.5, leaning 45.5, lying 43
- I have full on top breasts, generally even horizontal fullness, but I have soft tissue that loves to migrate towards the center of my bras. I would prefer to have a lined cup and I think I need straps that are closer together (all of my bras have had slipping straps), and possibly a taller gore? I like having cleavage but generally my past bras have been very separating (which is still fine)
- I'm currently wearing a 32H ThirdLove Classic T-shirt bra and I really wanted to love it but I knew from the beginning it was not a good fit. My breasts would constantly fall towards the center (I'd get quad boob if I properly wore it with the scoop and swoosh), my straps are constantly falling, the cup is too small and it wrinkles at the bottom. I do like the foam cups and the band (I think 32 is a size for me).
If anybody has questions/ needs clarification I will gladly answer, or if a photo of me in my current bra is needed I can link one.
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2020.11.20 04:51 bluesky747 Recommendations for good bras with lift in a 32F?

Hey lovelies!
I am on the hunt for some cute bras that offer some needed lift and support, while also looking cute and not lame. My size is hard to find (32F), and ThirdLove is always sold out of the cute ones! :(
I used to have some balconettes that I loved, and felt so sexy in. If y'all have any recommendations for balconettes, I would be so grateful!
Thank you and stay safe and perky! 💜
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2020.11.19 01:49 bra_hater Thirdlove 36E cups too big; wire digs in

Measurements (in inches):
Loose Underbust: 35
Snug Underbust: 33.5
Tight Underbust: 31
Standing Bust: 39
Leaning Bust: 40
Lying Bust: 39.5
I'm still new to the idea of breast shape, but I have always thought that my breasts were "wide set", and am thinking that they might be "shallow" according to the ABTF descriptions.
My Problems:
I'm in my 20s working an active/outdoor job, so I gave up on wearing "real" bras a few years ago and began wearing only sports bras. Now, for whatever reason, I decided I wanted to at least have the option to wear a "real" bra if I am wearing a top that requires more shaping than my sweat-stained sports bras provide.
I have an old bra in my drawer that is a 34C. When I scoop and swoop, I spill out the top of this bra. The underwire does not sit against my chest properly either, and the band feels a bit too tight even at the loosest setting.
The calculator gives a suggested starting size of US 34DD/DDD, or sister size 36D/DD. This seemed huge to me but I thought "what the hell, let's try it". I ordered two bras from Thirdlove: a 24/7 Classic T-Shirt bra, and a 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge bra, both in size 36DD.
Both bras have a lot of space in the cup, though the Uplift Plunge seemed closer to the right size. The bands seem to be the right size - I did the put-them-on-backwards-and-upside-down thing. But, when I have them on right-side-up, the underwire seems to dig in to my rib cage under my breasts. Am I just not used to how regular bras feel anymore? I also have an annoying fat roll that seems to be accentuated by the indentation of the band/underwire, but I feel like going up a band size would make it so loose that the band would slide up my back. Both bras also felt like they were up in my armpit a bit too much - the fabric/cup bunches up right in the crease of my pit, especially when I reach my arms forward or across my body.
Thirdlove has a great return policy so I am planning to exchange for a cup size smaller, but the same band size (36D). Do y'all have any other advice?
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2020.11.18 20:22 frostypossibilities [SALE] brand new with tags Thirdlove 34H, Panache Envy 36F, Fabletics XL sports bra

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2020.11.16 03:37 anthropolowhat [Measurement Check] Fit Guide says I am 36F (UK), was wearing a 38D (US) previously.

  1. 36” loose underbust
  2. 35” snug underbust
  3. 31.5” tight underbust
  4. 41.25” standing bust
  5. 43” leaning bust
  6. 40” laying bust
All in inches (US). Just want to make sure I am buying the right size, especially now that I am learning about shape and all. It is worth mentioning (I think?) that after reading the guide that I have shallow breasts with a wide root. Was wearing a 38D Thirdlove bra that had the underwire stabbing me.
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2020.11.14 21:37 Katermei Brb going to burn all my t-shirt bras

I've been on a solo quest to find a bra that fits for a very long time. I came across this sub several months ago and realized that there are bras out there besides t-shirt bras. I learned a lot of helpful info about my shape and why just going into Aerie for the 35942nd time is not going to do me any good (isn't that the definition of insanity? Buying yet another shallow molded cup despite the fact that literally not a single one ever has fit me, even as a teenager?)
I bought all new bras within the last year after losing a significant amount of weight. At the time, I was wearing a 34DD or 34DDD and bought 3 shiny new t-shirt bras from ThirdLove in a 32E. However, the underwire rested right on a rib and was too tight, causing an actual bruise on one side. I exchanged them all for 34D and called it a day. I thought they were pretty comfy compared to what I was used to and even raved about them to my friend, saying she should try them out. She has a shape similar to mine and I hope she did not take my advice.
Shortly after that, I found this sub and went down the rabbit hole. Projection? Root width? You mean wires are supposed to be in my IMF instead of halfway down abdomen? I tried and returned a sickening amount of bras on Amazon and was on a mission to find the perfect bra for me. Doing so made me realize how terrible t-shirt bras are for me (hello projection, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again).
Eventually I gave up and went to a professional bra fitting salon. I just picked up my order and put it on. I will never wear another t-shirt bra for as long as I live. I look at least several inches taller now that my boobs are up where they should be instead of being squashed by a bra that is halfway down my abdomen.
TLDR; gravity is a bitch and so are t-shirt bras
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2020.11.07 00:33 Icy-Committee-3382 Success with thirdlove! 32 DDD/32F , projected, center full ( I think)

Wanted to share that I have finally found a bra that both fits and is comfortable!
I am new to this forum but have spent some time on bratabase.
I have found some panache and cleo bras to fit well objectively but I am sensitive to the feeling of lace, rigid wires, and spoiled by soft VS fabric.
From what I can tell myself, I am projected, low set but FOT, center full. Measurements as below; the calculator gave me a 32DDD (or E or F depending on the brand), which is what I have been wearing (or 32DD when I was a few pounds lighter) since getting measured sometime in the past 5-10 years (prior to that was wearing 34D or DD).

I tried both the thirdlove 24/7 in E1/2 and F cups (yes, they have half sizes). I have one breast that's almost a cup size bigger than the other. Tyhis is the most comfortable best-fitting bra I have found to date. after wearing for a few days, I ordered 2 more.

Just wanted to share, I know it may not work for everyone and molded cups are hard. I could find a "technically" better fitting bra that is not molded (I have..) but comfort is more important to me. This looks good under clothes, no quadding. The wires are a little wider than I'd like, but I am satisfied. E1/2 wires were better but my bigger boob was quadding.

31.75" loose underbust
30.5 snug
29.6" tightest

37" standing
39.75" leaning
37.2" lying
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2020.11.04 18:34 spunkymonk3y Short Girl, Painful wires in the underarm! Overly sensitive. Suggestions?

I am 5'0, I wear both 34C and 36B. 34 band is a bit tight but fits better on my breasts with the left one overflowing a little (my breasts are the same size but I have a rib deformity under my left breast that really can't be seen but it makes the breast seem very slightly bigger which is why it overflows a bit), 36 band is a bit too loose on the tightest hook which causes the bra to shift a little. My biggest issue is I prefer underwire bras but I have extremely sensitive underarms and the wires often poke uncomfortably even in brand new bras.
I've tried thirdlove (tired of the constant pain with the underwire in my armpits), at their suggestion moved to the 'plunge' bra and went up to 36B, the coverage over the breasts isn't ideal, the left one pops out some due to the cut of the cups however the underwire doesn't hurt, if they made that bra in a fuller cup I'd be in heaven. But I think I'm done with thirdlove at this point.
I've tried negative bras (which are cute/sexy with the see through mesh) but the 34C is far too small, smaller than thirdloves but instead of sizing up I think the mesh isn't for me (skin is too sensitive!).
I've been thinking about trying a CUUP bra and maybe Natori. I never know whether to order 34C which I usually prefer as the straps and band don't shift but the 36B is necessary in certain brands. I hear good things about Natori and I can get some good deals from Nordstrom Rack (I hate when people say $60-$70 dollar bras are affordable, as if! I don't mind paying that if it's AWESOME but if all bras are going to be so-so why not save $30?).
I'm hoping one of you has some tips! I love underwires but am really struggling finding a comfortable bra that I can wear all day without underarm discomfort. Short girls, sensitive girls, drop your favorite bra brands and tips for me! Thanks so much!
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2020.11.03 06:38 CellularLevel New to ABTF, calculator help (currently 32DD, might be a 34I/J or 34DDD/G)

Hi all,
I'm a cis-female and I've been wearing a 32DD (US) for a while now, but my partner could notice I was spilling out of it from 40 feet away today (he told me privately and kindly). I've gained a bit of weight lately, so it makes sense that my boobs have gained some of that. I had him measure me for the calculator and got underbust 86cm, 84cm, 79cm and bust 104cm, 110cm, and 103cm (34I/J). I measured myself and got underbust 84cm, 83cm, 80cm and bust 100cm, 107cm, 100cm (34DDD/G).
Since I'm in the US and can't try on any bras right now, I was thinking about trying ThirdLove since they have a good return policy and lots of sizes, however, have you all found that measuring yourself or measuring with a buddy yields better results? Thanks!
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2020.11.01 17:43 rotipom Confused about sizes when shopping in Bare!

I'm wearing 32F in Thirdlove, but measured as 30E on Bare Necessities when I use their calculator. I'm confused as to what sizes I should actually be wearing when shopping on that site seeing as there are no free returns.
I'm eyeing a few unlined Freyas ( are they comfy?) I'm spoiled, Thirdlove is really comfy and my experience with Freya from years ago was that it was okay, not extremely soft.
I look best in demi - half cup or 3/4 moulded or multi part cup style. I'm quite even I think, not too full bottom or top, as I never run into gaping problems top or bottom in my bras.
I tend to like a bit more coverage so depending on style and brand I've worn bras ranging from ( DD) E to ( DDD) F.
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2020.11.01 17:05 Mlshafer1s Can anyone recommend a bra? (25/F)

Hey all, I (25/F) am having a difficult time finding a bra that fits well. I have recently gained a little bit of weight due to being at home all the time and I think it may be making my bras fit wrong. It could also be my body changing maybe? I’m not sure, but the bras I used to love just don’t fit right and they cut into my torso and make me sore under my boobs. I’ve recently learned of ThridLove and saw quite a few people recommend it, but before I shell out $55 for a bra I want to make sure I’m buying something that is comfortable.
I’ve taken their fit quiz and the quiz that abrathatfits recommends and got vastly different answers so I’m also just not sure what to order.
I’ve tried VS and Maidenform and used to really like both.
Can anyone suggest another brand that may be more affordable than ThirdLove? Or has anyone tried ThirdLove and can tell me it’s worth it to shell out that kind of money?
TLDR: Really needing to find a comfortable and affordable bra that fits well.
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2020.10.31 06:10 lavendar_ling [Measurement Check] I ordered bras in 30DDD/30E given from the calculator but they don't seem right

Here is what I measured:
Loose Underbust: 30" Snug Underbust: 29" Tight Underbust: 27.5" Standing Bust: 35.5" Leaning Bust: 36" Lying Bust: 35"
I re-measured today and standing could be 35" and lying at 34" but that didnt seem to change the calculator output.
I got help in a previous post and here is what i found out:
So I ordered bras in 30DDD/30E from pour moi brand. The band feels super tight (which i was warned it may feel firm at first), the cups make me feel itchy, but the straps do, for the most part, stay on my shoulders (which was also a problem with other bras). I got another from ivory rose brand and the cup size was definitely too large, but band was fine. Is this the correct size? Should I try the sister size of 32DD instead? Is it just because brands size differently?
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2020.10.30 22:04 ikeawickerbasket [Measurement Check] Currently wearing 32A/30B, calculator says 28DD

I'm new here and am in search of a bra that fits! I used to wear a 32A Calvin Klein t shirt bra that I never really liked because the cups would gap at the top and the straps would slip a lot. Recently I decided I wanted a bra that fit better and would be less visible under shirts so I got a 32A Aerie bra and 30B Thirdlove bra.
The Aerie bra gaps less than the Calvin Klein one and the straps don't slip as much, but the cups kind of dig in to my boobs on the sides and the gore and underwire in general feel like they are in contact with my underboob area but at the same time they also lift away at the bottom. Basically if you were looking from the side at the underwire area it would be this kind of shape <. Sorry if that's a confusing description haha
The Thirdlove bra feels a little better, it's the kind with mesh overlay which I thought would help cup gapping. It does help, and everything is flush when I'm standing relaxed, but as soon as I push my shoulders back/arch my back/stretch I get quadboob (even though I'm pretty flat) from the mesh's border digging in. The Aerie bra does this a little too, even though it doesn't have any mesh. That said, this is probably the best fitting one out of the three, and I like that the cups are a little wider set, but it still doesn't feel totally right.
That's how I came to this sub, and decided to try the calculator. I put in these measurements:
Loose underband - 28 in
Snug underband - 26.5 in
Tight underband - 25 in
Standing bust - 30.5 in
Leaning bust - 33 in
Lying bust - 30.5 in
Apparently I am a 28DD which is a little surprising but I do understand that Ds don't necessarily equal huge boobs. Still, does this sound right? And if so what are some recommendations? I did some quick searching on my own and it looks like a lot of styles in this size are very full coverage which I'm not the biggest fan of.
Also for some extra information I think I would describe my breast shape as round, pretty equally full on the top and bottom but more of a curve on the bottom, and I can fit two, maybe three, fingers between where the tissue starts.
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2020.10.30 20:21 pacificmoona What do I do when the ‘sticker shock’ size the calculator gives me is *actually* too large?

Hello all! I have been wearing a 36DD for years. I recently lost a fairly significant amount of weight and these bras are much too large now. I’m at work and these measurements are from memory- 36.5 loose band, 35.5 snug, 35.2 tight, standing 41, leaning 43, lying 42. I don’t know the appropriate terminology but my breasts are very deflated feeling and low hanging- it is very difficult to create cleavage when pushing together.
The calculator put me in a 36F.
I decided to trust the calculator, thinking maybe my bras were too stretched out our something. So I ordered a few styles from thirdlove. The results were comical. If I twisted my body side to side, the band rotated with no resistance on the tightest hook. My breasts puddled in the bottom of the bra- I could’ve fit like 3 of my boobs in one cup.
Would 34DD be a logical next step? And if so, why is the calculator so far off?
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2020.10.30 16:43 treadaholic Has anyone tried bras from Reposted due to too short a title the first time...

Hi all, I have seen ads for third love, and am very tempted to try them. They seem to have a really good return policy if it doesn't fit. I have a $10 credit sitting in my email and am not 100% ready to commit yet. Any one out there with positive/negative experiences?
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2020.10.29 00:52 -comfypants Bra frustrations

Why do almost all bra manufacturers assume that smaller breasted women only like padded bras, sports bras or bralettes?
All I want is a normal bra like everybody else. Maybe a light lining, maybe unlined, with an underwire. I’m not asking for much. I’d just like something that looks and feels like a woman’s bra, not a training bra or one meant for teenagers.
I’ve got nothing against sports bras for activities, but I don’t want to wear them to work. I also don’t want to feel like I’m smuggling floatation devices under my shirt, which is basically what a padded bra feels like to me.
I just ordered a couple of bras off ThirdLove as this is the only place I’ve found that carries normal bras in 38A. If those don’t work, I guess I’ll be stuck with 36B and a bra extender.
Anybody else having this problem? Has anyone solved this problem without making their own?
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2020.10.28 17:27 flamingfreebird I’m a 34 y/o trans woman who needs some help with my size. [Fit/Measurement Check]

Okay, so I’m a little over 7 months into hormone therapy and Puberty 2: Electric Boogaloo, and I’ve been growing kinda quick. I had gynecomastia prior to transitioning so I had a head start and began around a 46B/C.
I felt extra jiggly this morning so I remeasured with the calculator and got a 44G as my measurement. While I’m very happy to have the growth, I want to make sure it’s real.
I have a bra that I usually wear which is a 44E ThirdLove Classic Contour Plunge Bra -
I think it fits? Though I have to wear it on the tightest hook setting and have the straps as far tightened as they go.
The other two 44Es I have from Third Love (a tshirt bra and a lacy one) are really tight though. I can take pictures with them later if needed
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2020.10.26 01:56 myopicinsomniac Big US 36DD/DDD destash

[Edit: all sold!]
Hey boob-having friends! My loss is your gain, now that I've discovered I am not either of these sizes. All bras $7 apiece to cover shipping & mailer within the US; open to negotiation for anything outside the US or for bundles. Big 36DD/DDD destash
Lively All-Day No-Wire Push-Up almond 36DDD
Victoria's Secret front-close racerback semi-demi burgundy space dye 36DD
ThirdLove Classic Uplift Plunge (minus padding, sorry) I think in mocha 36E
VS Dream Angels lace front-close racerback demi lilac 36DD
SOLD: 2 VS lined demi, one each in silver and gunmetal 36DDD
SOLD: Victoria's Secret satin side-close racerback bralette size XL
VS unlined semi-demi in nude 36DD (space dye black SOLD)
Victoria's Secret unlined demi olive 36DD
2 Victoria's Secret padded no-wire in nude 36DD
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